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How To Protect Your App From Getting Rejected From Apple App Store

There are hundreds of app which are developed on a daily basis but are they all getting place in the app store? Well, may be not!

Like any other app store, apple app stores also list some serious rules and regulations for app getting registered in the app store. There are 2 million apps in appstore struggling to make their mark in the customers mind. The competition is so severe that apple is improving its app filtration process even more stronger to allow only the best for its customer base. Apple states strict guidelines that should be met with precision by owners to avoid app rejection.

Ios app developers from top app development companies strongly suggest that the business goal of the app such as the purpose of the app, nature, native or hybrid web, user friendliness etc, should be predetermined even more planning to design an app. The most crucial point to keep in mind for iOS app development is never to make any alterations in the tradition iOS user interface.

There can be ‘n’ number of reasons behind why your app can get rejected from App store. It does not matter how stunning or engaging your app might be but if it does not provide a good user experience or if its navigation is choppy, you can go out of league. Apple wants to keep its users happy and hence it will outright reject your application. It is also very strict the privacy and data retention policies. For example, it is necessary to place privacy policy statement in metadata. You also need to enable users to withdraw consent for data collection by the application. You need to make sure that there should be no broken links over the application. Apple has called out the broken links as top reason for rejecting applications. You also need to be sure that if you app has any transaction feature then you need to go for official in app purchase system of Apple. An application that you want to upload on app store needs to be useful. You cannot just make an application containing  a contact form to collect user data. It needs to have some potential reason.

It is to be clearly understood that any deviation in app structure can make the app rejection possible. Therefore, we bring a listing of some points to remember for app makers to get easy access to itunes without any hassle.

Let us dig in:


Apple has a very proficient testing system for the app. It turns down the app easily that crashes or have bugs. Always remember, if your app demands the users to pay for the service, than the app will under minute microscope for validation. Therefore, it is highly important to structure the app in way that has no glitches before it is submitted in the app store for reviews. Make sure to do end to end testing cycle and check each functionality of the app thoroughly.

Facet of the app

Developers from iphone game development company in jaipur, suggest that always make sure to launch a mobile app version of your web app and make it native. Make sure to use native interface for your iOS app development. Do not create an app that is meant to be just a web app in a hybrid or native package.

Auxiliary content

Never submit the app before finalizing the content which include text and images which needs to be incorporated in the app. Never submit your app for review if its logo, text, images etc are not gelled. iOS app with placeholder content are highly prone to rejection in the app store.

A robust app

Apps designed for digital payments, e commerce etc, should be very easy to use. The function of the ios app should be developed in the most simple way as possible. Users will never be interested in going through several step to complete one function. Make sure to design the flow and functionality of the app should be made user friendly. After all, who wants to wait for ages o load any information. The loading time of the app should be highly active for users to get information in a spurt.

Coherence with the various versions

Before developing an iOS app, make sure to research about about various versions available in the market and find the version that your app can support. It mandatory to make the app run smoothly and does not get clashed while running on any OS. You can look for supported version of similar apps. It is better to be updated with the latest version of app design and how it will create an effect in the app development.

Abide the standard user interface

Apple app store is very strict about its users friendly interface. Make sure your UI design should adhere to the norms of apple design guidelines. Any changes in the app UI design which is different from the apple guideline can get your app easily rejected.

Make precise description

The description of the app should be made absolutely precise along with the precise screenshot of the app. It should clearly communicate the intended functionality of the app. Doing this would make the customers understand the app’s function easily and provide a good shopping experience. Develop ios apps on ipad or iphone but make sure to update the changes made in the iOS development phase in your screenshots for consistency. This is the most common type of mistake that creates maximum rejection.

Honoring customers privacy

Not only apple but every app store has strong in policy to foster high customer policy. All mobile apps ask permission from users before accessing their personal information. Be it shopping apps, or any other app, each of them mandatory ask for permission. While you are developing your iOS app, make sure to keep the customers privacy needs at the top of your preference for saving your app from rejection..

Unique app

There are 2 millions of app available in the app store, if your correlates with existing app, it will surely get rejected. Therefore, before planning an app make sure that your app is offering something unique and entertaining to the users. Make sure to offer something that would compel people to download your app compared to others already available.

Fit keywords in the app name

The name of the app stuffed with keywords should be meaningful and precise. Make sure do not repeat the existing name in your app’s title or keywords. The app name should match to intended use for attracting users.

Avoid pious or loud content

Never ever use content that offends the sentiments or feelings from the individual. Apps with such contradictory content or even slight of this would make your app get rejected instantly. Avoid adding any personal content and use a neutral voice.

Battery optimization and internet usage

Make sure to do manual test for the internet usage and battery drain. Keep a check on the battery consumption of the app so that its does not consume maximum of the phone’s battery. Therefore, make sure to do optimization like servicing etc, to keep a check on battery drainage. Also test the internet usage of the app and provide sufficient information while app submission. The app will never be approved if it found to damage the usage of the phone or the tablet.


