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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Application?

For small-scale and medium-scale businesses mobile applications are as crucial as for the big businesses. If you have been wondering that mobile application is only for the big companies you might have been losing some ground already. The fact that the pace with which the technology has emerged left the less space for thinking. The emergence of mobile application is the product of necessity of many things. The salon in downtown is always crowded but created a mobile app on which people started picking their spot and things were sorted. Yes, that’s just a salon which has been receiving some traffic, the problem was addressed and sorted. But in every case, the development of mobile application need not to be driven as a solution. In fact, it should be seen as an opportunity.

That salon is much more famous because they got an app which has brought them extra visibility. Now what could be your agenda to get a mobile application, think and get the services of the best iphone mobile application development companies and of the Android as well.

If you are still confused as to get the application developed or not you can quell all the confusions, here you go:-


Every business thrives to get the visibility. The more the visibility, the more popularity and that would yield more profits.

Consider the fact, in an hour you take your phone out at least 5 times and just scroll whole of the menu. You see the applications, which could be of no use for you but you see them. Time and time you will see the applications and their logos. Even if it is of no utter use for you but you would still remember the logo and name of it. That is the visibility, crossing the road and you might see a board hanging of same business having the same logo as of mobile application. Here strikes the connection. That might pique the interest to open the application and discover what it is about which would certainly lead you to get entertained of services provided by the business.

Marketing Channel

Mobile application would bring an opportunity to cut the mediators like browsers, searches, spotting, and whatever would come its way in the route to reach your business. Wonder what an app does. It just cuts off all the things that have been hurdling the user’s way to reach the desired website.

On a mobile application, all the things can be embedded. The likes of messenger, general info, specifications of a product, the list of the product, and all the things which would take multiple tabs on the desktops. Hence, a mobile application would bring all the required things at one place.

Push notification is another concept that will keep on reminding people about the updates. Moreover, the offers the promotion would show up straight in the notification bar of the users. Mobile applications are seriously second to none. Just make sure that the iphone app design and android app design should be alluring and enticing. Everything else is just set to set the sales ablaze.

Value Of Customer

Having data on your side you can do many things, asking people to sign-up at your application would weave an opportunity to recognize them particularly. In this, you will be able to run loyalty programs. With loyalty programs, you can instill the sense of loyalty in your customers and at the same time the programs will encourage other to list themselves in such program. It will promote the brand and the ability to retain the customers would also hike up to significant heights.

The customer will feel valued and would keep on returning on the application to get entertained by the services and will also urge his friends to download the application.


There is a chasm in between a company and a brand. Company represents the services and brand represents the standards set by a company and brand make up the marketing image and support image of the company.

With visibility on hand and progressing towards the unprecedented services and ease to bring such services to all the users would be the beginning of a brand.

In the build-up of brand, you can weigh-in on the design of application, logos, and initial things that will make the application compelling.

But important thing would be to garner recognition. As per thumb rule, your business would have to appear at several different places at different times to get the recognition. The recognition of the brand would be instrumental in the build-up of brand and with that on track the success is a sure shot!

Customer Engagement

If you want recognition from the search engines you would need to create the stuff that should be engaging. Because search engines rank the websites on the basis of the engagement they offer to users. The time on site would be instrumental here. The more a user would spend the time on the website the more the engagement and trust of the search engines will form. That will result in the higher ranks and higher profits.

That was one facet of the recognition. But to get more success you would have to create the buzz on your mobile app. The above-mentioned content is for the first-step recognition because people would not be going to trust the website right at the first glance, they might research on the search engines like Google and other. That is where also you have to get a considerable position.

Coming to the engagement on the application would frame other things and consist of other things. The engagement on the app is forged by the ease of use it. Ask yourself what is easy to book an appointment with a consultant, a call or few clicks? Except for few exceptions, the answer would be clicks. And that is the key to engagement on the application other than content which will keep on users driven and excited for each post. However, content is not mandatory, but it could let you reap profits to much higher extents.

Say No To Competition, Because You Can Stand Out!

As per the observations, application for small-businesses are rare and that presents you the chance of taking up the opportunity. If you can take this opportunity by the scruff of the neck, you are not competing with the businesses of your segment. You are creating something unprecedented and you are reckoning out of the box and you know the result when such thing happens. Take the example of Bleacher Report and Alibaba, out of the box to the sky.

Marketing has always been about presenting something new, something which was not anticipated. Big companies did not do anything different than their competitors they just marketed differently and reaped the benefits while creating an empire.

Instill Loyalty

All the things fade away. The emails, flyers, brochures, social media campaign because they come and go. No impact. Nothing left behind. The time they were on the stage they created buzz and they created anticipation, but by the end, it was all vanished just like a superhit replaced by another movie. You cannot instill loyalty with such things, these things are flashy, these things are seasonal and occasional but not evergreen.

Mobile application would be instrumental in instilling loyalty in your customers and users. Because? Because it would not just arrive on the stage and depart from it and replaced by another. Your app would remain your app. Your services can have a duplicate, but still, they will remain yours only. Moreover, the app would not get vanished from the phone unless it is not removed. And the app would not be removed if it would be functional to people.

Putting it simply, you can create an app and it will instill the sense of loyalty in your customers because it will stay for long in their phones. With an app, your services would be just a few clicks away and it will also make your presence 24×7.

Mobile applications have become a fundamental part of the people. Wherever they are going they are carrying their smartphones and they are looking to have the services that are easiest to get. The competition in the small and medium-scale business is still in its infancy, missing out on such an opportunity would be an act of folly.

