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Increase Sales with These Four Magic Words

Increase Sales with These Four Magic Words

According to recent studies, four words have been defined as the secret weapons for SEO Company India that have immense power of increasing your sales. These words comprise the potential of engaging customers at a subconscious level and help the retailers in increasing their sales.

Let’s check what the four words are:


Whenever you see the word ‘New’ you think something exciting would be there, and of course, you want that. According to a recent study, the word ‘new’ attached to any product or service can easily draw the shopper’s attention.

Consumers associate with the products that are new in-store, but not with those SEO blunders. For example, people constantly wait for the new versions of cars, new phones, the newest technology, new store, and much more. Being an online store owner, you should play with this word as much as possible.


Thinking from the perspective of a digital marketer, the word ‘You’ is more influential than the words ‘money’ and ‘business’. The customers always want you to talk to them directly, this word does it very effectively.

We should admit that, when a promotional banner or product descriptions directly relate with us, we feel a subconscious connection with it. Regarding this, you need to explore all the e-commerce websites and find out how many ‘You’, you see on those product descriptions or promotional banners. For example, see the following banner, it relates directly to us.


The word ‘Free’ is not just associated with the price, but it works as a strong emotional trigger and of course can be used as a source of groundless excitement. Do you remember that buffet, where you are full, but still you keep eating because its free! So here we can understand, the power is associated with word ‘Free’.

Whenever the shopper sees, free shipping, free gifts or other free things, then they try to grab the thing as soon as possible. Moreover, if you will use the word FREE in your email campaigns, it can significantly open the gates for your sales. The shoppers simply love the concept of getting anything in exchange for nothing – but you can’t blame them!


Nobody would like to buy those products or services, which does not comprise any guarantee with it. The word ‘Guarantee’ works as the main component for most of the e-commerce marketing copy. The professional e-commerce development company in India would suggest you to link your goods with this powerful word.

The word ‘Guaranteed’ appeals the customers with some important aspects i.e. security and trust. It serves the customers as a safety net, indicating that the customer will be satisfied with his/her purchase. As per the studies of behavioral economics, it is observed that humans are afraid of loss and they seeks security. When you buy a product online, the chances of not liking the product are quite high, thus providing a guarantee with the product would work as a relief for you. Since, if you don’t like the item you can return it, or somehow if the product is damaged then the brand can resolve your problem.

Your return policy should also be attractive and helpful for the customers.

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  1. Amy

    1.This article is really uncommon and reveals the magic of these words.
    2.These words really play an important role in digital marketing. Thanx for letting people know their real value.


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