Tips And Tricks: How To Design A Landing Page That Brings Conversion?

Landing page is the only specific page in a website that is meant for a particular objective. A landing pages unlike any other webpage, does not have any navigational link that connects the landing page with some other page. Landing pages are meant to bring that conversion ratio only. It is made with the intention to make customers take adequate action.

Ecommerce websites uses landing pages to explain visitors about products and services to make adequate purchase decision.

The success of landing page depends upon its simplicity and comprehensiveness that can motivate visitors to take adequate action. If you are getting thousands of visitors on your website but very low conversion then consider resigning your landing page.

Here’s the list of six tips to remember while designing the landing page of a website

1. Thinking about users

Expert designers from custom landing page designing services suggest that the design of the landing page is dependent on the targeted customers and their preferences. To design an effective landing page requires a thorough research on the targeted customers to use right kind of colour, design, fonts etc, that fulfills the expectations of the customers. The design of the landing page should be made to communicate the brand message clearly to the customers.

Developers should put themselves on the user’s perspective to see what can possibly turn them off and then devise remedy for it.

2. Stick to simplicity

A landing page should always be simple and should not be cluttered with different design elements. A cluttered page can distract the visitors and make them bounce out of the website.

The point of attention should be given on the content used in the landing page. The content used should be in simple language, conversational tone that should appeal the visitors.

3. Your visitors the assurance of security

In this cyber world,sharing personal and professional details can be great risk in the security issue. It is very important to make sure that websites should assure that the information given by them on the landing page is highly secured. Your landing page should inform your visitors that your website is legitimate and trustworthy. This intention can be given by mentioning the contact number, email, address, maps etc.

4. Creating a professional page design

Website development company india suggest, that it is important to use professional page design for landing page to make it look reliable. Most of the websites with free templates look cheap and untrustworthy, hence,people prefer to leave the website. The ideal way is to create a great impression on the visitors when they land on the website. Therefore, hiring a professional designer can help in creating a customized landing page design that can help in conversion.

5. Use the perfect visuals

Images can create a great amount of engagement. A landing page with good quality visuals can create a great impression on the visitors. It is beneficial to select visuals that conveys the brand message and the vision of the company. Every image used in landing page should have valid purpose.

6. Powerful CTAs

Call to action on the landing page is a must. The CTA should aesthetically convey the message of the brand to visitors. Choose right colour, font, size, shapes etc, depending upon a valid research result to bring better conversion.


These points stated above may look simple but casts a strong influence on the conversion rate of the business. If you find that your visitors are not converting, make sure to design your landing page appropriately.

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