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A Dig Into The World Of Ecommerce: Why Ecommerce Website Need Some Serious Content Strategy In 2018?

Content marketing is one of the effective ways for any brand to place themselves in the competitive market. Content marketing holds so much prominence as customers interact with only those content that interest them in contrast with the traditional marketing strategies.

If you go about statistically then content marketing can increase your conversion rate by almost 6 times more than any traditional marketing practice.

According to a survey conducted by the consultants from best SEO company in jaipur, the average conversion rate of a website increases by approx 2.9% as compared to average of sites without a content strategy, 0.5%. This kind of statistics is capable enough to give people idea about the importance of content marketing strategy. In the ecommerce business, the important of content marketing is increasing only without any depreciation.

Looking into the prominence of content marketing in ecommerce venture, we have come up with this post that will highlight the process of how to develop a content marketing strategy that works for enhancing growth.

Let us dive into the world of content marketing for ecommerce platform

Before we begin,let us understand why brand needs content strategy.

Why Your Brand Needs A Serious Content Strategy?

There are several research which are conducted in the past and some are still ongoing to prove the effectivity of content marketing. According to the findings obtained from demand metrics:

  • Content marketing is capable to generate approx thrice more lead than the traditional marketing practices
  • Content marketing is around 60% less expensive than any other marketing channel
  • 82% of consumers have positive opinion about the brands or the company after reading the customized content.
  • 70% of consumers feel a close connection with the brand as a result of content marketing strategy.
  • 60% of consumers loves to read about the platform or the brand they prefer
  • 70% people prefer learning about any brand through articles than advertisements
  • 72% of customers believe that they have made a relationship with a brand due to the content they have came across.

The beauty of content marketing lies in enhancing every aspect of the brand. It speaks a volume about the brand to its customers and establish a direct connection that has better appeal than traditional practices. Thus, it helps in improving communication between brand and clients.

Let us discuss some general benefit of content marketing strategy:

  • Brand awareness

Experts believe that customers feels much more connected with brands that produce customized content, using content marketing as a tool for reaching out to customers and establishing a relationship.

The more valuable is the content, the more people will connect with the brand and get associated with it. Prefer posting authoritative content such as how to guides to position yourself as the expert of the niche industry.

  • Search engine optimization

A highly valuable, authoritative, original content is meant to bring great boost in SEO. capturing the attention of the customers on social media, posting the articles at relevant places, guest post on friendly sites are all excellent strategies for bringing new business. A great content piece can make its position itself by getting likes and shares at various platforms. This way the brand also gets a trust impression.

  • Establishes relation with other brands

Content marketing also helps in establishing a network of connection within other brands and companies of the niche industry. Content exchange and guest posting can be highly beneficial to establish a brand, enhance SEO, and also make a social proof for customers

  • Influence conversion

People only buy things from any brand or people to whom they can trust. If your content is genuine, valuable then it can create a trust factor which can obviously bring better conversion. A well strategized call to action or product link can be really useful for the entire content strategy by directing users where you need to go.

content influencing conversion is particularly very important for ecommerce brands as the content can guide the customers easily through the buying process with the right content at each stage.

  • Build loyalty

A good content strategy make people come back to the  brand or the platform post purchase. This way it will help in generating repeat purchase and increases the value of the customers.

How Can Ecommerce Platforms Get Specifically Benefited From Content Marketing?

For an ecommerce platform, content marketing can be a deciding factor of success. Research indicates that:

  • 60% of people prefer buying product after reading completely about it
  • 90% of people find customized content really helpful
  • 86% of customers are always ready to pay more for getting better customer satisfaction.

Professionals from website design company points out that designing a ecommerce website user friendly cannot yield result , if the content used in the website does not connect the customers on a emotional ground. Establish an emotional bond within the ecommerce platform and the customers is what makes content marketing so much important for ecommerce business

Some of the benefits of content marketing for ecommerce includes:

  • Aids in product research

This is the era of internet and over 80% of people prefer making valid research before buying any particular product online. Another very interesting statistics states that 60% of customers prefer to do product search on search engine. These statistics implies that websites with a effective content marketing strategy holds a better chances of attracting the shoppers.

Content in the form of product review or buying guide is highly useful for shoppers and definitely gets the attention of people. Establishing your prominence in product research will the ecommerce platform to proves its authority and generate huge amount of visitors.

  • Effective style of sales pitch

Always remember information is always enticing and welcoming while sales pitch are frustrating for customers. When you create a unique, informative piece of content, it will attract more shoppers as compared to any sales pitch. The biggest advantage of content marketing is it promotes the brand in the most user friendly way that does not seems forceful for shoppers.

  • It enhances the shopping experience

According to a research conducted by ecommerce website designing company, people enjoy the experience of shopping along with the end result. A content which is highly valuable enhances the experience of the customers journey with various kinds of insights and ofcourse entertainment. It is also found that the presence of good relevant content provide users the option to enhance the amount of time customers spend for shopping.

  • It shows the products in the right context

A good amount of customized content has the ability to complement your product in the context and show the value in the most meaningful way. A strong emotion tie up let the shopper imagine what they are about to buy and what they actually need, thus, it helps in increasing the urge to buy more!

  • Gives a timely boost at each stage of sales funnel

The most critical advantage of content marketing in ecommerce platform is helping shoppers to move along with the sales funnel.

This diagram stated above can give you a substantial idea.

  1. Awareness: Make sure to post your content to new channel, share the post on social media. Make sure to guest post on friendly websites to get your SEO strategy intact.
  2. Interest: Use informative post such as how to guide, buying guides, quizzes; social proof such as reviews, critics view, case studies, testimonials etc. Product information- product video, clever product description etc.
  3. Action: campaigning-arrangement for sales or everyday low prices; facilitating he buying process: more accessible to CTA, single click buying, streamline the checkout process
  4. Customer service, loyalty and advocacy: customer satisfaction: social media referral, social proof on social media, and efficient customer services


The above discussion when gone thoroughly can help you realize how important is content marketing is for online retailers who need a huge amount of growth in their business. A well designed and executed content marketing strategy can bring to you:

  • Great branding experience
  • Good customer relationship
  • Less cost and more ROI
  • Better SEO
  • More valid access to product information
  • More trustworthy than traditional advertising
  • Boost each stage of sale funnel and help in growing the sale faster

How Hosted Checkout Solution Can Boost Your Ecommerce Business?

Are you a ecommerce marketer? Or are you planning to become one?

In any of the state the question of whether to choose hosted or self hosted checkout solution must have knocked you sometime.

Eventually, there are lot of options available and choosing among them will depend upon your business and its needs.