Every company is trying to create its mark in the app world. However, there are only few who are putting their efforts in the right direction. Make sure to invest in the field while keeping apple’s guidelines in the mind. Make sure to keep these points in mind while developing the iOS app.

Which Type of Animation Can Improve The Performance Of Your Website And Web Apps?

The competition is increasing at an exponential rate. To make a lasting impact on users, would require something special to offer. Animation has emerged as one of the easiest ways to grab that quick attention of the users. People may think about animation and imagine about some entertaining cartoon element but it is not restricted to cartoons only. Web animations are trendy, fun and absolutely user friendly. They can instantly grab the attention of the users and make them interact with the website and the web app super easily. A good web animations are meant to be fulfill aesthetic function as well as pragmatic functions also.

This post is dedicated to highlight parts in website and web app design where animation can create a great effect.

Let us begin!

  • Visual feedback

By visual feedback, it means the capacity of the website and the web apps to respond to users interaction by visual means. Developers from best web development company india, indicate that visual feedbacks are a very engaging concept for users. Animation can prove to be key element in indicating the performance of the users in a given web app or website. Such as the colour the navigation menu colour changes as per the users action which indicated that certain action is taken by the user.

  • Easy navigation

Navigation has a major role in making or breaking a website or a web app. A good and easy navigation would also mean better engagement within users which increases the proximity of conversion. But, modern apps and website have complex navigation structure in order to provide multiple facilities. Animation is an effective way to combat the complex navigation layers in to simplified form, making it user friendly.

  • Structure and interaction

Professional web application development in india suggests that animation is a perfect way to form a structured intuitive  web design. Each element in a web design is important and animation help users to understand this purpose easily. There should be connection that should be established within various elements of the website design which make the users understand the functioning of the various elements. Animation provide this opportunity and with its interactive, fun ways teach the users about the app or the website.

  • Visual hint

Animation is also used for giving visual hints to emphasize on certain aspect of a menu option or help users to navigate on site. These visual hints can help in directing the users towards the needed call to action button without looking too sale pushy.

  • Loading time

Search bots give strong emphasis on the loading time of any app or website. But what about those seconds on which the app or website page loading. Animation can be a great way to cover up these seconds to keep the audience interest intact within the web app or in the website. Loading animation kill this loading seconds into something which is a worth watch.

  • Useful animation

While animation can bring a great result for your website or app, a bad animation can ruin that completely. Unwanted visual elements tends to complicate things rather than making it simple. The animation should be made keeping in mind the usefulness of it. Fine animation features highlight basic features, improve the usability of hidden or controversial menu and help in creating a recognizable brand.

  • Galleries and slideshows

Animated galleries and slideshows tend to show multiple images without distracting the user. The rate at which these images change has a lot of significance. A little slow or faster rate of image change can make your website or app look rushed for users. These galleries and slideshows are helpful as they project real life photo albums functionality.

  • Page motion

A simple page motion sometimes adds that  extra delightfulness in your app or website design. Imagine it as some extra sprinkle of oregano on your pizza! Page motion animation has no direct benefit but yes, that grabs the attention instantly.

While using page motion be careful of using extra loading items that may cause the site to become slow.


Animation has always proven its mirth in every medium. Due to the diversity that it can offer, animation will stay for ages in the designing industry. These animation types stated above, when incorporate in various elements of website and web app design can create a great engagement level among users.

What Should Be Considered While Developing A Live Video Streaming App?

Sitting in front of a tv for watching a live cricket or football match is now a difficult task for most of the people who are working and travelling day and night. But does it take them away from enjoying the thrill of watching a great football or cricket match?

No! Absolutely not.

Today, anybody can watch their favourite shows just a click away in live video streaming apps. The most enjoyable features about live streaming apps is the fact they provide unlimited entertainment without any hindrance.

Apps developers in Android application development firms points out that live streaming apps are not only restricted to entertainment but are also used for business and personal use as well. For instances, it can be used in live video conference, offering live video tutorials,training programmes and many other purposes. Having such vast arena of usability, development of live streaming apps has increased along with the increase in audience ratio.


Before beginning with the creation of a live streaming apps, it is important to understand that there are two kinds of categories involved in it:

  • Apps for live broadcasting
  • Apps for video streaming

Apps for live broadcasting is meant to showcase live events straight from the venue. Live broadcasting can be assessed by users who have subscribed a given channel. They have small storage facility, hence, they are deleted after a while.

Apps for video streaming has no storage limitation. This means the videos are saved in the app server and users can play them by their own wish.

What should consider before developing a live streaming app?

  • It should be accessible to audiences: developers from iOS app development company in jaipur suggest that the backend of the live streaming app should be made highly accessible to cater the demand of the audience. Live streaming apps are extremely popular, hence, the usability of the app should be a concern for developers.
  • Must support all video formats: The live video streaming app should support all types of file formats so the users can easily watch the videos.
  • Securing the uploaded videos: Pirated videos or plagiarized videos can create a huge problem with copyright infringement, therefore, developers will have to make certain aspects of function to protect the app.

