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How to develop mobile app using Agile Methodology?

A lot of applications hit the market on daily basis though only few are able to strike the bull’s eye which is why all the efforts and valuable time of business owners go in vain. There can be an array of reasons while the most common one is the wrong methodology and workflow adopted while development. Traditionally, the companies used to follow Waterfall methodology according to which one whole phase was to be completed before proceeding to the next phase. It seems sequential and systematic but the test for the app feasibility and moreover, marketability was also done after the completion of first phase. By that time, marketing dynamics used to change. There was no flexibility one could experience following waterfall method. Additionally, there was little communication between developers and the customer throughout the development due to which it was difficult to catch the taste and mood of the customer. This is why Agile gained acceptance and popularity. In this blog, you are going to learn how to develop mobile app using Agile methodology.

What is Agile Methodology? 

Agile Methodology is an approach to application development in which the project is divided into small parts and then developed and delivered accordingly so that the clients can see the progress throughout the project lifecycle and can provide feedback. This method is much like Installment system in which one has to pay a set amount in set interval of time. Using Agile for mobile application development enables users to work in an incremental and iterative manner. If the client is not much clear about his/her requirements at starting, then the developer has to make necessary changes in coding in order to meet the modifications required. Agile includes constant communication between the development team and client which avoid the future reworks. 

We often come across a lot of software development requirements and at the initial stage, 70% of the client are not sure regarding what exactly they require. They just have a high-level feature list which does not include small details. For example, they ask us to develop a registration form but that does not include the exact fields to be included. This seems to be a small example, but complex functionalities definitely create an issue. Agile is a great adoption for project managers as well as developers. It is time saving as well as would not irritate clients whereas engaging in waterfall method can make you a culprit even when you are not wrong. 

Developing Mobile Application using Agile: 

Agile methodologies are of various types- 

1. Scrum

2. Crystal

3. DSDM (Dynamic Software Development Method)

4. FDD (Future Driven Development)

5. Lean Software Development

6. XP (Extreme programming)

Scrum is commonly used subpart of the agile methodology through which it has become easy to manage handle big and complicated projects. It is used by a number of software development companies. 

Scrum team divides the work means product backlogs that they would be able cover in two-week cycle aka Sprints. When one sprint completes, the team will produce a functional mobile app and on the same, they will work in future. 

Every sprint has following components to handle mobile app development projects:  

1. Scrum Roles: Product owner is the first role given to a person responsible to see what team is working upon and also keep backlogs up to date. Scrum Master is going to look after the performance of the team and any issue they might be facing. Along with this, this role would be responsible to ensure if agile scrum is followed correctly or not. 

2. Product backlog: Product owner handles Product backlog which comprises of the list of tasks to be performed by the team in order to complete a sprint. Any specific task can also be prioritized by the product owner in order to get some thing done quickly if needed. The list of backlogs should be ready before the sprint starts. 

3. Agile sprint backlog planning: The app development team decides the backlogs they have to target in a specific sprint at this stage. Sprint backlogs are nothing but the list of things that the team has planned to achieve for successful delivery. The sprint backlogs would then be separate into different workable actions to begin the sprint. 

4. Scrum meeting: Daily scrum meeting is an important component of overall development process as it comprises of a 15 minutes meeting held on daily basis. It is attended by all the team members so that everyone can be aware of the progress of work. This process is started once the team starts working on the backlogs. 

5. Agile sprint review: After completing a sprint, the work is sent to the stakeholders for them to review. The team looks at the things which went well during the development and what all things brought them hurdles. A clear analysis of problems and success would be action statement for the next sprint. 

6. Increment: The output of scrum is called Increment. Everyone who was involved from the team have to deliver an increment adhering to the quality standards already set by the product owner. 

7. Repeat: This complete cycle is then repeated for the next sprint made up of the remaining backlogs set by the product owner. Product owner needs to ensure that the work should be prioritized so that the highly required items can be done first. 

How Agile Methodology is beneficial for mobile app development

A. Client satisfaction: Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role to run your business, be it of any kind. You need to satisfy your customers in order to build a good reputation and credibility in the market. Also, sometimes it lets you get so much work from your existing customers that you do not have to roam around looking for projects. Using Agile, you are definitely going to make your customers happy as they are constantly made aware of the progress of their project. If client is involved at every step of the project lifecycle then consider that you have significantly reduced the chances of rework. With timely demo, they will be able to feel connected with the development process. Out of all the things, most importantly, you communicate with the client on daily basis which lets you know if they have anything new, any kind of suggestion in his/her mind. 

B. Improved quality: Unlike traditional methods, you will have the testers involved at every step of development process due to which the end product has an increased quality. The testing team will test every sprint and let developers know the bugs which can be solved quickly. Delivering a bug free application in one shot increases the trust your customers have for you. Putting the mobile application through thorough testing let the functionality bugs extremely few and far. You will also be able to gain positive feedbacks from clients so as to get future references. 

C. Maintain transparency: Adopting Agile in your workflow is a good method of maintaining transparency. Hiding away from the client while development work is going on would only bring you a plenty of problems in future. Agile demands to keep a consistent communication with the client to gain feedback so that necessary modifications can be brought in the project. 

D. Fast ROI: If you deliver the segments of work in proper intervals of time, you will be able to get the milestones released from the clients. Also, dividing the work in sprints would let you start and complete the development process fast as things get systematic.

E. Reduced risk: If you follow Agile, you can reduce the risk levels to a significant amount because you have the clients involved at every step of development process. If they get dissatisfied out of any of the functionality, they will tell you there and then. Also, the client will come know about the non-feasible things on time which would reduce the chances of them getting irritated at the last moment. 

“Almost three-quarters (71%) of organizations report using Agile approaches sometimes, often, or always.” (Source: Project Management Institute)

Forbes interviewed more than 500 senior executives from around the world and 92% said they believe organizational agility is critical to business success.”

Agile is clearly taking over the market with its smart features and amazing benefits. Being a development firm, you must have already adopted the Agile methodology in your work flow. It does not only let you stay ahead of the curve but also makes you generate fast ROI which keeps a lot of importance. 

Mobile app development can be a complicated task for you if you are coming up with the features that do not exist in the market right now. Though, hiring a good consultant or agency can make it a cakewalk, specially working on Agile methodology. It leads to project success and also raises client satisfaction which is always helpful for you to hold firm in the IT industry.  Now that you know what agile scrum is all about and what this development methodology stands for, let us begin with the actual process.

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# 10 Best Android App Development Courses & Tutorials for Beginners

# How to develop mobile app using Agile Methodology?

10 Best Android App Development Courses & Tutorials for Beginners

As a beginner, you must be attracted towards the clever designing and exquisite appearance of plethora of applications existing on app stores. With Android app development dominating the market share in the first half of 2019, one can easily get attracted towards making it a career choice. Here, we have compiled the details about Top 10 Android app development courses for you to qualify a range of associated in-demand job roles.

1. Udemy: Udemy offers a platform through which you can learn any course at any time and can also introduce your skills, knowledge and innovations to the world. With its huge list of courses, it has successfully managed to serve over 24 million students. The global marketplace comprises of over 65000 courses taught by different instructors. The cost of the courses can range from $20 to $100 depending upon the teacher. You can learn courses on your own pace as you get lifetime access to the courses you opt. You have gotten a number of industry experts from whom you can learn even the advanced concepts. Not just the beginners, even experts need it for continuous learning because of the open source nature of Android. The Android development program offered by Udemy keeps you ahead of the learning curve. Android skills would remain high in demand in the coming years as more and more businesses are adopting mobile first approach nowadays. Click here to learn more.

2. Udacity: Udacity offers you a range of courses to build Android apps, learn principles, tools and out of all best associated practices. Through such courses, you will get industry relevant content, mentorship, certification etc. It is a profitable online education organization which includes course videos as well as learning management system, forums, programming interfaces and other social elements. The goal of the Android app development courses offered at Udacity is to make students start the work as Android engineers for which there is no need to have a coding background. Once you complete a project, you will have enough experience in app development and get Google certification. The theorical concepts are blended with sufficient amount of practice in order to make students learn best practices of app development. It offers rich learning content along with taking interactive quizzes with ease of self-paced learning. College students or already employed developers do not get a set amount of time to take courses and hence the platform gives them an opportunity to do self-paced learning. Click here to learn more.

