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Don’t Like the Redesigned New Gmail? Here’s How You Can Switch Back to the Old Version

There are times when we realize that the world is changing too fast and simply want it to slow down for a while so that we can take our time to adapt to these changes. In fact, some people wish if everything around them can stop moving forward and remain the way it is without any revolutions or reforms. Well, technology is no exception to these evolutions or we can say it is the pioneer to all the advancements and modifications. There are new updates and redesigns every day and we are required to keep the pace with these advancements. When we all were almost getting familiar with Reddit redesign and getting over prominent changes, Gmail followed the suit and introduced a new version.

Of course, there are better and powerful features with sleek and cleaner adaptation of its predecessor. However, we are certain that not everyone  will like this new Gmail and prefer to stick with the old one. If you are also sailing the same boat and have decided to take a stand and go back to the way things were once, then let us inform you that you can easily go back without putting much effort. Google has kept the classic version of Gmail on the web for the time being so you can conveniently revert to the old look. There are a few simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Click the ‘cogwheel’ i.e., Settings icon that you can see on the top right-hand side of your window screen.
  • A drop down menu will appear and you can see an option “Go back to classic Gmail” there.
  • Click it and you are back to your old Gmail.

Don’t Like the Redesigned New Gmail

Before your screen goes back to the old design, you will be asked to provide your reason for switching back. This is a voluntary step and you can skip it but we suggest you that the best you can do is being polite. Therefore, give a specific opinion about the revamped version as this is a perfect chance for your honest feedback.

Moreover, for the ones who have accepted the redesigned Gmail but are struggling with layout, the good news is that you can change the look according to your needs. For example,

  • Hit the three-lined button on the top left-hand side corner of the Gmail window if you want to hide or show the text labels listed on the left side.
  • There are three different styles that  you can choose from- Default, Comfortable and Compact. This will help you adjust how your messages will appear in the Inbox list. You merely need to click the Settings icon and select Display Density.

Don’t Like the Redesigned New Gmail

  • You can also change behavior, look, theme, background of your Gmail by clicking on the Menu bar. Depending on your preference, you can opt for the number of messages that you want to list per screen in the Inbox, amount of time to ‘undo’ a message that you recently sent, etc.

How You Can Switch Back to the Old Version

Lastly, we just want to say that the days of Classic Gmail are numbered in light of the fact that Google has laid down a schedule after which you might not able to opt out once your Gmail is updated. We soon may not have the ability to keep the things the way we want to, so our advice to you all is to get used to the revamped version as soon as possible as the old one will not be around forever.

We would also like to introduce you with the latest features included by Gmail on its 15th birthday i.e. 1st of April, 2019. Google has launched some minor but useful updates including the improvement of smart compose function. It has also given the users a facility to schedule the emails. Back in May of the last year, Gmail had also started giving suggestions to the user and in way, completing their sentences. You must have noticed that it comes up with the suggestions as per your writing style as well. Earlier also, it was possible to schedule the emails but only by using third party extensions.

Google is working towards making the day-to-day emailing very easy for you. It is also working upon coming up with an apt subject line once you complete writing your email. Just like to accept the suggestions in the body of the mail by pressing “Tab”, you can also accept these suggested subject lines. Gmail’s smart compose is becoming the next You day by day as it is able to capture your Greetings style and tone of writing.

We are really excited about what is the next on the list of updates by Gmail.

Top 9 SEO Mistakes That Can Be Avoided To Get Better Result From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing practices in the world. In simpler terms, affiliate marketing refers to a marketing practice where in one person refer certain online product or service to the other person who the buys the product on recommendation, create an opportunity of commission for the person who referred.

When it comes to SEO, affiliate marketing and SEO can work powerful in collaboration with each other when their goal is pointing towards the same direction only. However, there are certain affiliate marketers who are not using the potential of SEO to bring better result for their efforts in affiliate marketing or they are committing mistakes that can hamper the effect of their campaign

In order to give affiliate marketers a path of profit, this post talks about the top 9 major mistakes committed by affiliate in SEO.

  1. Focusing on keywords rather on solutions

It is commonly found that affiliate sites focus only on keywords usage, however, customers don’t go to websites for keywords!

