How To Determine The Cost For Building MVP Of Web Apps?

How To Determine The Cost For Building MVP Of Web Apps?

Creating any kind of app needs a proper estimation process be it mobile or web app. It is the cost of app development that determines the approach of the company by implementing features and functionalities that the budget allows.

In this post we will focus on estimating the cost of building MVP of web apps.

Why considering the cost of MVP?

Best web app developers across agencies suggest that MVP stands for minimum viable product which introduces the first version of your product that has a very limited amount of functionality yet capable to address users need or problem to hit the market. For example, if you want to build an online document editor, MVP will not be able a make a huge amount of formatting tools and exploring option. However, it should be able to provide editing plain text documents online to address the need of the targeted audience problems.

Generally MVPs are many things in common. For example, most of the time marketers need the site visitors to signup for using more functionality, interact with content etc.

The scope of MVP web apps

To estimate the cost of MVP web apps, there are certain common features that are needed for implementation in MVPs built for web app users.

The general project scope includes

  • Responsive UX/UI design i.e how the product will look and behave
  • HTML/ CSS responsive implementation i,e how the design will be coded in the interface
  • Backend programming i.e how the features will work in terms of business logic
  • Frontend programming i.e how users will be able to interact with it
  • Automation tests i.e identify and remove any kind of bugs, errors and unusual behaviour
  • Acceptance of mutual testing i.e to check that the product fits with initial requirement

All these factors are highly essential when estimating the amount of efforts needed to get common MVP features. It is important that the effort is counted as per the complexity if the functions which the app needs.


There are generally two broad functionalities that play two major role in web apps:

  • Site visitors: people who simply visits the app
  • Logged in users: these are the visitors who have signed up and then signed in to get better access to functionalities.

Before implementing any kind of functionality, any app would need:

  • UX/UI design

This is the most important part of an app design. It includes defining the UX of the app, designing the logo, choosing the right colour scheme for the app and setting up a style guide

  • Database and web app designing

Professionals from best web application development agencies suggest this stage of designing to include configuration for backend and frontend tools, database design and running deployment scripts.

What are the hourly rates for web app development across the globe?

Most outsourcing web app companies offers hourly rates on project they build up. These rates depend upon factor such as:

  • Country where services are offered, the average cost of living and economic strength
  • The company brand, size, experience and position.

It is also often observed that reputed companies charges more as they are leaders of the market and employ more number of staff within a project which increases the rates by many folds.

This chart is itself capable to give you the idea of top companies and the charges they levied.

If you want to get exact cost of web app development then you should directly contact the web app development teams. The project estimates are generally offered for free, so you can take the benefit from it.

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