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App Store Optimization: 6 Mistakes To Avoid By Developers While Optimizing The App In App Store.

There are millions of apps available in the various app stores. Creating a distinctive place for your upcoming app can be a tough task. If you are a app marketer or a developer you already have an fair idea about difficulties in ranking the apps. Like website ranking, apps can be ranked better by optimizing the apps to reach at the top of the ranking.

But, what if optimization has not yield result for your app? This is the time when you will have to find the errors while optimizing the app. This post is dedicated in finding six mistakes that should be avoided while app optimization.

Let’s begin:

  • Stuffing keywords

Keywords has very important position in app store optimization process, however, stuffing it unnecessarily can harm your app rather helping it. Over keywords stuffing makes the content non meaningful, hence, users leave it the app and move on for next.

Developers from mobile app development company in jaipur suggest that rather stuffing your app content with keywords, use high ranking keywords. Choose keywords that best explain the purpose of your app. It should be natural and fluid rather being meaningless and stuffed.

  • Changing titles frequently

There are many app developers who prefer to change the title of their app too frequently depending upon the trending keywords, however, they hurt more than helping your app.

Download volume of an app determines its ranking. In case people spread the word about your app but they cannot find the app title in the store, obviously the download volume would decrease.

  • Ignoring various graphic elements

Be it app development for android or for iphone, the importance of icons in app cannot be denied in any platform. After the title of the app, the second thing that people get attracted is icon. It is better for developers to associate with icon which are clear and easily associating. Icons should have too much colour or design that can make it look unappealing. The app should project people that the app is highly creative to bring better download volume.

  • Focusing only on high volume keywords

Running behind high volume keyword may not help your app as much as it should! High volume keywords have intensive competition rather the wisest decision is to segregate keywords that can speak for your app. Choose keywords which are popular but less competitive. This method may become little tedious yet it assures for better response.

  • Doing app store optimization when you need

One of the major mistake committed by app marketers is not doing optimization process as soon as the results starts coming. Marketers make efforts when their app does not perform, but as soon as results starts coming, marketers don’t take any effort. In reality app store is also changing with each new app. New keywords get better ranking and existing keyword ranking changes. Without continuous efforts, it is difficult to sustain a ranking in the app store.

  • Not running adequate test

Marketers often don’t test the data for their app in terms of download volume and traffic. Apps stores provide various features to test the app and find the traffic and the impact of the app. Running these test would help to understand and modify the app to produce better results.


App stores is the only place where the marketers can promote their app and reach to the fingertips of their targeted customers. Any mistake while optimizing the app store can create serious repercussion. The mistakes listed above in ASO can be easily avoided by marketers and get better result for the app.

How Facebook Ads Can Help In Boosting Your Ecommerce Conversion

Social media has been a very prominent platform not only for the establishing a contact among people but also for marketers. Social media marketing is providing marketers with a significant edge in growing their business to greater heights. Among many social media platforms available, Facebook stands as one of the most popular one among the lot. Facebook is an ideal platform for marketers to wow customers and increase their sale. Facebook ads are one influential tool to churn profit and get better conversion for ecommerce website.

Facebook ads are not just meant to attract the targeted customers to e commerce websites but it is helpful in every stage of ecommerce sales funnel. Facebook also provide measuring metrics such as facebook pixel to analyse the engagement of targeted customers at various stages and send them ads which are customized depending upon which ever stage they are in ecommerce conversion funnel.If you are not churning this huge potential of facebook, you are missing a great opportunity.

This post is dedicated is to enlist some ways that facebooks ads can provide to increase conversion on ecommerce websites.

Let us begin:

  • Locate highly concentrated audiences

Facebook is a socializing platform for people. In order to create better conversion, ecommerce web development services suggest to put the products infront of laser targeted audience to resonate. It is quite hard to make a moderately receptive audiences in facebook ads to make conversion.

For instance, if you are willing sell to cosmetic products, then mens are easily kept away from targeting.

If it is a niche product that you are selling, then considered experimenting with interest field as crucial. Combining multiple narrow interest in your niche will make you get better audience interest, hence, getting narrow interest idea can bring better conversion.

