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Trainer finder app allows the user to get the healthy recipe along with the best suggestions and precise direction to prepare the dish.


Our Fitness Trainer Application offers a wide range of advanced features, dashboards and management tools.

User Panel
User Panel
  • Register (personal details & payment method)
  • Search Personal Trainers
  • Choose Service
  • Appointment (date, time, location, payment)
  • Confirm Appointment + Tips
  • Live Status of Servicemen(ETA)
  • End Appointment
  • Service Review
User Panel
Babysitter Panel
  • Register (profile, services, cost of services, client reviews)
  • Accept or cancel appointment
  • Live status tracking
  • Start Appointment
  • Customer Review
User Panel
Admin Panel
  • View Current Engagements
  • Create Bookings on demand
  • Live Status of Employees during service
  • Analytics
  • Email/Push Notifications
  • Report generation & Weekly Statement
  • Manage Earnings & Commissions
  • Dashboard

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