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Top 4 Checkout Design Hacks For Better Ecommerce Conversion

Getting a proper checkout design is a must to bring better conversion in ecommerce business. A properly designed checkout, ought to bring customer experience, building trust and increasing better sales. The opposite of good design, badly designed checkout can create major distraction making the customers abandon the cart right away. It is often seen that marketers give strong emphasis in building other pages of the ecommerce site but tend to neglect checkout page which proves detrimental for the site at large.

If you want to avoid any checkout problem in your ecommerce site, have a look at these hacks:

  1. Give a simple yet efficient checkout process

Web development company India professionals suggest that getting complexity within an ecommerce site can create huge setback in the conversion. Make sure that the checkout process within the site should be short. Companies should cut the length of checkout process to make people stay on the site.

Secondly, make it completely linear i.e the steps within the checkout process should not repeat itself. This make customers confused and they prefer to leave the site.

  1. Always offer guest checkouts

Generally, it is important that every online store should offer a guest checkout process. There are several studies which are done in this regard which clearly depicts that online shoppers abandon the checkout process when asked to create a new account. It is quite reasonable to ask customers to register but it shouldn’t be mandatory in any way.

  1. Enhance the perceived security

When people go for shopping online, said or un-said they are somewhere terrified to give their card details to make a purchase. Research also indicate that around 18% of customers  abandon the cart because they cannot trust the website. This lack in trust don’t generally result due to lack of actual security features but from the users perception of website safety.

In order to reduce this feeling within users, experts from ecommerce website development suggest certain indicators such as:

  • Display credibility indication within the process. This can be done by trustworthy logos of digital brand, security certificates or unbranded icons which defines safety.
  • Give your attention towards visual layouts of the credit card forms. Customer feels this section secured when it is placed within a box with clear border and different background colour.
  • In addition to this,make your layout consistent and avoid any visual bugs that can bring suspicion and kills the credibility.
  1. Localize the checkout process

Ecommerce websites is a global phenomenon. In ecommerce business, even the smallest marketers consider designing the website and the checkout process based on international customers requirements. There are two ways to localize the checkout process. The first option is to localize the payment and currency options. Your ecommerce platform should be able identify IP address to show prices in local currency.

The second method is offering localized inline validation. At least, the form should not show any error when the customers fills an international address or number. Localizing element within checkout process reduces the cart abundance rate.

  1. Broaden up the bottom of the funnel

Checkout process is the final step of customers journey and the one which owns the largest impact in successful conversion. A small tweaks is also meant to bring better conversion.

Implement these 5 hacks of checkout process within your ecommerce website and witness visible increase in your conversion.

Top 6 Tips For Determining The Pricing Of Products In An Ecommerce Business

For making an increase in average order value in the ecommerce business, pricing holds a paramount significance. Generally pricing can be done by two ways, one by getting customers buy more products and second making customers pay more for the same items.

This post, we will look at some of the most important pricing technique. Have a look at these seven tips to determine the price of product for ecommerce business to generate more amount of revenue.

  • Understanding the factor of nine

Experts from Ecommerce solution company recognize the factor of 9 as the most successful tricks on pricing. 9 factor of pricing is also known as charm pricing which a creates a very significant effect on consumers who consider this to be getting a good deal.

This factor is successful as generally customers roundoff the price towards down rather doing up. Therefore, it is ideal to experiment with charm pricing.

  • Using framing copy

Your words can provide a very powerful perception in terms of how price can be perceived by the targeted people. Use a kind of copy which can make people perceive as getting more value from their purchase.

There is no doubt in the fact that a good content copy makes a huge difference in customers engagement and their perception.

  • Use small font size

Generally, marketers have the tendency to highlight low price by using different and large, bold fonts. According to studies conducted by the consultants from digital marketing company India, it is better to small size font rather highlighting the low prices because customers feel the deal in small font as ideal as compared to larger fonts. This kind of response was found as human brain correlate physical magnitude with numerical ones. Hence, to attract the users always choose small fonts.

  • Use comparative pricing

Comparative pricing shows customers choices in prices of two or more similar product which are placed side by side, to make your product much more attractive by comparison.