When it comes to self hosted checkout option, it requires the marketers to manage all aspects of checkout by yourself. Indeed it offer more control but it also involves designing and building the checkout flow and most importantly maintaining the various moving parts involved with it.

Another option available is hosted solution. This gives a all in one solution where one can easily configure the checkout but also the cart hosting, security, and other back end payment requirements which are handled by constant updated platforms which can be integrated into the other business system.

There are many kind of advantages and disadvantages that each of the hosting system posses. Usually small and medium ecommerce companies are served well with hosted solution. In exchange for transaction fee, their chosen platforms take care about the technical aspect of accepting online payment, giving more time and resources to run the business.

This post is dedicated to highlight the advantage of hosted checkout solution.

  • They are absolute quick to launch

Developers from Ecommerce website development company suggest hosted payment platform reduces the technical barriers to slow down the entry your business in the market because everything is already built for you.

However, deploying the most basic version of self hosted online checkout requires the coordinated efforts of several moving parts which includes:

  • Checkout page design
  • Checkout page hosting
  • Checkout page security
  • Checkout page translations
  • Payment gateway agreements
  • Payment options
  • Currency support

For running self hosted online checkout, each of these elements needs to integrate so that it works seamlessly. To coordinate these elements together a team of very skilled professionals are needed, which means picking up for hiring skilled professionals from various fields. This kind of process is not only lengthy but also distract the attention of the marketer from the development and growing the business.

In contrast to this,hosted solutions are easily to setup the checkout process. It requires functionality from “out if the box” and self services customization is supported.

  1. Have a optimized checkout option with the help of experts

Unless as a company you have a dedicated amount of resource to develop and integrate elements needed for the checkout option, a hosted solution will be the most effective option. It provides access to all the tool and flexibility which can help your ecommerce business to get better conversion.

For enhancing the sale of your business, your ecommerce platform should be mobile friendly for customers and highly flexible to ensure the customers can complete the payment as quickly as possible. This means that all barriers and hesitations are removed like displaying the right language, local currency, and accepting different payment mode.

In case of you being the expert of your industry, a hosted payment solution let you leverage expert in your ecommerce business, thus,providing more time to focus on growing the business while reducing the risk of missing revenue.

  1. Reliable and secure

In a self hosted option although it never goes down completely but it is accompanied by several issues such as your cart may not display the product properly or the payment solution is rejecting legitimate credit cards. These kinds of payment options can create a huge impact at the bottom of the conversion and the whole process is dependent on your team to identify and fix the problem accordingly.

In addition to it, there are also range of security threats that fraud practice that has to be dealt by the marketer.  Professionals from Internet marketing company india highlights that in terms of hosted payment platform, the onus for the payment and its security module is handled by the hosted checkout platform and ensure that the security is maintained.

  1. Agile

Adding certain component or functionality in self hosted checkout option cannot guarantee that it can work harmoniously after the implementation process. Furthermore, you may end up developing a team which would handle the simplest change such as adjusting prices or cross-sell options to your checkout path.

In terms of hosted solution, it provides you the ability to change the checkout experience through self serve platform. Be it changing price, addition of free trials or implementing the process of rigorous billing process, a hosted platform is just the ideal option to quickly support all the strategy you implement.

  1. The platform is highly easy to expand and scale

If expansion is your goal, hosted solution can keep up with it for making your ecommerce venture expands even more. Not only does it support currencies, language and payment to make your international expansion really easy but it also easily accommodate the increased transaction volume


Running a online business is not a work of eating a cake! It is hectic ongoing process that requires to figure out how to attract and retain customers, provide exceptional service and also give quality product. Along with all these responsibilities, the last thing you want yourself to be indulged in technical management, manual calculation and compliance. Therefore, hosted solution is just the ideal way to knock the door of safe, secured and hassle free gateway for your ecommerce business.

More info:

3 Easy Step To Success :How To Give A Perfect Logo Design Brief?

A well organized logo design brief sets the stage for a focused logo design development. It is the logo brief which helps the designers to create a more focused logo design that helps in creating the perfect logo for the marketers choice.

But before moving ahead with the design brief, it very important to find the important component of a creative logo brief. It is also important to have a knowledge about some useful design language that can help you in describing what you want from your designer for your brands logo.

This post is dedicated to guide people for writing capable logo briefs that help designers to create a remarkable logo design for your companies.

Let us just dive in:

What does a logo design brief stands about?

Professional logo designers india defines logo design brief as a document that is helpful in providing designers with every kind information which is needed for designing a logo. It generally outlines fundamental information about the business, the design style, the project timing and ofcourse the budget.

Miscommunication among any of these points can lead to wastage of time and resource and also faulty design. So it is really important for marketers to provide an effective logo design brief to designers.

Follow these steps to create a perfect logo design brief for your business:

  • Give information about your business

For the best logo design, people prefer jumping on the visual aspect of a logo design brief, however, it always better to begin with the thought of “why”. This means backgrounder of your business and yours should be really handy. After all, for a graphic designer it is really important to understand people, products, industries and choose an aesthetics which remains compatible to all of these aspects of the brand.

  • Consider describing your product, targeted audience and industry

An competent designer is well aware about all the design techniques which go well with different type of products, audiences, and industries, thus, this one is a good place to get down to details. Consider sharing your product material, manufacturing process, targeted customers lifestyle and the industry competitors that you have.

  • Describe the brand value

Various kinds of brand value translates to various kinds of designing style. When you get down on explaining your brand value, it might give you a new perspective of different value spectrum such as modern vs vintage, fun or sophisticated, young or mature etc. For a designer it is really important to know all these aspects as they will be manifested in the visual design elements. For example, visual element,style, font everything in a fun logo is different from the sophisticated logo type.

This is an fun logo

This one is a sophisticated logo

The difference between the two is crystal clear, thus, mentioning these points in the brief is really important.

  • Provide your company name

You must be thinking, this is really obvious! But most of the time obvious things are overlooked the most! Make sure to specify exactly what and how it should be presented. What case you want the letters? Is there any space which is needed? Will it matter if everything comes in a single or multiple lines?

  • Give your company slogan(in case you need)

Sometimes slogans are embedded in to logo design and cannot be easily removed from the brand. Therefore, give a careful thought before embedding slogan in your logo design. Whatever decision you take, this will take design flies to keep a track of.

  1. Communicating the desired logo style
  • Express what kind of logo type you want to achieve

It is woodmark, emblem or an abstract design or something else. It is important to convey what kind of design you want. Specifying the desired logo format helps to save lot of time and resources for the designer as well as for brands. In case you are not very sure, your can suggest some of the formats that you think should work. The designer can also help you in showing some of the design options.

  • Design style

Apart from logo style, design style can also be mentioned. Some of the examples of design style can be modern, vintage, minimal etc.

