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Pay Per Click PPC can be the most effective form of advertising

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Pay Per Click Services

Pay per click (PPC) advertising services are an integral part of search engine marketing. If you are looking for PPC consultants, then look no further. VerveLogic has always been considered among one of the most prominent company, which has successfully gained more than 6 years of experience in delivering high quality PPC services in various countries, such as US, UK, UAE, Canada, Singapore and India. we understand and respect the varying needs of clients. Thus, offer customized services and PPC solutions.

Google Search

We create PPC Campaigns

that deliver immediate results

PPC Strategy

We develop a proper plan of action and strategies to deliver you the desirable result and help you to achieve the main objective of your company.


We ensure to deliver that strategy by creating accounts at new networks and allows you to have a great relationship with network owner


We use the best techniques to target the keywords and ensure to cover the right area, by placing the right right keywords at the right place

Adcopy writing

We focuses strictly on the ag group’s keywords to ensure the higher traffic and more growth at the lower cost.

Ad extension

We provides you with the ad extension technique to transform your ad text and make you stand out of the crowd, differently.

Shopping Ads

We focuses on promoting your stock by organizing and optimizing your product listing and shopping campaigns, by indicating the appropriate keywords for right product.


We ensure monitoring and tracking every data to optimize the account going forward.

PPC optimization

We focus to deliver the better services. Higher CTR and lower CPS, is what makes a huge difference


To offer the meaningful insight, we provides the reports on regular basis to indicate you what we have been working and how we are performing against your key metrics.

What does VerveLogic IT Solutions PPC service offer?

There are many companies in India that offer PPC management service. However one that offers a well organized campaign should be considered suitable. Pay per click management companies basically carried out with thought over research work, testing, evaluation and monitoring. Such a strategist campaign offers return on investment. That’s what any business look for!

Your Pay Per Click Campaign

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Development
  • Account Set Up
  • Tracking Installation and Testing

5 reasons why VerveLogic should be your only choice for PPC campaign

  • We are Google certified
  • VerveLogic is a Adwords qualified company
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in managing PPC accounts
  • We offer 24 hour support
  • You get best service at competitive rates

What more?

We not only help you manage a PPC account, but we also create and design landing pages for your ads.

So, how much one spends on these PPC ads?

Every campaign is unique and different. Hence it is un-wise to quote that will fit for all. The price would vary depending upon the keyword, volume and number of days.


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