How to Write Mobile App Descriptions?

How to Write Mobile App Descriptions?

App Store Optimization is one of the most important strategies to increase the number of downloads of a mobile app. The total number of apps published on the Google app store has reached 2.6 million whereas on the app store is 2.1 million in 2019. To appear in the top mobile searches writing an effective copy is vital. The best mobile app development company in Jaipur have copywriters for the purpose.  

Here are some tips to help you write effective app copy –

  1. First 225 characters – After a searcher lands on the app, he reads only the first few lines of description, unless he clicks the more option. It is referred to as the above fold content. The old adage first impression is the last impression applies here. If a user finds your app can’t solve his current problem, he will move to another app.

The above the fold content should describe the main features of the app concisely.

If your brand has made any noteworthy achievement, mention it.

To increase the credibility, you can also highlight a review from an authoritative person/ organization.

  1. Choose high-quality screenshots –  The purpose of using screenshots is to show how your app works. The first screenshot generally revealed the entire UI, through the home screen. You can utilize short annotation to create a how-to guide. Visual representation has a deep impact on the user’s mind.
  2. Problem and solution  – The users are possibly looking for a new app to solve an issue. Stating the problems they are facing and providing the information on how your app is a solution is a standard method to appeal the users. Some apps offer a service/product that overcomes the problems which existed for quite some times, people instantly relate to the app. However, when the pain points are less obvious, it is difficult for users to consider using the app. A description that dives deeper in the pain points will help you in case. For eg: When Uber was launched people hardly thought that they need a ride booking service. But, it was a huge success. You have to efficiently highlight the problems which aren’t on the radar of the user.

Italy mobile app development company identify the main value proposition first and then start with the copy.

  1. Keyword Analysis and usage –  Without the keywords, the app would not appear in the app store searches. Both the app name and the description should include the keywords. Choosing the keywords which are relevant to the app and has high searches. These are phrases that define your app in a limited number of words. To get an idea you can open the competitor’s apps. The best method is to conduct a search using all the words you think the users will use for finding your app. If the first  5-10 results show apps that function like yours, pick those keywords. The app published in the google app also appears on the Google SERPs. To increase the traffic on organic traffic, including long tail keywords a few times in the description.
  2. Describing the features –  What is the main function of the app? Your app might be offering a plethora of features, but focus on the one which it is made to serve. In the first paragraph talk who, how, when and where can use your app. In the next paragraph, you can summarise all the things your app is capable of in points. The

mobile app development company in Italy take a brief from the developers, used a outline by the content writers as a outline.

  1. What’s new – It is the separate section at the end of the description. Here list the new feature you have added, bug fixes, or any other latest update you think are important for the users to know. According to the Chennai mobile app development company, this section can help you to engage the users better in the app.

Conclusion – The description of the app should describe what it does. Whether a user will download the app heavily depend on the 225 characters. State the achievement if you have made any. Gain credibility by including a review from an authoritative person such as a celebrity.

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