8 Worthwhile CTA Design Technique That Bring Conversion

8 Worthwhile CTA Design Technique That Bring Conversion

Ecommerce marketers always prefer to have as much conversion as possible. The conversion in any ecommerce website or for the matter of fact any website is dependent on call to action taken by the customers. Call to action may seem to be just a part of website like any other, however, it has major goals to conquer for the profit of the marketers.

It is often observed that small elements in CTA can create a major difference. The CTAs should be designed sharply that suits the purpose of the CTA i.e attract customers. This post is dedicated to give nine tips to design a CTA that converts.

  • Mute the other buttons

Developers from ecommerce web development india suggest, that muting the secondary buttons make users believe that the option muted is far better. They also insist to push other links in the background to highlight call to action button.

There are various ways by which buttons can be muted. A classic fade in the other buttons easily subdued its effect as it uses lighter and less aggressive colour. Another easy strategy is to make secondary button into ghost. Ghost buttons not only look modern, it also increases the clickability of non ghost buttons by making it look attractive.

In case you want to create your CTA into a ghost button, simply remove the outline of the button. Always remember, the CTA design should be highly attractive.

  1. Explain what can happen when clicking on CTA

The internet platforms are not very encouraging in terms of trust quotient. There have been many scene of cheating, therefore, people are highly speculative when clicking on any button. Call to action button can expect clicks only when it should project the customers about what happens after clicking the button.

Your CTA design should explain:

  • What happens after the click: Be it signup page, credit card screen, or direct link for download. Answering what happens after the click is needed to remove any suspesion.
  • Why they should click:  it is better to explain customers why they should consider clicking on the button

It is always great to answer the fear of the customers by one liner but remember never to go overboard on it.

  1. Placing the CTA at the right location

Expert designers can easily predict the vision area of the customers and easily place the CTA accordingly. But looking at the CTA on the first glance of the website should be strictly avoided. The first step should be to establish a relation, context and then move for conversion.

In left side the users usually search for information and are less receptive for suggestions. The right side of the website,users momentarily pause at last row before going back to left side, therefore, it is an ideal location to place the CTA.

  1. CTA button should be not too big or small

Call to action should never be too small or too big. A big CTA button can grab the attention, however, it shouldn’t be too big to handle.

There can be three reason for it:

  • More area for click means less efforts for activation

Having a big button space for CTA would mean that users will have to move their cursors or fingerless to activate link. Such kind of movement can bring irritation in users, therefore, it is better to leave it.

  • A standard CTA size brings better urgency and imperativeness
  • Bigger CTA are great for attracting customers but too big can actually dominate the whole ecommerce buying exposure, therefore, maintaining balance is the key.

  1. Contrast of colours

Colour is also a defining element in designing a CTA. Pairing various kinds of colour bring different emotion that affects the call to action. If you want your call to action look different, make sure of contrast colour from the background.

  1. The text

Experts from SEO service india predicts, long text in call to action create unnecessary irritation in customers. Lot of conversion problem is seen when a huge amount of text is stuffed in call to action. Users generally are not in need of huge content while they are about to buy something.

Ideally CTA microcopy should not exceed more than 5 words. Make your text in a way that guide the user and gently push for taking action.

  1. Use bold and actionable text

Design text of the CTA that speaks for benefit without investing much text. CTAs should be made in commanding language. It is the closing sale pitch, hence, it should definitely struck a chord in the mind of customers. Make sure to use word “ now” to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Empty space

Empty space in the ecommerce website page should not be created only when the all the design element used in the page is finished. It should be deliberately designed to bring that empty space that speaks volume for the product. White space create more noticeable space for the product. You call to action should have valid call to action. You can make the entire CTA as an element which can be used in the website. This can create a great conversion as compared to other design.


If you launching a new website, you need to make thorough research and then finalize the position and design of call to action. A call to action should always attract customers rather than making them bounce out. Provide elements that can bring their trust on your website, thus, creating conversion. Design CTA which is attractive and wisely placed within the website.

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