The most common kind of comparative pricing is comparing the standard product with the premium ones, making the customer view the standard offering as relative bargains. While selling digital softwares especially, comparative prices are quiet beneficial if done properly.

  • Bundle up the product

Bundling the product involves packaging multiple products together in a lower combined price. This is the most effective way of getting customers to purchase more item than perceived. In addition to it, it can also be used as a way of selling slow moving inventory, by bundling less popular item with hot product. Bundlings is a process that works well when the items are related in some ways.

  • Display the sales item clearly

Periodic sales are one of the most effective way for boosting sale in ecommerce revenue. When you have them, it should not be missed. This may sound obvious, business may miss the conversion because customers don’t realize certain items which are on sale. Another way of making your sale item stand out by presenting the discounted prices clearly.

Follow these 6 tips to determine price and get better ecommerce conversion.

Top 6 Beneficial Aspects Of Having Professional Logo Design

What is the first thing that you see in a business? Ofcourse it is the logo of a business. Some of the biggest brands all across the globe have got iconic logos which are considered reliable throughout the globe. For example, we all can recognize McDonalds with yellow M, the half bitten apple of Apple company, or the blue bird of Twitter are some of the brands which get theirs recognition from their logo.

Logo holds the most important preposition in corporate branding, hence, it is vital to get the right logo design for your brand.

Let us discuss six benefits of having a professional logo design for your brand

  1. A great logo gives you the best first impression for your brand

First impression is always the last impression!

Generally customers make a decision for their business within the 1/3rd of the second from their first encounter. Designers from best logo design company india suggest that, it is the logo and the name of the company which is the first thing which customers looks at in the first place. Therefore, a well designed logo is sufficient in itself to grab the attention of the customers in the first place.

The size, colour, font and style of the logo has a lot to speak about the brand it represents,hence, it is important to select element that resonates your brand. It is always better to seek help from professionals. They can understand the message of your business and turn the message into visual icon that easily catch the people attention of the brand.

  1.  Designed with a concept and strategy of a professional

If you are not a designer, it is really difficult at your part to create a logo design which can resonate with the brand image in a unique and amazing way. It may happen that you come up with some irrelevant attempts which cannot bring any significant result.

It is better to choose an established agency or freelancer with a portfolio which can set your design of logo unique from the rest. A logo designed by an experienced designer can bring a sure shot success for your brand by designing an exceptional logo.

  1. A good logo is ideal to build a strong brand identity

Creating a good logo design is extremely essential as it is the basic building block on which you can build a strong brand. Logo and brand are different yet logo has a huge role in creating a brand identity. Hire a logo designer who can professionally design a logo which represent the brand and give it a unique brand identity. Get your logo designed right and all other thing will come at place just like that.

  1. Your logo helps to project a professional image

A professional logo design agencies employ trained designer and excel in creating a massive visual form. There are many kinds of logo styles and a trained designer recommend which design is right for the business. Generally, creating a professional design is not a matter of joke for somebody who has no professional background. A well designed logo would effectively reflect the key colour,corporate fonts and overall brand style so that you can use it anywhere.

Create an exceptional professional logo from the expert designer and bring better success in your business.

Top 4 Tips For Reducing Mobile App Abandonment Rate

The mobile app development is increasing like never before! This is very evident when we look at the app stores be it android or apple app store. Apart from the growing amount of app’s , we can also see a high app abandonment rate as well. The abandonment rate of mobile apps has increased with the evolution of technology. According to a research conducted by android app development experts, the abandonment rate of a mobile app as high as 95%. This study gives a shocking figure in front of the app owners.

Mobile apps are set up for creating a more engaging relationship with customers. Therefore, it is more captivating, intriguing and a rich feature mobile app which is highly crucial to bring success within the app business.

Let us discuss some tips by which the abandonment rate of the apps can be reduced:

Tip 1: Release the latest app functionalities over time

While you plan to release the mobile app which will have multiple features integrated with it, it is better not to release all the features together. For example, if you 10 amazing features within your app, while releasing the app launch only 4 or 5 of them. When you upgrade your app by adding features, user consider the app getting new features and offering new opportunity for o users. This way you can create a curiosity which is enticing for the users and make them stick with the app.