3. eDX: eDX is an online open source platform to learn a range of academic courses. A lot of courses are offered for free of cost. The beginner’s course for Android offered on eDX is for the students who are completely new to programming. Taking this course, you will be able to learn key principles of processes involved in Android development and Android architecture. The students would be able to get familiar with the generally used Android tools and modules. They can also get insights to the UI development. The Android lessons are given by the Google app development experts. Reaching towards the end of course, you will have two simple applications created. Click here to learn more.

4. Simplilearn: Simplilearn is a platform comprising of more than 400 courses related to IT and programming. The short term training courses are provided by the experts over the platform. It offers one of the most suitable programs for the beginners as it teaches the basics about Android app development along with further processes. You will also be able to learn publishing the application over Google Playstore. This makes you learn the Android architecture and also provides hands-on training along with 2 popular basic APPs developed by the end of the course. Click here to learn more.

5. Google developers training: Over Google developers training platform, you can choose from end to end training sessions created by highly acclaimed Google developers training team. With the help of this course, you will be able to create high performing applications that are marketable and useful. Once you have taken the course and you are ready, you can take Google developers certification program to become a certified developer and gain recognition in the industry for your development skills. This course is apt for both the new developers as well as seasoned developers. It has set of lessons teaching you Android app development to optimizing your presence for search. Click here to learn more.

6. Coursera: Founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, Coursera is an online platform providing a number of courses. It offers degrees and courses in Humanities, Engineering, Mathematics, Digital marketing, Data Science etc. There are over 28 million students registered over the website. Through the Android app development program over the platform, you will be able to gain knowledge and skills to design and develop mobile computing applications. This specialization would let students apply core Java features along with software patterns required to create maintainable mobile apps by means of core Android components with fundamental Java I/O mechanisms. Click here to know more.

7. Code School: Code School is a learning website through which aspiring developers can learn coding concepts in an entertaining manner. It allows you to learn according to your timeline and keeps you ahead of the curve by keep notifying about the latest trends coming in the industry. Click here to know more.

8. Raywenderlich: This website provides learning tutorials for iOS and Android app development. It facilitates you in learning the programs and concepts of Java and Kotlin. There are over 25 free tutorials available over the platform to learn the development from scratch.Click here to know more.

9. LinkedIn Learning – Lynda: This is a dedicated course for learning Android app development. It makes you learn best practices for developing highly functional mobile apps by means of Android Architecture Components for display and data persistence. David Gassner who is the Instructor of this course makes you learn the real-world concepts by the creation of a simple note-taking app from scratch i.e. beginning to the end. Click here to know more.

10. Treehouse: Treehouse is an IT learning website comprising of courses for web design, development, mobile application & game development. Learn developing Android apps with Treehouse. Click here to know more.

Reasons why Android Learning can transform your career: 

A. Huge demand: Whichever career you pick should be of your choice and must be in great demand. Android app developers are hot commodities at this point of time. There is a huge number of business willing to go for mobile apps especially Android app to serve mobile users and grow their business. According to Statista, “Google Play generates the largest amount of worldwide app downloads. In 2019, app users downloaded 21.3 billion apps from Google Play.” You can clearly see the demand in the market which becomes a solid reason behind why you should go for it. 

B. Great pay: Another important benefit for Android users is high pay. According to Indeed, “The average salary for an Android Developer is $111,670 per year in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 2,169 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Android Developer employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.” If we talk about other countries, then there is a significant reduction. According to Payscale, in India, the Average Android Software Developer Salary (Fresher) is Rs 355,189. 

C. Variety of job roles: The person having a rich knowledge in Android development is not restricted to one job role. You can choose from multiple roles like Mobile architect, Android app developer, Mobile lead software engineer etc. 

D. Challenging: If you are an Android developer, you will never get bored of you work since Android development is vast and the industry people often comes up with new and interesting innovations. You will get the requirements that would be challenging and would compel you to learn new concepts and technologies. You can design and develop innovative applications and thus your skill set keeps on expanding. 

E. Be an independent developer: Once you learn developing highly functional bug free apps, you can become an independent developer. You do not have to be tied up to a 9 to 5 job under the instructions of your boss. You are your own boss and can pick the projects of your choice. There are platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer full of job opportunities ranging from small tasks to big projects. Since, you are not tied up with a company, you will be able to get a good profit out of your efforts. 

F. Big organization look for you: Being an Android developer, you can apply in any of the MNCs of your niche. These companies come up with great offers along with challenging projects. 

Hence, it is a great time to pursue a career in Android development. Write to us what you think!

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How do I make an app for my small business?

Every business tries to bring a change in the market and perform better than the former one in the sphere. If one had come up with a physical store, another brought ecommerce websites into existence whereas the matured market in which we live right now cannot let you stand firm without a mobile presence. The number of mobile users across the globe is now estimated at over 3.7 billion and still growing. Looking at the figures, you might wonder how do I make an app for my own business. 

The first and foremost step is planning. Planning takes into account the domain you want to step in, features you would like to come up with, deciding the target market and many other activities which are important for the development, promotion and marketing of your product. As we have already mentioned that today’s market needs something new and innovative to make you hold firm, you need to have some unique selling points falling into the feature list so that you can attract a good amount of your competitor’s clients towards yourself and even prompt fresh users to take a service like yours. 

Once you have the list of features in your hand, you can proceed two ways- Use online app makers or Hire a Mobile app development agency

Online app makers: 

Going for online app makers would let you create an app without having to know ABC of designing and coding. These app makers come up with 1000s of free templates out of which you can choose one to proceed with and even customize it. There are n number of functionalities to choose from. If there is anything advanced required then some of the platform allow you to hire their developers but yes, they might be costlier than a general developer. 

You can create your app in some simple steps.

A. Sign up to an app builder

B. Choose a unique design from plenty of themes and customize the same if needed. 

C. Add features like in-app purchase, loyalty cards etc. 

D. Publish your app on app marketplaces. 

Creating an app on your own has its own advantages. 

A. No coding skills required: An amazing benefit of online app makers is that there is no coding knowledge required. You just have to create your application by some dragging and dropping. These app builders generally work on WYSIWYG approach rather than coding which means that all the changes done are shown in real time to the users in the corresponding section. While you create the app, you can simultaneously preview it, means you can see how it would look to the end users. 

B. Low cost: Startups are generally tight on budget but thanks to the technological advancements, we have app builders in our hand. An app made using online app builders cost you 40-80% lesser than hiring a professional mobile app development company. 

C. Readymade architecture: App makers generally come up with ready-made architecture for different niche. You just have to fill everything in. 

Hire a mobile app development company:

If you do not want to get bound to a particular platform and have a good budget, you should definitely go for hiring a company. If you use an online app builder, the product would be yours but partially. You are not allowed to make modifications in the source code because you do not even own it. On the other hand, tying up with an agency has its own benefits. 

A. Approach a development firm or hire a freelancer and get consultation over technology and platform choice. 

B. Introduce the feature list along with reference app (if any) and get the timeline and cost estimation from professionals. 

C. Get in touch with the designer to share your preferences such as color preference, layout etc. 

D. Provide regular feedbacks on designing and development phases.

E. Handover important credentials to get the application deployed.

There are some considerable benefits you get if you go on hiring an agency rather than picking some random online app builders

1. Professional services: A well set up team would provide you a wide range of professional services from consultation to the final deployment. These teams generally serve as one stop shop which means you do not have to go anywhere for any of your IT requirements. A professional development agency is good choice for startup entrepreneurs, as they assist them figure out a monetization strategy before the product launch. 

2. Technical expertise: You get people who are expert in delivering a kind of service you are looking for. If you tie up with a company, you get special benefits from up-to-date tools, licenses, certificates and software. 

3. Good workflow: The companies generally have a tuned work flow which means you will communicate with a dedicated project manager in order to get everything done and it happens in a systematic manner. 

4. Long term relationship: These companies generally understand their responsibilities because ultimately, they have to be in this sphere only for which they need to maintain their reputation and collect positive feedback from people. The companies would care about your satisfaction and products they deliver to you and hence you will be able to maintain a long-term relationship with them. 

5. Less legal issues: If you are tied up with a good company, then it is less likely that you get yourself trapped into legal things. If you get good services, you will not raise any kind of dispute against them and waste your valuable time. 

This is how the things go once you decide to have your mobile presence. It is high time to deliver your best to the prospects who try to approach you through their mobile devices as it a dominating medium. Investing a good amount in promotion and marketing is also equally important due to rising competition in the market. You need to make your product or service stand out of the crowd to create a good user base and manage a good return. 