What kinds of features should be implemented in a live video streaming app?

  • Creating the registrations

User registration is the first step in a live video streaming app. They should be provided with option for registration like through email or mobile number using OTP verification. Beside this registration through social media can also be a great and easy registration option for users.

  • Creating user profile

The next important feature in a live video streaming app is to create a platform where users can provide their personal information in the form of user profile. The informations include name, email address, mobile number, prefered video genre such as sports, events, fashion etc, subscription list and many more!

  • Suggested videos

The developers will have to provide a search box in order to get the users find their favourite videos from a specific category. The search category should be broad based on internet, age, location, language of the broadcast, number of views and  all.

  • Reviews, rating and feedback

This features holds a very significant position in video streaming. The popularity of a video increases by the number of strength watching it and provide feedbacks in the form of rating or reviews.

  • Sharing feature

Internet has brought the essence of viral videos with it. Videos often go viral with the help of rapid sharing process done by social media platforms. Therefore, providing a valid sharing features is a must for live video sharing app.

  • Geo location tracking

Adding geolocation tracking is an essential component of live video streaming app. It helps to find and trace the location of the broadcast. For instance, facebook live which uses current location while broadcasting the app.


Live video streaming apps is the need of the hour! People remains connected with the world not only by television but with a much hightec technology of live broadcasting. These apps are not only providing entertainment but also giving enough benefits for business purposes as well.

Searching For Right Type of Logo Design: Which Type Of Logo Design Suits Your Business?

Logos are meant to be the representative of any business. This is the most celebrated form of graphic design that catches the first glimpse of the customers and create relationship instantly. From being a business symbol to becoming the brand identity, logo has many folds hidden inside it.

When a business is about to start, the first thing which is needed is a memorable logo for the business. Logo being the primary need in the starting of the business because it speaks on the behalf of the business,creating a brand identity. People recall business by looking at the logo in advertisements, products, market places etc.

Looking at the high usability of the logo, it is important to make it impressive and memorable that suits with the brand message and enhances the look of the products. Your business logo should fulfill the expectation of the customers and explain about your business usability to them.

There are many types of logo design that are available but which design to suit your business type is a point to discuss. The design type of the logo will have to be similar to the brand’s identity to create a good sync.

This post is dedicated to discuss about various type of logo design available for businesses.

Let us dig into the type of logo designs:


  1. Lettermarks


Lettermarks logos are also known as monogram logos. These logo are used with the initials of the company name such as IBM, CNN, BBC etc. The idea of using letterhead logo is to shorten up the name of the company and create a brand identity.

Professionals designing business logo design india, believe that landmark logo use clever usage of typography to shorten up a company name and create a simple yet effective logo. Experts suggest, if the name of the company is too long, they can be shortened to make lettermark logo which are highly useful.

  1. Wordmarks

Wordmarks are also known as logotypes. Wordmark logo are based on the name of the business. Some of the best examples of wordmarks are Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Frooti, Google etc. business with distinctive name should go ahead in using wordmark in the logo. These logo are helpful in speaking precisely about the business.

Experts designers involved in logo designing in india believe that the focus of the designers should be on selecting a typeface very carefully for creating a wordmark logo for the company.

Creating a unique font for wordmarks logo can be great way to create a distinctive position of the brand among competition.

  1. Logo symbols

These are graphic based pictorial logo design which are quite popular in market. The biggest example is twitter or apple which has logo symbol as their logo for the business. For startups using pictorial symbol can be difficult as their brand identity is not yet firmly established. While using logo symbol, it should be kept in mind that the symbols should be impressive and relatable with your business. The symbol designed for the logo would stay with the company for ages, hence, it should be selected very carefully.

  1. Abstract design

An abstract design is a specific pictorial design which is different from recognizable pictures. This type of logo design use abstract geometrical forms to create logo. Pepsi with divided circle is the biggest example of abstract logo. This kind of logo is beneficial when designer intend to condense a brand name into single image. These logo are highly creative in explaining the purpose of the business indirectly.

  1. Mascot

Do you want to create your own brand person? In this case, mascot logo are just the ideal for you. KFC is the most popular example of mascot logo. This kind of logo helps to create a character to represent the company or brand. These character then becomes brand ambassadors of your company. Professionals from invitation card designing services across various parts of the world echoes to the fact that, mascot logo has a great contribution in making the brand hot favourite among people. The marketing stuff with mascot logos are seen more engaging among people as compared to any other type. Not only engaging, mediums like banners, flex, invitation cards, business cards etc, used for business marketing gets a very unique look due to a distinctive logo.

  1. Combination logo

Combination logo uses the amalgamation of watermarks, abstract logo, watermarks etc . In these logos, designers use pictures and text simultaneously. A combination logo is versatile choice of logo design for building a strong brand image. Mascot, text, symbol etc, together create a great difference in the look of the logo. People gets connected with different elements of the logo making easy for brand to establish a relation.