  1. Using remarketing in product page visitor

Buying in the first visit in most of the time is not possible due to many reasons despite having a great facebook ads. Visitors pages itself explain that they have interest in the product. For these audiences, creating custom audience will prove beneficial. This way you are targeting people who viewed your profile without buying anything.

Doing remarketing ads on these targeted audience who passed our product visiting may bring better conversion, if done at right time.

  1. Revive the abundant cart

Remarketing can be a great way to attract people who have visited the products and added with in their shopping carts and then abandoned them. Reviving the abundant carts are easy as people are half done with their purchase decision and need some force to get the order done.

Marketers can send them message about their abondent cart and also send them discount on the products saved in the cart for conversion.

Another important feature in remarketing the abundant carts is people who have left the cart yesterday can easily be converted as compared to people left their cart a week or month ago. It is important to offer such abandon carts a bit higher discounts to make them come back to you easily.

  1. Upsell the customers

Segmenting your email list for existing customers can help them in selling even more products. This idea is absolutely applicable in Facebook ads as well.

If a customers buy x and y product from you but not z, then consider targeting the person with a unique campaign. These kinds of customers has favourable opinion for the brand hence, they are more likely to convert.

Ads spent on such kinds of campaigns are meant to bring to bring great conversion for the marketers, however, such kind of campaign require product data to identify and target such buyers.

  1. Integrate facebook ads and content marketing

Content marketing and facebook ads when integrated can provide highly beneficial results. Digital marketing company in india suggests for creating content for each stage of sales funnel and them promote it for specific audiences using facebook ads as a medium.

Last note

Ecommerce platforms is highly competitive. Everyday a new venture come into the market thus even more choking the market. In order to attract customers to your  ecommerce platform, social media especially facebook ads has a lot of benefits to offer.  The above listed remedies can help you leverage your facebook ads for better conversion.

How To Optimize Your ECommerce Website to Double Your Conversion?

ECommerce plays a vital role not just in the online world but also offline. Be it groceries, fashion or other item, most of the people look ecommerce store before making a purchase.

Since the demand for the ecommerce website is so high, the challenges associated with ecommerce site is rising rapidly. And if you are running an ecommerce store, you need to set your website apart from others, so that your customers look more interest in you instead of contacting to your competitors.

According to the best website design Company in Jaipur, these are few of the top formulas for every ecommerce entrepreneurs to optimize your website and double up your conversion.

ecommerce development companies

Tip #1. Design

A design does not mean how your website is appearing to you and your audience, rather it is how your website performs.

You might have heard that the first impression is the last impression. The first page where your customer will land on your website is known as ‘Landing Page’. Make sure your target audience find it visually appealing. Do remember to include the navigation bar. Be simple yet straightforward. If you are offering multiple products, make sure to include them or at least, in a way that your customers can find the product easily that they were looking for.

Avoid including too much information on your web page. Think of those websites that make you happy. What did you expect from them? What are those factors which make your experience amazing? Your customers will also don’t like if you provide them irrelevant information, deals or discounts by making them blink every time they open your website.

Tip #2. Remember the colour psychology

Choose the colour of your ecommerce website that reflects your personality and matches the style of your products or services. If you are avoiding this significant factor to incorporate into your website, trust me you are missing a valuable opportunity to create an alluring experience for your customers and driving more engagement.

Know what the primary colour reveals about your products and services. Research properly. Seek advice from top ecommerce designing company. Understand your target market. Know the intended message you want to convey to your customers. And be sure while choosing the colour contrast of your website because it could affect the mood of your customers!

Tip #3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google has rolled out few of the strategies which could help in achieving the higher ranking among search result. There are so many e-commerce service providers available and all are striving to achieve higher visibility, has increased the challenges that it has become much difficult to achieve the desired result.

Well, earlier SEO was considered as a nice strategy to implement but now, it has more become a necessity of the website owner to implement SEO strategies.