  • colours

UI design services experts put a very strong emphasis on the colour selection be it for a logo or for an overall website or app page. Colour has a huge effect on how users interact and get the idea about what your brand is all about. It can also be considered as an element which has the power to grab the attention of the users in the first glance.

A good logo designer can always be really helpful for you in selecting the most appropriate colour palette for your brand logo. Colour suggestions can also be made in logo design briefs. The suggestion can be as general as blue and black or more specific suggestion can be given by including images that gives clear indication about the specific colour that you want.

  • Inspiration( mood board)

A mood board is a place for lot of things. In a mood board you can add photos that features certain colour palettes or the picture of logo application that you can use as a reference, photos that feature various elements of other logos which attracts you or even a pre existing logo design that you want to use in your business can also be included in the mood board.

  1. Clarity of timing and budget
  • Timing

The designing in itself is a process. Designing an amazing logo design may take hours or it may requires experimentation and exploration on the part of the designer as well. This is reason why giving an ample amount of time to design can brings some great logo design.

Designers are happy to work in a hush hush affair, but it is upto the marketer to start with the design process well before the time of business launch. Therefore, give your designers a time frame to create a logo design. It typically gets 1-2 weeks to get a logo but it can longer for some agencies. It is therefore, better to take the budget of 2-4 weeks.

  • Budget

It may sound embarrassing but it is necessary to have a budget and abide by it. Make sure you clarify that the designer works on a pre project on an hourly basis. If there are pre projects, clarify how many version and revision you can get from them. If the designer works on an hourly basis, then it is better to ask how much time they need to complete the designing process.

In many cases citing “you get what you pay for” is accurate for many logo designers. However, paying a certain amount to experienced designers a good price for their time can bring reliable results.

These three steps when followed considerable can lead you the better path of designing your logo. Make sure to follow them to provide a great brief which can reduce any wastage of time and resource in the process of logo designing.

Unique Logo Design Trends To Checkout In 2018

logo design

logo design

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6 Best Logo Design Apps To Make Your Brand Presence, Right From Your Smartphone

Creating a logo design for your business is really important, after all it represents the face of your brand. There are many options which are available for making a good logo but the sad problem is, it can be expensive too.

For designing a logo, there are several options which can be considered. Ranking from the most expensive to the most affordable one, let us discuss what options can be taken:

  • Working with a design agency: Professional logo design agencies are one of the best options to look for when deciding about creating a logo. These agencies deliver high quality result but can be a costly affair as well. These agencies may prove to out of range for at least startups.
  • Working with design freelancer: There are many design websites that have many competent freelancers to help you out with your logo design process. The result obtained from these freelancers can vary depending upon the designers skills and expertise. The prices charged by these designer may vary depending upon the work but it would generally be in three digits.
  • Using an online logo maker: The most cost effective option is creating a logo is in web or mobile application. The design options or the idea of customization may be limited, therefore your results cannot be well differentiated. But in case you choose right app for making your logo, your design can be very unique. The design coming from these apps are really affordable even with low budget.

Which logo design is right then? Let us choose:

Creating a logo design from agencies can be really expensive. In case you have low or no money for designing a professional logo, logo apps can be a great help.

What is a logo design app?

A logo design mobile app are programs that allow you to design a logo directly on your mobile or tablet device. These apps are similar to web logo maker but they don’t function on a desktop.

The process of logo making includes:

  1. The first important thing is picking the right icon or template among the options
  2. You can prefer to customize the colour, fonts, backgrounds and other element
  3. The last and final is downloading the result as a picture on your phone . different apps have different modes of option to download, file formats and resolution.

Now, the bigger and important question is why to choose apps instead of desktop versions?

Logo apps advantage:

  • On the go convenience: The first and foremost advantage of apps are they can be used anytime and anywhere. They may look superfluous at the first stance but it does create a huge difference when considered from an entrepreneurs point of view. Since their life’s are most of the time in an ongoing basis, therefore using apps be much easier to come up with iterations of a logo on their phone itself in contrast of sitting in a desktop and working.
  • Easy and user friendly interface: The professional from landing page designing services consider mobile apps to be highly users friendly than any other counterparts. The landing pages of mobiles apps are designed keeping in mind the need of the users as these apps can also be used on the go for any desired action. The apps are generally designed in a very organized manner, moving from one step of creation to the other. Customers can easily use their fingers to resize, rotate or moving things around which is a fun activity in itself.
  • Modern design:  The quality of style and design obtained from mobile apps are really incredible. The design and the quality ranges with different apps. In general mobile apps provide more offers in modern design than any web based logo makers.
  • Incredibly useful for B2C or event based logos: Mobile app logos are a good match for business to consumer brands as the designs are much fun, fresh in contrast to more traditional options available. The logo design apps offer many options for temporary, event based logo such as any campaign, wedding or pop ups etc.

How To Decide Which Logo App Is The Best?

  • Easy to use: Nothing can replace the usability quotient. Analyse your app based on use friendliness and how quick it can create a logo from easy to complex.
  • Customizability: analyse and measure how much the logo can be customized such as colour, layout, size etc from low to high.
  • Cost: This is the most important factor, measure the cost to download the logo you have created on the app right from the free version to the paid one.
  • End result: Measure the end result that you obtained in the form of logo. You can rate your logo that you made on the app from 1 star to 4 star.

Some of the best logo design apps available:

  1. Logo Maker Shop by limepresso

This app offers 1000+ logo templates to begin with designing process. Once you have choose your favourite app, you can also customize your text by 200+ fonts and you can choose to add different symbols and backgrounds to personalize the template for your brand.

The quality of logo designed are really modern and well designed even the free ones. There are many options in woodmark style or have simple icons. Some of the templates are free but templates are marked as “ pro” can be accessed by paying $10. The app is easy to use, cost effective and highly useful for bold and modern brands.

  1. Makr by Happy Media

You can begin with choosing templates categorized under business, weddings, monograms, campus, charity etc. You can also choose to begin with blank canvas and upload your pictures and shapes. You can then go ahead with customizing the templates by changing icons, text, colour, styling etc. After all the process is over you can download the PNG file.

The design offered by Makr are really certainly modern. Your logo may not be much differentiated as the icons are basic but in terms of font and shapes they are well balanced. Therefore, this app is ideal for retail businesses. The cost for designing the logo is free and once you created a logo, you can pay $6.99 per logo to download.

  1. Logo Maker- Logo Creator by Chue Dave

The templates offered are many, some of them accessible and many other are free app. Thereafter you can edit your icon on the canvas display that allows to adjust fonts, colours, and also add stickers

The quality of free app is limited but the options can be immense when paid option is used. Paid option is loaded backgrounds, icons, overlays to create a version of your logo. The editor for the app is easy and fun. The cost for the free app is a limited range or pay $4 to unlock all logos. It is best suited for casual brands and highly customizable.