Which logo type should suit your business has many factors of consideration. The brand message and brand personality has a major role in deciding the best logo design type.

Top 10 Tips To Improve The Performance Of Android Applications To Reach At The Top

App stores are highly competitive zone, only the performance of the app can create a difference in this competitive environment. It is very important for app to deliver results in order to gain that engagement from the customers which otherwise a bad performance app can ruin.

The success of developers and the marketer is highly dependent on the customers approach towards any application. In order to make customers love your app, it is very crucial to deliver good performance in the app. A good app can enhance the rating and revenue of the app at the same time making you earn huge from your application development.

Here’s the list of some tips that can help you improving android app performance and make it a hot selling cake among users.

Let us dig in:


  1. The performance ladder


Developers from android tablet app development firms believe that the first step in making out good from an app is analysing its performance graph. Performance is the parameter that takes consideration of app quality, loading size, time etc.

It is important to keep testing the performance of the app , for example, the loading time of the images or if the app gets crashed by influx of customers due to some promotional activity.

In short, performance is sum total of many activity such as device, server, network, programming etc. which in a way create a great app experience or even ruin it.

  1. Conversion

Several studies have predicted that be it web or mobile app, loading time has a very crucial role in making users stay on the app or just move ahead. In this competitive arena, everybody has an options, therefore, app developers will have to provide tremendous performance in their app to make people stay for longer. If the app functions are not that great chances are the users will easily deflect and move somewhere else providing exception result. This way the profit and conversion of the app goes down significantly.

If the customers reviews the app with negative comments then the chances are your app’s ranking can go down and people would avoid using your app.

Therefore, it is beneficial for companies to appoint  performance testers to continuously monitor the app and make necessary changes that brings maximum conversion.

  1. Image art

Developers from game development for android platforms suggest that the images used in the app should be compressed with the help of reliable tools. It is important to be complete sure about the size of the image used in the app as it can unnecessarily occupy bandwidth to depend on browsers to adjust HD images in small screen size. Make sure to use appropriate image size to make the app work properly.

  1. Cache

Cache is that storage of information in computer’s memory that retains recent informations. It can stock images, files, web pages etc to drive quick usage while enhancing performance. Downloading external sources are time consuming hence, it is important to give special attention to catch images.

  1. HTTP Request

To make your android app less complicated, make sure to accept very fever amount of HTTP request needed to acquire resources from each page.

  1. Templates

Huge variety of templates loading can make your app work slow. In order to enhance android app loading time, it is better to use few variety of templates and reuse them.

  1. Load high

Apps with high loading time are considered are generally considered slow then they actually are. Make sure to load your android app in a way that gives impression for faster loading time, even if it is not that faster. One way of doing this by giving clear, quick feedback as the app loads while obtaining information from the background. Adding some features while loading the app will give illusion that the app is loading faster, hence, it will enhance the engagement in the users.

  1. The need for data

If your android app works by the help of massive data then it is better to pre load the data for users. It is not the great way to keep visitors waiting while your wander for various parts. This can be removed by dividing the assembles which makes it easier to accomplish. Another way is to keep the data preloaded in order to save the visitors from waiting.

  1. Offline mode

While there is a major network problem and the user is about to finish a task, give them the error message that talks about why the action has not completed. Provide options to save the data to use it as soon as the network is available.

  1. Test with care

Apps performance should be analyzed time to time to make sure that it is working appropriately across various devices. Checking the usability and performance of the app, makes the customers more satisfied. Testing is a never ending process and it should be continued to make the app stand ahead in the competition.


The success in App development depends upon customers retention, downloads, ratings, conversion and revenue. Creating a great app can help in establishing an app that provide high performance and the user’s love to use the app for betterment.

What Is the Cost of Developing an On-Demand Taxi Solution App Like Uber?

Want to know the cost of developing a Taxi App like Ola and Uber? The best taxi app development company has come to your rescue. You’ve indeed made a right decision of reading this write-up. With the ever-increasing market size of a taxi-hailing industry, businesses can safely bet on building an online cab booking system. Our customers from different walks of life hold queries like- ‘What is the cost of developing a taxi app like Uber? What should be the core features included in a driver’s and passenger’s app? Considering the growing demand for taxi mobile app development, we’ve come up with this blog which will help you start the entire process with ease.

First things first, keep in mind that you have to create two distinct formats for the app one for passengers and another for drivers. Moreover, a web-based admin dashboard will also be needed. In taxi booking app development, here are some of the important features that you must be aware of.

Features of Passenger App

user pannel taxi app

  • Registration

To start with, every user or passenger is entitled to register from their mobile app via the login page which requires phone number, email ID, and social networking profile.

