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Walking On Rules For Success: 8 Elements For Effectively Designing The Coming Soon Page

In the early 2000s, the slogan of under construction was easily visible in websites. In 2017 and beyond, the trend of under construction slogan is converted into coming soon page. Coming soon pages are thoroughly designed to grab the attention of the customers and instil that curiosity in their mind that make them come back to the website, after the launch of the page or product. This way, coming soon page harness a huge potential of customers acquisition with its systematic and well crafted designing.

In this competitive arena, coming soon pages are highly relevant to create a much needed buzz to expand the exposure of the business or the product within customers. Today, max marketers use coming soon pages to grab the attention of the customers and provide them a sense of urgency and curiosity for the launching experience. Be it small or big marketer, ecommerce ventures and other diverse industries are taking the use of coming soon pages for bringing the customers to them.

But, how to effectively design a coming soon page that grab the attention of customers? To design an effective coming soon page require a right blend of various elements. These elements are:

  1. Using a countdown timer

Developers from top website development company in jaipur believe that letting a countdown in a coming soon page will enhance the anticipation of the customers. They will be assured that a launch date is fixed and how much time will it take to hit the market. If you really want your offering to be a great hit than keeping the customers in loop is highly necessary.

  1. Collect the email address

The online platforms are bombarded with various kinds of information coming from news, emails, social media etc. It becomes highly difficult to remember about every information. If you are setting up a coming soon page in your website or app , make sure to attach a email form in it. This way can get email address of interested customers and you can intimidate them once its launched. These emails can bring an instant traffic rush in your new launched page, hence, better conversion.

  1. Pre sell the product or courses

If you brand is highly established within your targeted customers, you can use your coming soon page for presale your product or avail some amount of discount. This way an additional revenue is easily generated which can help in finishing your coming soon page or product manufacturing even more faster. But this idea is only hit when your brand holds monopoly over your offerings.

  1. Make sure to reflect the brand message in the coming soon page

Experts from coming soon page designing services suggest the brand’s motto can be easily translated within coming soon page for making customers connection. Make sure to display logo and design the page based on the personality of the brand. Coming soon page should be designed in a way that reflect what the website or app is about.

  1. Using simple but concise text

Coming soon page should not be stuffed with content, however, it should mentioned why people should be eager for the page or the product. For example, if you are launching a online marketing company, which will provide free advice to small marketer who subscribe the email.

  1. Optimize the opt-in form

Most of the time putting things in simple words like signups, buy now may not create result which can be easily obtained while mentioning it in different way. You may turn your content or call to action sounds like privilege, validation, curiosity etc.

  1. Use videos for better engagement

Using videos is ideal to grab the attention of customers for longer. A video showcasing product or testimonials etc create a persuasive proof to create a much needed buzz. Videos are a great way to introduce the brand or the product to the customers.

  1. Provide something interesting at launch

After gathering email address and launching the website or the app page, it is important to offer something enticing to customers. These can be freebie, valuable piece of information or something else that will make customers to come back. Use email to address all the customers that are registered to come and see the launched website or app and get something valuable.


Coming soon page is not a static, stagnant page. It is meant to act like a marketing tool that helps in creating a buzz within targeted customers base and entice them about what is expected to come. Creating a great a coming soon page requires combination of elements stated above for better performance.

10 Super Creative Ideas For Inspiration In Designing A Sports Logo

Branding is a very important process despite being in any field. Sports field is not untouched by this branding process. The competition is increasing tremendously, hence, to keep the team entact, it is important to have a brand identity for the team.

The inclination for sports throughout the world is very high. There are hundreds of sports which are played with thousands of teams divided in states national, international, district clubs and many other places.

Apart from the name of the sport and team, it is very difficult to distinguish teams without logo. There are many teams and events which comes with similar names as well but their logos make them distinctive for their fans. If you belong to sports fraternity and interested to give your team a great look, prefer to hire a sports logo designer for help.

This post is dedicated to give 10 highly creative idea for inspiration while you gear up for making your team logo.

Let us dig in:

  1. Adventure sports logo should be made exciting and thrilling

Adrenaline rush- is the most simple way to define adventure sports. Adventure sports is the most enthralling and appealing genre of sports for every adventure enthusiast. If you want to make a gaming logo for your team or unit involved in bungee or cliff jumping etc , make sure to design it in a way that shows the danger of the sport and the adventure involved in it.

For the genre of adventure sports the key to catch in logo design is excitement and energy.