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How to Develop Learning App like BYJU’s and Toppr: Growth, Benefits, Features, & Cost

The possibilities of imparting education through interactive mobile applications were realised by the market in the year 2017; the year BYJU’s turned Unicorn, a fancy term given to privately held startups valued at $1 billion and above. Since then, entrepreneurs have been eyeing the educational app market. Apps like Robomate+, Meritnation, Extramarks soon came with their offerings, and seized whatever market share they deserved, proving m-learning is a sea of opportunities that could accommodate many fish together. 

The reason why m-learning or learning apps haven’t faced any backlash now from any part of the society is its ability to gel with the current system. Unlike Ola, Uber, OYO, and other such businesses that are perceived as a threat by the conventional businesses of their respective industry, the success of educational apps lies in the fact that they are not viewed as a competition, but a supplement to the conventional schooling system. The “Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace” model seems to have struck a chord with the masses, pushing the point of market saturation far away.

So if you are planning to launch an educational app of your own, but don’t know how or where to start from , read on to know the trends, technology, features, and the cost it takes to build an app like Byju’s.

Market Size of eLearning


According to an article published on March, 2018 on the website of Indian Brand and Equity Found, “The education market in India is currently valued at US$ 100 billion and is expected to nearly double to US$ 180 billion by 2020.* “ Such immense figures and the steep growth that they promise are not born out of thin air. They are backed by the optimism that Indian parents have for the future of their children, and the lengths they go to ensure every possible facility on their part. The same care and love has been the force of growth for Byju’s and Toppr. So basically it all comes down to one thing: the benefits for students. But e-learning is not all about school and college students. Working professionals that find it hard to attend after office schools, or don’t have the budget to pay for further certifications or classes have also been looking up to learning app for quite some time.

According to an estimate, e-learning market is expected to grow  to $325 Billion by 2025. Online courses make up $46 billion of the overall e-learning markets, according to statista. M-leaning alone is expected to reach $37.60 million by 2020. 

How educational mobile apps are beneficial to the students?

There are many, and we have tried listing a few below.

a. The course are well-arranged and could be accessed at any point in time by students.

b. Full-length, content rich, animation videos make it easy for students to visualise the concept

c. Hundreds of topic-wise test to assess the performance of children.

d. Availability of GD/PI mock rounds for competitive exams

e. Personal mentors are also assigned in some m-learning platforms

f. Parents can keep a watch over the performance and growth of their children

g. Unlike schools or learning centres, where extensive registration is required, learning apps only make the users go through a simple sign-up and payment process process.

Top features of Mobile Learning app

1. Total Syllabus Coverage

As the responsibility for curating the study material is handed over to expert faculties, a well-arranged, and in-depth content surfaces at the end of the process. The study material is so created that every student gets the opportunity to finish the syllabus on time, at his or her pace.

2. Aids visual learning

Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are taught best when students are made to learn with visually appealing methods, instead of the redundant and conventional chalk-board methodology. Learning apps have video lectures for the lessons that need  interactive and visual teaching.

3. Chapter-wise Tests

It’s important that students know where they stand with their knowledge as soon as the chapter ends. Learning apps have in-built test mock tests, along with other sample and question papers of previous year examinations. These regular tests help students learn better, and keep a record of their learning curve.

4. In-Built Chat

In-Built chat gives the students the facility message their personal mentors in time of need. This could be done to understand any concept or question within the study material. 

5. Adaptive learning

Interactive and visuals lessons of learning apps are quite adaptive to the needs of students. I help the development team to design the syllabus as per the needs of learners. 

6. Third-party Apps

In-app calling, messaging, chat forums are some functionalities that are achieved using third-party apps, and act to aid the learning of users.

7. Logistics Dashboard

If the team also deals in providing hard-copies of shipping material, then a logistics dashboard could be provided in the app, so both team and users could track the status of their shipping.

Features for Student Panel

a. Registration Page – This page asks for basic details like user name, email id, phone number, etc.

b. Log-in: For users that have already signed-up for the services.

c. Forgot Password: In case a user forgets their login password, OTP could be sent to either number or email id

d. Profile Manager: Users can fill or edit their personal details, Email, Password, Profile Pic, School, Class etc.

e. Browse all courses: Presents all the available courses and modules to the student. The browse course section will also have a sub-section called “Search Courses”. Students can search for the desired course by typing certain keywords, or by filtering according to the categories available.

f. Course Detail on Click: Course related details like number of lessons, short description of each chapter, price for complete lesson, and a CAT at the end.

g. Purchase Button/Page: Users can buy any lesson or the complete course, and pay using  credit, debit, wallet, net banking, etc.

h. Online Reader: After paying the amount, users can download the lesson. However, students should be given the option to read the lessons online. 

i. Live Chat Support– Users can chat directly with tech-support and personal mentors

j. Purchase History Dashboard: Here users can see the products they have purchased in the past, products added to cart, price paid, etc.

k. Test– Section where multiple tests would be available as per the lessons taken in past by the student

l. Shipment Status– In case hard copies are ordered, shipment could be tracked by this feature

Features for Admin Panel 

1. Manage Themes: Admin will be able to manage themes which front-end user can choose so that look and feel of the user account can be changed.

a. Add

b. Delete

c. Activate

d. Deactivate

2. Manage Courses: Admin will be able to view all the courses added by a tutor.

a. View

b. Search

c. Filters

d. Choose Category

e. Name of Course

f. Description

g. Topic name

h. Description of Topic

i. Price for a topic

j. Time slot for teaching

k. Choose cancellation policy

3. Manage Subscription: Admin can manage subscriptions users want to buy.

a. Add

b. Name of Package

c. Price

d. Description

e. Edit

f. Delete

g. Activate

h. Deactivate

4. Manage Users: Admin will be able to view details of all the subscribed users and users who are associated with that subscribed user.

1. View

2. Search

3. Filters

4. Add

5. Delete

6. Activate

7. Deactivate

5. Statistics: Admin will be able to view following stats:

a. Number of courses purchased

b. Number of sessions

c. Number of Users/Student

d. Payments

e. Top Performing Courses

6. Content Manager: Admin will be able to manage website content.

a. Add/upload

b. Edit

c. Delete

d. Activate

e. Deactivate

f. Content pages

7. Transaction History: Admin will be able to view payment made by each user and once admin gets payment from the user, user’s account will be activated.

8. Track Orders: Admin can track all the orders made by students for study packages and study materials.

9. Shipping: Admin will be able to track all shipments and delivery status

10. Ticketing: Integrated Ticketing automation tool for providing solutions seamlessly

11. CRM: Integrated CRM platform for better customer services, customer engagement

12. IVRS: Company’s communications system allows callers to interact over the telephone.

Premium vs. Free Subscription: What’s the best Monetisation Method for an m-learning Mobile App?

Imparting quality education is sure a cause in itself, but doing it the way platforms like Byju’s and Toppr call for a proper digital and physical infrastructure, which needs money to run and manage. Presented here are some differences between free subscription model (FSM) and premium model.

A. FSM aren’t suitable for teaching and learning, as you can only provide access to 30%-40% with this kind of subscription. Sooner or later, users will either move for the Premium plan or choose to opt out. However, FSM can be a great marketing tool.

B. Premium models allow users to clear their doubts directly with mentors, a privilege that requires good investment to continue.

C. Lesson download option is one feature that could only be allowed with Premium model. Which means your users would have direct access to their course material, without requiring to have an active internet connection.

D. As every subscription is year based, users have to renew their account as soon as they move a class up, which means a continuous source of revenue.

Advanced Features that Make Your m-Learning App Awesome

A. Ward Progress Tracking: Allows parents to check the progress of their kids. They can see active lessons, previous chapters learned, learning curve, test scores, etc.

B. Lesson Reminders: Both students and parents could set time for various chapters, so they would be reminded by the app when the time for learning arrives.

C. Offers and Discounts: Referral system is a good method to build a strong user base in less time. Users buying in bulk should be given extra credit which they could avail for discounted course material.

D. E-commerce: Once your platforms receives some success, you can sell other study material, like Tablets, e-readers, CD pack, etc.

Technology Stack


Back-End Technologies : To make the app semaless on both web and mobile platforms, NoSql like Casandra and RDBMS like PostgreSQL could be used. Main Framework for the application should b kept in Python and JavaScript for better results. 