  • Taxi Booking

Once the registration is complete, the passenger can book a cab by setting up a pickup location. It instantly shows the available drivers, options for vehicles, estimated fair, and so on. The user will be required to select the preferred vehicle and request for a ride. In addition, your taxi booking app can have ‘Ride Now’ and ‘Ride Later’ option, enabling the passengers to schedule their trip as per their convenience.

  • Fare Calculator

How much should the passenger pay for the trip? With the help of this feature, a user can calculate the cost of the ride on the basis of the distance between the pickup point and drop location.

  • Payment

Under this section, the passenger will be able to make the payment with ease and faster without being concerned about privacy infringement and cyber theft. It is all about setting up a secure payment method so that when a trip ends, a passenger can process the payment in accordance with his preferred payment option safely.

  • Driver Rating

This feature will allow the customers to leave reviews or feedback about the driver and services. It is an important section which boosts the morale of drivers and prevents them from showing any unprofessional behaviour during the trip. On the other hand, it uplifts the satisfaction level of the passengers.

  • Push Notifications & Messages

None of the customers would ever want to miss out on an important information while the app is opened or running in the background. While booking the cab, travellers want to seek confirmation messages and info about the driver in order to call and enquire about his current location.

  • Trip History

With the help of this feature, the user can take a trip down memory lane by viewing all the locations he has visited till now. It not only helps the customers have a look at their previous ride history but also enables them to re-book the same trip in a few clicks.

  • Live Cab Tracking System

Give riders a convenient solution to track the exact location of the booked cab. This live routing will keep the travellers updated on live status of the cab before it arrives at the pickup point.

Features of Driver App

taxi app driver pannel

Just like passengers, drivers are also supposed to get registered from their mobile app. App admin verifies the personal details and documents like driver’s license meticulously, and then gives the approval. The features developed for passengers panel like registration, login, push notifications will remain the same for driver panel. However, there are certain features which are definitely unique:

  • Driver’s Status and Profile

This feature is specially created to display the driver details to authenticate their profile info. It will summarise the driver’s detailed verification proofs like cab number, license, and other identity proofs. It also makes the driver visible in the passenger’s app and notifies the rider about the driver’s availability.

  • Ride Request Alert

When someone books the cab, drivers will get the alert so that they can set their availability. With the support of this section, chauffeurs get the notifications regarding the cancellation of orders, info about new booking and route.

  • Cost Estimation

It allows the driver to know how much the passenger will pay at the end of the trip and ensures the exact count of the trips along with relevant deductions and discounts.

  • Navigation

With the help of this feature, the driver can choose the shortest and best route to reach the pickup point and destination in less time. In a taxi booking app, navigation is a must as it acts like a compass needed to travel to unknown and distant places.

  • Reports

It helps the drivers to take a detailed insight into the total number of trips done in a day or month along with all the invoices generated so far. It shows the complete statistic of the places the driver has visited and total earnings acquired per day.

  • Voice Commands

To free the drivers and passengers from typing for the orders, this feature can be added in both the panels. This will help them control the app or book a ride through voice inputs while performing other tasks with ease.

Admin Dashboard

admin pannel taxi app

A web-based tool, Admin dashboard enables administrators to manage the accounts and activities of drivers and passengers. The features, settings, tools you need in the admin panel highly depend on your specific needs. This dashboard gives descriptive information about the trip reports, takes care of the financial issues, and delivers the logistic of drivers. While planning for a cab booking app development, keep in mind that your admin panel is a backbone that stores the database and collects the important info about revenues and helps in operating a business seamlessly. It also monitors the marketing activities and helps in keeping track of daily activities. It is one of the most important elements in the taxi app development process. The best part is that the administrator can be linked to Google Analytics to know how many people have downloaded the taxi app for their personal use.

Advanced Features

Pickup Location: A passenger can point his exact pickup location without typing the complete address. This can be made possible with help of the inbuilt GPS module.

Live Location Sharing: The rider can share his real-time location with any of his friends, family, and co-workers. This feature makes it easy for the close ones to know where exactly the passenger is.

Inbuilt Messenger: Having a messenger in the App will help the passengers and drivers to communicate with each other easily.

Choose Your Favourite Driver: This feature will allow the rider to select a particular driver with whom he/she feels comfortable and safe for future trips.

Split Payments: If two or more riders going to the same route are sharing the same cab, they get an option of making separate payments and spilling the bill in just a few clicks.

Discount: Who dislikes this word? No one! This additional facility can be given to passengers so that they can accumulate discounts on trips by using a digital coupon or code.

Gamification: It can be used for increased customer engagement by giving away exciting deals, special offers, badges, leadership boards, and loyalty rewards to the passengers.

Free Inquiry Calls: With this feature, the moment a rider books a cab, he/she will be able to make calls to the driver for FREE.

cab booking app development company

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway providers like PayPal’s Mobile SDK, Braintree and Stripe help to set a payment system that is free from cyber thefts, stealing of credit and debit card information, and privacy infringements. For safe and convenient payments, Braintree makes the use of PayPal as it offers splitting bills feature. If you want a taxi booking app solution like Uber, then Android Pay and Apple Pay can be the best payment options with the help of which the user can pay the amount to the driver with his digital wallet, credit and debit cards while keeping his financial information secure.