  1. Watercolour Logo Maker by Tap Flat Apps

The first thing is choosing watercolour style shape that can help in constitute the background for your logo. Then you can move ahead with editor, you can adjust colour, fonts, add text and make further customization. As the name of the app suggest it offers watercolour style logos. This app is a perfect choice for running B2B company.

  1. ICONA- logo designer by RoadRocks

The press creator to see the icona canvas with three options in the footer which is shapes, text, and drawing. You can click on shapes and types to get as many options for icons that you can scroll through for a quite a bit. You can also adjust the icon by colour, stroke and opacity. The drawing icon available in app helps to draw the icon of your own shapes which is helpful in using the app to brainstorm possible logos and then design them professionally.

Many icons and great fonts are available. This app is a good place to begin with brainstorming process of logo.

  1. DesignMantic-Logo Maker by Right Solution

This app’s functioning is quite similar to desktop version of apps. In this app you can enter your company name and slogan(optional). Then the app will work automatically to generate a variety of logo design for you. You can find a lot of combination but in order to get more specific result, you can select the industry from the drop down menu.. Once  you find a suitable template, you can adjust by customizing fonts, colour and other stuff. The app offers thousands of icon to choose but the icon is on a cartoonish side and less modern, however, the design variety is huge. The app is free to download but you can pay $37 to download your logo.

Conclusion- Is logo design app is appropriate for you?

Logo design apps can prove to be a bliss for entrepreneurs beginning their business or if you want a quick logo design for any urgent purpose. While apps are somewhere limited in style and differentiation but they are too convenient, fast and cheap to produce logo design. These apps are saviour especially if you run a consumer business and the brand is young and modern, mobile app logo can be solid thing for your business.

Marketers should go ahead with playing insider these app designs and get a unique and enticing logo design.

How To Use Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect?

Launching a new business is one hell of a task and to make it a worthwhile, a solid logo design is needed. Beginning with a logo design is not a easy task, you may have a vague idea.

Having a vague design is ok. You can still have a great logo design without having professional expertise. When it comes to getting inspiration, Pinterest is an ideal platform to rely on. The idea which is inspiring the social networks can help you in introducing yourself with a broad area of designing which can help you further in understanding what will work for you or what will not.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect

Now you must be thinking how?

Begin with pulling out your pinterest account on your computer. Create a new board for your design by clicking the red plus sign available in the upper right corner of the page. You can consider giving title to your board as “logo design” or logo inspiration. Make sure to create it as a secret board.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect

Adjective brainstorming

Expert designers from best logo design company suggest that before beginning with the pinning process, the first step should definitely be figuring out the vibe of your brand and its description.

You should prefer beginning with writing a good bunch of adjectives that defines your business appropriately. It can be directly depicted by adjectives or there can be various combination which can be used to express the idea of the business.

Once the list is created, narrow down the list into three words which depicts your business in the most amazing way. Keep these words as your reference when ever you step ahead.

Now begin with the pin process.

What Should Be Included On The Pinterest Board?


  • Images with personal flavour


Designers from reputed graphic design companies suggest that if you want to find the inspiration then search for images that comes into your mind when you think about your brand. Begin with a broad search and then narrow it down based what you want.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect

For example, if you are planning to open a kids apparel shop. When it comes to kids, the first thing which obviously comes is cuteness. Definitely you would love to incorporate cute illustrations in your logo. You can begin with lamb illustrations search on your pinterest account and then narrow the description further.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect

If you sell vintage cloth then you can use this search term otherwise if you prefer to sell modern clothing you can use it either way.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect

You can select any of the lamb picture that suits your purpose and your idea for your logo design. Click on save button and you can find red pin on the right corner of the pic. The tricks is to begin with broad search and then slowly narrow it down.


  • Choose a colour palette which has a personality


The next important thing is to find the suitable colour palette, in case you don’t have anything in your mind. Pinterest is an ocean of inspiration. You can go ahead with choosing popular pantone colour, interior design colour or nursery theme colour to get the exact colour palette that you would love.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect

You can begin with simple search in search bar for finding some colour inspiration. Let us hold the example that you want to open a cafe and therefore, you need a colour palette linked with coffee. The colour of your logo should be complimentary with your brands offering. Designers from business card design services insist that the colour chosen for the logo holds massive importance for the logo to get well adjusted with the brand and also for the company. If the logo does not get sync with the idea, the impression created by the logo will not be very effective.

You can prefer going back to your list of adjectives and then use the word to get colour inspiration. Pin your favourite colour palette that goes well with the idea of your logo.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect


  • Fonts and center


A similar kind of search can be done on pinterest for font. You can search for top trending fonts, vintage fonts, bold fonts, creative fonts and lots more that can get linked with your idea of logo design.

Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect

You can pin some of your favourite font designs so the designer can have an idea as to what kind of outlook you have for your brands logo. For example, if you search for “tattoo font” you can see:


  • What if nothing is in your mind?: Go by mood!


It may happen that nothing is in your mind. It is absolutely blank and you need to fill it with things which is worthy. So it’s okay if you don’t have an idea! Simply go by the mood of your brand and see what comes up.

For example, if it is a cafe business, the brand may have an upscale hipster feeling. If it is for a kids brand, it would have a snuggly vibe. This is the time when your selected adjectives has a huge significance. You can use them in searches to see what kind of images and idea appears on pinterest to fill your mind with some relevant ideas for your logo design.

Another way of finding things by mood is using books or movies that you have seen or read that absolutely represent the vibes which you want to come across with your own brand. For example, if you have a vintage jewellery business then you can choose from the era it is inspired like vintage indian jewellery or egyptian, bohemian etc.

Go ahead in pinning the idea that syncs with the idea of your brand and make it worthy.

Communicating your vision

By this time you have an idea and a bunch of images pinned from your pinterest board but it can be the whole story for a designer to understand your vision. Apart from the images there are other ways you can clearly convey your idea for your logo on your pinterest board.


  • Using the description box


You can consider using the description box to mention your idea behind choosing the particular image idea for your logo. Any context or references that you provide your designer is helpful in making them connect with the idea such as your favourite colour palette or the illustrative eyes of the lamb used in the pic.

You can also use description box to mention what is non negotiable. This kind of information is really important and must be communicated in meetings with the designers. You can try to put into words in the image you love.


  • Old school conversation


Once you have compiled your style from pinterest board,send it your designer and arrange a meeting. You must be thinking why talk?