  1. Corporate sports logo needs brand name in it

Sports is for everyone be it normal person or corporate professionals. For corporate sports logo, two things are highly needed. These are the name or the logo of the company and event they are participating. The combination of both the aspects make the logo simple, clear and engaging.

  1. lShowing a mythological creature in the design

Using mythological creature such as unicorn, bull etc in your logo gives a different dimension to the logo itself.

Designers from Custom sports jersey design companies suggest that such kind of logo are meant to boost the players. These mythological characters helps in defining the motto of the team which they follow while they are on the ground such as lion for strength,bull for power etc., such logo design look fabulous on sports jersey which then later help in branding your team for better sponsorship.

  1. Using sports gear in your logo

Using sports gears and accessories can be a very interesting idea for logo. Use the gears that are used for the game your team play like bat and ball for cricket, basket or ball for basketball game etc. This kind of logo will make others understand the brand easily and its purpose as well.

  1. Using landmarks in logo

There are  many people who end up making logo based on the sport they play. If you want to stand a little different from the rest consider using the most prominent landmark that you have from your area. This way your origin can be easily depicted and you stand different from the rest of the teams as well.

  1. Showing flags in the logo

Another intelligent way to design a logo is to incorporate the flag design of the country inside your logo. If it is for an event, making a collage of all participating teams into a logo design can be a creative way to put the logo of the event. For national representing teams, using concept of flag on the logo will help players to get a inner motivation to win.

  1. Using animals as a symbol in the logo

This is the most commonly used yet the coolest for logo making. Each animal has its own strength which can be easily replicated in the logo by using them in it. Animal like bull, lion, leopard etc are used for various attributes that they have. Although the idea be common but depiction can always be unique.

  1. Using fire in the sports logo

Fire has lot of components that syncs well with sports. Fire depicts strength, power, zeal, aggression, supremacy which can be easily incorporated in a sports team logo.

  1. Minimum design element

Less is more! This is applicable in most of the fields of our life . when it comes to making logo, less is always more. Using minimum design elements in a logo can be another great way to bring the eye balls towards it. If you are designing for an event or tournament, then strategy can be implemented. For example, using just running shoes, or swimming flippers, gloves etc in the logo.

  1. Showing team name in the logo

This is an easy way of designing a logo. This kind of logo is the simplest of all as it has the name of the team which is already fixed. Designers can use this name and design the logo in the most innovative way by using different fonts that depicts the brand.

The above stated are some ideas that can help in creating your own brand for your sports team.

Path To Retention: How To Reduce The Churn Rate In Mobile Applications?

A marketing campaign for an application can be considered fruitful when it helps in users acquisition as well as enhance the retention of the app in the mind of users. The combination of user acquisition and high retention rate can bring better download rate and make a strong base for loyal customers. To reach to this metric in your marketing approach, it is important to keep the communication metric in control.

The churn rate for any application can be kept in control by keeping a check at the marketing campaign in your control. Churn rate is actually a percentage of users that leaves or abandon the app after sometime. Churn rate can also be understood as the opposite of retention rate. This means that a high retention rate would mean low churn rate and vice versa.

Now, the biggest question is how to prevent and reduce the churn rate of a mobile app?

Here’s the listing of some factors that will help in understanding the reason behind rising churn rate and how to tackle it:

Let us dive in:

Identifying the reason

The first and foremost action is to find out why and how you should be checking the churn rate is growing or not in your app. Have a look at these factors:

  • In app events: Developers from iphone application development firms suggest that in app events shows the users engagement level within your app. By tracking these events such as number of taps, subscription, achieved level, purchase rate etc, will help in devising the strategy against churn rate.
  • Engagement rate:  It is highly important to measure the activity for in app event and engagement metric by highly reliable tool to device campaigns based on the needs and the expectations of the users.
  • User segmentation: the audiences for any app is divided in many segments. It is highly important to strategise campaign based on various segments that the app satisfy. You will have to devise your campaign that suits with the need and expectation of audiences belonging from various segments.

Gathering feedback from mobile app users

After the possible point of faults are recognized, it is important to accumulate the users feedback. The best way to make this effort go well is by preparing a social calendar that should define the feedback activity keeping in mind the end goal. It is better to collect as much feedbacks as possible to get a brief idea about the intention of the users and the market needs. This way you will be able to reach to the mindset of users which will in turn reduce the churn rate.

4 ways to prevent the app from churning

  • Identify and re engage the app users

Developers from best iphone game development companies suggest that the first step towards stopping the app churning is identifying the engagement level of the users. Find the reason  behind uninstalling the app. Make use of various kinds of tools to discover pattern, preferences of users while using your app. This way it will be easy to identify the faults and also help in taking impactful steps towards eliminating the churning reason.