Following technologies should be given a thought to for the project:

a. For storage or caching with CDNs: Amazon S3

b. For model-based testing: GraphWalker.

c. For data processing and management  in real time: Kafka 

d. For primary platform structure:DataProc

e. For desktop-based UI: Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)is a better option.

f. Bootstrap for smooth look of website.

g. Push Notifications – Twilio,

h. For SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Twilio, Nexmo

i. For Payments – Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

j. For building complex browser-based applications: Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

k. For Data Management: Datastax

l. Streaming Media System – Helix Universal Server, Nimble Streamer, Wowza Streaming Engine

m. For Email related operations: Mandrill 

n. Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres

o. Cloud Environment – AWS

p. Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, IBM

The Cost of Developing an M-Learning Mobile App:

There is no upper hand when it comes to developing  a food delivery app like Learning App like BYJU’s and Toppr. Factors like app complexity, size, additional features, and number mobile platforms you want the app to run on, and country where your project is being handled affect the cost greatly. To give you an idea, here is an outline of costs involved:

Development costs according to project location:

1. US-based developers: $80 to $220 per hour

2. Eastern Europe-based developers: $60 to $150 per hour

3. India-based developers: $18 to $42 per hour

Costs according to processes involved:

1. Technical documentation (42 hours – $800 to $1,700)

2. UI/UX design (75 Hours – $1,200 to $2,700)

3. Front-end and Back-end development (420 Hours – $8,000 to $ 17,000)

4. Testing (85 Hours – $1,700 to $3,500)

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Local Business Directory Like Yelp?

New applications hit the market with the aim to provide something more or better than their antecedents. However, due to a great number, it becomes difficult for the users to gain useful knowledge about each one. If you consider yourself an upcoming entrepreneur, then wonder what it’s like to bring all the important information for the users at one place. Can you guess what’s the catch here? High time to build a business listing application

What is a Business Directory/ Business Listing Application? 

Do you remember the traditional directories we used to have in bygone times? Those were just confined to business name and phone numbers whereas with the advancement in information system, we are now able to access business directories containing all the vital information about business operating under various sectors. These directories operate online and enable users to see every listed company’s portfolio, address, contact details, ratings, reviews, case studies and a lot of other information. Once such successful example is Yelp. 

What is Yelp? 

Business Listing Application

US based Yelp Inc. gave birth to Yelp which is an online platform collecting and showcasing information about various companies operating across different sectors. Does not matter what kind of services you are searching for, Yelp never disappoints you. It would let you know the best service available in your area, other customers’ experience and guide you through the path. Whether its about searching the best Pizzeria, Gas station, Lounge, Auto service, home service or anything else, Yelp is there for you!

There has been a significant rise seen in the number of start-ups from past some years making it difficult for people to differentiate between genuine services and the fraudsters. Portals like Yelp comes to rescue telling people the real information about vendors along with customer feedbacks. On the other hand, Yelp also helps the genuine service providers who fail to reach out to the real prospects. They have now gotten a reasonable platform on which they can promote themselves and drive leads their way. 

There is a little difference between how Yelp operates and how other platforms assist you. Yelp starts its operation by detecting your location then coming up with the options available for you. You need to choose from a wide range of categories in order to reach the desired results quickly. You can find information such as address, working hours, contact details, email, ratings, reviews and other important things related to a particular company by visiting its profile. 

With the popularity of such platforms, you must be curious about what it’s takes to Create an app like Yelp. If its among your ideas for a start-up, we would like to introduce you with the development cost of Yelp like model and important features to make it a big success. 

Basic Features of Yelp like Online Business Directory: 

There are three types of users on Yelp. 

1. Customers

2. Business Owners

3. Admin

Customer app features: 

1. Search for a service

2. Refine search

3. Registration/Login

4. See business categories

5. Visit business profiles

6. Photo gallery

7. Social sharing

8. View rating ad reviews

9. See advertisements

10. Visit forum

11. Online booking

12. Maintain profile

13. Get notifications

Business owner panel features: 

1. Registration/Login

2. Create profile

3. Manage profile

4. See rating and reviews

5. Manage ads

6. Manage bookings

7. Avail featured placement

8. Get notifications

9. See order history

Admin panel features: 

1. Login

2. Visit Dashboard

3. Manage users

4. Manage business listings

5. Manage content

6. Manage reviews

7. Manage Forum

8. Manage revenue

9. Manage Advertisements

Advanced Features: 

1. Google Map Integration: Google maps needs to be integrated in a business listing app so that the app can detect user’s location and can also locate businesses for customers to navigate them easily. Customers generally prefer to choose services that are not more than 10 kms away. 

2. Content Management System: CMS is must for this kind of portal as Admin needs to update information every now and then for which he cannot enter into coding. He should have an easy backend through which content can be added/edited/deleted. 

3. Cloud storage integration: Nothing is worth without having cloud integration. Google cloud storage or amazon data servers are highly used to store data in a secured manner.

4. Payment Gateway Integration: It is the next must have thing as your users need to carry out transaction in order to book services. Also, if business owners want to sign up for premium services, you need to give them a secured payment option. PayPal, Stripe, Braintree are some commonly used services. 

5. Analytics: There should be a real time reporting through which admin can see the bookings, transactions and other things taking place. 

6. SMS API integration: Through SMS API, users will be able to get notifications over their phones which is much more common than emails. 

7. Rating and Reviews: While searching for services, some people fall in trap of inauthentic and unproductive services and due malpractice of such service providers their business and financial plans get hurt for a period of time. The same is becoming reason behind a lesser of trust of seekers on other service providers ultimately hurting their businesses as well. Having a rating and reviewing platform is a great help at this point. Platforms like Yelp allow customers to leave feedback which other users can read and make an informed choice later. 

8. Push notification: Other important thing for the success of any mobile app! Having so many applications in their phone, users can forget to visit yours. You need to leave timely reminders to them regarding your services, USPs, offers and other exciting things. They can be informed by means of push notifications. Push notifications are must have for a big model as users need to be kept informed about their preferences, orders, transactions etc. 

9. Sponsored listing: Sponsored business listing is basically a feature for the business owners. For the advertisement of their services on a portal, they can sign up for featured placement through which if user visits the related category, that particular service can be shown on top. Other than this, banner advertisements or blogging are the other advertisement opportunities given. 

10. Filters and sorting: It is a must have when business listings are to be considered. People need quick results which can only be derived when you give them appropriate filters and sorting options such as results can be filtered or sorted on the basis of popularity, cost of service etc. 

Revenue Model of Yelp like Apps: How does Yelp like models earn? 

Source : strategyzer

Does not matter which era we have arrived, it has been always important to know the ROI to start a business. Even if you are starting a Grocery store in your locality, you need to know the revenue sources. So, lets get in touch with the revenue model of Yelp like apps so that you may know what return you can expect out of your efforts, time and hard-earned money. 

A. Advertisements: It is the one source which always remains in trend as long as online platforms are considered. If you have a platform that has great traffic coming to it then who will not like to advertise on it. You can make most of your revenue out of advertisement.

B. Sponsored placement: The listed business would always like to show up on your listings which can be other source of revenue for you. You can charge them for showing them up in the list or may be searches. This way, you will get a monthly fix cost based on the number of subscriptions you get. 

C. Membership plans: Such websites generally have different membership levels for the registered companies. Different types of members get different benefits. Again, it becomes a way for you to get a monthly fixed cost. 

D. Deals and offers: Just like Groupon, the deal and offers can be sold over the platform. 

E. Paid Blogging: You can call companies to have their blogs published over your platform and get a quality backlink. 

What is the cost needed to develop an app like Yelp? 

The timescale and cost of the application depend upon the platforms chosen and kind of features required. Would you like to go for iOS, Android or both? If both, would you like to go for Native or Hybrid? What level of designing would you prefer? 

We will consider a general scenario in mind where you need both Android and iOS native apps with great UI. As far as business listing websites or mobile apps are considered, you need to get a good level of designing performed which can cost you somewhere around $5000. 

Coming to development, native developers are costly who might charge you somewhere around $25 to $50 per hour. Things can get in budget if you give project on lumpsum cost. A consolidated cost can be given by any company when you handover them the complete feature list. So, its important to first begin with the feature list and then feel free to get in touch with any of the Best mobile app development companies to take your project forward. 

Get in touch with us through comment box for any of your questions related to mobile apps

How to Build an App? 10 Steps to Develop an App from Scratch

Business owners tend to utterly count on high demand mobile applications due to conception of mobile first age. Numerous applications hit the market every week though only few are capable of standing firm and surviving the competition. For your app idea to create a huge success in the market, it is important to build it systematically by following all the necessary steps. Here is a thorough guide on how to build an app from scratch. 