Tip 2: consider releasing latest app version and re engage the users

Every app needs upgradation but sometimes users don’t notice changes which are made in the app version until it too huge or significant. It is alway ideal that when you invest in app development and updation, it is important to make users aware of it. It is not always about spending but also the valuable time which is invested. In order to reduce time, you can use push notification to make users know about the changes which you have made in the app.

Tip 3: add personal and emotional touch into the app

Iphone application development professionals view that infusing the touch of emotion can create a great bond within app and its targeted users. Smartphone usage is on high rise and you should consider creating an app that should create maximum engagement. When an app miss the emotional touch it lacks the connectivity, hence, people prefer opting out of it. More is the app is friendly, better it can connect with users.

Tip 4: Users are not your testers

If you intend to release the app and then fix the bugs and technical glitches as users interact with app, then you should consider it as the end of your app’s journey!

Once a users bounces out of the app due to any reason would never want to come back and invest their valuable time. It is ideal therefore, to test the app before launching it for the users. Once you start getting negative feedbacks, there would be no come back.

There can be several other reasons for app abondance but surely these four are the major ones. Be careful and keep these factors in mind.

What Is Cross Platform? Is It The Best Choice For Mobile App Development?

The global mobile app development has shown more heights. Over the year, the mobile app market has seen some significant changes. Mobility has emerged as an important part of digital world which is directing the economy towards mobile app development.

Mobile apps are incredible medium to bring brand awareness. Mobile users are either using android or iOS or windows as their mobile platforms. Since, the users are scattered in mobile platforms, developing an app for various platforms can be a time taking process. In order to bring as many customers as possible, cross platform mobile app has replaced native apps.

What is cross platform app?

Mobile phone app development experts define cross platform as a versatile platform which enhances the usage of source course usability and the programmers can use it at multiple platforms. Cross platform apps are suitable for all kind of mobile operating platforms without making the users notice them. It is helpful in saving time, cost and efforts.

Benefit of cross platform application

The primary purpose of every organization is to reach wider audience and generate better revenue. Cross platform applications offers enormous advantages. Let us discuss some of them:

Advantage for developers

  • Speed: The time taken in developing cross platform app is far less than native web and mobile app development. This way you can get less cost in app development.
  • Reusability of codes: This versatile feature of cross platform app makes it most attractive for most of development companies across the globe. Once the code is written, it can be used in other web and mobile task very easily.
  • Easy use of plug-in: Plug-ins are really useful for the development of various kinds of features. A handy tool like PhoneGap, Rhomobile etc which are an easy access to plugins.
  • Cloud integration: The versatility of an cross platform app increases when used in cloud.

Advantage of business owner

  • Uniform view of client: The apps look absolutely similar no matter which mobile app platform is used. This is one time investment which brings bigger advantage and enhances the app visibility when it is installed.
  • Short development time: iphone mobile application development experts suggest that the cost of app development depends on time, efforts invested in coding, designing, testing which is saved in cross app development. A short development time would mean saving cost and get better marketing benefits.
  • Cost effectiveness: developing a native mobile app brings a lot of complexity in the development process. Developing native app involves cost of development of two apps along with the cost of launch as well. Whereas, developing cross platform app which is much easier and cost friendly.
  • Give exposure to large number of users: cross platform app increases the reach of the consumers as the app can be used in any platform. It is also uniform across the platforms which makes it easier to understand and handle.
  • Low maintenance cost: There is a lot of changes which takes place in the market due to the changing needs of the users. This consumers a lot of cost and depletes the app revenue for small players. This is where cross platform apps actually works.

Cross platform apps are highly useful and can be easily replaced with native app development.

How Much Time It Takes For An App To Get Launched?

This is the most commonly asked question which is asked to every app development company. The general answer is 4-6 month but it does not mean that the time may not get reduce or exceeds. There are many factors which hampers this timeline.

Let us discuss some of them:

Industry perspective for app timeline

There are various kinds of apps available within the app store. Some of them tremendously bad which are made by amateurs and some are extremely useful which are used by millions of users such as Facebook,Uber, snapchats, Google maps etc. These apps have been made with years of dedication. Develop apps for iphone or android or for windows will have to compete with free apps when creating a new one. There are many companies who cannot invest time and money in creating a new apps but that does not mean that new apps should not be built. There should be right perspective in reaching to building a quality first version of the app.