  • Provide personalize app experience

When you know that your users are quitting your app, in this situation something personalized should be done. Craft something that offer value to users who left the app or have shown sign of leaving it. This personalize app experience can be provided by identifying the reason behind the reduction in the retention rate of the users. Use tools to grab impressions from different segments and provide a personalized experience to them.

  • Contextual marketing

Marketers should always work according to the need of the users. Market your app keeping in view the needs and expectations of the potential customers. This way the app will engage the users in a better way. Make sure the context of your app is absolutely clear for the users and your app should provide certain amount of value to the audience as compared to other apps. If this is done well, you can reach to users firmly.

  • Location based marketing

To enhance the position of the app, branding the app locally is also a beneficial approach. This trend is finding its place very prominently these days. It has shown great results for marketers who are penetrating locally and marketing the app there.

Rethink about the value proposition

To attract the attention of the mobile users, it is important to rethink and rebuild the value proposition to suit the need of the mobile app users. For getting this approach done, make sure to re evaluate the services offered and the solution of any problem that may arise in users who’s answers are expected from your app. This way you will be able to keep up the retention rate high by analysing the behaviour of the users and highlighting the core of your app that suits the purpose.


The above mentioned points are directed to the only need for high retention level of users. This metrics can be maintained only when the reason of the churn can be identified and eliminated timely.

Pros And Cons: Is It Good Or Bad To Use Online Logo Generator For Creating Business Logo?

There are marketers who believe that getting logo for a business depends upon the size and capacity of business. This mean small business is not liable to have a logo.

Well, the truth is entirely different!

Logo is always crucial for every business be it small or big and across every industry. It helps to build a perceptive for the business in the mind of the customer. If your logo is unique and attractive, it can become the identification for your brand or business and help in easy brand exposure as well.

While a good logo design has immense potential for the company to attract new customer, a bad logo design can harm the brand even more. A not so creative and unique logo design tend to make customers believe that the brand has no standard. It may project that your brand is only concerned and pushing about sale without leveraging quality. Customers may lose respect for your brand and may detach them from building any relation.

It is absolutely clear that a well designed logo can bring a better spark in your business and attract the attention of the people. Even if you provide top facility, without having a convincing logo design, it is difficult to make a mark.

Now, the biggest question is how to get a feasible logo?

This post is dedicated to show option in online logo design and its related positive and negative outcomes.

Let us begin!

There are mainly two ways to create a logo. The first one is hiring professional logo designers and customizing your logo based on the need of the brand or business. Such logos are long lasting and cost effective in terms of future perspective. One can find designers from top category to initial category of logo designing to design a logo for the brand.

The second option is online logo creator. This is a rather simple procedure, owners can find the best online logo generator and DIY the logo easily. There are many websites that provide easy to use engine to generate automatic logo design. This method can be understood as a shortcut for logo generation, however, they are far away from uniqueness and creativity.

You must be thinking is it ok to use online logo generator or not?

Let us discuss some pros and cons of using online logo generator to make it clear about its usability.

Pros of using online logo generators

  1. Easy to use
    Online logo generators are extremely easy to use in creating a logo even if you don’t possess much experience in designing. The tools provided are extremely friendly that help in providing a seamless experience while designing the logo online.
  2. They are quick to work
    If you want your logo made within a half day, then online logo generators are simply ideal. Logo design online can be produced in number of designs within a short span of time. These logo generators are ideal in creating logo, if you lack time to meet the launch deadline.
  3. Customization as per your need
    Online logo generation takes into several factors in its account and generate logo. Some of these are:
  • Font
  • Style
  • Graphic and vectors
  • Colours
  • effect
  1. Unlimited iteration
    When designers create logo there can be limited iteration. Using online generator give you ample of iteration depending upon patience level of the maker. You can make changes and adjust the design anytime you wish
  1. Cheap
    These online logo makers are absolutely free or charge very minimum. In case of free logo, watermark is present in the logo made. In case of low budget, these softwares are just the ideal.

