10 Outstanding Resources for Logo Designers

Amazing resources for logo designers

Wish to advance your skills in logo designing? Then explore some online logo resources! Or Come here at Vervelogic and we’ll show you the top resources for logo design where you’ll find tons of advice and inspiration that make you enhance your designing factor.

Web and web designing is a wonderful thing! Since the web provides a great range of resources to people who wants to learn about their specific field, whereas the web designing work as a platform for those who have the creative factor. People who are creative, working with web design company in India and engaged with web or logo designing seeks for some resources that can help them to advance their skills, but resources available over the web can be confusing.

So, here we have arrived with some prominent online resources for logo designers that’ll help them to establish a strong grip over designing.

1. Logospire

In case you are seeking for a true inspiration, a gallery of logo design called Logospire would be the best place. Logospire shows the finest images along with detailed information about each picture elaborating the best elements of the image. With a range of awesome pictures, Logospire will surely provide some inspirational images for you.

resource for logo designers to get inspire

2. Creattica

Another gallery for amazing and inspiring images. Although, Creattica is not only dedicated to logos, but it still boasts its widespread collection of more than 3000 projects in logo designing category. The best aspect of Creattica that its shows the thumbnail that views each image and user doesn’t have to see the larger version.

Another resource for logo designers

3. Logoed

Logoed serves as an individual logo designing blog showcasing impeccable layouts. This single-page website comprises a great variety of sorted logos in its collection. With organized and simple layout, this site shows all its images in thumbnails. If a user requires more information, then he/she needs to simply click on the image.

Logoed website for logo designers

4. Logo of the day

Logo of the day is the project designed by graphic designer Jacob Cass and it was launched in the year 2008. This website showcases an outstanding logo design each day, which is suggested by the design community and shortlisted by Cass. Running successfully, Logo of the day has an extensive collection of logos that inspire you at the great extent.

logo of the day site home page

5. LogoMoose

The online logo design muse community flaunting the best logos from professional designers all over the world. The talented designers can submit their logos and get connected with LogoMoose’s active forum.

LogoMoose website home page

6. Logo Pond

This logo design resource showcases the best designs from around the web. Artists from all areas or working with Logo Design Company, frequently visit this site to get the regular dose of true insight in logo design world. Providing a range of protruding ideas, Logo Pond lets you explore others work and even you can upload your own project if you wish to share with the world.

Logo pond home page for logo designers

7. LogoGala

It is the popular designing blog, featuring impressive and informative designing layouts in its news section. The most notable aspect of this site its ‘Featured Logo’, allowing the designers to elaborate their complete process of designing a logo.

Logo Gala Home page for logo designers

8. LogoLounge

If you are seeking for a fantastic resource for logo research, reference, and design, then LogoLounge would be the perfect place to hangout. Besides that, it permits the designers to share their ideas and concepts of with new leads and clients worldwide.

Logo Lounge home page for logo designers

9. Brand New

Delivering effectual opinions on corporate and brand identity work, Brand New serves as a division connected with graphic design enterprise. Thus, if you are looking for a website that provides new logo design trends, golden rules for logo designing and flaunts superior logo designs, then Brand New is the place that you should visit first.

brand new website home page

10. Logo Design Love

The remarkable website for logo designers designed by talented graphic designer David Airey. Focused towards the world the logo designs and brand identity, Logo Design Love is updated twice a week with interesting features, news, advice and much more.

Logo design love website home page

If you have any other names in mind or you want to ask any question, then please use the comment section below! We would love to answer!

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  1. Alessandra

    I love to design logos and will definitely check out these sites. Thank you for letting us know about these platforms.


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