Even though everything is given, still it is highly important to have an actual conversation about your idea and inspiration. All of these informations should also be mentioned in your logo design brief.

Go in detail to explain your vision. Even if you have doubt about exactly how you want your logo look like, you can still give your designer some really relevant information. The second important thing is finding the right designer for your logo. Doing one conversation with the designer can let you know about the capability of the designer. If the designer is competent then it is fine or else move for some other competent designer.

The final tips


  • Don’t get carried away


Your aim is to provide your idea about your logo however, your inspiration should not overwhelm them. Including a lot of elements in the design will not bring great result, therefore, select the one that suits the best for your brand. Give your designer the basic idea and then let them explore the creative side of the design to come up with a unique logo design. The more precise you will be, the better would be the design. Therefore, keep your pinterest board as straightforward as possible.


  • Give some time


Now that you have gone in depth of your logo design, let the process seems for sometime. The ideas may constantly strike your mind, therefore, keep a pen handy so you can jot down all your ideas or if you have found new idea online, add them to your pinterest board and make sure to caption them.

Pinterest is the medium that helps in transforming the idea into a visual treat. Taking ample amount of time to create a logo inspiration  board will make it easier to achieve an appropriate logo design that you always dreamt for!

So what are you waiting? Start pinning!

Peeping Into the Past: A Brief History Of Logo

For you and me logo design is the thing of modern world. It is a simple, iconic image that helps to represent the individual brands and companies, right?

But is logo really a thing of modern times?

No, absolutely not!

Humans have been identifying and differentiating itself from using emblem and signature marks for hundreds and thousands for years. Much of symbolic design work throughout recorded history is all about communicating and identifying visually.

In modern business, we need logo to represent oneself in front of the vast customer base. But this traditional actually dates back right from royal families, hieroglyphics and ancient religious system. This post is dedicated to give you a tour to the historical lanes of logo designing and also help everyone to who are looking for designing a logo which is creative and powerful at the same time.

The Ancient Foundation Of Symbolism In Graphic Arts:
History Of Logo

We all know that between 70,000 BC and 7000 BC, people of those era laid the foundation of graphic art by painting various humans and animal figures in cave. People from egypt, persia, sumer etc, created various kind of pottery to communicate their ethics, culture, tradition within themselves and also across the world.

Even in this ancient time, studying the stretch of history reveals that people and cultures were represented with ideas, symbols and

illustrations. This process got more prominence in ancient egypt beginning from fourth millennium BC. Logo makers (which we can call them in terms of modern world) from egyptian era developed hieroglyphics which was a formal writing system, where images represented certain kind of sound and words. These paintings included specific images and colours that help some really specific meanings.

In the era of 2125 and 1991 BC, grids appeared in the egyptian design. This era is considered really crucial in terms of logo design because this era ensured that artist maintained a balanced proportion and ratio and got a uniform reproduction of the design.

Logo illiteracy legacy

In the medieval Europe two distinctive visual languages were used: heraldic crests and symbolic signage. Heraldry is system of assigning various design elements which has a societal meaning and significance. The colour palettes used in these shapes would represent the nobel family. These imageries combined with colour were used to create a unique coat of arms.

Isn’t it, what modern logo does?

History Of Logo

The purpose of using this imagery was entirely different. It was done to identify the enemy and friendly army base during the time of war. Expert designers from best logo design services highlights that at this time the design element started got meaning and helped people identify their favourite side. This process can be understood as implementation of modern idea of logo!

In the middle of  900-1300 AD apart from the aristocrat population, most of the people were illiterate but the population started increasing leading to building of more and more cities. From agriculture practice, the concept of trade emerged. Trade brought more commodification as people cannot have every object of its need.

The concept of shops developed with hanging signs to make people understand what goods or service they sold.

In 1389, King Richard of England brought rule that required all the established brewed beer shops to hang signs that indicate potential risk of drinking. This is the way we see business of that era differentiated themselves by adding heraldic images to their sign boards. One pub became, the green dragon and another one two cocks.

The images used in this era is not that specific which is used in recent times but this obviously tells about the way the history is taking the turn.

Paper And Textile Industry- A Step Further In Development Of Logo

History Of Logo

In 105 AD paper making industry began in China. In 610 AD it extended to Japan and then 1276 AD it reached Italy and eventually the production of paper and its influence of industry began in 1495AD.

Johannes Gutenberg invented printing press in 1940 which lead to production of printed materials. This development set the stage for modern logo design as authors and printers of  material would have a clash in the ownership of the work.. By 15 century, various printers took the help of logo to distinguish themselves.

The stage of industrialization and the combination of advertising

(industrialization + advertising= early branding)

Industrial revolution is all about discovery of steam engine, factories, and cotton gins. But you must be thinking, you know about it, then?

History Of Logo

We say, this was not all the discovery which were made in nineteenth century.

In 1800s, a mass production of printed material was done by making changes in the structure of printing press and  new design as well. Industrial revolution came which upgraded the middle class status. Apart from elite, middle class also started getting disposable income. This was the situation that led to increase in retail and urban centers. This increase in number of business also led to increase in the need of  branding process.

History Of Logo

Frank Mason Robinson designed the Coca-Cola logo in 1885 which marked the modern era of logo designing. The logo was so popular that ruled the mind of people then and now. Consultants from best product design services consider the logo and product designing of Coca-Cola brand to be most iconic and the most recognizable brand throughout the world even today. This iconic branding of Coca cola had a magic of a unique design which associated with the company more like a soul.

History Of LogoAfter this, it was never looking back. Within 1910 and 1913, commercial logos acquired the whole US and Europe market. In 1914, logo designed moved a step further surpassing the commercial market when the olympic logo was created. This way logo was boundless from the hands of commercial usage only and showcased better cultural significance.

An Era Of Creative And Thoughtful Logo Design Began

History Of Logo


There are many experts in logo designing who consider the 1956, Paul Rand designed the most iconic IBM logo depicting a human eye and a bee. Maximum of the logo historians holds this design as a turning point in the world of logo designing.

Be it any industry, in 1950s a considerate amount of thought process surrounding the logo changed.

Experts from best banner design services highlights that as the amount of competition increased in market, companies started to realize the importance of an impact symbol and its extensive usage. This is reason that people started creating utilitarian logo for simple identification and switched to a great deal of intentional branding of the business.

In 1960, many though leader from graphic designing industry joined hand for creating a thoughtful logo design and decide to collaborate to enhance the level of the industry and its design. Putting this work by name, they established an organization in 1962 which was D&AD, Design and Art Direction. Between 1962 and 1964, the company successfully created some of the first computer art which was obviously a step ahead for today’s world of logo design.

Thereafter in 20th century, we saw logo became a must for business. In order to get maximum of customers, a unique logo design was a must.

