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Using Pharmacy Software for Your Business: Modules, Features, and Profits

Using Pharmacy Software for Your Business: Modules, Features, and Profits

If you own a pharmacy of even an average size and stock, catering even a 70-80 customers on a daily basis, then there is no point explaining you the hassles you experience when going about your business. The global pharmaceuticals market was around $34 billion in 2017, and expected to grow ata rate of 5.8% to reach  $1170 billion in 2021. This simply means bigger business opportunities, indicating a steep rise in the number of customers buying medicines, which brings out the need to build a bigger database to store and manage and all the related transactions. Pharmacy Management Software is the best solution to steer you clear out of any mismanagement, and to keep you up and running when the market opportunities knock on your door.

Such software could easily be customized to suit your daily needs, nature of your customer demands, and the dynamics of pharmaceutical sector. But before you turn too curious and jump on to buy ayny pharmacy software that first comes to your notice, read to know what positive difference an ideal pharmaceutical software brings to your business, along with the modules, features, and the workflow it has to come with to offer you those differences.

Modules of Pharmacy Management Software

1. Report Generation

Reports like billing, medical history, purchasing reports, etc. can be printed easily whenever hard copies are required

2. Medicine Purchase/Request Manager 

Whether the request is placed by the supplier, or by the customers, they are needed to handle on a time basis. The module serves this purpose well.

3. Patient Drug Record Management

It’s important for a pharmacist to know the medical past of the regular customers, so they could be served at best. 

4. Inventory Management

You won’t like if you fail to serve a customer due to an insufficient stock. Inventor management helps you assess the level of your inventory in real-time.

5. Medicine Detail Manager

The medicine detail manager shows you details like date of purchase, manufacturing and expiry date, ingredients, company name, supplier details, etc.

The above modules are broad categorisation of modules you will find in your pharmacy software. Each module has sub-modules that are programmed to carry out specific tasks.

Features of Pharmacy Management System

Following are the features that you must ask for from your pharmacy software developer

1. User-Friendly input & recall of Patient, Drug & Prescription information

This user-friendly feature has the ability to maintain a record of patient, drug, and prescription, which is  useful in making future purchases and for other purposes.

2. Regulatory compliance

Any pharmacy software must be aligned with the rules and regulations of local and national governing bodies. This is to ensure that no legal troubles arise to disturb the day-to-day activities of the business.

3. Full prescription management

The feature manages complete prescription given by the doctor(s).

4. Automated Claims Processing

It automatEs the claim processing to keep whole record of claim submissions.

5. Accuracy & Safety by ADE Alerts

 As the database handles complete medical history of a patient, ADE alerts could be received to notify him about any possible reactions due to any particular kind of medicine. This is done by filling in the details about how drugs react when administered along with each other. This ensures patients’ safety. 

6. A/R Management

Account Receivables Management is important in healthcare to ensure that the owed amount is refunded in the least duration. It takes care of denied claims and reopens them to receive maximum reimbursement.

7. On-line reconciliation

This feature increases cash flow, reduces write-offs, and other related costs. 

8.  Drug-file updates 

Updates regarding newly introduced drugs and other pharmaceutical industry related information will be sent and stored in the system.

9. Auto Fax

Allows doctors to send updates to Pharmacy related to patient’s medicines and health status.

10. Electronic Wholesaler Ordering 

Enables up-to-date costing and inventory, bringing efficient reporting and inventory valuations.

11. Periodic Reporting

You can view reports like sales per unit, revenue generated, profit margins, medicines disposed, etc. on a timely basis.

12. POS Integration

 By integrating centralised POS into PHarmacy Management System, not only single stores, but chains too could be managed from one location.

Additional Features of Pharmacy Management Software

1. Data Loading

If you are thinking to keep your old pharmaceutical data with you, then you should look for a pharmacy software that gives you the option of uploading your previous CSV/Excel file. Because if you have to upload all the data manually, it might lead to numerous error in the process.

2. Pill Imaging 

Images of pills and other medicines are displayed and matched with the content being dispensed, ensuring error-free medicine dispensing.

3. Electronic Prescriptions

This feature helps you in receiving new and refill prescriptions directly into your database, enduring faster and efficient dispensing process.

4. e-Signature Capture

Helps in tracking acknowledgement of each prescription electronically. Saves time at POS.

5. Barcode Verification

Barcode scanning brings down the time spent on manually entering details related to any product. At POS, it helps make dispensing fast.

Pharmacy Management Mobile Application

Mobile applications empower employees in gathering all the information related to their business in a more dynamic, collaborative, and real-time manner. So by bringing all these three together, better decision making infrastructure is put into place.

Benefits of Our Pharmacy Management Software

Following are the benefits you get when you bring the right Pharmacy management software into your working culture.

a. Increases productivity, profit, and revenue

b. Can be customised according to user and business requirements

c. Wide-ranging modules to look after your every business need.

d. Useful in bringing employee, employer, customers, and other related parties on one platform.

e. Beneficial in upkeep of supply chain management.

f. Get all the related information in real-time, aiding quick decision making

g. Provides a bird-eye over every business transaction.

Why Some Training is Required Before You get Started with you Pharmacy Management Software

To get the most out of any business software, it is important to have a lesson or a few that encompasses all the functionalities in detail. It has been observed many times by software developers that people fail to realize the full potential of their software solution as they never really got the chance to get introduced it on a complete level. That’s why it’s advised that you first learn to use it before putting your data in for the official purpose.

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