Few of the best strategies include:

  • Keyword placement
  • Internal Linking
  • Quality content
  • Social media strategy

These are few of the effective factors that must be kept in mind while implementing SEO for your website.

ecommerce development companies

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot to make your website stand out and set it apart from your competitors. However, a little more effort and lots of efforts are the keys to achieve success. These three simple yet effective strategies are sure to help you in achieving great results and providing an ultimate experience to your customers.

What are your strategies to optimize your ecommerce website and boost your conversion? DO let us know in our comment section below!

How To Make Your ECommerce Site Better By Implementing Effective Strategies?

It’s no secret that it is an era of a digital world and with each passing day, everyone is engaging more in online shopping. And surprisingly, the statistics still continues to rise. This is really great for those who are already having an ECommerce website or those who are looking to grow their business by launching their ecommerce store.

In fact, nowadays, it has become easier to get the best ecommerce website development services and make their individual identity than to open a store at any physical location. But running an ecommerce business is not at all easy. There are many challenges which have to be faced.


Check out few of the amazing hacks to make your ECommerce site better. Let’s have a look.

Hack #1. Understand the objective of your ECommerce website

If you already have an ECommerce website, you might already aware of the fact that how much this step is essential. Maybe your site is really doing well, in the way it was expected. But Knowing the business goal is equally important as to have your customers. Before you plan to make your site, make sure to know the following aspects:

What is the profit or sales goal that you wanted to achieve?

What if you need to involve any investors or partners in the future?

Always remember, successful entrepreneurs, are those who know well in advance that in which direction they want to go. Having a clear vision and goals in the mind makes it easier to decide that what are the necessary steps that are needed to achieve the objectives.

Determine what you want to achieve and formulate the effective strategies to get that.

Hack #2. SEO & Content Marketing are a great saviour

Gone were the days when SEO was considered as the nice strategy to achieve visibility. Now it has become more a necessity that builds the identity of the business. To make your ECommerce business a successful one, you must focus on the best SEO techniques, even before your site gets launched.

After all, acquiring higher ranking among search engine is the best way to attract more and more traffic to your e-commerce website. Always remember, that the traffic you attract from the search engine has the highest conversion rate.

Your basic SEO must include:

  • Effective titles and subheading
  • Product description
  • Reviews and feedback from customers
  • Internal Linking
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Content marketing efforts
  • Faster loading web pages

Content is another element which is important for an effective e-commerce web development. Even if you hire the website design Company, then also you need to focus on this essential aspect to target your audience. Effective content plays a crucial role when it comes to attracting traffic on a website that brings more conversion. Publish content which is relevant as well as valuable for your audience.

Hack #3. Online Advertising is Important!

Though there are many sources which can help you in attracting more traffic to your online website Online Advertising is still considered as one of the best ways to let your customers know about your products or services.

To promote your business, social media also plays an essential role. And since there are so many social media platforms, it has been analyzed that almost every user has at least one social media account and many people have multiple accounts on the different platform. Among all, Facebook is considered to be the widely accessed social media platform and Instagram and Pinterest are also important to implement effective strategies for promoting products or services.

Hack #4. Try a joint venture for your E-commerce website

Be it any kind of business, they grow high and achieve success more with joint venture or partnership. Even successful websites also look for partnership. The most successful example of such joint venture is PayPal and eBay.

This strategy is always great if you wish to experience the win-win situation. Your products and services together can target your audience better instead of those, who strive to work alone.

Final thoughts

It is always great to grow your business by marking your presence in e-commerce industry because more and more people are attracted to shop online and get a great experience. But since the industry is growing tremendously, so are the challenges. These above hacks will definitely help your business to grow high and achieve a remarkable success.

What are your hacks to get a successful ecommerce website? Do let us know in our comment section below!

7 Best Practices In Optimizing Product Category Page For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites has brought a new trend in shopping that has surpassed the buying experiences from brick-and-mortar shops. Ecommerce platforms are getting severe competition due to increase in multiple ecommerce stores. To beat this growing competition, ecommerce websites will have to provide a seamless shopping experience that provides pleasure to the buyers.