Cons for using online logo generator

  1. Unprofessional look
    Professional designers from multimedia design service providers share the view that using online logo generators provide logos that may lack professional look and badly project the identity of the brand in front of the customers.
  2. Lacks in originality
    These logo making tools does provide multiple option, however, still these multiple option is limited after an extent. This means some where the logo may look repeated or copied. While logo designed by designers reflect unique concepts and ideas as they are free to harness the potential of creativity.
  3. It can be copied
    Online logo generator has the major threat of getting the logo copied. Someone can use the tool and make a logo which is a look alike of your own logo. A duplicated or copied logo is a major threat for your business and brand recognition. Customers may get confused and get divided between you and other business.
  4. Personal touch
    A logo designed by professional designer will produce a logo that resonate the expectation of the targeted customers. Designers give emphasis on customers to create a logo design, while this kind of customization is not possible in online logo generator.
  5. Copyright issue
    Using online logo generator can make you landup in the copyright dispute. Competitor may register his logo and sue you for copying the logo.


Everything has its own good and bad side. What you want to prefer will depend only on your need. If you want a quick logo, go for online logo makers. However, if you intend to get a unique and attractive logo design for your brand, consider hiring a professional logo designer.

logo design

logo design

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Logo Design: 10 Tips On Colour Selection While Designing Your Logo

Logo is the face of a company and obviously the face should be exclusive and unique. Everybody wants that their logo should be unique and attractive to entice customers and make them the loyal brand followers. While every element in the logo should be well balanced and synchronized, the colour of the logo should stand out from the rest. Colour such a great important in the life of a logo as it has innate tendency to grab the attention of the targeted audience and influence them as well.

It is commonly observed that marketers from specific niche industry prefer to follow the pattern of designing from their competitors. Experts from companies involved in logo design india, suggest that the trend of following can harm more than doing good. There are many startups which are popping up in the industry on a daily basis. They bring freshness and unique perspective that grab the attention of the customers. Therefore, the success myntra for logo can only be uniqueness. Make sure to choose colour palette that stands for your brand.

This post is dedicated to give ten tips on colour selection for various industry in the area of logo design.

logo design

logo design

Let us begin!

  1. Herbs and spices

If you own a restaurant business, nothing better than spices and herbs can give you inspiration. The colour palette from herbs and spices range from deep shades to bright colourful shades. Design logo that fits the parameter of your business and then give it a touch of unique colour palette that can bring the essence of your offerings and influence the people all around.

For example, for indian restaurant colours from saffron, turmeric, red chilli can create visual delight for people. Similarly, for italian restaurants it can the colour of herbs,hues from oregano, chili flakes etc.  You can also move ahead with experimenting and creating a fusion of colour for your restaurant depending upon what you offer.

  1. The colour of natural fabric

If you own a fashion brand or a fabric brand, then prefer sticking to roots. You can easily switch to the colour of natural fabrics like jute, cotton, wool, leather etc. These colours may seem limited but provide a great potential of success. They are exclusive when used without dyed ones. Instead of black these colours are a great way to project your brand.

logo design

  1. The world inside the water

In case you are designing for a company that has some connection with water or water creatures, then taking inspiration from them can be a good idea! The world beneath the water can give you immense opportunity to experiment. Product labelling designing services provider, holds the view that while designing the overall look of a product, logo plays a very significant role especially the colour of the logo. Since, it is base colour of the product identity, therefore, it creates a great effect on the product and labelling design look as well. Choose from bright blend of colour to pastel delight.

  1. Metamorphic rocks

There are various variety of rocks available on earth. Each with different style and texture which can be a great inspiration for interior design companies while designing logos. For real estate and infrastructure industry, designers can pick amazing cool and warm pigments from marbles, granites etc.

logo design

  1.  The inspiration from human skin

When it comes to uniqueness of colour what can be different be better than human skin. Experts believe a range of skin colour of people all around the world can be great way to provide a touch humanity to the logo design of your brand. From human skin inspiration you get hint of colours in pink, brown, pale yellow, reddish etc. These skin tones are a great way to project the brands connection with its customers.

  1. Beauty of gemstones

Colours of gemstones are unique. Gemstones like emerald, ruby, sapphires, amber, jasper etc are some of the few to name. There are many gemstones each with a quality and a distinctive colour to offer. If you are designing for jewellery brand logo take inspiration of gems and precious stones. There are many colour available apart from silver and gold that can be chosen to fix the need of your logo design.

logo design

  1. Metals

The monotony of colour is clearly visible in computer hardware logos. However, there seems no need to stick to one or two colour only. Sometimes taking inspiration the things which are created under your brand can be great inspiration to take in terms of logo colour for example, colours like copper, lead, metallic, gold etc. You can also opt for realistic shades of the metal as well.

  1. Seasonal flora

If you own a landscaping company or dealing with beautification work, take inspiration from flowers and leaves around you. Using colour of flowers and leaves from your region can easily give a hint to people about the origin of your company.