In the sprint of getting better traffic, affiliate marketers often ignore that customers are in need of solution for their query for which they are visiting the website. Experts consultants from best SEO company in noida suggest, that keywords should be kept as a base and then create a solution that builds a healthy relationship. The easiest way of success is making people believe that buying a particular product will give them benefit

  1. Completely depending upon affiliate marketing for sole revenue generation

Often marketers commits this mistake of taking affiliate marketing as their business model rather taking as revenue channel. It is very important to understand that affiliate marketing cannot be the only way to generate traffic and channelize it. Make sure to open option for revenue generation.

  1. Not producing original content

Affiliate marketers focus on gaining traffic through paid advertisements, however, ones the fund is exhausted it stands nowhere. Affiliate marketing sites look more like product list website with little or no content to drive organic traffic. Search engine also identify sites that do not provide value to customers and sink their ranking significantly. To improve the ranking, affiliate marketers will have to provide valid and original content to customers and then the search engine may improve the ranking.

  1. Not deleting the inactive themes and plugins

Professionals from best website development company india, points out that most of affiliate marketers do not bother to the delete their inactive themes and plugins. These inactive themes and plugins can create a huge threat of cyber security and customers privacy. Idle themes and plugins are easy prey for hackers as they can easily create backdoors for entering inside your website, hence regular updation is must! Delete the unnecessary one and update all to keep the security intact.

  1. Missing or duplicate meta description

Titles and meta description appear in search engine page results, hence they should be unique. But unfortunately affiliate marketers often use duplicate meta description or they are even missing. Marketers can use tools like smartcrawl and many more to create descriptions.

  1. Not mobile optimized

Mobile usage has increased exponentially, hence, optimizing website for mobile users is a great way to provide good user experience. Affiliate marketers do not optimize their websites for mobile which makes their websites load slowly, therefore reduce ranking and loose customers as well.

  1. Using free web hostings

Getting websites on free web hosting platforms makes it difficult for marketers to customize the websites depending on their need and their customers expectations. This difficulty makes your website non responsive and customers deflects. Therefore, consider spending on hosting and get better result from customers.

  1. Irrelevant backlinks

Backlinks holds a very significant position in affiliate marketing, however, poor backlinks can actually destroy everything and land you in trouble. The best way of rescue is providing value to people who lands up on the website. Try and link with websites having high authority.

  1. Thinking SEO best practices do not correlates in affiliate marketing

Any website be it affiliate website or any other cannot simply ignore SEO best practices. It is directly applied on every website,hence, broken links, redirects, thin and duplicate

Content, meta description and many more should be tackled. In short, affiliate marketing website need SEO like any other website for better profit and ranking, hence ignoring SEO is stupidity!

SEO is a vital life saving tonic for every website which wants to stay alive online and get better conversion. The practices listed in SEO not only help in search engine ranking but also attract customers. So what are you ready for some SEO thing?

Why Your E-Commerce Website Is In Need Of A Mobile App?

E commerce industry has seen a phenomenal expansion in last few decades. While the industry is reaching new heights, the credit for the expansion to some extent definitely goes to mobile applications. In this world of immediacy, mobile app development has helped people to get their desired commodity in no time. With the increasing number of smartphones , e commerce websites will have to definitely shift to a platform that their potential customers are using.

Stepping into the world of mobile app is a win win situation for retailers. It gives exposure to retailers for providing best of immediate and personalize shopping experience. Retailers at the same time can use the app for introducing features that intrigue and entice the customers to stay connected with the brand.

Let us begin with discussing why ecommerce website needs a mobile app:

  • Mobile- moments

According to experts from mobile app development company from various sections of the globe, customers are looking for information that are based on their needs which is effectively provided by mobile app. Mobile app has the ability to understand the intention of the customers and bring out a very customized search result. The information provided by mobile app makes it easy for customers to differentiate the brand and consider it to be customer-friendly.

  • Gathering and analysing data

Mobile apps are by far the easiest way to grab quality data of customers and analyse them. From shopping frequency, abandon carts, preferences etc, all are data that can be analysed for serving quality service to customers. Apart from that apps also helps in analysing the rise and fall of popularity of various products such as best sellers, popular demand, seasonal sale etc.

Gathering data is extremely necessary to understand what your customers want from you.

  • Multiple customer touch points

Experts from ecommerce website designing company believe that creating many customer touch points can enhance sale. Ecommerce website are first digital touchpoint that has established relation with customers, followed by mobile apps.