1. Planning: If you have got a well-researched and innovative app idea, its time to plan the internal things. Take a paper and start penning down your idea, majorly about the must-have features. Your on-paper work would help you refine your idea at a great extent. If you ponder over solving a particular existing problem through the app then don’t try to tackle all at once. You need to first identify the minimally viable solution and release the app in phases. When you release basic functionalities at starting and include more later then there are more chances for users to re-engage with your platform. Deciding potential features, platforms, technologies is a must at this point as the further steps would be dependent upon these elements. While deciding the features, you can divide the list into two parts- must-have features and nice-to-have features which would help you cutting down or adding on features depending upon your budget. 

2. Market research: Market research forms an important part of your mobile approach which is often skipped by developers. You need to know if your app idea has already been executed by someone else in the market. If yes, then research over what are things lacking in that model. Know your target market and ponder over the things they are looking for. Frame your business model containing the key activities, users, revenue streams and other important things. Doing market research before getting the development started would eliminate most of the mistakes that might happen in future. Keep the answers of below questions ready with you. 

A. What are your target locations and age group?

B. Do you have any competitors? 

C. Is there anything they lack on? 

D. Are people looking for an app like yours? 

E. What is the problem you are addressing through this app?

Based on your research, you will be able to clearly define the problems that your app is going to solve and would be able to finalize the features accordingly. 

3. Mock-ups: Before actually starting with the real designing of your app, you need to create mock-ups which are rough sketches to define the places for various elements. A mock-up is a black and white raw version of your app which will help you imagine how your app is going to look. It does not have to contain the exact positioning of all the items or complex colour schemes. Mock-ups just help you see the interaction and flow of your app. It tells you about what happens when you click on a particular button or link. It serves as a great way to enrol your client and team in the project so tat they can get a clear idea of the scope of work. In a mobile app development company, it is generally done by the business analyst who remains in contact with the pre-sales team and the client to assure the correct application of planned features. Once mock-ups get a green tick from the app owner, the project is taken towards designing. 

4. Graphic Designing: Designing is for sure an important aspect for creation of any application. Designing itself is divided into two parts. Firstly, we will tell you about Graphic designing and in the further section, the importance of a perfect UI designing would be delivered. So, Graphic designing for your application would contain Logo of your brand, images, animations, motion design etc. If you are not a designing pro, you might need help of an expert in the field who has good hands on modern and minimalistic designing. Your DIY methods might give you a major setback here as most of the businesses consider taking help from the designer who have spent years practicing and polishing their skills. An alternative may be the correct usage of designing tools available in the market. For example, tools such as Wix and Canva gives you a complete set of facilities to build your logo for free. Though, they might charge for the paid templates. Even if you do not want to go for such an option, you have platforms like Upwork or Freelancer on which you will get thousands of freelancers for whom it is a day’s job. Also, the cost application is not the higher side. 

5. UI Designing: UI designing need creativity, worktime, prototyping and a lot of corrections involved. Firstly, you will need a tool to start designing the screen of app. The most commonly used software for designing is Adobe Photoshop which comes up with numerous tools within to support and accessorize your screen designs. While designing the app screens, you need to keep in mind the devices for which the application is planned. There is a slight difference between the designing work for Android and iOS platforms. You might need to prepare every banner or screen separately for different platforms, screen sizes and densities. The internal pages of the page should go in line with the home screen of app. To build an impressive UI, designers need to go deep into the peculiarities of mobile applications and simultaneously learn their constituents and functionality. Below is the set of some common screens that every app contains. 

A. Splash screens

B. Home screen

C. Menu

D. Registration/Login

E. User profile

F. Product/services pages

G. Checkout and payment screen (in case of Ecommerce apps)

Rest, depends upon the genre & complexity of application. 

6. Landing Page: Marketing is something that should never be overlooked while you are too much engrossed in having the best app design and development. The latter two things are undoubtedly important, but marketing is what makes your app reach to the target audience. If you do not have any website and you are directly jumping into app development, it is important for you to create a web page that would technically be landing page for your app. What’s a landing page? It is basically a webpage containing a brief of your application and the necessary CTAs. Suppose, you are coming up with a Fantasy Sport Application for which you need to start building userbase before the launch. You can simply create a landing page and collect email addresses and in return, give them some additional benefits such as free entry coupons or something like that. Here are some of the important things you must have on your app’s landing page. 

A. An attractive headline defining your services

B. Brief introduction

C. App screenshots

D. Call-to-action (link of Playstore/Appstore if app is live)

E. Subscribe to newsletter form

F. About us section

7. Development: Now that you are ready with the app screens, its time to move towards development. There are two common platforms for which a business app is developed- iOS and Android. If you would like to go for both the platforms, you have two options again. You can either go for Native apps or Hybrid apps.

Native applications are developed to work on a specific platform or environment and are written in particular languages as per the platform. For example, the native iOS apps are written either in Objective C or Swift whereas if we talk about Native Android apps, they are written in Kotlin and Java. Native applications generally have a responsive interface and things are loaded faster as compared to any other type of applications. Hybrid apps can be considered as a combination of native and web apps which is coded once, and the same app works on Windows, Android and iOS. The hybrid application is developed using technologies such as CSS, HTML5 and JS.

Considering Native platforms as most of the businesses’ prime choice, we are writing below a quick guide on how to build an app for iOS and Android platforms.

Coding an App for iOS

You can code iOS apps in Objective C or Swift. Swift is said to have simple syntax and high-performance memory whereas developers now find Objective C complex to learn which might promote a lot of bugs. Swift is a highly sought-after options for developers, hence most of the newly built solutions are based on this language. There are strict development rules set by Apple though it facilitates the process with robust IDE, Xcode. 

Coding an app for Android

One needs to have a thorough knowledge of Java in order to create an Android app. Though, it can also be developed using Kotlin which is another efficient language which is totally interoperable with Java and along with this, it is more human-like language which makes code debugging easier. The app development process can be optimized with the usage of Android or Visual Studio toolkits. The code completion and delivery are accelerated by these IDE. While developing an app, it is important to ensure a smooth interaction with databases and APIs which can be achieved by Android libraries like ActiveAndroid, Retrofit etc.

Developing an application for both the platforms require engagement of two expert resources. Though, if you are unsure about your business idea even a little, you can go for one platform for now and concentrate on another after building a decent amount a userbase and success through one.

8. Launch: Launching your app means its time for you to make it live on the app marketplaces i.e. Google Playstore for Android app and App store for iOS app.

How to publish your app on Google Playstore? 

A. In order to publish your app, you need to first create a Google Developer account on Playstore. 

B. If your app is paid or you are having any paid features in your app, then you will have to create a Merchant Account.

C. Create your app by entering app title and other important details. 

D. Prepare store listing

E. Enter product details such as Title, Short Description and Full Description for your app.

F. Add graphic assets for example images, screenshots, promotional videos etc. 

G. Choose language and translation

H. Choose categorization

I. Provide contact details 

J. Mention privacy policy

K. Upload APK

L. Provide content rating

M. Then, select whether you want to keep your app Free or Paid for the users. It has to be noted that a paid app can be turned into free one, but the reverse is not possible. 

N. Publish your app by clicking on confirm Rollout.

How to publish your app on App Store?
-Prepare your app’s title and meta data with iTunes Connect
-Upload your latest app build to the App Store with Xcode
-Apple reviews your app, following the App Store Review Guidelines
-When your app is approved, it’s published live in the App Store
-DONE! People can now download and install your app

9. Marketing: Development is way to convert your idea into real life application whereas marketing is what makes you reach users and solve their problems. Digital Marketing comes up with a set of methodologies to target right people and encourage usage of your application. You can go for App store optimization, Paid advertisement, Email Marketing, Social media marketing in order to create a buzz in the market. With all your efforts, make people aware of the solution you are bringing to the market. 

10. User feedback: In this era, people are no more making their footprints over your physical shops or offices. They have to rely over the digital information which can be trusted by means of client testimonials. So, collect user feedback by different means such as get quantitative data using analytics, use interviews, surveys or talk to your users regularly. It encourages them to leave feedback on your wall.

Now that, you have gained enough amount of knowledge regarding mobile app development, lets get to work. We would like to welcome any of your concerns in the comment box over which you expect clarification. So, feel free to get in touch. 

