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Your 2021 Content Marketing Team Should Be Made Up Of These 7 Roles

Your 2021 Content Marketing Team Should Be Made Up Of These 7 Roles

Online Marketing is the sheer need for your business in this digital arena which finds its base on “Content”. The content associated with your business should be well framed and rightly strategized so that it can create a good level of trust in the eyes of your prospects. Remember that your one incorrect move might spoil your branding for a period of time. Regarding your Content Marketing strategy for 2021, you might be having a number of questions in your mind like “What does a content marketing team look like?”, “How to measure the content strategy?”, “How do I make the right approach?” etc. The story of your brand cannot be told without a dedicated approach. Here are the 7 positions you should be having in your digital marketing company in order to attain perfect Content Marketing in 2021.  

1. Content Marketing Director: The Content marketing director or Chief content officer is responsible to make sure the brand story makes sense to the prospects and should also be consistent throughout the process. To bring out the editorial statement and integrating all kinds of content that is going out in the market, this position is required for any brand, irrespective of the business line.

2. Content Strategy Director: Content marketing director and Content strategy director are equal level of positions in a company. The latter leads persona development and assists the development of content management and business requirements. This person would also be responsible for having a look at the structure of content and metadata strategies.

3. Content Planning Manager: This person is responsible for focussing over day to day content operations. He/she develops the guidelines and decides the flow of content. He/she is also responsible for improving the content process and make the process efficient.

4. Content Production Director: He/she focuses on how the final content looks when it is about to float in the market. This person should lead writer, creative designers and other creative specialists such as designers, photographers, video editors etc.

5. Audience Development Manager: He would be the person who develops subscription assets such as email lists, social media etc. As the name suggests, he/she would be responsible for audience development, means to draw and engage audience by cost free or paid means.

6. Subject Matter Expert: It is a very important content marketing role in an organization which takes care of the internal and external influencers including the content creators, interviewed guests etc.

7. Content Manager: This person  would understand the technological aspects of content management who should know the language of marketing, content and communications. The content management system would be operated by this person and he/she would also take care of editorial calendar, data related structures and web analytics implementation.

You might be a one man army wearing multiple hats or might be a team of 100 but whether you do it yourself or with grouped efforts, these responsibilities are to be handled carefully.  

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