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We Know it’s Deep Enough

At Verve Logic, we provide competitive benchmarking in social sector to help our clients understand online brand perception better. Our social managers collect data from millions of sites and analyze the same to identify the key drivers of conversation.

Put ‘Social’ in your Social Media

In addition, we help our clients to gain a competitive advantage while analyzing the gaps between targeted consumer preference and brand perception.

What we have in Our Social Media Audit Program?

Building Goals & KPIs

We dive into the industry standards and research to define, clarify goals for your business.

Existing Social Channel Analysis

We keep a tab on what you’re doing currently and provide recommendations for improvement on the basis of content you have provided on channels.

Competitive Review

While keeping tab on you, we take a look at your competitions like what they’re doing and what’s working for them and later we customize your own strategy as per the results.

Audience & Persona Development

Our social managers will work with you to learn about your potential customers’ behavior and develop different personas for audience that you can target on each social platform.

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