Cost and Important Features to Develop a Mobile App like TikTok

Clearly an internet sensation, TikTok is a game changer for the Entertainment industry which is highly acclaimed by a huge user base. The idea of music streaming has completely changed by the emergence of music streaming applications like TikTok, Spotify, Pandora etc. Not only on TikTok itself, the moment you access your Facebook and Instagram Feed, you will find a lot of TikTok videos popping onto your phone screen. If one user comes up with some unique or creative piece, it becomes a trend, and everyone tries to copy it which gives even more towering hike to the app usage. It is not tough for us to believe that TikTok has gotten immense potential to engage users at a great extent which is why it is among the list of popular and effective business startup ideas. Let’s have a look at the efforts and capital required to create an app like TikTok

Before proceeding any further, you need to first understand that a music streaming app can be categorized in two forms. One is Music Streaming App and other is Social Music Video App. It is important for you to first decide which one would you like to proceed with as both have different features and functionalities. In this blog, we are going to ponder over the functionalities and aspects of the later i.e. Social Music Video App like Tik Tok. 

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is a great entertainment dosage as it allows users to create musical videos and share them on social media with their friend circle. It is a Chinese Music Video Platform which was earlier know as You will be surprised to that with its highly engaging features, it has become World’s fatest growing app of all times. Despite facing legal issues in Indonesia, TikTok is experiencing a rapid growth across the globe. Even in India, TikTok experienced some hurdles which led it its ban but its again on board. This app is additive in nature and the regular users just cannot stay away from its usage even for a day. 

It serves as an amazing way to lip-sync popular songs & movie dialogues and record videos at the same time. The app allows you to either save the video in your phone or share it with your friend circle. You can also make them publicly available to increase your reach. Another amazing feature offered by the app is that it allows you to also interact with other user’s content. 

You can choose from a wide range of categories as per your choice to gain access to millions of videos. TikTok offers a great platform to youngsters who want to showcase their talent in front of millions of people. Not just the basic ones like funny animations, videos, music but you will also find an all together different level of content over the app such as Rap, Rock, Pop, Electronic etc. It has also been found that TikTok mobile app has more number of downloads than Spotify, Snapchat & Gmail combined on App Store.

Is TikTok Popular worldwide?

top 10 countries with the most TikTok users

TikTok is investing in quality content creation which is the real rationale for its immense popularity which will likely remain consistent for the foreseeable future. As posted by Brandsynaro, here is the list of top 10 countries with the most TikTok users.

1. India – 119.3mn users

2. USA – 39.6mn users

3. Turkey – 28.4mn users

4. Russia – 24.3mn users

5. Mexico – 19.7mn users

6. Brazil – 18.4mn users

7. Pakistan – 11.8mn users

8. Saudi Arabia – 9.7mn users

9. France – 9.1mn users

10. Germany – 8.8mn users

TikTok has left behind the giants like YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp and Messenger by being the most downloaded non-gaming application. At the time of inception, was the original app later acquired by a Chinese company ByteDance and then all the user accounts were migrated from to TikTok. It is stated in company’s profile that “We saw an opportunity to combine the power of AI with the growth of mobile internet to revolutionize the way people consume and receive information. Bytedance enables people to enjoy content powered by machine learning and AI technology.” 

Features to develop a mobile app like TikTok 

Features to develop a mobile app like TikTok

A. Amazing User Interface: The very first thing with which you can impress your users is the homescreen UI. TikTok shows you amazing collection of videos on the landing page as you sign up which make the first minute spent on the app just amazing.

B. Likes: Likes are shown in the form of hearts over TikTok. To like a video, it is not necessary to follow the creator. Its just a double tap Like just like Instagram.

C. Tools: Every image or video capturing application should be equipped with enough number of tools so that the users do not have to jump over other editor to upload their posts the way they want. TikTok has tools to cut, slowdown, edit, apply filters and many other useful tools.

D. Grow on other networks as well: TikTok is one app that is not concerned about sharing its user base with other big networks. It allows users to share their Instagram/Facebook profiles so as to grow their followers on other platforms as well which seems much user friendly.

E. Duet: Apart from enjoying unlimited solo video uploads, users can also share club their videos with a faraway user. How does it happen? Suppose, the creator begins a lip sync video to a particular dialogue. Other user can scan it by the help of #Duetwithmehastag and contribute to the post. This way, users are also able to fulfil their ultimate desire of performing with celebrities.

F. Music Library: There is huge music library featured by TikTok out of which you can choose your favourite one to proceed with.

G. Social Sharing: One of the most important features any talent capturing app can have is social sharing. You should allow users to share their videos on Instagram, Facebook and other popular platforms easily.

H. Earn Money: Allows users to monetize their accounts as they get a particular number of followers or likes on their videos. Users can also earn from brand sponsoring or even selling their own products. 

Some unique and advanced features: 

A. Geolocation: It can be a great addition to your feature list. Allows users to see broadcasts from his/her local region. It will facilitate them watching what’s taking place in the nearby locations.

B. Push notifications: It should be an integral part of your strategies to get users. Notify users when their favourite creator is live or has come up with something new. It is natural that you would want to remain updated of what you follow so it’s a must have feature for any social video steaming app.

C. Real time analytics: Besides from notifying the creators about likes and comments, also allow them to have a look at the real time analytics such as number of viewers when they are live. 

What made TikTok so popular?

In just a year after its inception, it became hugely popular among youngsters. We would like to bring in notice some of the amazing features this platform has offered to its users due to which it is consistently popular since then. 

1. Watch unlimited videos: TikTok allows users to see as many videos as they want for time pass, fun or getting inspired from the creator. Users can browse through countless lip-sync, comedy, dance and other kind of clips and explore multiple categories of interest. 

2. Special effects: TikTok is witnessed to offer some amazing special effects that you can add to your videos in order to decorate them. Once you reach the TikTok camera, you need to press effects on bottom eft corner where you will be able to access cats and dogs effects, gay pride effects, seasonal effects for Christmas and other trendy effects. 

3. Sharing on multiple platforms: The next major thing which has given hike to TikTok users is social sharing. The platform allows users to share their creations on multiple social networking platforms so that they can increase the reach of their videos.

The application is seen to simply break all the records by beating even the giants such as Instagram, Snapchat etc. The commendable acceptance of users has made TikTok an internet sensation which has a growing graph both in terms of number of users and engagement. Despite facing a lot of hurdles and getting even banned in some areas, the application is not still having any kind of setback in its growth. 

Is it Safe to use Tik Tok? 

User protection and privacy is a critical issue for all the social media platforms operating online specially the popular ones. Tik Tok suffered a ban in Indonesia due to presence of ‘Negative Content’ which could prove to be harmful for children. The app has been blamed to have harassing and pornography content due to which a lot of complaints were filed by Indonesian public. Disturbing scenes include small simulating sexual acts and things like that. Moreover, the platform was being used to stalk or court teenage girls.

Following this major backfire, the platform made modifications in its privacy features according to which users can permanently delete their account or set their accounts to private so as to make the content reach just to the followers. Indonesia reverted the ban after finding the app a lot safer than before. There are rising privacy demands raised by authorities of different nations so that they do have to take away something this much engaging from users due to bad form of content. 

Technology stack of an App like Tik Tok

Tik Tok is one of the most engaging and creative apps which was one its kind when it made the big hit in the market. There has to be strong technology stack supporting such a highly acclaimed platform. 

Here are the technologies that have been used to develop Tik Tok. 

Frontend: Native technologies

Backend: Python

Database: Postgre SQL

Media Server Configuration: HTTPS, RTMP and HTTP

Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Storage

Video/Audit Transcoding: FEMPEG, Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Resources required to develop an app like Tik Tok: 

There is surely a polished team required to give a tough competition to already available apps in the market like Tik Tok. Firstly, there must be great UX UI designer required in order to create an appealing frontend powered by smooth navigation so that users would themselves want to not miss any chance visiting it. Having smooth and bug free functionalities is what keep the users intact and happy with the app. Here is the complete set of roles required. 

a. UX UI Designer

b. Android developer

c. iOS developer

d. Database developer

e. Project Manager

f. Backend developer

g. QA Experts

How does apps like Tik Tok make money? 

How does apps like Tik Tok make money

The major source of revenue of such platforms is Advertising. Though, we will talk about other ways as well through which a good amount of revenue can be generated. 

1. In app purchase: It is a general method of earning through a music or video streaming. In app purchase means charging customers for additional benefits, products or services. After purchase, users are generally moved under premium membership for them to enjoy additional benefits. 

2. Advertising: Who would not like to get their products advertised on a platform which has such a great number of users? So, if you have traffic, you can be an advertising platform for other brands. Allow them to have their banner ads on your app and this can be a regular source of revenue for you. There can be many types of ads such as Cost per click, Cost per Install etc. 

3. Sell the app: If your app gets immense popularity then chances are you might be acquired by a giant in the industry. You can also consider selling your model to new rolling-in entrepreneurs.