Creating a native app can make the ecommerce store reach to million of fingertips and enhance growth.

  • Cross channel customer experience

Multiple cross channel approach optimize the experience of the customers across various sales channel and help in creating a seamless experience. Mobile apps can easily connect with ecommerce store backend and provide a single interface for all activities.

  • Mobile app payment gateway is secured

When mobile app are developed they are equipped with safe payment gateways for customers to make easy and secure payments. These app are programed in way that remember the payment preferences for future shopping as well. This kind of facility provide confidence and trust in the users and give them privilege of immediacy.

  • Mobile app is an easy way to attract customers

Unlike websites, mobile apps are present in smartphones all the time. Notification of new stock, sales pitch, new collection etc is given to customers everyday. Customers stays updated by the add ons and the existing merchandise available. This way mobile app helps in grabbing the lost attention and make customers come back again and again to get something better.

Mobile apps are part of new era that can bring great success and positive result in the business of ecommerce apps pave a stronger path for marketers to stand tall and different from their competitor and wow the customers by offering what they expect.

If you own a ecommerce website, getting a mobile app can prove to be highly beneficial.

6 Simple Points to Remember When Working With Website Designers

How often you change your style quotient? Well, most of people does, depending upon the changing fashion trend in the world, after all who wants to look outdated!

But hey! What about your website?

Websites typically needs updation at regular intervals to keep it going and hard hitting in the competitive scenario. When it comes to redesigning or updating websites, considering professional website designers is obvious.

Website designers are highly skilled professionals that works on the guidelines provided by the website owners to design the website on their vision of offering best to their customers. But, are you prepared to give input to your website designer? Let’s discuss some of the points to remember when you are about work with your website designer.

1# Do not make it a rush affair

When it comes to designing website, it takes time! There are several small and big aspect that can create a major problem if not done correctly while designing the website. Too much rush can degrade the quality of the work. A web designer requires time to consider various options and his approach for creating or updating the way you want your website to be. Hire dedicated website designer who are incredible competent and give them enough time to strategize and begin with the process to give good quality results.

2# keep updating yourself about the work progress

Often designers are in a habit for not updating any progress and present the final result. However, most of the time this approach does not produce result. In any case, the designer misunderstood the input given, the efforts done will become a waste of time and resources. The best option is  hire a web developer who can work in collaboration with the owner.  Owners should get involved with the initial sketch process, creating mood boards, wire frame etc.

3# Resort to testing when in confusion

There can come a phase when owners and web designers disagree over certain aspect. While designers are experts yet they cannot be right every time. It is important that the website owners should be confident about what he is offering to customers hence, resorting to test phase is ideal. Test your website design when you face confusion. This way your designer is not completely defied and the users may not suffer as well.

4#  Do not ask for multiple design

This is a common tendency that website owners demand for multiple website design from the designers. The problem faced with multiple designs is that you may feel various elements in various designs ideal for your final website, however, implementing various elements from various designs is simply  very difficult to do. Therefore, there is a tussle between the designer and owner that originates.

The best solution is to closely work with designer from the initial phase and guide them about your needs with wasting resources.

5# Do not show website design to many

It is a normal tendency that you want to show the design to as many people and get the views. However, showing them to many people is not a wise decision. The perception of good or bad idea is highly subjective hence, it can create grave confusion.

Sharing with some expert people is essential but they should be well aware about your vision behind the design. They should test the design and give feedback after analysing the whole backgrounder.

6#  Clear business objective

Even if you are working closely with designer, still you can commit mistake in case you are not clear about your business objectives. It is very important to have clear end goal for making the websites goals synced with the business objective.


These points listed above are simple tips that can be implemented to enhance the quality of work by create exceptional website design by establishing a relationship with a web designer.

6 Secret Ingredients For Making Your App Go Viral

When you develop your mobile app, what do you dream to achieve?

Profit, name, fame and many more things! Isn’t it? Driving millions of downloads and making the app go viral is the dream of every app marketer. However, how many of them achieve is subject to discussion. To get your app viral, it is obvious that you will have to offer things which are unique and engaging.

In terms of app marketing, traditional methods of advertising and marketing are highly outdated to make you app go viral. There is a strong belief among people that getting an app viral requires social media sharing features on your app, however, the entire app is responsible to make it viral. The customers should be provided with such good amount of value that customers share the app among their circles. When such kind of value is provided to customers, users will itself promote your app and make it viral.