  1. Inspire from woods

If your company deals with antiques, then take inspiration from woods. Experiment with the shades of brown that belong from different combination of colours coming from various trees such as mahogany, teak, oak etc.

logo design

  1. Birds

God’s creation has millions of colours in the birds species. From vibrant to muddy, every kind of combination can be obtained. Especially in terms of education or book store logo, taking inspiration from the birds can be a great way to connect with the audience.


The need of the market is to serve something unique and memorable in terms of logos. Logo colours play very significant role in making the logo memorable. Take inspiration from the 10 ideas for various industries and create a lasting, memorable, unique logo for your brand.

Logo Designing: How To Create An Effective Real Estate Logo For Your Business?

A logo has a lot to offer to any industry. It act as a central idea about your brand or business, hence, it should be designed in way that replicate your brand needs. A strong and well designed logo can prove to be an asset for a brand.

In order to create a unique and memorable logo design, it is important that the brand idea personality should be clear to the designer.

Mainly your real estate brand logo requires a thorough knowledge from three areas:

  • Your brands personality:  how do you want your customers perceive about your brand? What kind of value you can provide to the audience? Are you technically sound, simple,trustworthy or fun or exclusive? All these and many more information is needed to understand the personality of the brand for creating a logo.
  • Unique appeal: what value your real estate brand can provide which cannot be achieved by any other brand. Do you have specific area of speciality? What do you focus on real estate industry?
  • Your audience: ones the key area is established, it is easy identify your audience, identify the targeted audience, income state, age group etc.

What should you consider while designing the logo for real estate industry?

Once all the necessary informations are collected, it is time to implement it in the form of logo. It is important to incorporate these unique features to make the logo design as the replication of the brand identity.

  • Include the name of the company

Many real estate logos are seen very minimalistically designed, they are either simple icon or the name of the company. If the intention of the owner is to bring awareness and recognition of the brand in the real estate industry than resorting to simplicity will only work. Using the name of the company as a logo design make people easily recognize the brand and connect to it.

  • Include elements that are unique and reflect the brand personality easily

Knowing the essence of the brand can provide immense help in making a logo. It helps in deciding about the colour, font, size etc.

Designers from Calendar design services points out that each elements used in logo designing or for that matter in any form of designing should be relevant to the brand targeted. If these elements are not kept in sync with the brand goal, it can mess up the whole personality of the brand making people confused. If all the elements of the logo complement the brand identity, it will be a great way to communicate a unique story to the audiences.

  • Design while keeping the audience in mind

Not only your brands identity that matter, it is the perspective of the audience that make it easy for people to interact with the brand. Design a logo that fits well with the expectations of the users and easily convey what your brand can offer to them.

  • Avoid using cliche images and symbols

We commonly see construction logos generally have common logo designs in the form of house roof, building structure, homes etc. These designs are outdated now to bring spark in your real estate business. Consult designers to get unique logo designs which can be generated with unique pattern of designs. Things like geometrical shapes, origami style symbol can bring a break in the usual patterns, making your logo look attractive to people.

  • Experiment with typography

Using typography in the logo design is very trendy these days. Using unique typography can work well. You can go ahead in using abbreviations or the initial business names to create unique real estate logos. Make sure to keep the design simple and readable without making it over the top creative which can even backfire the whole process.

  • Usage of colour

Usually real estate logos are seen limited with colour but there are no norms in using colours for real estate logo designing. Unless the brand owners does not have specific colour in mind, experimentation with the colour can be done in logos. Colours like blue, grey, rust or brown, black, gold, silver are mainly used to make the logo look professional. Giving a little contrast of colours with these existing colour palate, may enhance the look of your logo and make it unique.


Logo is visibly the first interaction of the brand with its customers. As it is said that first impression is always the last impression, a unique logo can attract the customers in first stance. A unique logo design will be able to communicate with the customers easily, bringing better conversion ratio.

How To Protect Your App From Getting Rejected From Apple App Store

There are hundreds of app which are developed on a daily basis but are they all getting place in the app store? Well, may be not!

Like any other app store, apple app stores also list some serious rules and regulations for app getting registered in the app store. There are 2 million apps in appstore struggling to make their mark in the customers mind. The competition is so severe that apple is improving its app filtration process even more stronger to allow only the best for its customer base. Apple states strict guidelines that should be met with precision by owners to avoid app rejection.

Ios app developers from top app development companies strongly suggest that the business goal of the app such as the purpose of the app, nature, native or hybrid web, user friendliness etc, should be predetermined even more planning to design an app. The most crucial point to keep in mind for iOS app development is never to make any alterations in the tradition iOS user interface.