What is the cost required to develop a Tik Tok like App? 

Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing application over the internet. The cost to develop such an app depends upon the kind of features required. If you would like to go for basic features, then it should cost you somewhere between $25000-$30000 whereas for advanced features, the amount might go up.

How Mobile Apps Are Becoming A Transformative Force for Grocery Retail?

One cannot deny over the fact that mobile technology has worked with its complete force to streamline many activities across sectors. There is a lesser requirement of time and efforts now to perform daily chores. Retail is one of those industries which has been affected majorly by rolling-in technologies. We have a lot of applications produced by some of the best mobile app developers on our finger tips selling out apparels, gadgets, accessories etc. but when it comes to receiving a variety in our daily essentials i.e. Grocery, we have fewer choices. Grocery makes a big part of our daily or weekly shopping requirements which is why it is high time to rethink its necessity in the online retail world. 

Problems with current scenario: 

1. Geographical limitation: The brick and mortar grocery stores generally fail to get recognition among the whole city as they are approached just by the nearby people. Geographical limitation is a big challenge for them to overcome because it rarely happens that we are going to a faraway place in order to purchase may be a pack of rice. The business of a physical shop only depends upon the people living in local proximity. 

2. Lack of variety: Your local grocery store would not generally keep the branded items as there is rarely someone asking for the same. For example, there is a different variety of items needed by the health-conscious people which might include skimmed milk. Due to lack of variety, it becomes difficult for people to get options nearby. They have to travel to a faraway place or a supermarket. Just like other things, consumers also wish to gain access to a wide variety when it comes to grocery and other daily essentials. 

3. Low sales: Due to just a local reach, grocers fail to make expected amount of sales which is why it becomes difficult for them to grow their business while if we talk about other industries, the retail does pretty well through online accessibility. 

4. Rising cost of real estate: Generally, Grocers do not run shops on their own properties. They have to rent a space and due to rising cost of real estate, it becomes difficult for them to even afford a small shop in the market area. Running their business over online platforms can reduce their operation cost to a great extent which they can put in the promotion and marketing of the brand. 

5. Changing customer preferences: In this digitalized world, we have all the things on our fingertips which has raised our expectation and changed our preferences. We are relying more and more over online platforms to get all the daily chores done. This is a major setback faced by the Grocery industry that there are fewer online options on which customers can get a wide variety. 

Types of Grocery apps:

While mobile app development companies are tying their hands-on various types of applications using wide range of technologies, we have gotten three major types supporting online grocery retail businesses. 

A. In store apps: Whether it is about online platforms or traditional brick and mortar stores, we love to receive a personalized experience. In-store grocery apps does the same through which the customers can get an idea of the stock, products and location. 

B. Ecommerce apps: We all are aware of the amazing features an Ecommerce app can offer. Through grocery ecommerce apps, users can easily buy the daily essentials through few finger taps. Such apps also offer a wide range of categories and filter options through which user can easily get what he/she is looking for and quickly order the same. 

C. Personalized grocery apps: When it comes to Grocery, we all know that it is an integral part our day to day shopping. With personalized grocery apps, users can create the list of items required, set reminders and also share the same with their contacts. 

Benefits of Grocery Apps for customers: 

There are enormous benefits which a Grocery app can offer to the customers. Two of the major ones are as below. 

1. Wide variety of items: Grocery applications offer rich browsing and a wide variety of options to choose from. If you visit a physical store, you might not get the items of your preferred brand but when it comes to a grocery marketplace, there are a lot of sellers listed on it. So, if one seller does not have a particular product, the other one might have it. Over online stores, one gets a wide assortment of fruits, vegetable, international cuisine, beverages etc. 

2. Offering convenience: Since its inception, online shopping has always been a convenient option for the shoppers since they do not have to move out, locate a store and then purchase things. They just have to access an app and order things by few finger taps. These are especially important for the professional who remain indulged in their 9 to 7 jobs due to which they have to eat outside many times in a week. The same can affect their health badly. If they can have groceries delivered at home, they just have to take some time out for cooking. There is no need to commute through the super market as it is definitely an exhausting thing to do. 

If you are thinking to get an online grocery marketplace developed, then there are few features that can support its success. For example, the app should have an appealing design so that users can find it reliable. You should offer a simple onboarding to the users so that in order to make a purchase they do not have to spend much time. The products should be categorized properly so as to make user quickly get what he/she is looking for. Also, inform your users about the important events such as their order status, deals, latest offers etc. 

Grocery retail has a great potential if used rightly. Means, you have to focus on offering a rich experience to the users so that they can take the maximum advantage out of this advancement. 

Client Questionnaire for Discovery Phase of Mobile App Development

In this Mobile-first era, having a mobile application has become one of the prime must-haves for your business. Whether you belong to F&B, Healthcare, Beauty or any other business line, you can find a wide range of applications operating under each. There is no set rule for a specific industry. Infact, innovation and advancement in every field is mostly welcomed by the today’s tech-savvy audience. While you decide to have a mobile application for your business, you would want to hire the Best Mobile App development company to carry forward your dream project. 

There are chances you would hire the company which people in your professional circle have already tried. Else, you will rely on the Google ratings, reviews and may be portfolio presented by the various firms. Even if you decide the best one to proceed with, you yourself need to have a clear understanding of your requirements. Does not matter which firm you approach; their first question would always be-

“What are your requirements, Sir?” 

Now, you have to share the requirement document with them containing even the smallest details about the project. If it lacks on something, further questions will be put up. If you do not have the document, you just outline your requirements and they will draft a high-level document for you. They will keep on detailing as per your requirements and their suggestions. This is generally called the Discovery Phase in which the chosen company would gather your requirements and understand them.

A number of mobile apps are launched in a day and only or two out of them succeed to win the hearts of owners and target audience. 

Why is it so?

The biggest reason behind a poorly executed or failed app is little or no diligence given to the discovery phase which is why the deliverable do not meet the actual requirements. The app owner is definitely not going to compromise in his idea and hence it becomes reason behind the unending disputes between the business owners and companies. 

To protect yourself from such a situation, keep the answers of below questions ready with you while you approach any mobile app development company.  

Questions your mobile app development company would ask you

We have divided the queries on the basis of stages of project lifecycle.

Mobile app development client questionnaire

Defining Mobile Strategy:

It is not enough to have the most sought-after business plan in order to proceed with mobile app development. Your GTM pitch, competitor analysis and other such things can be a part of your mobile strategy but not the whole of it. You have to put extra efforts in order to frame your strategy and execute it the right way. Here are some of the queries your development company might be having. 

1. What is the Goal that you want to accomplish through this app? 

2. Do you have a pre-defined requirement document, or you want our assistance in refining the concept?

3. Is there any reference app you would like to put forth?

4. Do have a defined business model or you need assistance from our end to draft it? 

5. Do you need our assistance in competitor analysis? 

6. Do you need assistance in the creation of blueprint of the application?

Designing Phase: 

Your app should be greatly designed in order to attract prospects. Your app design would be the first element of your business getting in touch with the potential audience. You know what they say- First impression is the last impression. The UX/UI designing of an application is a sensitive task with should be done with precision. Search for the company which has years of experience and great hands on designing so that they can deliver you the desired level of designing in one shot. Else, we have seen companies providing continuous design iterations to clients due to which the development phase suffers a lag. There are some set of questions you designer might ask you in order to proceed with the designing. Be sure that you have answers of all these queries so that in future there is a lesser probability of rework. 

A. Do you have app sketches? 

B. Do you have wireframes? 

C. Is there any specific colour combination that we have to use? 

D. What should be the proportion of images and content over landing page? 

E. Do you need different designs for iOS and Android applications? 

F. Is there any reference app that you want us to follow in terms of designing? 

G. Do you have logo? 

Platform and Technology Choice: 

You might launch your app for just iOS or just Android or both. It completely depends upon which operating system is mostly used by your target audience or what is the level of investment you want to make initially over mobile. If you want to go for both then which technology would you like to opt. The type of application platform and technology chosen by you at this point affect your long-term goals as well. Here are the general questions your development company might ask.

A. Do you want to get both iOS and Android app developed? 

B. If both, do you want to go for Native apps or Hybrid apps? 

C. Do you want a fixed layout or responsive? 

D. In the case of cross platform, which technology would you want to go for? 

Development phase: 

The most important and complex phase of the whole project cycle is the development phase when the decided functionalities are actually executed. It includes scoping, coding, deployment and other internal things. When you approach any development company, they would ask you if you have the feature list i.e. scope of work. It is the scope of work on the basis of which the major cost of the project and timeline are given to you. We are done with it at the first step i.e. planning of the app. But still, if you are planning and designing company is different from the development company, this question can be put up at this stage as well. Here are the other questions which might be asked by your company. 