To bring a massive change in the user’s experience, ecommerce marketers will have to optimize their website with best practices of SEO. There are two key pages for ecommerce SEO in ecommerce websites. These are:

  • Product information page
  • Product category page

The optimization of these pages plays key role in bringing better conversion and traffic for the website.

If not through particular product page, customers usually land on ecommerce websites by product category page. Product category page optimization is one crucial area that marketers tend to avoid, hence, face extreme consequence for it.

Here’s the list of 7 best practice in product category page optimization

  • Keeping images consistent

Ecommerce websites used by mobile users should be able to scroll through the page despite having a small screen in their device. Professionals from Ecommerce website development services suggest that the images used in the category page should be highly consistent in size, style, background colour. Taking preferably white background for product pictures provide a clean and attract look to the whole product range. In terms of style, it is the discretion of marketers to use any angel that suits its purpose.

  1. Using faceted navigation

The key to hold customers to your ecommerce website is by giving that search result that they are looking for. Website development company in jaipur consider faceted navigation system as a highly effective medium of SEO for websites, if done correctly. It helps the users to search certain products and get result from the same category itself.

For example, if your are searching for x brand in handbag category, it should only reflect result from handbag category only. Faceted navigation provide privilege to users to let them find what every they are looking for in a particular page.

  1. Break the search results within categories

To get better shopping experience for users, websites can work as virtual shopping assistant. Most of the time customers are not very sure of what they are hoping to buy. In this situation, splitting the search result page in several category help the users to decide what they want to buy and from which category.

For example, you can highlight the discounted products, best sellers, limited stocks, top rated, new release etc.

Ecommerce websites provide a wide range of option in their search page by splitting it in f various categories.

  1. Highlighting special offers

If you can entice customers, half battle is won. Enticing customers can be easily done by offering sale. If you are providing free shipping or introduced sale in some category of offerings, it is important to highlight them. You can use this sales promotion by showcasing it on homepage or below product page. You can also highlight the original price and sale prices in different colour to attract the attention of the users.

  1. Include urgent call to action

Urgent call to action create a sense of urgency in the mind of the customers that compel them to buy the product. If you intend to enhance the popularity of your products, makes sure to showcase the popularity of your products  by including urgent call to action such as limited stock, number of left piece of the product etc.

  1. Show ratings with the product

Several researches has provided strong base of reviews and rating behind the buying behaviours of customers. A good review and high ratings will definitely bring good conversion for your products and vice versa. Therefore, it is a wise decision to get the ratings of your products right below the product in the product page. Giving ratings in terms of stars below the product will convince the buyers that it is a genuine product and help them in taking buyijg decision.

  1. Easy access to shopping cart or wish list

Customers sometimes don’t have time to go to individual product page and read all specification or they have already bought products before and are sure about the website. In this situation, customers can add the product directly in the shopping cart or wish list and go through the specifications stated at the right side of the page and buy it there itself.

Ecommerce websites should make sure to have easy process for customers to reach to shopping cart or add product easily.


Ecommerce platforms are in the midst of a maddening competition. In this situation providing added advantage to the customers along with great UI and UX design for the website, can help you stand tall among your competitors and get more closer to your customers. Implement these seven best practice in your category page and see the result!

Planning To Approach a Logo Design Company? Consider These Essential Things Before Approaching!

You might have heard the phrase a million of times, ‘ the First Impression is the Last Impression!’ The first impression of your business makes a huge difference. That’s why it has often been said that it is important to have a well-designed logo that looks much professional. Because an effective logo communicates with your target audience and conveys your intended message to them.

This is why the logo is considered as the essential aspect to consider when starting your new business. Logos play an essential role in marking an individual identity to the brand that sets the business apart from competitors. When everything is available online, Logos have hold its own importance in the digital world. That why Indian logo design companies are striving to create a logo design that captures the attention of the maximum audience.

Logo Design Company

Here are few of the best tips to consider while you plan to approach a logo design company. Let’s have a look:

#1. Your company name is essential

This is one of the most important yet overlooked factors that most of the people avoid while approaching the logo design company. Well, knowing your company name is important or else, you will end up only by wasting money when you ask them to design a logo for your brand.