Let us discuss some secret ingredient for making an app viral:

  1. Social media sharing/ social capabilities

One of the easy ways to build growth in the app is through integrating social media sharing option. According to experts from android app development companies, app can be related to any field yet the integration of social media sharing is highly beneficial.

For example, gaming apps provides option to share their score and reward points in their social media account. This way the app gets lots of media sharing is one of the simple and subtle way to promote the app and keep it posted on social media.

  1. Asking for reviews

Asking for reviews is an easy tactics yet many marketers loose this golden opportunity. The goal of every marketer should be to gain huge amount of positive reviews from users without being pushy. Positive responses are a great way to enhance search ranking and instil confidence and trust in potential users as well.

Following these best practice can gain you positive reviews. These are:

  • Make sure that your app provides enough of value to users to ask for reviews.
  • Do not bombard your reviews request too much on users.
  • Personalize the message
  • Only ask review in segments that can bring positive response.
  1. Contextual deep linking

By contextual deep linking means that ones users clicks on a link, the link will capture all information like who you are, what are you looking for ? etc. Then assuming the app is not installed, it makes the users instal the app. Once the app is installed the information stored looking helps in getting right content that the user was looking for. Proficient experts in mobile app development believe that contextual deep linking helps developers build powerful personalized feature and referral program which takes beyond content linking. Users gets better user experience form this.

  1. Great onboarding

Make the perfect onboard experience helps easily captivate the user’s attention and increases retention.

Best practice for making great onboarding:

  • Make emphasis on app’s value
  • Make sure to display key features
  • Explain functionality and step by step tutorial
  • Do not bombard information
  1. Referrals

Word of mouth and the power of referral has a strong effect on making your app popular. Studies predict that people trust the recommendations given by the friends and family. Referral is a great way for app marketing that entice users to take action.

For example, company like uber give discount on referral links and enjoy free ride. This means that the brand is promoted by a trusted person, hence it will have more impact.

  1. Implementing aspect of game

Regardless of any category of app, a little fun is enjoyed by everybody which is brought by gamification. Gamification overwhelms the users, making them feel delighted and in way enhance their user experience. Involving gamification in any app can easily enhance the level of engagement and also have impact in app retention.

Virality of any app begins from day 1. The key is to produce good quality product or service that can attract users in the first hand. The above listed ingredients cannot certify your appvirality but they can enhance the taste of you app i.e , it enhances the chances of getting the app viral.

Why your Customers Bouncing Back From Checkout Option Of Your Website!

For any digital marketer, checkout phase on his website is the most crucial thing for his business to grow and get better conversion. It is difficult to bring customers inside the conversion funnel, hence making 100% sale is really important. But wait! Reaching till checkout page does not necessarily means conversion. In fact, according to survey conducted by the best internet marketing company,70% of the customers quit the checkout page after encountering it.

This drastic change in mindset in customers can be a result of several factors.

In this post, we will discuss the problems that owners have created in the checkout page that leads to low conversion:

Let’s begin:

  1. Displaying extra cost in checkout page:

Experts from SEO company in Gurgaon, identifies that extra charges shown in the checkout page holds a very prominent reason for customers to drop out from the shopping cart. Usually extra cost shown are too high which makes customers dissatisfied. These extra cost can be shipping charges, taxes and many other charges which the buyer was unaware

Retailers can control this deflection by keeping the costing absolutely transparent the extra charges that people has to pay during checkout. The best practices is to show all the compiled cost including shipping charges before checkout page.

Not showing prices increases bounce rate as the trust on the seller starts getting disbalanced. Buyers may think the seler to be deceptive. Lack of transparency and the expectation of foul play make them leave the shopping digital marketing company

Another major reason for making dropping from shopping cart is compulsory account making to complete purchase. Making account mandatory may prove troublesome for many kind of customers and also distract customers from the conversion goal. Some of the websites even requires to verify email accounts for making purchase. This is also a big reason for customers abandoning cart as these are unnecessary steps for people who are in hurry.

To stop your customers from abandoning the cart, keep the provision of guest checkout option in your website. This makes it easy for customers to buy product without unnecessary steps.