User Interface/User Experience Design

In the process of developing a taxi booking app, make sure you create an effective, intuitive and simple UI which can smoothly interpret the data and deliver the important info without any complexity. It should be designed in such a way that after using your app for once, the user feels like coming back to it over and over again. Speed is also a key factor while designing UX/UI which the developer must keep in mind. The app’s design and graphics ensure the user interacts with the app effortlessly.


A smooth flow of communication is required between passengers and drivers so that the riders get the info regarding the pickup point, drop off location, expected arrival time, and nearby landmarks instantly. Besides the push notifications, you can also opt for SMS integration so that the customer gets the driver’s details, including name, contact number, and taxi number in the form of a message.

Taxi Booking App for iOS

To monitor the location, Core Location framework is used. With the help of this app, riders can use Bluetooth beacon and Wi-Fi to increase the location tracking from GPS. Using the MapKit framework, shortest routes, and directions can easily be identified.

Taxi Booking App for Android

This app uses API to identify the location of the user and collects the info regarding routes, directions and navigations. A rider can use OpenStreetMap API for both Android and iOS.

Cost for Developing a Taxi App

The exact cost of developing a taxi app like Uber is calculated after considering a lot of key features and factors. At an early stage of development, one might find it a tough row to hoe to calculate the price. However, one can estimate the cost by analyzing the scope of work and required time needed to complete each task. As every feature of the app is distinctive in nature, the time taken to make it done and dusted will vary too. It’s a bit challenging to predict how much it may cost to build an app like Uber. However, it has been witnessed that taxi app developers in India do not strain the wallet and are comparatively inexpensive than the ones working in the UK, US, and Australia who charge around $90,000 to $1,30,000. In India, taxi aggregation app services are pocket-friendly. The cost of a cab booking app in India is around $15k- $30k which includes building a passenger and driver app along with the admin dashboard.

Want Professionals to Create a Taxi App Like Uber?

Get your mitts on a trusted taxi app development company which can create an on-demand taxi booking solution with ease. Are you looking for an astute team of professionals to create a valuable product? If yes, then we would happily assist you. Just drop us an email at and we’ll work for you with all our might!

Digging Into The World Of Stories: How Storytelling Can Helps In Making The Perfect Ux Design?

Remember your childhood days? The bedtime stories that were narrated by elders could easily take all of us to a world which was visually appealing. It was in our mind that we built things there were narrated in the stories.

Communication has a profound role in terms of visualization. It is the visual language from the childhood itself has shaped the life of every human being. In fact this visual language has formed the basis of human centric design. User experience is the most essential component for apps, website or any other medium. While having a compelling, unique design is a must to attract people, still it requires a language for people to understand and comprehend.

This post is dedicated to dig deep into the role of storytelling in making a perfect UX design

  1. Story that engage users

It is obvious to understand that your story should be really interesting but sometime we attract the attention of the users and then neglect them completely. Your story has nothing to do with  being precise or detailed. It should be as per your users. Sometimes a single picture is enough to speak a lot while sometime you may need series of them to bring out meaning.

Designers from iphone ux design firms rightly point outs that sometime, interactive stories does more harm to your app users then doing good, if not done in the right way.  Your users are may be in a lookout for quick bunch of information which your visual content may not provide.

To get the advantage of storytelling, it is important to understand how to integrate users interaction with it. Craft a story that is interactive and suitable for your targeted users to comprehend.

  1. Logic

The logic behind storytelling is to express something in a visual context. Storytelling does not only mean story of prince or princes, romantic, tragic etc, by story we mean happenings of daily life. Storytelling is part of our daily life, be it within protest or lending hands to needy people. Each of them have certain story hidden behind it.

Your story that you want your users to understand should be clear and simple. The story should be dependent only on how effectively it can engage with your viewers and clients.

  1. Vision

Developers from top web application development company in india suggests, before framing a story the objective should be absolutely clear. Questions like why this story is necessary? What is the idea behind the story? What is the focal point? Who are the audiences targeted? And several others question answer should be absolutely clear to make a story and enhance user experience.

Clients expect stories that inspire them to taken even better steps in their life, hence, UX designers need to be very particular to make their users satisfied by giving vision to their imagination.

  1. Words vs images

Pictures are widely used to tell stories. Be it smiling girl beside the shopping cart or bright shining fruit in the basket, all speaks about a story. Apart from images, the power of words cannot be underestimated. A carefully crafted message can speak a lot about itself without even using an image. Android UX/UI design firms views that a capable designer should not only manage the image but also makes sure that the words or the text should be placed in the most appropriate position to grab the attention of the users.

Typography has its own way of telling a story which most of the time is ignored by people. If the text content are written by experts then chances are the words may even surpass images. Words have equal power of storytelling when written meaningfully.