The Beginning Of Digital Era Bringing More Adaptability And Style

In 1990s the popularity of personal computer increased significantly and by 2000s Adobe introduced InDesign and Photoshop tools that brought even more sophistication in graphic designing tools meant for masses.

With the change in technology, society also changed. People started getting more and more inclined to media and media on screen. This was the reason that designers  and brands started giving emphasis on creative logo designs. For example, it was MTV which came up with a basic logo but made sure to change it constantly.


History Of Logo

In the early era of internet, designers helped people to easily adapt to changes by making easy changes on screen which could look similar to off screen. This kind of design style was known as skeuomorphism. This style got manifested in gradients, drop shadows, faux wood and metallic textures etc to bring more depth in idea.

However, this pattern changed in 2000s with the rise of Web 2.0. This term is itself sufficient to refer to the shift in how websites are developed and technology was used, this way a visual movement was created.


History Of Logo

As the world moved ahead we all went comfortable with new technologies and it was not necessary to mimic a 3D space in a 2D world( we can do it in 3D now!). This is the time when flat design came in.

Flat design in the first stance would look like going back in time of design. The element of these styles dropped stylish characters like shadow, textures, and gradients that may seem to enhance the text and other graphics lift away from computer screen or printed page. But the design made in flat or minimalistic design is way more crisp, cleaner and modern to help communicate the whole idea neatly.


History Of Logo History Of Logo

But now the days of flat design is also gone! In 2010s brands had to become much more adaptable in their logo designs in order to use multiple channels of branding to enhance the reach of the company among its potential customers. Staying in the race would mean updating the technology used for logo designing and come up with a piece which is absolutely unique and timeless.

History Of Logo

The conclusion

Giving an eye to the fascinating history of logo designing is really useful in understanding what is fueling our present design ideas. No matter how organic we feel they are but somewhere they are connected to the culture and ofcourse the past.

The most interesting part of logo designing history lies in the fact that despite having chronological roots, there remains so many things which are worth of interpretation and still hidden.

5 Trend In Logo Designs Among The Female Founded, Run And Funded Business

Several researches conducted by entrepreneur community shows a bond within gender and entrepreneurship skills. Survey indicated men are 2x more likely to generate $100k funding as compared to female entrepreneurs. Studies also reveal that female parent entrepreneurs are capable to generate 19% fundings as compared to 27% of male parent entrepreneurs.

These studies proves to be an eye opener in ascertaining the funding gaps which clearly exist. But there are many female led businesses and companies that has marked its presence in the market and bridged the gap to a lot of extent. We have analysed the logo of some these female headed and founded that has been really successful.

Which are those trends in logo design? Let us discuss:

  • Blue is the colour of supremacy

According to the survey conducted by corporate logo design experts, blue was the one of the most dominant colours amongst the 50 female founded and funded companies., with 32% of them choosing colours with a cool tone such as blue as their primary brand colour. Blue is the cream of colourful crop when it comes to logo design.

It was a surprising to see a variety of sectors opting for blue. Beyond the traditionally blue sectors such as health care, accounting, technology, entertainment and real estate it is seen that blue is widely used for logo design across Advertising, FinTech and BioTech.

It was observed that almost 44% of the blue logos which were analysed used darker shades of blue. Brands like Outdoor Voice and Heavenly uses almost blackish blue for their brands. Designers from business card logo design india shares their view that moving towards more of a darker shade of blue towards black, gives logos a more chic feel and allows to maintain a sense of affordability. Establishing such kind of traits before a funding round can help in crystallizing the brands in the eyes of venture capitalist

  • The combination marks are a go-to

Around 68% of logos which were analysed used a combination marks such as pictorials, abstract or symbolic elements used along with typographical wordmark, relate this with Burger king. Bigger tech giants has seen opted for this type of logo design, who use symbolism to visualize their brand along with their watermark.

Some of the examples are:

One of the interesting thing that came into light in this study that none of the 50 companies under the study went for a stand alone pictorial mark somewhat similar to Apple. Also 30% of female funded companies opted for watermark without any iconographic elements. Professional flyer design services associates highlight such kind of name recognition is really important in an early stages of business to make it easy for people to recognize the brand and connect with it. Various kinds of promotional and branding opportunities are taken into consideration such as banners, flyers make it easy for people to remember and associate. If the brand needs to make its reputation steady then it should constantly remind people of what the brand is all about.

  • Flushed tones- ideal for tools and collaborations

It is seen that colours like red and pink are widely used by bigger companies who are involved with creating tools that facilitate better collaboration and better insight. For example, company like Knotch uses a vibrant shade of pink for their logo. The brighter hues are attention grabbing and playful which is a perfect way to put a best foot for marketing channels of the company whose value proposition is fun and easy for audience to share their feeling about the brand.

Front app is a company which is using a shade of coral red which gives a very playful, youthful and modern character. This gels up very well with friendly and modern brand which facilitates collaboration.

  • Biotechnology brands love pattern and repetition

In the 2017, big brands specializing in biotechnology sector used clever pattern and repetition. A good example of this company is n of one, who uses a distinctive dark greyish blue and burgundy red pattern to signify their specialization in the world of molecular test. The pattern treatment of their logo relates to their sector while giving these brands a fresh visual identity.

  • Sophisticated and accessible brands choose black

Choosing pure black speaks a lot of volume for the brands. The colour conveys luxury,modernity and a sense of high end consumer goods or services. The best example is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kooky which is an aspirational health community which uses a classic black colour typographic logo on pain white background. The black colour give the brand appearance much simpler and modern.


The study indicate that female founded companies not only does exist but they are giving a real tough competition. We have seen that blue is still a much favourite in the world of logo design. It seems exciting for young, modern brand experimenting with different colour and style. The business are doing great and they are expected to reach even greater heights these colour trends in logo design.

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Application?

For small-scale and medium-scale businesses mobile applications are as crucial as for the big businesses. If you have been wondering that mobile application is only for the big companies you might have been losing some ground already. The fact that the pace with which the technology has emerged left the less space for thinking. The emergence of mobile application is the product of necessity of many things. The salon in downtown is always crowded but created a mobile app on which people started picking their spot and things were sorted. Yes, that’s just a salon which has been receiving some traffic, the problem was addressed and sorted. But in every case, the development of mobile application need not to be driven as a solution. In fact, it should be seen as an opportunity.

That salon is much more famous because they got an app which has brought them extra visibility. Now what could be your agenda to get a mobile application, think and get the services of the best iphone mobile application development companies and of the Android as well.

If you are still confused as to get the application developed or not you can quell all the confusions, here you go:-


Every business thrives to get the visibility. The more the visibility, the more popularity and that would yield more profits.