But there are at times when guest checkout options are a troublesome option for sellers. It becomes difficult to get  exact information about the buyer. The easiest solution is, making accounts synced with social media. In this way, buyers would not have to waste time and the information will also be secured.

2. Complicated/ lengthy checkout process

Just like making account,getting length checkout process is equally important reason for people to bounce out from checkout page. Compulsory account making is part of lengthy checkout process or there can be multiple pages that are opened and verified before “ buy now” and finally checkout page. All these things irritate the customers, when they want to place a order in hurry and have to witness long complicated procedure. Ideally sellers should have single page checkout where customers can feed details but make sure to keep only necessary fields. This way checkout process will be smooth and fast.

3. Lack of trust

Online purchase decision revolves around the trust factor.Hence it becomes mandatory to put up best of security assurance to make customers feel secured while they pay. Adding trust symbols is the best way to give people confidence and assurance. Putting up symbol of security will make them perceive your platform safe for making transactions. Some of trusted security seal include Norton, McAFee. TRUSTe, BBB etc.

4. Lack of multiple payment methods

Not getting multiple payments option can also deflect customers from checkout page. Website that supply product throughout the globe should make to provide multiple channels for payment depending upon the convenience of people from various places. Providing multiple payment channel  can choose option they prefer such as credit card, debit card, e wallets, online transfer etc.


The above listed five points covers the most common difficulties that people face that lead them to bounce out of checkout page. The main idea should be to give customers a memorable experience which is easy and comfortable. The focus should lie on customers and not sellers.

How mobile app can help your small business to grow?

Every business be it small or large requires web presence. In present day scenario web presence is the need to make your business expand and earn profit from customers spread across various direction within the country or globally. However, having website alone cannot bring the result that marketers expect. Mobile app is the need of the hour!. Desktops is slowly and gradually replaced by mobile users. Hence creating a mobile friendly environment for your business can be a profitable venture!

But wait! Do you have confusion about the usability of mobile app in your small business?

If this is your confusion then let us discuss, how mobile app development can help your small business:

  • Mobile app as promotional tool

Websites are the one stop shopping destination for people. However, going through search engine and then logging in for your favourite site can be time taking and irritating as well.

Mobile app gives the privilege to users to directly log on to their favourite company app. These apps are easily downloadable for free and provide better user experiences for people. Hence they are extremely well for promotions of your business.

  • Earning from app

Experts from Mobile app development company can easily help in building a sound app for your business. Most of the marketers believe that app development is an expensive process which may never yield the profit to subside the expense involved while development process.

This thinking is a myth! Mobile app development may require investment but these app bear great profit margin as well. If marketers wants they may choose basic version of app that cost less and after app development use various monetizing technique like in-app advertising etc to gain profit.

  • Gets wider reach

Mobile app helps in reaching to widers customers than websites. While the old users may suggest their friends and family about the app, new users can easily search and find the app they are looking for. In addition to it, app integrated with social media can also help in grabbing the attention of wider audiences.

  • Showcase product and services

Apps act as platform to showcase a wide range of products and services to users. One can easily update the stock of products and service offered and notify the app users. This way your business can entice your users for taking action. Offering discounts and new features can help to easily spread good name about the brand and attract new customers.

  • Better branding scope

Mobile apps contain the name and the logo of the company. These app are the greatest tool to create loyalty among customers and spread brand awareness. These app are available in the customers mobile screen hence, it would be difficult to forget about your brand.

  • Convenience

Be it iOS or android mobile app development, they are meant to provide convenience to the users. Mobile app can help users access to desired information in seconds just by clicking on a single icon and not on search engine. Mobile apps provide notification that keep users updates about new upcomings which keep their attention and interest intact in the brand, thus increase profit.

Despite of enormous success of mobile application, there are marketers who are still apprehensive. They are losing the chance of getting their small business into bigger platform and reach the epitome of productivity, efficiency and success.

Are you part of these marketers league or not? The later is beneficial for you!

Faceted Navigation: Best Practice For Large Website Seo Needs?

When it comes to large websites like e commerce websites, it becomes very important to look for a perfect website design structure and smart linking strategy. However, while making websites properly crawled there are several challenges that has to be faced with various attribute in e commerce websites such as size, colour, price, range etc.

To save from these difficulty, faceted navigation is an ideal way.However, faceted navigation can only help when executed in the most judicial way to keep users as well as search bots happy.