  1. Users as character

To engage users in your story, it is important to involve them in the story telling. The best trick to make them part of the story is by giving them a character. This way users will be keen to know about things that the character has which are part of them as well. Find ways to combine users with your story either by connecting them directly or personalizing the content.

In any form users interaction is great way to enhance their experience within your website or app. In short, if you want to be successful then involve users within your content.

  1. Interactive value

Online actions are almost predictable such as scrolling and clicking. To make these obvious actions interesting use interactivity. If users are trying to click somewhere, use images to define where the users should go and what can be the result. Maintaining the consistency between image and content tone. Interaction does not mean using animation everywhere, use it wisely to give that great users experience.


The key to success is grabbing the imagination of the users. Your story should let the users imagine and get them on the vision by which you design the stories. Make sure to use interactive design. Incorporate users character in your story to make them connect to it. Let the magic of tales spread around your online business and get a great UX design.

An Idea That Couldn’t Make It Big: Why Did Your App Idea Didn’t Succeeded?

Sometimes while we are in the midst of nowhere an idea strikes us. Eureka!

May be in a gym, bathroom, while chatting with friends you got an idea that seemed to be very relevant. You decided to make that idea into a mobile application. Obviously, for making mobile app one need many kinds of resources such as help of developers, coders, designers, testers etc. In short, you hired a mobile app development company for your idea.

After investment of time and money you get your mobile app. After couple of testing your app becomes live in the marketplace.

Lots of expectation you had regarding the performance of the app but the results were not the same as expected.  If you have gone through this problem, consider yourself among 90% of population who make app for success but never earn results from it. One reason cannot satisfy the reason of failure. There were many critical aspects in the development that were ignored while the app development process.

Let us dig into the factors that led to failure of your mobile app idea:

  1. Your app idea was not unique

Developers from Ipad app development company suggest to undergo rigorous research for getting to understand the idea is unique or not. There are millions of app available in the app stores, therefore, an idea that provide something different out of the existing ones are ideal for developing app.

Generally people believe that their idea is the most unique one, hence, create mistake. There are million of apps present which will somewhere correlate with your idea.

Experts therefore recommends to go ahead with app development only when your idea provides something different above the existing ones.

  1. Not checking the feasibility of your app

Feasibility of an app is a very important aspect before preparing to develop an app. A person got an idea in mind and he went to get an app developed, without thinking about the execution of the app. These kind of unfeasible app does not have a great look which obviously fails to attract users.

Therefore, it is high important to move ahead with your app only after thorough research on the feasibility and the look of the app before, it is actually developed. Once all the metrics are understood then only you should step ahead with app development.

  1. Not doing proper market research

Before developing an iphone app, android app or any tablet app, it is important to do a completely detailed market research. Identify your audience and what are their needs and expectations. Without knowing these metrics, there are high chances that you might end committing mistake and launch app with wrong targeted age group. Therefore, make sure to never skip the research part in your app development.

  1. Did not hire good app development company

The work of professional app developers is obviously much more effective than inexperienced developers. A well certified app development company will produce a masterpiece while other will make a very low quality app.

It is important to hire only expert professionals for app development and do not go for cheap option. This would be an investment which will pay you in millions.

  1. No app marketing

Developing an app is not the end of a process, in fact it is just the beginning. You may have got a great app but how will the audience know about it? It is important to market the app to let the app reach tp right kind of audience which further leads to high download metrics.

Not marketing the app properly will make the app reach to limited audience and ultimately disappear.

It is very important to put a great deal of efforts in marketing the app. Launch campaigns, ads and several other ways to spread the word for your app.

  1. Didn’t pay attention to customers reviews

Customer reviews has a profound effect on the download or purchase decision of any app. If your app reviews are great, your app download metrics will also incase and vice versa.

It is highly important to give special attention to custom reviews. These reviews will let you know what your users think about your app and where improvement is needed.

Last note

To make a successful app one needs an idea. But going simply by your gut feeling and idea is not a wise decision to make for this cut throat competitive environment. It is highly important to do broad research about the idea, it’s feasibility, what more can you add to the existing ones, targeted audience etc, to grab an app that is highly coversible and lucrative.

Gearing Up For Holiday Season: 6 Tips For Making Your App Suitable For The Coming Holiday Season

Everybody’s favourite Santa Claus is almost ready to set this foot from its sledge. Holiday season is just round the corner! Christmas is about to come in few days and people are super excited for this festive season. Markets are buzzing with buyers and different gift materials for this holiday season.

While people are gearing up for celebrating their christmas and new years holidays in an innovative way, developers should also make efforts to provide best facility to people for this holiday season to satisfy the customers need.

But what to do to make the app suitable for holiday seasons?

Don’t worry!

We enlist six best tips to make your mobile app suitable for the coming holiday season and gain some benefit from it.