Consider the fact, in an hour you take your phone out at least 5 times and just scroll whole of the menu. You see the applications, which could be of no use for you but you see them. Time and time you will see the applications and their logos. Even if it is of no utter use for you but you would still remember the logo and name of it. That is the visibility, crossing the road and you might see a board hanging of same business having the same logo as of mobile application. Here strikes the connection. That might pique the interest to open the application and discover what it is about which would certainly lead you to get entertained of services provided by the business.

Marketing Channel

Mobile application would bring an opportunity to cut the mediators like browsers, searches, spotting, and whatever would come its way in the route to reach your business. Wonder what an app does. It just cuts off all the things that have been hurdling the user’s way to reach the desired website.

On a mobile application, all the things can be embedded. The likes of messenger, general info, specifications of a product, the list of the product, and all the things which would take multiple tabs on the desktops. Hence, a mobile application would bring all the required things at one place.

Push notification is another concept that will keep on reminding people about the updates. Moreover, the offers the promotion would show up straight in the notification bar of the users. Mobile applications are seriously second to none. Just make sure that the iphone app design and android app design should be alluring and enticing. Everything else is just set to set the sales ablaze.

Value Of Customer

Having data on your side you can do many things, asking people to sign-up at your application would weave an opportunity to recognize them particularly. In this, you will be able to run loyalty programs. With loyalty programs, you can instill the sense of loyalty in your customers and at the same time the programs will encourage other to list themselves in such program. It will promote the brand and the ability to retain the customers would also hike up to significant heights.

The customer will feel valued and would keep on returning on the application to get entertained by the services and will also urge his friends to download the application.


There is a chasm in between a company and a brand. Company represents the services and brand represents the standards set by a company and brand make up the marketing image and support image of the company.

With visibility on hand and progressing towards the unprecedented services and ease to bring such services to all the users would be the beginning of a brand.

In the build-up of brand, you can weigh-in on the design of application, logos, and initial things that will make the application compelling.

But important thing would be to garner recognition. As per thumb rule, your business would have to appear at several different places at different times to get the recognition. The recognition of the brand would be instrumental in the build-up of brand and with that on track the success is a sure shot!

Customer Engagement

If you want recognition from the search engines you would need to create the stuff that should be engaging. Because search engines rank the websites on the basis of the engagement they offer to users. The time on site would be instrumental here. The more a user would spend the time on the website the more the engagement and trust of the search engines will form. That will result in the higher ranks and higher profits.

That was one facet of the recognition. But to get more success you would have to create the buzz on your mobile app. The above-mentioned content is for the first-step recognition because people would not be going to trust the website right at the first glance, they might research on the search engines like Google and other. That is where also you have to get a considerable position.

Coming to the engagement on the application would frame other things and consist of other things. The engagement on the app is forged by the ease of use it. Ask yourself what is easy to book an appointment with a consultant, a call or few clicks? Except for few exceptions, the answer would be clicks. And that is the key to engagement on the application other than content which will keep on users driven and excited for each post. However, content is not mandatory, but it could let you reap profits to much higher extents.

Say No To Competition, Because You Can Stand Out!

As per the observations, application for small-businesses are rare and that presents you the chance of taking up the opportunity. If you can take this opportunity by the scruff of the neck, you are not competing with the businesses of your segment. You are creating something unprecedented and you are reckoning out of the box and you know the result when such thing happens. Take the example of Bleacher Report and Alibaba, out of the box to the sky.

Marketing has always been about presenting something new, something which was not anticipated. Big companies did not do anything different than their competitors they just marketed differently and reaped the benefits while creating an empire.

Instill Loyalty

All the things fade away. The emails, flyers, brochures, social media campaign because they come and go. No impact. Nothing left behind. The time they were on the stage they created buzz and they created anticipation, but by the end, it was all vanished just like a superhit replaced by another movie. You cannot instill loyalty with such things, these things are flashy, these things are seasonal and occasional but not evergreen.

Mobile application would be instrumental in instilling loyalty in your customers and users. Because? Because it would not just arrive on the stage and depart from it and replaced by another. Your app would remain your app. Your services can have a duplicate, but still, they will remain yours only. Moreover, the app would not get vanished from the phone unless it is not removed. And the app would not be removed if it would be functional to people.

Putting it simply, you can create an app and it will instill the sense of loyalty in your customers because it will stay for long in their phones. With an app, your services would be just a few clicks away and it will also make your presence 24×7.

Mobile applications have become a fundamental part of the people. Wherever they are going they are carrying their smartphones and they are looking to have the services that are easiest to get. The competition in the small and medium-scale business is still in its infancy, missing out on such an opportunity would be an act of folly.

Why You Should Consider Redesigning Your Logo And How To Go About It?

It is not a rocket science to understand the importance of an amazing logo in a business. An influential logo creates a strong base for the business in the market. But creating a perfect logo in itself sometimes can be really tricky. There are brands who have been really successful in designing a logo for their brand and from then they have never looked back. But more often than not, most of the business has to tweak their logo design to keep up with the changing trends of the industry.

This need for redesigning is often noticed in business with longer shelf life. It is quite obvious that a logo which was created somewhere in 60s or 70s would not be that influential for the customers in 2018. design business logo after a prolonged time  becomes vital for many other reasons and when you do it, the change is really evident.

codecademy logo

A logo redesign in general is considered a very daunting task and people easily depriotize it till the time it becomes unbearable. Casting new life in your old logo design can bring some very significant change in your business returns, however, it one of the major decision of a business.

We suggest to take some considerate amount of time before you dismantle your old logo to be 100% sure that your logo needs a redesigning process.

Ask these 5 questions to yourself to understand if you should stick with your already made logo or take risk for redesigning.

5 Vital Question To Ask Before Planning For A Logo Designing


  1. Did your business expanded or changed?


dominos logo

If you have added a new line of product or services in your existing offerings or added some more headquarters and employees to begun with expansion procedure then you should consider getting a logo redesign. Indian logo design experts suggest that when a company expands there are many things that should be added in a logo design to make customers informed about it, thus, redesigning becomes really vital.

  1. Have you got new competitors in your niche?

There was a time when you were the leader of your niche industry but after a prolonged period of time you have got a serious competitor than you should think about it. You may feel intimidated or work to fight back. The logo redesign can help by showing existing customers that your brand is adaptive to modern and updated technology and definitely provide good state of the art solution to the customers.

  1. Are you looking for a new audience base?

KFC logo

You may own a good loyal customer base but that does not take away the need for expanding the customers base even more. If you intend to capture the attention of the new set of audiences then probably logo redesigning is a good option. If done correctly, new logo will easily help to connect with a wider audiences along with maintaining the existing customer base.

