5 Killer Tips For Choosing Best Ecommerce Landing Page For Ppc Campaign

5 Killer Tips For Choosing Best Ecommerce Landing Page For Ppc Campaign

Paid ad campaigns are done to get better returns in terms of conversion from the websites. To get the best of the result these campaigns are analysed in multiple ways. There is huge amount of information available about your ad campaign which can be a boon or curse for you.

Usually marketers give focus on optimizing the campaign, hence they focus on few important factors such as impressions, clicks, quality scores, CPCs and CPAs.

These factors are important to analyse the way customers are interacting with the campaign and giving result. They help in driving customers to click on ads that drive them to your website but it does not measure what happens when customer reaches to the concerned website?

It is really important to analyse how your landing page is performing for better result from your PPC campaign.

Let’s discuss which type of landing page can help your PPC campaign for Ecommerce websites

There is a popular tendency among people that consider all landing pages work on same best practices. This is one prime reason when you find landing pages offered by tools like unbounce or leadpages looks similar. The reality is using default templates for landing pages, makes e commerce marketers lose a significant benefit because landing pages cannot be fit to all kind. It defers depending upon the potential customers and the vision for your website.

There are three major type of landing pages with significant advantage. These are:

Type 1: The product page

Usually ecommerce websites does holds product pages as landing pages. This happens when you click on specific product ad and you are directed to specific product page where the detailed information is given along with customer reviews, retailed descriptions and later add in your shopping cart.

Experts from ecommerce web development company india explains that product page as landing page is helpful for quick access to shopping cart, however, if the search is for high level category then it cannot be diverted to specific page. For example, if customer search for microwave then pointing to ad for highlevel microwave can bring better conversion than sending it to somewhere else.

Type 2: The search page

Search pages are underutilized landing pages. These pages have list of grouped products that does not require any configuration. They have default sorting process that pushes the popular product on top. Search pages are useful in case you don’t have any predefined category page for a type of product but still have variety of SKUs which are sold under same heading.

Designer from best website design company in jaipur suggest search page landing pages are beneficial as it can be customized without digging into its code, hence easy and hasslefree!

Type 3: The category page

If you have certain product range that are browsed routinely then creating a category page is useful.  Many people try and create category pages in their websites, however, it make sense to analyse the search term people are looking for and then use that input for making page for the category which is highly popular.

The biggest advantage of category page is that it can be configured and specialized to reflect products sold.

Testing the landing page

Creating a landing page is not a one time course of action. One can always optimize the landing page with the changing needs of the customers. Making changes is a need and tracking the changes brings success. Track the landing page analyse the conversion and bounce rates and adjust your variable according for better ROI.


Being a marketer you know well about the importance of landing page. Make a landing page that helps better conversion. Track the statistic for engagement and bounce rate for optimizing the page for success. The above listed landing pages can help you depending upon your business. Select the one that suits best to you and earn high ROI.

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