Let us dig in:

  1. Preparing design for holiday apps

Experts from Iphone app development company suggests that designing for holiday app is the the easiest way to grab the attention of the people into your app. This means that your should sufficiently list all important places, things and sites that can be used in holiday season.

You can include the list of hotels for accomodation, upload lost of attractive destination along with pictures, restaurants, clubs etc.

Consider designing the homepage adequately beautiful to attract people as well keep them informed to provide value as well.

  1. Features that suits the holiday season

Feature play prime importance in making an app overnight success. It is very important that developers incorporate interesting features that suits the holiday season time.

For example, you can dedicate a full page for users doing christmas and new year shopping for making people captured in your app only.

Your app can help users by suggesting ideal holiday destination, the type of holidays,facilities etc. Holiday is the time when people are in mood of fun and leisure, adding some game or fun element can have better users engagement.

  1. Research for knowing the customer demands

The holiday season are common that comes every year be it christmas or new year, however, the customers demands is never stagnant. Demand of customers change with the change in time and trend. Developers from ipad app development in jaipur suggest to go for extensive market research to find out the current trend in the market and the customers choices for various products and services. Having complete knowledge of customers needs makes it easier to attract them towards your app and get better conversion

  1. Allure the customers by conducting contest

Competitions and contest are part of fun and excitement. Holiday season are meant to be a leisure time and people like to indulge in these contest. For example, you can ask your app users to click a photograph or discover a new place which was not mentioned in your list and win the competition whoever gives the more ideal answer.

It is very important in terms of the owners to attract the attention of the users towards these contest. It should be interesting and appealing to target audience. The contest should be simple and friendly for making people to easily approach for it.

  1. Discount coupons

One of the easiest and attractive way of alluring users is by providing discount coupons and offers to customers. You can give some good discount in hotel room tariff or discount vouchers for restaurants or some discount options in winter apparels etc.

Studies predict that value added coupons have priority and better preference as compared percentage coupon. This means giving value added coupon can become highly beneficial.

  1. Send push notification

Despite giving coupons, discounts or adding new stock for festive season cannot bring result unless the targeted audience is not aware about it. Push notification helps in bringing that information in front of the audience. It is by push notification that you can inform customers about your schemes, contest, coupons etc.


The holiday season is just round the corner. People wait for these days to enjoy and create enthusiasm for the coming year. If you want to benefit from this holiday season, make sure to incorporate these features in your app. Get in touch with great development team and create your app in a way that suits the purpose of your holiday season business.

5 Tips For Game Developers To Encash Profit From Mobile Game Marketing

Mobile game industry has seen a tremendous boom due to the widespread availability of smartphones throughout the world. In today’s scenario, mobile game industry has become tremendously competitive, hence importance of mobile game marketing has also increased by many folds. However, apart from getting revenue from mobile games, this competitive scenario has given a new door for digging gold in the hands of the developers. This doorway is nothing but increasing importance of advertising.

Let us discuss five tips that can help game developers to earn profit from mobile game marketing:

Let’s begin:

  • The increasing role of advergaming

The reach of mobile games are increasing exponentially, it has becomes the favourite platform for advertising among big and small companies. Brands are advertising their product in the form of games and distributing weekly prizes to attract the customers conveniently. According to some the best mobile game developers across the globe, this trend is highly lucrative as the games are downloaded thousands of time and the sale of the products also increases.

  • Mobile gaming- popular means of entertainment

In general, the rate at which mobiles are getting popular among people is beyond expectations. Today, mobile is not about meaningful purpose, it is also used for entertainment and fun in the form of games. Everyday new features are added in mobiles to give better experience to the users which are getting madly addicted to the fun of gaming. This is a golden opportunity for game developers to develop high end games for big ventures and gain lucrative income.

  • Mobile gaming still price sensitive

Mobile gaming users are still apprehensive about the price factor for most of the part of the world. Most of the users look for free trial mobile games to play and does not go on buying games. However, best iphone game developers from various parts of the world, have view that if the prices are reduced for games, it may create stronger demand. The easiest way to reduce cost is advertising within game. This way the cost will reduce and the demand will increase.

  • Mobile to mobile marketing

Mobile to mobile advertising is marketing technique that is designed to increase the sale of mobile wallpaper, games, ringtones etc. the conversion rate for M to M marketing is very high. Mobile users are highly active and always online, hence presenting targeted ads of games  to consumers will enhance the profit of the mobile game industry.

  • Mobile ad network

Mobile ad network play a dominant role in ensuring that the game is well marketed. They provide adequate game interface like geo-tagging, web interface etc which makes developers job a lot more easier. If ads developed can enhance the features offered, it can create spurt of growth in mobile industry and also provide developers to advance the app even more!

Marketing is a field that needs technique, vision and understanding of the people targeted. These three factors when kept in absolute proportion can give your profit in your mobile game marketing efforts. However, in this competitive landscape, marketing of the games should begin well before the launch to create that much needed buzz which can help in popularity of the game and better profit for the developers.

Have you started your marketing strategy?