  1. Is there a change in your brand value or mission?

With the passing of time and business expansion, it is natural that the business evolve. If you are identifying that your company’s personality has changed over the years from the time it was started, your logo should very well reflect this change. This means that your logo is ready for redesigning process.

  1. Is the logo dated?

microsoft logo

This is one of the simple questions but worth noticing. If you logo was created in 70s or 80s, it may be the time that your logo design needs a makeover. Not only the old logo is aesthetically tired but the design may not remain nicely compatible with different technologies were logo can be used for expansion of the brand.

Logo Redesign Vs Logo Refresh

mastercard logo

Which is suitable for your purpose?

Answering yes for any of the question stated above may be signal that you need a logo redesign for your brand but this is not the only solution for you!

You can also go ahead with refreshing your logo design. Refreshing a logo in itself is dramatic approach. It is more of a makeover approach for logo that will be collaborated with various design elements. In logo refresh process, designers make small shifts to the existing logo by adding messaging, updating the colour of the logo or simplifying the look of the logo.

In contrast to logo refreshment, logo redesigning is dramatic process. In this process new messaging options, a new colour scheme or a new version of company name can be introduced.

Before you decide between logo refreshment and logo redesigning, consider these 3 questions.


  1. What is about the current logo which is not working properly?


According to experts from packaging design services, a logo plays a vital role in making people identify a product and also motivate to buy it. A highly attractive and unique packaging of product may seem faded without an expressive logo design.

So, it is important to identify your logo elements and see which one is working for you and which one is not! This is the thing which can help you in judging about your step towards logo redesigning or logo refresh.

  1. What all elements from current logo should be consistent?

twitter logo

In case you decide about redesigning your logo but it is vital before you dismantle your logo design to find what all elements from your current logo should stay. They may be colour specific, a particular style or particular capitalization of your company name.

  1. Is your current logo holds a deep bond with your customer base?


The major consequence of logo redesign lies in cutting a visual communication with the customer and the old logo design. It important to understand how customers can relate to the current logo and analyse the consequence of dramatic rebranding. If you think that your customer base will be confused then make sure is it worth taking a chance?

The process of logo redesigning

Now that when all the questions have been answered and you have got a clear idea about going ahead with logo redesign process, then let’s waste no time!

Most of the logo redesign process are same, it first or fifth iteration of your logo design. Here’s some quick things to keep in mind when you are working on logo redesign process:

  • Absolutely avoid comparing new logo design with your old logo design to measure the success of your designing process. It is better to keep focus on how your new logo is representing your brand or speaking to your customers base.
  • Any change can bring some unexpected emotion. This emotion can be excitement about new thing coming or can be an anxiety about the changes made. Be sure to complete analyse any new design for your logo before giving your final green signal to be 100% sure that the changes made is absolutely correct.
  • Some elements of logo design such as new colour or different design style may not get adjusted in your marketing collaterals like business cards or new website etc. if you are not willing to give it an overall change, consider keeping some elements same.
    google logo

What to do after redesigning the logo?

In order to complete the journey from old logo design to new logo, marketer will also have transit from the time they began their journey to the present. This process of transition would begin with deciding if you want to phase in your new logo over a period of time or you will just introduce the new logo on a particular date and celebrate by a formal announcement.

In any of the way, it is important to update the logo across as many platforms as possible and also on all company materials such as email signature, social media platforms, business cards, magazines etc.

Last words…

Logo redesigning may sound daunting, well we don’t completely deny it but it is important also. With the change in time brands will have to update themselves to connect to the new generation and stay in market for a longer period of time. If you think you need a logo redesign, don’t hesitate!

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F2P Game Design: Top 10 Ways To Use Messaging As A Tool To Attract Mobile Game Players

To make a free to play game successful and popular among players requires to get the grip on players attention by effective messaging. Messaging in any form such as push notification, update prompts, offers or daily bonus can create excitement among players. However, messaging done inappropriately can take you in the loss pit and you will lose all your hard earned players.

Messaging done in gaming, intends to prompt players to take necessary call to action. To make players take your intended action, requires players to be engaged with the game productively.

This post is dedicated to provide 10 important tips for effective messaging that can enhance player retention on your game.

  1. Do not go overboard with messaging

Top Developers working on game development on android platforms suggests, to be limited in messaging. Too much nagging can make the player irritated and move to the next game. Therefore, the scheduling of the messages should be balanced to strike a cord in players effectively.

  1. Focus on difficulty curve

In order to make players highly engaged in the game, it is important to balance the threshold of engagement. Developers can use analytics and players relationship management tool to find out the behaviour of the players in various segments of the game. This result can be useful in shaping the game based on the response of the users. In case, a segment of the game is difficult for the player, give them tips. This way their engagement would increase.

  1. Tailor your message

Segmentation tools used in analysing the game help in sending tailored messages that can help players in the game. Developers can setup behavioural triggers to send messages at the time when players leave the game like when their resource is exhausted or their mission failed.

  1. Finding the right voice

The voice of the messages sent should be inclined with the mood of your game and the defined audience. Marketing tips can be adopted to address players persona and create message accordingly. Keeping voice consistent will make players recognize the brand and creates a great impression.

  1. Don’t be bossy

Top iphone game developers from various part of the world suggest that every players wants to have the freedom to discover the game they are playing. No matter the voice of message you adopt, make sure not to command any instruction. It is better to provide tips and hints which will look less bossy and more interesting.

  1. Knowledge about when to keep the player alone

Sending message does not mean to disturb the users at any hour of the day or night. Testing is needed to understand when to send the message, frequency and time of the day. You can give players the control about when they want to receive the notification from your end. This is a great way to make them hooked to you!

  1. Pitching about what comes next!

Giving players a glimpse of what is to come next can attract them to return again and again. Use in game messaging to flash new unlockable items or fun new level in the game.

  1. Don’t ask for payment at early stage

The trick is to keep the player hooked to your game. Having high level of engagement can turn in conversion but asking for payment in initial phase can ruin things completely. A relationship should be established within the player and game which can further convert in payment.

  1. Optimizing in app purchase and ads

Despite having a great messaging campaign, not all players will be interested in in-app purchase. It is beneficial to use game analytics to see the response rate of the player and then tailor the monetization strategy that suits the style of the player.

  1.  Testing is the key!

To know how much is your efforts paying to you, it is important to do rigorous testing. Use A/B testing to try different setups and just keep testing to find the best one that suits your needs.


Getting players engaged requires a tailor made channel of communication. There are many kinds of analytical tools that can help in finding the various components of your game that speaks for your F2P players. Get the data and structure your messaging accordingly, in order to generate great results.