1. Do you want us to divide the application development in multiple phases? 

2. Does any of the features require R & D from our end or you are pretty much sure about the decided features? 

3. Do you want us to use any third-party module or everything needs to be built from scratch? 

4. Do you want us to work on your server backend as well or is it ready?

5. Do you want to work over APIs that connect your application with database, or your team can provide the same? 

The questions might also be related to the functionalities. So be sure you know all the details. 

Security Options: 

There are a lot of applications hitting the market everyday, but the number of hackers has also grown which use such apps to implant malware. Though, the leading mobile app developers always know the security measures to prevent apps from any kind of attack. Security has to be your primary concern if you are thinking to develop a mobile application. Here are some of the features suggested by the development teams. 

A. Password encryption

B. SSL integration to protect sensitive data

C. Verification of email IDs

D. Verification of phone numbers. 

E. Session time out

F. Encrypt all the data

If you have something specific in your mind related to app security, you can tell your company. They would ask if they need to take any other security measures or just proceed with the general ones. It also depends upon the type of applications. If there is an app which stores the credit card information of the users then it would most likely be prone to attack so there are some special security measure you need to take for the same. 

Server and Deployment:

There might be a number of questions related to server and deployment as well such as-

A. What would be the preferred app distribution model? Would it be private, public or enterprise? 

B. Would you also like to get the banner created and content written? 

C. Which cloud service provider would you choose? 

D. Do you want us to take care of deployment process or your team can handle it? 

Cost and Timeline: 

These are the two very important questions and would be definitely asked by your app development team. 

1. What is your budget? 

2. Is there any strict timeline? 

Some of the business owners come up with an idea and do not have much strict timelines while for others, their sale season might go off if they make it too late to strategize and launch the app. Things also depend upon the budget of the seeker. App development is not a cheap affair. If it is a simple app then definitely it would be cost effective but yes if it’s a complex one and you go for native platforms, then it might bring you a good amount of cost. Still, the cost and timeline would be dependent completely upon the feature list of the project.

Go ahead! We wish you all the luck for your dream project.

On-Demand Beauty Applications | Emergence and Benefits

With the evolution in technology, we are stepping into a highly paced digital world which is full of ease. By the grace of some of the best mobile app development companies, we are getting amazing applications in our cart.

Do you want to travel? You have cabs facilities on your finger-tips. Are you anxious? You have your dear and near ones on call. Do you want to show how are you looking today to a faraway friend? You have WhatsApp, Facebook and other amazing things to share your pictures. Are you looking for a partner? You have a plethora of dating applications with numerous filters so that you can find the best one. You can have groceries, clothes, gadgets, food and a lot of things delivered at your doors by means of delivery and on demand mobile apps. If we talk about Beauty industry, it is not deprived of the technological advancements either. 

Beauty & wellness industry has never gone out of clients since people would never want to miss any opportunity to look charming. Though, in this world full of technology and easiness, no one wants to move a flex to travel to a salon, wait for their turn and finally avail the services. With the amazing concept of On-demand services, you do not have to even go out of your homes. You just have to book services for the desired time slot and a beauty professional would visit your home with all the necessary things as per the service required.

Reasons behind emergence of On-demand beauty apps: 

You will be surprised to know that 28% of the beauty professionals in the US are working as independent contractors and figures are not different in other parts of the world as well. There are biggies in the industry which are hardly free, then there are mid-sized salons and independent beauticians which are accessed by masses. Though, they fail to get the required amount of recognition due to which they miss on a major chunk of prospects. On the other hand, if we talk about the seekers, they are trying to make all the routine activities time efficient and quick with the help of various on demand services. Here are the major problems that on demand beauty apps can solve. 

A. Losing customers: In today’s era, people do not prefer to wait. The advancement in technology has paced up all our routine activities so much that it becomes difficult for the us to bear Waiting time. Professional on the other hand are losing customers due to this reason. Now, if you give users an option to book your services for home, they would definitely not say No. In this way, customers can be retained. While they book the services, you need to show only those slots on which your beauticians are free. 

B. Unrecognized services: There are a number of independent beauticians which provide home services but despite of providing good services, they fail to get enough amount of recognitions. By signing up over a beauty demand app, they can get exposure and a lot of customers who were deprived of services can get it easily on desired time. 

C. Problems in peak hours: Peak hours can be converted into Peak days at the time of arriving festivals. Its not just about your favourite salon, you will get rush wherever you go. Home service at this time can be really helpful as you will get services without even waiting in queue and enter into a suffocated space. You can enjoy services sitting at your home. Most importantly, there is no difference whether you go to salon or you are getting things done at home as they carry all the stuff with them. You just need to specify the services correctly at the time of booking. 

Also, being a beauty professional, if you want to provide services, you do not have to even own a salon. You can just sign up on such on-demand applications. Most importantly, you will work under a big branding so getting recognition is not an issue here. 

Talking of on demand beauty apps, Urban Clap must be hitting your mind. Gurugram-based UrbanClap has already crossed ₹100 crore annual revenue mark in fiscal year (FY) 2019. The UrbanClap CEO Abhiraj Bhal said, “Almost 80% of the 3.3 million service requests in FY19 are recurring orders, and we have seen lot of traction from Tier-2 cities. On an average, what these cities (Tier-2 cities) achieved in 4 to 5 months in terms demand is equal to 2 years’ worth of demand in Tier-1 cities. We are looking at a full stack on service delivery…Across all the service experts and partners we on-board, we take care of everything for them, right from registration, accounting, financing, access to banking services, insurances for workers, and a tech platform to manage service requests.”

Already impressed? Thinking to get an On-Demand Beauty App Developed?

All About On-Demand Beauty Mobile App Development and Important Features: 

A lot of start-ups are springing up everyday in the On demand sphere though you can cut out much of the competition by prioritizing beauty services. Still, you have to fight a fair amount of competition with the big leaders already acquiring the market. You have to be well prepared and stuffed with latest technologies which make you reach the place where most of your target audience stays. It’s on Mobile! Website is not enough in today’s smartphone-oriented world. You need to have an amazing mobile app produced from the best Mobile app development company and it should be easy to use, highly functional and advanced. This app will also support your promotional and marketing efforts. Basically, you will be able to target your customers easily in quickest manner. Here is the list of some important features which would help you get a good traction. 

1. Manage availability: Allow users to book an appointment through the application and reserve their favourite beauticians so that they do not have to compromise even in peak hours. Managing appointments can be done very easily through mobile apps. Users should also b able to check the availability of the nearby salon beauticians so that if they need quick services, the beauticians can arrive on time. 

2. Be Mobile-first to attract users: In this mobile-first era, it is important for your business to step into a place where most of the target audience stays. A user friendly, greatly designed, bug free and rightly promoted mobile application can help you the most. It is a great way to attract users, specially who are tech savvy. An application would not only ease the experience of your users but would also add up to your branding. 

3. Give multiple payment options: Allow customers to make online payment as this world runs on cashless mode. Promoting online payment would also help professionals not lose their customers as if the customer chooses Cash on Delivery, he/she would be less bothered about taking the service on time which will bring a loss to the professionals. Also, allow users to choose from multiple payment modes so that they can be comfortable booking the services. If you just keep Credit Card in options, you might lose half of the potential audience. You can accept payment from digital wallets or even bitcoin to ease the experience of the user. 

4. Easy booking and cancellation: In traditional ways if you book an appointment, it becomes cumbersome for you to cancel it, take the money back and then reschedule it. So, by means of this mobile app, you need to smoothen that experience. Allow customers to book an appointment by following easy steps and short forms. Also, if they want to cancel and reschedule, it should be easy but yes, put a restriction on time. For example, they can cancel a booking only an hour before the reserved time slot so that professionals do not face any issue. 

5. Offer promo codes: Offer promo codes for the first-time users and also run referral program through which if you get new app installs due to an existing customer, that person gets points or vouchers. Do not think that you are bearing a loss here. You are doing this instead of putting your money to highly priced advertisements. 

The future of on demand beauty application is definitely bright as this business line is never out of customers. You just need to ease their experience which can be done fairly through mobile app development. A lot of beauty service providers can co-exist on your platform and provide hassle-free experience to the users. Also, you will find a lot of investors who would want to pump in money to your model as there is a massive potential that beauty industry keeps. 

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