Make sure to choose a company name which is neither too long nor too short. However, many designers also recommend picking a tagline at the same time because this helps in preventing any complications during the designing process.

In addition to this, you must also confirm designers about whether you want a logo for your new company or want to redesign your existing logo.

#2. Your business style

Choose a logo design that reflects the unique style of your brand or business. The graphics you are choosing must convey the intended message of your business to your target audience. Your logo delivers the emotion and helps you in connecting with your customers. There is various kind of logo, including fun, nostalgic, friendly, professional and much more. Be sure while you choose your type of logo.

Analyze and ask your expert whether you should go for the Font-based logo, representative logo or an abstract logo.

#3. A clear and precise message behind your logo

Whether you want to get an attractive logo for your business or availing the Best Infographics Design Services, make sure you develop a sentence that represents your brand or business. That sentence will leave a great impact on the mind of your audience. Because your logo design will then represent that you make efforts to achieve your mission statement effectively.

#4. Your business logo should suit every purpose

Understand that your business logo will appear in multiple places. Your website will not be the only place where you need your logo design. In fact, it will be displayed in the following areas:

You need to make sure that your logo design should be powerful and must create a positive impact on your target audience, irrespective of the medium or platform you use it.

logo design


A logo design needs a proper research that makes sure to give it a much professional look. Your logo reflects the quality of the services that you offer to your target audience. Leave a remarkable impression on your target market with an attractive logo design.

What are the things that you considered while approaching the logo design company for your business? Share your thoughts and strategies with us in our comment section below!

Make Your ECommerce Customers Happy By Handling Negative Reviews Effectively?

We all know the power of social media. In fact, all the ecommerce store owner will agree that how social share plays a vital role in promoting the brand or business and achieving tremendous success.

The best thing about having ecommerce website is, you can offer your services to your customers 24 hours. Not only when they need to buy products at midnight but also when they want to leave the feedback and share comments about your products or services.

These problems get doubled when your ECommerce business have social media pages on platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. Because your followers can view that comments or reviews from any corner in the world.

Ecommerce development companies suggest to have a separate section for comments but for the business owner, it is a real headache. Because even successful businesses had seen the toughest time after receiving few of the negative comments.

Here are few of the best ways how you can handle your negative comments or reviews and make your customers happy like before!

ecommerce development companies

Tip #1. Upgrade your products or services

Take out time to read the comments left by your customers. This gives you a better insight into what people like and dislike about your brand, business, products or services.

If you are getting happy and positive feedback from your customers, this is you wanted to achieve. But do remember to keep up your services and don’t be lazy.

If your customers are leaving the negative comment, understand their pain point, analyze the root cause and follow the effective measures to solve those issues.

To become more successful, you must uncover what your customers dislike about you, use corrective measures, before your competitor take advantage of this.

Tip #2. Build a strong relationship with your customers

When you take an extra step to respond to the comments of your customers, whether negative or positive, you are giving a chance to them to create a strong relationship with your brand. This makes them feel that you value them and they are an integral part of your company. This in turn, helps in achieving maximum customer loyalty and they are more likely to recommend your products or services to their friends or family.

Tip #3. Deal with your customers gently

Responding to the comments of your customers has to be included as your primary business strategy. Be it the negative comment or positive one, responding to your customers should be included in your policy. This makes your customers feel that you care for their feedback and value them as an essential identity of your brand. But sometimes, your reply can look like a harsh or angry response that reflects as a viral publicity stunt. There are few ways in which you must deal with your customers, such as:

  • When your customers leave POSITIVE Comments:

Your ultimate goal is to make your customers satisfied with your products or services and when they are happy with you, they will leave positive comments. This is what you always wanted to achieve because this reveals that your moving in a right direction. But you can’t sit idle.

In such cases, show them you care for them. Take a time and thank your customers who love your services. If few of your customers are loyal and constantly share the positive feedback, don’t feel shy in offering them the free sample, deal or discount for your products or services.

  • When your customers leave NEGATIVE Comments

As per the Website Development company, including a comment section is as important as having customers. And if nothing can be happier than receiving positive comments but what if your customers leave the negative comment? Well, anybody will get hurt!


