User Experience Design

User Experience design or UX is must for each and every product and services related to Information Technology. Why? Let us explain! Let’s take an example of a website first.
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Features of User Experience Design (UXD)

  • Makes products easy to use
  • Helps in identification value of a system
  • Makes easy utility
  • Bring efficiency in performing task.

Benefits of User Experience Design (UXD)

  • Helps in making complex system easy.
  • Small or Startup companies required UX in boosting there product and services.
  • Helps in conversion.
  • Experiment will help in getting results called as A/B testing

Tasks and techniques we use

  • Evaluation of current system
  • A/B Testing
  • User Surveys
  • Wire Frame Prototyping
  • User Flows
  • Storytelling
  • Design Patterns
  • User Profile and Persona
  • Content Inventory
  • Content Style Guides

Why website is developed?

There could be many reasons why a person needs a website. It could be for company profile, product selling and marketing, information portal blogs and many many other things. Now here is a catch that, Website is for Humans and Humans like good interaction before creating a relation to go a head. Here User Experience Design comes into action.
If a website is not user friendly, user will not going to invest its time in finding information which is needed or shown.

Why User Experience design needed for a website?

User Experience Design helps in finding information for which a website is developed. If information is present but user not able to find the information the website is of no use, so here UXD helps in finding information.
UXD helps in knowing what a website do, how well a user going to use a website, and how easily a user able complete a task.
Verve Logic is based in Jaipur India, having User Experience Designers (UXD) who works on existing projects or new projects for making things happen for they are made for.
User Experience covers areas like Usability Testing, Design, Accessibility, Marketing, System Performance, Ergonomics, Human computer interaction HCI, Utility.


Websites and Web applications have become progressively more complex as our industry’s technologies and methodologies advance. What used to be a one-way static medium has evolved into a very rich and interactive experience. Now days there are many devices where your website or products work. Like Desktop, mobile phones, iPad, notepads etc. with different resolutions.


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