On Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile Application Development – Cost & Features

On Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile Application Development – Cost & Features

If you go through the play store or Apple store you will find millions of mobile applications which make our lives efficient and easy by using it. You can find any type of application from car cleaning, car booking to food delivery & sometimes I wonder whether there is a single service left behind for which there is no mobile application. But still, you have an application that can be unique in this sea of applications, & can make the people’s lives easier then you can earn a huge amount of profit even right now.

Today we have come up with information on mobile applications for gas delivery solutions or on-demand fuel delivery apps as it is a unique idea and still has not picked up pace yet. Well, it can make your life easier as people can easily book on-demand fuel delivery for their vehicles. So, let us discuss in-depth the on-demand fuel delivery development which is available out there in the market and how you can make it better for your convenience and business.

Rising On-Demand Economy

Let us first understand the concept of on-demand applications as it is the fastest and most growing trend in the whole world. Well, it is one of the fastest ways to earn money as the application is developed, implemented and can serve this purpose. As per the reports from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey States the on-demand economy is successful in attracting more than 3 million people users and has generated $58 billion dollars in terms of spending. Now imagine the state of your application & business if we give service worldwide. So, if you have an application that has many users then you can transform your business and the world. Let us see some numbers to understand better.

As per this information, by the year 2025, this on-demand market is going to hit more than $500 billion. With more than $50 million users in the USA as people totally rely on these services. So, the economy for on-demand service is going to increase in the future, and if you have that unique mobile app development solution for you.

Concept of Fuel Delivery App Development Solution

Almost every home entertains a vehicle at their home, so everyone understands the necessity of fuel for their vehicle. Now, people don’t have to run towards the gas station & stuck in a long line to get their vehicle tank filled & this certainly will make life easy. With fuel delivery app development people can get an easy supply of fuel right at their doorsteps. So, first, it is important for us to understand how on-demand fuel delivery applications work.

How On-Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile App Works

The common functioning of on-demand fuel delivery mobile apps is similar to any taxi app. Just like any taxi application can come to your doorstep to pick you up, similarly, the fuel will be delivered to you at your doorstep & supply your vehicle with fuel through machines simply by using a mobile application. The app will cover all this information & do the reporting for stocking, accounting of fuel & delivery.

Common Challenges

As we all know that safety must be the first concept for any business and fuel delivery has this one major issue as it is not safe to travel with a fuel tank to different locations to deliver the fuel to vehicles. In high temperatures, the fuel can catch fire resulting in loss & damage & even life. So, if you are also looking to launch your own on-demand fuel delivery app in the market for you then it is essential to take important & necessary precautions & measures, restricting any kind of authorized entry & cutting off the main tanks in case of an external fire. This is the biggest challenge with fuel delivery which you need to be concerned about at any cost for the safety of your workers & users.

Benefits of On-Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile Application

The best thing about on-delivery mobile applications is they can benefit you in many ways. Now, let us have a look at some of the benefits of on-demand fuel delivery applications.

Saves Time 

It is one of the most tiresome & unwanted processes to visit a fuel station and then wait for your turn in order to simplify getting the car’s tan filled. With on-demand software development, it can save a lot of your time & efforts by simply booking & ordering fuel at our doorstep whenever required at any time of the day.

Perfect for Emergency Situation 

This is even a savior for emergency situations as the fuel delivery service is available 24X7 at the customer’s service. There are many situations when your vehicle gets stuck at the roadside at a very faraway location when your car tank is empty. With fuel delivery applications you can book & order the fuel even if there is an emergency.

Good Quality Fuel

The fuel that is available at the gas stations, is actually stored for a long period of time & this can affect the quality of fuel to a large extent. With on-demand fuel delivery, you get filtered & delivered much frequently which ensures high-quality.

Low Maintenance Charges

The fuel delivery application available in the market believes in enhancing user experience along with providing fuel at their convenience. So, the users will also get maintenance to vehicles right in front of their homes.

Customer Loyalty

As we have mentioned, no one loves to stand in a big queue to get their fuel tank full. If you are able to provide this service at their preferred location then you will gain many potential customers which will turn into loyal customers using the services.

How to Create an On-Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile Application

If you think that a fuel delivery application is only about providing fuel to your customers then you are wrong as you also need to keep a record of all the information & data related to accounting, delivery, stocking & a lot more. So, there are a few processes to create a user-friendly, engaging user-friendly fuel delivery mobile application.

Develop an Infrastructure

If you hire a mobile app development company for your on-demand mobile application then the first thing they’ll do is to create an infrastructure. It creates a base & describes a perfect timeline for your application. To start you will need to build a fleet of fuel delivery vehicles, then you need to get fuel drivers who would be serving as the building blocks & then you have to ensure you are complying with all necessary safety regulations. You will also require basing the whole structure on standards assigned by the designated authority.