Remember the simple rule, kill the negativity with kindness. Handle the negative comment as soon as your customers have sent it. And if you feel that the comment is genuine, let them know that you are sorry and will solve the issue quickly.

Find the best solution, share it with that customers and make them happy. But do not forget to reply to that negative comment that their issues have been resolved. This will leave a lasting impression on other customers.

What are the strategies that you follow to make your customers happy by handling their comments? Share with us in our comment section below!

Stop Making Your Restaurant Logo A Disaster!- 3 Tips On Things To Avoid While Designing A Restaurant Logo

Restaurant business is all about serving good looking mouth watering food to the clients. But the process of bringing clients from the streets to the restaurant table is all about a good marketing mix. The process of creating a great marketing system begin with a catchy logo. Restaurant logo is a powerful tool to grab the attention of people and bring them directly to the restaurant table by its vibrant colour and design. Such a great logo is meant to represent the brand and helps in creating a strong brand presence which ultimately leads to a strong customer base.

Despite having so much importance of logo in restaurant business,most of the marketers avoid giving importance to its design. Most of the restaurant owner create logo just for the sake of it. Their design is messy and cannot attract people towards it. This happens because logo maker did not paid attention on the need of the business before designing the logo. The reason of this approach is, most of the restaurants lacks attracting customers and fails miserably.

If you own a restaurant business or about to launch a new restaurant chain, consider getting a great logo design. A tempting restaurant logo can prove to be a great help for attracting people towards your restaurant. But before you begin with the process, keep these three important points in mind

Three points to remember that should be completely avoided in logo making process

1 In appropriate use of graphics

Most of the time we see that restaurant logos are overly designed in quest of experimentation. It should always kept in mind that the logo design should not become weird and unrealistic for the sake of making it unique. This kinds of restaurant design can hamper the brand miserably.

For example, the logo from dirty bird fried chicken has seen serious criticism due to uncanny image as logo.

Hiring designers could help in getting designs that are iconic and go absolutely align with your brand identity to make it memorable. The catch is to make your restaurant logo simple and unique to grab those people moving out gather in your restaurant.

2 Wrong usage of theme

Logo theme is a very important component in a logo . logo themes basically help onlookers to make perception about the organization and what it is actually about. Keeping this mind it’s important to figure out the theme of the logo that goes well with the brand message before even beginning to sketch the logo of the brand. Logo should be designed in a way that captivate the attention of the customers. A bad logo theme will not be able to connect well with customers hence, creating bounce rate.

This is the logo of famous hip hop concert for HIV people. The spattered blood theme of the logo messes with the whole theme of the concert. Designers from Invitation card design services believe that a logo design has a lot to express when it comes to invitation design. Half battle is already won, if the brand has a great logo which captures the attention of the invites, it will make them come to your function.

Similarly, in terms of restaurant logo design, if the theme of the logo is not appropriate it will not be able to impress people despite a great design.

3 Wrong choice of colour

The colour is the soul of any design, therefore, it has to be chosen effectively. An intelligent, well designed logo looks natural and appealing after the colour fill.

Here a point to remember is, a logo design shouldn’t look like a rainbow. Logo colour should be distinctive representative of your restaurants speciality and cuisine. Usage of extreme colourful palette can create a great design non effective. In case of monochrome, it is also attractive when used on right kind of design.

Therefore, selection of colour for logo is highly important to give your logo design a great push up.

logo design vervelogic woodien


Logos are meant to be memorable. logos has immense role in making a restaurant business a great hit. Restaurant logos are meant to be memorable design that can target customers and create a lasting impression. There are many logo designers who didn’t adhered to the principles of designing and hence failed miserably. A balanced restaurant logo should be good balance of design, colour and theme.

Unique Tips For Designing That Every Designer Should Know

Do you love making logo sketches? Looking to design an original logo yourself for your business? If your answer is yes, then you probably looking to learn to make the best logo designs. Well, logo designs need wide range of skills and techniques.