Let’s discuss about faceted navigation:

What is faceted navigation?

Faceted navigation may be understood as the filters that are present at the sidebar of ecommerce webpages to sort the search results according to the need of the user. It consist of various options, categories, filters and facets. These menus helps users to select particular commodity they are looking for. Facets are indexed categories and acts like a extension of the site’s menus. Facets are used for filtering the page by the users to get the commodity they are searching, however, while the search results gets narrowed, the content of the page remains same.

This way facets can produce multiple URLs with duplicate content which can create negative effect on SEO. While faceted navigation is a great feature for users looking for particular product, it may create several hazard for SEO such as

  • Duplicate content
  • Waste of crawl budget
  • Dilutes link equity

As various parameters are created, the number of pages with related content also increases. Various links goes into these different pages of same content page, thus, the link equity also gets affected and reduces the ranking.

According to experts from SEO company in jaipur, in order to save the extremely useful crawl budget from getting wasted, search bots will have to be instructed for not crawling multiple factes such as size, colour etc, this way unique pages gets chance to be crawled and gets exposure in front of users.

Multiple facets can create some tough situation for ecommerce websites, there are some ways this problem can be handled. While there are few solution, the implementation depends upon which part of the website should be indexed.

  • Noindex

Noindex tag is used to inform search bots about the page that should not be indexed. This process will remove the duplicate content pages from getting indexed, however, the crawl budget would be wasted and the link equity will also dilute. For example, if you are want page with “red handbag” to be indexed but don’t want page with “ red handbag under$200” to be indexed, then using noindex in the later can stop the page getting indexed. However, the crawl budget will still be wasted.

  • Robots.txt

Experts from SEO Company in Los Angeles suggest that robot.txt tag can disallow certain parts of the website to be crawled. This is a fast and customizable option for crawling needs, however this is merely a directive which can be defied.

  • Canonicalization

Canonical tags can help in instructing Google that certain group pages has alike vision. Canonical tags can help in saving link equity, however, the crawl budget will still gets wasted. Canonical tags can also be overlooked by search bots, hence, they should be used in combination. For example, “red handbags under $200” may have canonical tag set as red handbag. In this situation, google will attribute authority and link equity to canonicalized page but the crawl budget will get wasted.

  • AJAX

The advantage of AJAX in faceted navigation is , it does not generate new URLs when a visitor visits page and select any filter. To get maximum benefit from AJAX tag, the crawl path should be accessible to the particular pages that are important for ranking.

  • Google search console

Google search console is the most effective idea in faceted navigation. It is temporary solution while the navigation is adjusted as it instruct the google about the way it should crawl pages. URL parameter tool in google search console can change what effect each parameter has on webpages and how google should handle it.


While keeping in mind the dominance of user experience,faceted navigation is a great way to provide better experience to users. However, it causes multitude of SEO problem in terms of duplicate content,reduction in link equity and waste crawl budget.

It becomes very important for ecommerce websites to take necessary measures to handle faceted navigation as well as maintain SEO.

Why Your Business Is Strongly Needing Social Advocacy?

Social advocacy can be understood as a strategic planning to make the company grow and make its top executives communicate to marketplaces as social media spokesperson. Companies that create a lasting impression by social advocacy tend to create their customers and clients as their social advocate.

Business to business clients usually rely on sales person to keep their position intact in the market and expand the company’s position as well. Experts from SEO services in hyderabad believe that social advocacy can easily help b2b clients to have word of mouth social leads and social media visibility as well.

Let us discuss as how social advocacy can create a difference in your business:

  • Brand perception

Social media advocacy plays a strong role in creating an image perceptive for your brand among your targeted as well as potential customers. Social advocacy will create that good perception in the mind of people by various strategies.

  • Attract the loyalty of the employees

Social advocacy program will be helpful in creating a good reputation for the company while giving personal and professional benefit to the employees working. They will feel proud about their association with a company and hence their loyalty quotient will also rise. Employees can be pushed to talk about the company and its products by giving incentives and rewards.

What all are the components that are involved in social advocacy?

Here’s the list of certain building blocks in social advocacy program that helps to shape up your brand social advocacy

  1. Social media strategy

Without a proper social media strategy, social media advocacy program cannot stand tall. A solid social media strategy is need with proper KPIs and benchmarks to make the program successful. Consultant from best SEO company in Toronto explains that a full proof social media strategy needs strong defined content which should be authentic and original to get them shared at various channels. Social media strategy should also have strong social media monitoring and engagement tools to give better experience to viewers.