Develop an IT Infrastructure

Now you have to technically equip yourself. Keep in mind that the fuel delivery application development is way different is the other app. The complexity in the application appears because fuel delivery must consist of various kinds of information & technicalities. You have to equip GPS attached to vehicles of both customers & drivers, in order to increase the efficiency.

Reporting & Analytics

The data management system needs to be robust. As this concept involves a lot of risks, to ensure safety you have to meet some safety standards for drivers. Like checking for the temperature of the tank from time to time, quality of fuel that is being delivered, & consistent check of fuel volume before & after fuel delivery. Sending data to the cloud & saving is also essential for success as this data assimilation helps in managing stock & to create marketing strategies for the future.

Software Development

Once the above-mentioned aspects have been taken care of, next, it is time to create the app for your on-demand fuel delivery mobile app. Here, the fuel delivery software development is executed in the form of a mobile app, where you would require working on the front-end, back-end, UX/UI design, and a lot more than an app development process involve. To create an app, you first require to know the features and functionalities that your on-demand fuel delivery mobile app must consist of. So, let’s begin with that

Features to Include in On-Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile App

The top basic features of a fuel delivery app consist of three panels:

1. Customer Panel

2. Driver Panel

3. Admin Panel

Features of Customer Panel

Easy Onboarding – As it is very easy for customers to install and login into the application via phone.

Ordering – Customers have the option to choose the vehicle, select the fuel type and quantity of getting a delivery.

Scheduled Delivery – Allowing customers to schedule delivery at the date & timing as per their convenience.

Upfront Pricing – Allowing customers to choose from the approximate cost before they confirm their order.

Real-Time Tracking – Live tracking of the fuel truck so they will know how much time is it going to take to get fuel.

Seamless Payments – Use various methods of payments to pay from like cards, wallet, or even in cash on delivery.

Order History – Allowing customers to have the option of viewing & managing their past & current orders from a particular section in the app.

Rating & Reviews – Customers can share their personal experiences related to their orders & provide their reviews.

Managing Profiles – Allowing users to manage their profile with some features to make it more engaging.

Digital Receipts – Detailed delivery details for the fuel cost, taxes, delivery charges, for a transparent process.

Referrals – Providing referrals to users help in sharing your apps with new users is very beneficial.

Features of Driver Panel

a. Drivers will get a different version with its native UI and effortless onboarding process.

b. Fuel truck drivers can be given the option to log in with their contact numbers.

c. Toggle button so drivers can announce their availability.

d. Real-Time request in the driver panel so they can know where to go at what time.

e. Managing requests for scheduled & current bookings on a single screen.

f. Attached GPS or integration of Google maps.

g. Accepting payments online or cash on delivery from the user with an easy invoice.

h. Drivers dashboard helps the users to create their own profile, bank account & their associate earnings for the month of the week.

Features of Admin Panel

a. The admin and sub-users must be able to easily log in to the web-based panel

b. Admin dashboard for top-quality detailed information, including statics in a very easy way.

c. Manage fuel trucks section in the admin panel will allow you to add & track all of your fuel delivery vehicles.

d. Managing customers should also happen from the admin panel so you can easily look out for registered customers for fuel delivery service.

e. Tracking current deliveries in the admin panel make the work easy on your end.

f. Managing payments & notifications admin can configure notification settings for channels like email, push notifications, and email.

g. Reporting & Analytics in the admin panel allows you to put insights on current performance & to find a way to make it perfect.

Required Team Structure for On-Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile App

Project Manager – A project manager will be completely responsible for the development of your on-demand fuel delivery application at all stages and communicates with you for app development.

Android/iOS Developers – A team of android/ios developers will be responsible for writing code for your mobile app and adding every feature that you need. If you are developing an application for both iOS & Android then you will need a team for both platforms to develop an application for you.

Back-end Developers – These experts will be responsible for designing the back-end of an app.

UX/UI Designers – For an app to be a success, it is vital for it to be engaging and user friendly and a UI designer will ensure the same with the designing.

QA Tester – To ensure you are providing a seamless application to your users, you need a tester to check for the bugs & deformities in the applications.

Delivery Manager – This person is responsible to deliver the app to the client once it is ready.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an On-Demand Fuel Delivery Mobile App?

There are certain factors that determined the cost of your mobile app development

-> Number of platforms for which the app is to be developed

-> Size & Complexity of a mobile app

-> App Development Region

If you are looking to outsource the development then the hourly rates depend from country to country.

-> US Based Developers – $60-$300/hour

-> Europe Based Developers – $40-$200/hour

-> India Based Developers – $15-$90/hour

As per the calculations to create a basic on-demand fuel delivery app in India, then it will cost around $9,000 – $23,000 for a single platform, be it iOS or Android. And for a feature-rich fuel delivery app development will cost you around $30,000.

This is everything about the mobile app development for on-demand fuel delivery app for your business. If you are also planning for mobile app development then this read will definitely help you with the app development & your business.

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