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Meta Descriptions That Gets Click: What, Why & How

Meta Descriptions That Gets Click: What, Why & How

Meta descriptions, it sounds complicated, right? But it very easy to work with. Two years ago Meta description seemed like a part of coding or something that passed over my head, and now it just another small topic for us which is not at all the part of any technical.

Keeping the focus on Meta descriptions, today in this column we are going to define every bit of this Meta tag. So let’s start with basic and find what Meta description is?

What is Meta description?

Let’s elaborate this attribute in simple language or as stated by SEO Company India “Meta description is those couple of sentences that are displayed under the title in the search result.” Or we can say it is a snippet of information placed below the link of a search result.

You’ll understand better with a screenshot, so here it is:

All in all, Meta description is the information which helps the searcher in deciding whether to click on the link or not. It contributes convincing or persuading readers to go for the site. It is the part of on-page SEO.

Why I need Meta Description?

So, as you got to know the Meta description, now it’s time to talk about why it is required to use Meta description? Further in this section, you’ll find why you need Meta description:

1. Increase click through rates and improvises visits through organic search

When you go down the result page, it directly impacts the percentage of clicks, since more relevant searches acquire the top position. Thus, if you find your result far down the bottom or not on the first page, then it’s time for you to buck up. For this, you require a compelling, detailed and relevant Meta description. Overall the better is your meta description the more likely you’ll get click-through-rates via organic search.

2. Provides right information to the right people at right time

Keep in mind, that Meta description does not influence the Google ranking, but it provides a brief idea about the web page so that Google can show your link to those searchers who are looking for the same thing. The SEO Company India follows the same practices when it comes to Meta descriptions.

3. Boosts visits from social networks

The social media networks like Facebook access the page’s Meta description when it is shared on the site. If Meta description is not available, then the social networks access the first text they find on the web page. And it is probable that the first text might not be relevant to your page.

How can we create powerful Meta description?

For every blog page, web page or piece of content, it is essential to follow the best practices of creating powerful Meta description. Now that you have figured out that why Meta description is required, now let’s talk about how to generate one:

1. Create Convincing Content

With your Meta description, you need to come up with a short description that previews the entire content available on the web page. Show a clear benefit of clicking through the result. It provides you the chance of selling your content to the searchers.

2. Put 1 or 2 keywords

Both Meta tags, title and description should include relevant keywords that point the content on the webpage. Putting keywords helps the search engine bots to understand the webpage and index accordingly. For better results, the Meta description tag should target a unique keyword for each webpage.

3. Say no to keyword duplication

It would be helpful to show some descriptive terms in the title, it doesn’t make any sense to use the same words or phrases again. The duplicity of keywords would make your results look spammy to the Google and to the users.

4. Do not include non-alphanumeric characters

The non-alphanumeric characters like hyphens, plus sign, or quotation marks are treated as the part of HTML code by the search engines. Thus, it will be best to stick with the plain text when it comes to create the Meta description.

Summing Up

In order to sum up every detail about Meta description, here we are going to reflect Google’s words. It states:

“Using quality description will be a great move. But make sure that your descriptions are truly descriptive and relevant to the page.”

If the topic of Meta description seems complicated, then send us your query and we’ll love to discuss with you!

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