It is to be clearly understood that any deviation in app structure can make the app rejection possible. Therefore, we bring a listing of some points to remember for app makers to get easy access to itunes without any hassle.

Let us dig in:


Apple has a very proficient testing system for the app. It turns down the app easily that crashes or have bugs. Always remember, if your app demands the users to pay for the service, than the app will under minute microscope for validation. Therefore, it is highly important to structure the app in way that has no glitches before it is submitted in the app store for reviews. Make sure to do end to end testing cycle and check each functionality of the app thoroughly.

Facet of the app

Developers from iphone game development company in jaipur, suggest that always make sure to launch a mobile app version of your web app and make it native. Make sure to use native interface for your iOS app development. Do not create an app that is meant to be just a web app in a hybrid or native package.

Auxiliary content

Never submit the app before finalizing the content which include text and images which needs to be incorporated in the app. Never submit your app for review if its logo, text, images etc are not gelled. iOS app with placeholder content are highly prone to rejection in the app store.

A robust app

Apps designed for digital payments, e commerce etc, should be very easy to use. The function of the ios app should be developed in the most simple way as possible. Users will never be interested in going through several step to complete one function. Make sure to design the flow and functionality of the app should be made user friendly. After all, who wants to wait for ages o load any information. The loading time of the app should be highly active for users to get information in a spurt.

Coherence with the various versions

Before developing an iOS app, make sure to research about about various versions available in the market and find the version that your app can support. It mandatory to make the app run smoothly and does not get clashed while running on any OS. You can look for supported version of similar apps. It is better to be updated with the latest version of app design and how it will create an effect in the app development.

Abide the standard user interface

Apple app store is very strict about its users friendly interface. Make sure your UI design should adhere to the norms of apple design guidelines. Any changes in the app UI design which is different from the apple guideline can get your app easily rejected.

Make precise description

The description of the app should be made absolutely precise along with the precise screenshot of the app. It should clearly communicate the intended functionality of the app. Doing this would make the customers understand the app’s function easily and provide a good shopping experience. Develop ios apps on ipad or iphone but make sure to update the changes made in the iOS development phase in your screenshots for consistency. This is the most common type of mistake that creates maximum rejection.

Honoring customers privacy

Not only apple but every app store has strong in policy to foster high customer policy. All mobile apps ask permission from users before accessing their personal information. Be it shopping apps, or any other app, each of them mandatory ask for permission. While you are developing your iOS app, make sure to keep the customers privacy needs at the top of your preference for saving your app from rejection..

Unique app

There are 2 millions of app available in the app store, if your correlates with existing app, it will surely get rejected. Therefore, before planning an app make sure that your app is offering something unique and entertaining to the users. Make sure to offer something that would compel people to download your app compared to others already available.

Fit keywords in the app name

The name of the app stuffed with keywords should be meaningful and precise. Make sure do not repeat the existing name in your app’s title or keywords. The app name should match to intended use for attracting users.

Avoid pious or loud content

Never ever use content that offends the sentiments or feelings from the individual. Apps with such contradictory content or even slight of this would make your app get rejected instantly. Avoid adding any personal content and use a neutral voice.

Battery optimization and internet usage

Make sure to do manual test for the internet usage and battery drain. Keep a check on the battery consumption of the app so that its does not consume maximum of the phone’s battery. Therefore, make sure to do optimization like servicing etc, to keep a check on battery drainage. Also test the internet usage of the app and provide sufficient information while app submission. The app will never be approved if it found to damage the usage of the phone or the tablet.


Every company is trying to create its mark in the app world. However, there are only few who are putting their efforts in the right direction. Make sure to invest in the field while keeping apple’s guidelines in the mind. Make sure to keep these points in mind while developing the iOS app.

Which Type of Animation Can Improve The Performance Of Your Website And Web Apps?

The competition is increasing at an exponential rate. To make a lasting impact on users, would require something special to offer. Animation has emerged as one of the easiest ways to grab that quick attention of the users. People may think about animation and imagine about some entertaining cartoon element but it is not restricted to cartoons only. Web animations are trendy, fun and absolutely user friendly. They can instantly grab the attention of the users and make them interact with the website and the web app super easily. A good web animations are meant to be fulfill aesthetic function as well as pragmatic functions also.

This post is dedicated to highlight parts in website and web app design where animation can create a great effect.

Let us begin!