  1.  Social advocacy onboarding

Creating rules for employees while advocating the brand is essential. Employees involved in the process should maintain a guide book that clearly states corporate values, must cover branding points, and importantly restricted areas. This process of learning is everlasting and shall continue with the growth of the employee within organization.

  1. Planning social media advocacy implementation

It is very important to have a full fledged planning process behind social advocacy. There should be absolute clarity behind whom shall monitor the plan, how employees and key stakeholders should be engaged. There should be perfect communication between employees and stakeholders. They should be provide necessary tools and content that they may use to increase brand awareness and online impact by their advocacy efforts.


The best time to start social advocacy is today itself. This kind of strong efforts are bound to fetch results in the form of greatest sales figure as company increases more visibility and trust among people.

8 Points To Remember When You Are All Set To Design Your Company’s Logo

Everyday we all meet with multiple people and make various perceptions for them based on the first few seconds of interaction. Ever thought why? Human being has innate tendency to make perception and this process is common with everything and not only human being. It can be clothes, colour, shoes, food etc. The game of perception has a dominant role in digital media as well. In this competitive life, every company and brand is struggling to make a good perception for their company in front of targeted customers. Today, the way the perception was created traditionally has also changed. It’s not about brochures and flyers today, it is more of visually enticing digital products such as videos, podcasts and the brand identity in the form of logo that creates difference.

When talking about logo, this stands as the most important aspect of a brand or company. One can see logo as the identity of a brand or the solo communicator about what the brand/company can offer or what it is all about! The design of a logo is so significant that it can make or break a brand in a blink.

If you are about to begin with your brand, logo is the most initial and important phase. This post is dedicated for discussing eight simple points to remember while designing logo for your company

Let us begin!

  • Show yourself

From the superficial level, every business looks more or less same, however, they are not! Every new business comes with something different to offer and that difference is the USP of the brand which is what the logo should depict. Experts from best logo design company india, believe that a logo should be designed in way that depicts what the brand can offer?,how they handle customers and why are they into this business?. A well designed logo can give clear perceptive of the brand to its potential customers

  • Whom to focus on?

This stands a very crucial significance while designing a logo. Professional logo designers india explains that a logo should be designed to entice the customers the brand directly target. Hence it becomes important to know the targeted customers before beginning with logo designing. For example, walt disney is all about fun and targeted mainly to kids, hence it’s logo also speak the volume on targeting kids.

  • Strong and attractive design

After the above two points are clear the next thing making a logo design that can easily attract the eye balls. It is obvious that people remember things that are unique and stands meaningful in their life.

  • Being unique is the key

In this cut throat competitive market, the best way to still be in competition is o be unique. People love to remember things that are unique and stands different. You logo along with addressing the key factors of your business should also be unique. For example, steve job’s vision baby apple, stands absolute unique with its half bitten silver apple. The logo is sufficient to define apple as cool designing leaders among the crowd.

  • Less is always more!

In the field of logo designing, less is always considered more after all things which are simple, clean and crisp is said to have lasting impression in the mind of people. However, by simple does not mean creative. Avoid confusion and clutter. For example, saffola which uses simple text to depict the brand name yet, it seems so good and worthy of being remembered.

  • Adaptable design

Logos are usually used in various formats and bases such as on tshirts, pens, notepads etc, hence a logo design, colour combination everything should be highly adaptive. It can be visible and suits on every base on which it is used.

  • Logo should be identifiable

In this present competitive market scenario, logo should not only be adaptive in terms of colour but also in size. It should be designed in a way that weathers it is printed in cms or inches it should still be visible. For example, BMW as a unique logo which is simple yet so adaptive that one can identify them even in the most smallest size.

  • Timeless creation

Once a logo is designed and associated with the company, it becomes its identity till the time memorable. Everything is changing yet logo are meant to keep constant as people has gained trust and identified the brand based on what they have seen over years. Hence while creating a logo, it should be designed in way that can never go out of style even after hundred of years. For example, Coca-Cola, BMW which has witness no significant changes over years.

So, if you plan to design or redesign your company’s logo then make sure to keep these above stated points in mind and get a design that can last for ages.