App scope: platform, screen size and feature

The scope of an app takes into account of platform, screen size and feature. Identifying these factors make the app development process easier. Generally the screen size and platforms support are easy to deal. The challenge lies is scoping all the features by themselves. Generally people needs too much features in the app which makes it problematic to focus on some of them. Too many features tend to exceed the timeline and the cost as well. Therefore, consider concentrating the features which can make your app stand out.

Budget for building an app

Cost is always associated with building an app and the cost goes higher as the time passes. This situation is possible also when you built the app by your own. To understand the timeline on which the cost is based. You can first understand how long your available budget can support your app development process, this is called as runway. Secondly, when you know about runway, you can scope down your feature. Even if you have limited or unlimited budget, you will have to limit the scope of your feature.

App skills and expertise

App designing is a amalgamation of various aspects which should be put together for getting the best of app design. Professional android application development company suggest that one should avoid handling any element of an app, if they don’t possess appropriate knowledge about it. Therefore, it is vital that app development team should consist of various kinds of skilled professionals.

App development process

It is vital to follow the process of app development for avoiding any kind of impact in timeline. A strong and clear app development process brings creativity to flourish. It is better to have focused brainstorming process which brings straight elements. These are checklist which can be followed. A good app process will help to keep the app scheduled all the time.

Keep these factors in mind to tell the exact time the app development agency would need to create an app.

Top 6 Heuristic Principles Of Ux Design Which You Should Know

There are many kinds of people who think design is a matter of simple creativity but it takes a lot of creative elements to put forward a well crafted user friendly visual design. Apart from self motivation and excellence, designers also need to have ample amount of learning of design science to create the best of the UX design for your device. Designing is not simply a craft but also a knowledge about different field of learning and practice which make them work more effectively.

Let us discuss some of the Ux design heuristic principles:

  1. Visibility of system status

Iphone Ux design professionals suggest that the system you use should always be capable to make the users informed of what is going on and let them give their feedback within reasonable time.

The system which users make use should provide them with feedback of their action taken within reasonable time. The feedback given is normally associated with point of action and can be provided using a wide range of colour changes, loader, time left graphic etc.

  1. Create a match between systems and the real world

The system should be capable to speak in the users language with words, phrases, concept with familiar to the user rather than system oriented terms.

Have you figured out how much of your app language resonate with your users? This is phenomenon is noticeable since it is easy to get related to items for some undefined time frame. It is a vital for an app language to talk with user in the language they understand.

For example, facebook provides animated and expressive emoji reactions which are more relatable to real life emotions.

  1. User control and freedom

In a good ux design, user should be given the opportunity to get an exit from a place in the system which they accidently enter, to leave the state without going through extended dialogue.

Designers from android ux ui design agencies take up this principle of giving clients flexibility to explore the application and simultaneously perform certain activity as well. Apart from taking action, it also help the user to easily get away from a place which they have accidently reach and wants to exit.

  1. Consistency and standards

Always consistency is the key. For example, a submit button used in one page should be consistent in other pages as well. If you put the data in a table format of one page, it should look the same in the next time is data is presented in tabular format. If you represent your header in a certain way, it should remain consistent in users logs as well.

  1. Error prevention

A well designed error message is really important to prevent a problem occuring again and again.

For example, photoshop asking users how to go about it with the unsaved changes before closing the file. This way the problem is prevented measure.

  1. Make recognition rather than recall

Consider making your objects, actions and options visible. The users need not to remember information from one dialogue to another. The instruction for the users to use the system should be clearly visible and can be retrieved as per requirement.

Having knowledge of these principles can help you create a great Ux design for your application.

6 Mistakes Which You Should Avoid While Selecting Logo Designer For Your Startup

A logo for a business is a mark of authenticity and genuineness of products which the company offers in the form of product and service. A nicely designed logo serves as the symbol of your business recognition. The best example of this phenomenon is the large yellow coloured M from McDonalds. Wherever the logo of McDonald is seen, people quickly relates it with the brand.