  • Visual feedback

By visual feedback, it means the capacity of the website and the web apps to respond to users interaction by visual means. Developers from best web development company india, indicate that visual feedbacks are a very engaging concept for users. Animation can prove to be key element in indicating the performance of the users in a given web app or website. Such as the colour the navigation menu colour changes as per the users action which indicated that certain action is taken by the user.

  • Easy navigation

Navigation has a major role in making or breaking a website or a web app. A good and easy navigation would also mean better engagement within users which increases the proximity of conversion. But, modern apps and website have complex navigation structure in order to provide multiple facilities. Animation is an effective way to combat the complex navigation layers in to simplified form, making it user friendly.

  • Structure and interaction

Professional web application development in india suggests that animation is a perfect way to form a structured intuitive  web design. Each element in a web design is important and animation help users to understand this purpose easily. There should be connection that should be established within various elements of the website design which make the users understand the functioning of the various elements. Animation provide this opportunity and with its interactive, fun ways teach the users about the app or the website.

  • Visual hint

Animation is also used for giving visual hints to emphasize on certain aspect of a menu option or help users to navigate on site. These visual hints can help in directing the users towards the needed call to action button without looking too sale pushy.

  • Loading time

Search bots give strong emphasis on the loading time of any app or website. But what about those seconds on which the app or website page loading. Animation can be a great way to cover up these seconds to keep the audience interest intact within the web app or in the website. Loading animation kill this loading seconds into something which is a worth watch.

  • Useful animation

While animation can bring a great result for your website or app, a bad animation can ruin that completely. Unwanted visual elements tends to complicate things rather than making it simple. The animation should be made keeping in mind the usefulness of it. Fine animation features highlight basic features, improve the usability of hidden or controversial menu and help in creating a recognizable brand.

  • Galleries and slideshows

Animated galleries and slideshows tend to show multiple images without distracting the user. The rate at which these images change has a lot of significance. A little slow or faster rate of image change can make your website or app look rushed for users. These galleries and slideshows are helpful as they project real life photo albums functionality.

  • Page motion

A simple page motion sometimes adds that  extra delightfulness in your app or website design. Imagine it as some extra sprinkle of oregano on your pizza! Page motion animation has no direct benefit but yes, that grabs the attention instantly.

While using page motion be careful of using extra loading items that may cause the site to become slow.


Animation has always proven its mirth in every medium. Due to the diversity that it can offer, animation will stay for ages in the designing industry. These animation types stated above, when incorporate in various elements of website and web app design can create a great engagement level among users.

What Should Be Considered While Developing A Live Video Streaming App?

Sitting in front of a tv for watching a live cricket or football match is now a difficult task for most of the people who are working and travelling day and night. But does it take them away from enjoying the thrill of watching a great football or cricket match?

No! Absolutely not.

Today, anybody can watch their favourite shows just a click away in live video streaming apps. The most enjoyable features about live streaming apps is the fact they provide unlimited entertainment without any hindrance.

Apps developers in Android application development firms points out that live streaming apps are not only restricted to entertainment but are also used for business and personal use as well. For instances, it can be used in live video conference, offering live video tutorials,training programmes and many other purposes. Having such vast arena of usability, development of live streaming apps has increased along with the increase in audience ratio.


Before beginning with the creation of a live streaming apps, it is important to understand that there are two kinds of categories involved in it:

  • Apps for live broadcasting
  • Apps for video streaming

Apps for live broadcasting is meant to showcase live events straight from the venue. Live broadcasting can be assessed by users who have subscribed a given channel. They have small storage facility, hence, they are deleted after a while.

Apps for video streaming has no storage limitation. This means the videos are saved in the app server and users can play them by their own wish.

What should consider before developing a live streaming app?

  • It should be accessible to audiences: developers from iOS app development company in jaipur suggest that the backend of the live streaming app should be made highly accessible to cater the demand of the audience. Live streaming apps are extremely popular, hence, the usability of the app should be a concern for developers.
  • Must support all video formats: The live video streaming app should support all types of file formats so the users can easily watch the videos.
  • Securing the uploaded videos: Pirated videos or plagiarized videos can create a huge problem with copyright infringement, therefore, developers will have to make certain aspects of function to protect the app.

What kinds of features should be implemented in a live video streaming app?

  • Creating the registrations

User registration is the first step in a live video streaming app. They should be provided with option for registration like through email or mobile number using OTP verification. Beside this registration through social media can also be a great and easy registration option for users.

  • Creating user profile

The next important feature in a live video streaming app is to create a platform where users can provide their personal information in the form of user profile. The informations include name, email address, mobile number, prefered video genre such as sports, events, fashion etc, subscription list and many more!

