10 Awesome Books for JavaScript

Best Books for JavaScript

JavaScript, one of the dependable scripting language which is currently ruling the web development world including various web development company India. By using JavaScript, developers are building excellent web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, robots, games, backend programs and much more. In addition, many software supports this scripting language for writing add-ons or the related manipulating data.

However, if you are a novice developer and seeking for effectual JavaScript knowledge, then here we are! In this post, you’ll get the best 10 books for JavaScript which will help you to get the hands on experience in JS.

1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

Written for beginners, this book is the ultimate learn-by-doing approach for them who wants to observe their luck in JavaScript. In addition, it will be useful for experienced individuals who desire to sharpen their skills.

Book for javascript

2. JavaScript: The Good Parts

Various books contain both the good part and the bad part about the topic, but this book comprises some unknown facts about JavaScript, and yes, all the facts will leave you with a positive impact.

Book for javascript

3. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

This book by Marijn Haverbeke dives deep into this scripting language while representing how to write impressive and effective code for an application.

Book for javascript

4. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

This book is also referred as the bible for JavaScript programmers, which delivers the comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client-side APIs.

Book for javascript language

5. JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Basics of Javascript Programming!

This JavaScript book by James Patterson assists you to get a good grasp on JavaScript and eventually mastering the scripting language. Whether you are working with the most popular web application development company India or a startup, this guide would make you a chief of this language.

Guide for javascript

6. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers shows the professional form of the scripting language. It covers the developer-level introduction along with more advanced aspects of JavaScript. No matter, whether you are a pro or just a starter, this book will greatly assist you with the language.

Guide for Javascript programmers

7. JavaScript: Academy

It is referred as the academy for JavaScript language. It includes the mechanism of this scripting language and further break it into some easy-to-understand steps. Starting from basics of JavaScript to some common errors with their solutions, this guide covers almost everything about this language.

Book for javascript programmers

8. Thinking in JavaScript

With this book, the reader will get to know about the concept of JS and how this language can be used in web designing while he/she will become the first runner in online business. One will learn about the Operators, Functions, Variables, Conditions and Loops. Alongside, it will represent the basics of jQuery.

Guide for Javascript language

9. You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going

The author Kyle Simpson has provided the necessary background of JavaScript for those who have limited experience in JS programming. By understanding the basic building blocks of programming along with core functions, this book enables you to be prepared for the future JS challenges.

Best book for Javascript language

10. Head First JavaScript Programming

This brain-friendly JavaScript guide by Eric T. Freeman and Elisabeth Robson assists you with everything, whether it is the fundamentals of JavaScript language or the advanced topics.

Best book for javascript programming

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