When it comes to startups, logo is very important. It is capable to make your business swim or sink in the market. So, if you are planning to launch your startup business, consider avoiding some common yet dreadful mistakes while you begin choosing the right logo designer for your business.

  1. Hiring a friend

If you are looking for a logo design maker who can create the most professional looking logo for your business, then you will have to restrain yourself from your friends or relatives.

It is sometimes tempting to use your friend, niece, cousin for designing the logo for your startup in minimum or no price but that may cost you a big deal in long run.

  1. Overdoing it

It is important to understand when you overdo something. There are at time when you need to let go the logo designing process and let the logo work. It takes several months in designing various aspects of the logo  but this process should be done with utmost care and dedication. However, when you over do it you end the streamlining process which can ruin your design.

  1. Not understanding about what you want

Graphic designers for designing a logo is the ultimate person who works to translate brand image into flexible piece of design. But that does not take away the need of the marketers to give ample amount of details. It is important to tell the designer about what kind of brand value you want to portray within your logo design. If you have any idea in your mind, you should consider discussing it with your designer

  1. Don’t choose your own typeface

There are hundreds of typeface which are available on internet. Each typeface has its own set ambience and image which it helps to create, hence, the choice of typeface should be done by the designer only. While you select a font for your logo, always make sure that it should be consistent with the font used in your website and brochures.

  1. Not getting details

According to the view of designers from best logo design India agency, whenever marketers review the designers portfolio, it is important not to take everything on face value. Make sure to ask designer about the role they play with an agency or project. You should consider at looking over the portfolio very carefully to avoid any kind of problem and pitfalls further.

  1. Everything looking the same

The biggest drawback in a portfolio is similarity or over consistency. This factor is very evident and easy to pick. If you get a portfolio with several circles or rectangles, or usage of similar kind of typeface or colour palette then consider moving to other option.

These are some of the mistakes which you should consider avoiding while choosing the right designer for your logo design.

Why Consider Ios Platform For Beginning With Mobile App Development?

Before planning to launch a mobile app, the biggest point of thinking is where to launch it. For the startups, it is essential to stick with a single platform at a time. It take a lot of difficulty to create a great experience for users in a single platform. It takes careful planning to begin with the development of new mobile app.

But, there is a great confusion that remain a problem for every new comer beginning to launch their first app. This confusion is which platform to consider for mobile app development, is it android or iOS?

The decision between the two should be based on rational decision making process

The first is deciding between the two:

Android vs iOS app development

Analysing the market can tell the maximum result, therefore study the market you are about to enter. Developers from iphone app game development services suggest to analyse the targeted audience who will be affected by the app launch and see their inclination towards the any of the platform, what users need, will they engage in your game or app type and make purchase and many other questions.

If you plan to make users pay for the app or make sale through app, the market always favour iOS platform. The reason behind this favour despite android covering the 80% of the market share is because, android is not profitable for app developers. Apple complete gives 85% of the profit share to app developers as compared to android.

The market analysis

  • Loyalty: There have been several market analysis that suggest that iOS users are fairly happy and satisfied as compared to android users. Apple users are highly loyal and engaged which creates better conversion and less bounce rates.
  • Demography:  Android has 80% of share in the market but this makes the task tough for app developers. It becomes difficult to predict audience since it has a wider range of prices spread across the globe.
  • Business: Apple platform is extensively used for business purpose. There are many instances when maximum professionals are seen working on apple platforms as the device offered by apple are widely secured and they provide app that are meant to run business conveniently. Another reason of apple device usage is, people feel it enhances their standard among masses.

Benefit of iOS application development

If you have done the careful research within the market, it is easy to predict that iOS is considered easy among developers than android.  Either create a game app for android or a business or entertainment app, apple provide such strong tools that make it fairly easy to design an intuitive app. These tools are integrated with best of user interface features for easy user access.

  • Environment: The apple development environment is extremely friendly and welcoming for developers. It provide fast,powerful features to keep developers focused with useful information types. In contrast android platform is messy and slow, it is difficult to understand for developers while developing the first app.
  • Programming language: Android apps are programmed in java and apple is done in swift. While java has been for decades, swift is still new and has great potential to offer, hence, swift should be considered.
  • Device: android has huge spread in various kinds of devices that make it really difficult for developers. In contrast, iOS only have single kind of device thus easy for developers to integrate.
  • Monetization potential: As compared to android, the monetization potential in iOS platform is huge. Users are highly loyal and turn out with revenue easily.