  • Suggested videos

The developers will have to provide a search box in order to get the users find their favourite videos from a specific category. The search category should be broad based on internet, age, location, language of the broadcast, number of views and  all.

  • Reviews, rating and feedback

This features holds a very significant position in video streaming. The popularity of a video increases by the number of strength watching it and provide feedbacks in the form of rating or reviews.

  • Sharing feature

Internet has brought the essence of viral videos with it. Videos often go viral with the help of rapid sharing process done by social media platforms. Therefore, providing a valid sharing features is a must for live video sharing app.

  • Geo location tracking

Adding geolocation tracking is an essential component of live video streaming app. It helps to find and trace the location of the broadcast. For instance, facebook live which uses current location while broadcasting the app.


Live video streaming apps is the need of the hour! People remains connected with the world not only by television but with a much hightec technology of live broadcasting. These apps are not only providing entertainment but also giving enough benefits for business purposes as well.

Searching For Right Type of Logo Design: Which Type Of Logo Design Suits Your Business?

Logos are meant to be the representative of any business. This is the most celebrated form of graphic design that catches the first glimpse of the customers and create relationship instantly. From being a business symbol to becoming the brand identity, logo has many folds hidden inside it.

When a business is about to start, the first thing which is needed is a memorable logo for the business. Logo being the primary need in the starting of the business because it speaks on the behalf of the business,creating a brand identity. People recall business by looking at the logo in advertisements, products, market places etc.

Looking at the high usability of the logo, it is important to make it impressive and memorable that suits with the brand message and enhances the look of the products. Your business logo should fulfill the expectation of the customers and explain about your business usability to them.

There are many types of logo design that are available but which design to suit your business type is a point to discuss. The design type of the logo will have to be similar to the brand’s identity to create a good sync.

This post is dedicated to discuss about various type of logo design available for businesses.

Let us dig into the type of logo designs:


  1. Lettermarks


Lettermarks logos are also known as monogram logos. These logo are used with the initials of the company name such as IBM, CNN, BBC etc. The idea of using letterhead logo is to shorten up the name of the company and create a brand identity.

Professionals designing business logo design india, believe that landmark logo use clever usage of typography to shorten up a company name and create a simple yet effective logo. Experts suggest, if the name of the company is too long, they can be shortened to make lettermark logo which are highly useful.

  1. Wordmarks

Wordmarks are also known as logotypes. Wordmark logo are based on the name of the business. Some of the best examples of wordmarks are Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Frooti, Google etc. business with distinctive name should go ahead in using wordmark in the logo. These logo are helpful in speaking precisely about the business.

Experts designers involved in logo designing in india believe that the focus of the designers should be on selecting a typeface very carefully for creating a wordmark logo for the company.

Creating a unique font for wordmarks logo can be great way to create a distinctive position of the brand among competition.

  1. Logo symbols

These are graphic based pictorial logo design which are quite popular in market. The biggest example is twitter or apple which has logo symbol as their logo for the business. For startups using pictorial symbol can be difficult as their brand identity is not yet firmly established. While using logo symbol, it should be kept in mind that the symbols should be impressive and relatable with your business. The symbol designed for the logo would stay with the company for ages, hence, it should be selected very carefully.

  1. Abstract design

An abstract design is a specific pictorial design which is different from recognizable pictures. This type of logo design use abstract geometrical forms to create logo. Pepsi with divided circle is the biggest example of abstract logo. This kind of logo is beneficial when designer intend to condense a brand name into single image. These logo are highly creative in explaining the purpose of the business indirectly.

  1. Mascot

Do you want to create your own brand person? In this case, mascot logo are just the ideal for you. KFC is the most popular example of mascot logo. This kind of logo helps to create a character to represent the company or brand. These character then becomes brand ambassadors of your company. Professionals from invitation card designing services across various parts of the world echoes to the fact that, mascot logo has a great contribution in making the brand hot favourite among people. The marketing stuff with mascot logos are seen more engaging among people as compared to any other type. Not only engaging, mediums like banners, flex, invitation cards, business cards etc, used for business marketing gets a very unique look due to a distinctive logo.

  1. Combination logo

Combination logo uses the amalgamation of watermarks, abstract logo, watermarks etc . In these logos, designers use pictures and text simultaneously. A combination logo is versatile choice of logo design for building a strong brand image. Mascot, text, symbol etc, together create a great difference in the look of the logo. People gets connected with different elements of the logo making easy for brand to establish a relation.

Which logo type should suit your business has many factors of consideration. The brand message and brand personality has a major role in deciding the best logo design type.