Graphic design is considered as one of the essential factors that must be known by every designer. In this blog post, we have gathered the unique tips from the top designers that make sure to learn you the basics that every designer should know.

If you are heading towards your first logo design, then considering them will surely help you to achieve an effective and professional logo. Let’s have a look:

Step #1. Know your inspiration

You can’t achieve something which is unique or creative unless you have an inspiration in mind. If you are inspired to develop an attractive design, you’ll definitely get a great design. Know the history of your company, the basic principles and goals and create your logos around those aspects.

Step #2. Be creative while designing your logo

If you want to create something new and fresh, you must follow your own creative process that works the best for you. This could include offering the design in three to four format and types to the client so that he can later determine what should be done first.

Step #3. Understand your target audience

Be it logo design or Template Design Services, you won’t accomplish your goals unless you don’t identify your audience. Every project and business is unique and you need to make different efforts that reflect that business effectively. It is important to know your target audience and also, that with every new project, your audience will be different. Understand their needs and ask clearly that what’s important to them when it comes to representing their values to the audience.

Step #4. Create a versatile design

When you design a logo, you must consider all the possible medium where your client can place your logo design, once you deliver it to them. Remember, logo design is not something that will appear online only. In fact, a logo can be display offline as well. Therefore it is important to create a versatile design. Other such designs include letterhead, business card, website, products, packaging, banner, poster, flyers, T-shirts and much more.

#5. Choosing great font is important

The font is one of the most important factors to consider while creating a logo design. Experts suggest that you should take as much time in deciding the font of your logo as much time you take to create the logo. Your logo marks an impression not only on your audience or potential customers but also on your clients.

It is best if you consult with your client before selecting the font.

#6. Narrate a story and leave a message

The logo is the first thing that people notice about your brand. Even if you are creating a logo for your client, displaying it on your website will offer more benefit to you. Because the logo you provide to your client will represent the quality of services you offer. The best way is to create a story around your logo. Your story will make your people believe what your company is about and what are the goals you always strive to achieve that sets you apart from your competitors. A better communication between the company and customer is essential to achieve all the goals.

#7. Be you… Be imaginative!

The most important quality of the great logo design is, it always strives to provide the customer with the unique and creative design that make their brand and business stand out in the crowd. Originality is the important factor because it reflects the image of the business.


Whether you are planning to hire the best logo design company India or looking to design a logo all by yourself, these are few of the tips that every designer should know. Create a design that your customer will love!

What are your strategies that you keep in mind while designing the logo? Share your views and best tips with us in our comment section below!

Tips And Tricks: How To Design A Landing Page That Brings Conversion?

This is a site for a particular objective. The landing page doesn’t have any other page. Landing pages are meant to bring that conversion ratio only. It is made to meet your requirements.

Ecommerce websites.

It’s a great deal of comprehensiveness. If this is a very low conversion, then consider resigning your landing page.

This page is a list of six tips to remember

1. Thinking about users

Designers from Expert custom landing page Designing services the suggest That the design of the landing page is dependent on the the targeted the customers and the preferences Their. It is important to make sure that you’ve been able to meet your needs. The design is clear to the customers.

Developers shouldn’t have been a remedy.

2. Stick to simplicity

It should not be cluttered with different design elements. The cluttered pages of the website.

The landing page should not be used. This is the language used in the language of the visitors.

3. Your visitors the assurance of security

It can be a great deal. It is very secured. Your site is legitimate and trustworthy. This number can be given the contact number, email, address, maps etc.

4. Creating a professional page design

Development india Company About enterprise | Website the suggest, That by important IT is to use professional page design for landing page to the make IT look reliable. If you’re looking to leave the website. When it comes to the website. Therefore, we can help you in conversion.

5. Use the perfect visuals

Images can create a great amount of engagement. A glance on the visitors. It is beneficial to select visuals of the company. Every image used in landing page should have a valid purpose.

6. Powerful CTAs

Call to action on the landing page is a must. The CTA should be aesthetically passed. It is a rule to choose a better color, font, size, shapes, etc.


It is a strong influence on the conversion rate of the business. If you find your visitors are not converting, make sure your landing page design is appropriate.