This post gives you just an overview in selecting the best platform for your first app. Make sure to do extensive market research then decide for one. iOS platform is considered easy and reliable in every form, therefore it may prove beneficial for developers beginning with app development.

Restructuring The Path Of Success: Top 10 Tips For Remodeling The Magento Ecommerce Platform

Running a business on online platforms has opened huge potential for marketers all across the world. Be it selling heavy goods or clothings from magento store or any other affiliate link, it is highly important to create a strong impact and drag maximum customers for online sale. Online platforms are becoming increasingly competitive, therefore to run an effective ecommerce store would require deep understanding of several factors like market trend, web customer behaviour, expectations of people and many more!

Ecommerce development company professionals regard magento as an highly professional platform for ecommerce solution but the marketers will have to make efforts for bring the ratio of sale high. Understand the features of the platform before designing the web store.

This post is dedicated on discussing various tips to boost magento ecommerce platform for better online sale.

Let us dig into the world of Magento:

  • Make the checkout process easy

Abandoned carts are the exact result of making a checkout process hectic or irritating at the verge of sale. The bounce rate at checkout point can be reduced by providing a secured, intuitive and brief checkout exposure. If you are interested in enhancing your sale at Magento ecommerce platform then ensure you customers don’t run away. Enhance the payment options and reduce the time consumption in checkout process. Design your checkout page in a way that holds essential details like personal information, delivery option etc. You can also enable option like guest checkout option as well.

  • Enhance the image quality

Pictures are a great way to entice customers in a ecommerce platform. Make sure to use optimal size, high resolution images.  Experts from SEO company suggest to avoid very large image file as it can reduce the functionality of the site making it slower. One can make use  of CDN to load images from secondary server and spare you from unnecessary load giving on your server. There are many tools available in magento ecommerce platform such as cloudinary, JPEGmini, cloudfare etc.

Many ecommerce companies use extensions given by magento to deal with the problem of loading time.

  • Using transparent stock management system

Ecommerce world is running on product sale. Product display is therefore an important component of ecommerce industry but the confusion is whether to show all stock or show product available in the stock. Listing products which are not available can be harmful for user experience. They may feel irritated and may consider switching the option.

  • Rich content

Unique content is meant to increase the organic search traffic. Good content is meant to drive traffic by being shared by friends and family. Magenta ecommerce owners should make sure to use high quality content to enhance the level of the business

  • Mobile friendly platform

It is really important to make your ecommerce venture mobile friendly. Mobile friendly ecommerce platforms can make the website reach to as many customers as possible. They may access the site whenever they feel like. Professionals from ecommerce web development company give strong emphasis on the responsive website design. A responsive web design is meant to bring better engagement quotient in the customers,therefore, it is highly necessary for ecommerce platforms.

  • Magento search techniques

The performance of a website is dependent on the platform on which it is built. Magento provides some native features which can be customized or used otherwise directly.

  • Multiple payment option

Ecommerce websites owners should provide a secured, sheltered way of payment for satisfactory shopping experience. This kind of secured environment can be provided by enabling various payment options in the website. Each country has its own installation and checkout service, therefore, make sure to integrate various options based on magento augmentation.

  • Clear the database on a regular basis

You intend to run magento ecommerce website smoothly, consider clearing the database log frequently. It is commonly observed that marketers keep unnecessary database which results in slow website loading. It may seem to be a daunting task but it is highly important.

  • Creating the wish list

There are times when people surf go through products, select them and then move ahead without buying. Customers may wants to explore more and then buy the product. This habit is highly common, therefore, make sure to provide flexible way of saving item list in the cart or wish list that can be accessed later as well.


Magento has always proved itself as the most amazing platform for ecommerce website development. Most of the companies use this platform to produce some incredible online stores. If you own a magento ecommerce platform, make sure to incorporate the tips stated above for bringing high conversion, user friendly, easily accessed platform that your customers wants to come again and again.