Why You Should Consider Redesigning Your Logo And How To Go About It?

It is not a rocket science to understand the importance of an amazing logo in a business. An influential logo creates a strong base for the business in the market. But creating a perfect logo in itself sometimes can be really tricky. There are brands who have been really successful in designing a logo for their brand and from then they have never looked back. But more often than not, most of the business has to tweak their logo design to keep up with the changing trends of the industry.

This need for redesigning is often noticed in business with longer shelf life. It is quite obvious that a logo which was created somewhere in 60s or 70s would not be that influential for the customers in 2018. design business logo after a prolonged time  becomes vital for many other reasons and when you do it, the change is really evident.

codecademy logo

A logo redesign in general is considered a very daunting task and people easily depriotize it till the time it becomes unbearable. Casting new life in your old logo design can bring some very significant change in your business returns, however, it one of the major decision of a business.

We suggest to take some considerate amount of time before you dismantle your old logo to be 100% sure that your logo needs a redesigning process.

Ask these 5 questions to yourself to understand if you should stick with your already made logo or take risk for redesigning.

5 Vital Question To Ask Before Planning For A Logo Designing


  1. Did your business expanded or changed?


dominos logo

If you have added a new line of product or services in your existing offerings or added some more headquarters and employees to begun with expansion procedure then you should consider getting a logo redesign. Indian logo design experts suggest that when a company expands there are many things that should be added in a logo design to make customers informed about it, thus, redesigning becomes really vital.

  1. Have you got new competitors in your niche?

There was a time when you were the leader of your niche industry but after a prolonged period of time you have got a serious competitor than you should think about it. You may feel intimidated or work to fight back. The logo redesign can help by showing existing customers that your brand is adaptive to modern and updated technology and definitely provide good state of the art solution to the customers.

  1. Are you looking for a new audience base?

KFC logo

You may own a good loyal customer base but that does not take away the need for expanding the customers base even more. If you intend to capture the attention of the new set of audiences then probably logo redesigning is a good option. If done correctly, new logo will easily help to connect with a wider audiences along with maintaining the existing customer base.

  1. Is there a change in your brand value or mission?

With the passing of time and business expansion, it is natural that the business evolve. If you are identifying that your company’s personality has changed over the years from the time it was started, your logo should very well reflect this change. This means that your logo is ready for redesigning process.

  1. Is the logo dated?

microsoft logo

This is one of the simple questions but worth noticing. If you logo was created in 70s or 80s, it may be the time that your logo design needs a makeover. Not only the old logo is aesthetically tired but the design may not remain nicely compatible with different technologies were logo can be used for expansion of the brand.

Logo Redesign Vs Logo Refresh

mastercard logo

Which is suitable for your purpose?

Answering yes for any of the question stated above may be signal that you need a logo redesign for your brand but this is not the only solution for you!

You can also go ahead with refreshing your logo design. Refreshing a logo in itself is dramatic approach. It is more of a makeover approach for logo that will be collaborated with various design elements. In logo refresh process, designers make small shifts to the existing logo by adding messaging, updating the colour of the logo or simplifying the look of the logo.

In contrast to logo refreshment, logo redesigning is dramatic process. In this process new messaging options, a new colour scheme or a new version of company name can be introduced.

Before you decide between logo refreshment and logo redesigning, consider these 3 questions.


  1. What is about the current logo which is not working properly?


According to experts from packaging design services, a logo plays a vital role in making people identify a product and also motivate to buy it. A highly attractive and unique packaging of product may seem faded without an expressive logo design.

So, it is important to identify your logo elements and see which one is working for you and which one is not! This is the thing which can help you in judging about your step towards logo redesigning or logo refresh.

  1. What all elements from current logo should be consistent?

twitter logo

In case you decide about redesigning your logo but it is vital before you dismantle your logo design to find what all elements from your current logo should stay. They may be colour specific, a particular style or particular capitalization of your company name.

  1. Is your current logo holds a deep bond with your customer base?


The major consequence of logo redesign lies in cutting a visual communication with the customer and the old logo design. It important to understand how customers can relate to the current logo and analyse the consequence of dramatic rebranding. If you think that your customer base will be confused then make sure is it worth taking a chance?

The process of logo redesigning

Now that when all the questions have been answered and you have got a clear idea about going ahead with logo redesign process, then let’s waste no time!

Most of the logo redesign process are same, it first or fifth iteration of your logo design. Here’s some quick things to keep in mind when you are working on logo redesign process:

  • Absolutely avoid comparing new logo design with your old logo design to measure the success of your designing process. It is better to keep focus on how your new logo is representing your brand or speaking to your customers base.
  • Any change can bring some unexpected emotion. This emotion can be excitement about new thing coming or can be an anxiety about the changes made. Be sure to complete analyse any new design for your logo before giving your final green signal to be 100% sure that the changes made is absolutely correct.
  • Some elements of logo design such as new colour or different design style may not get adjusted in your marketing collaterals like business cards or new website etc. if you are not willing to give it an overall change, consider keeping some elements same.
    google logo

What to do after redesigning the logo?

In order to complete the journey from old logo design to new logo, marketer will also have transit from the time they began their journey to the present. This process of transition would begin with deciding if you want to phase in your new logo over a period of time or you will just introduce the new logo on a particular date and celebrate by a formal announcement.

In any of the way, it is important to update the logo across as many platforms as possible and also on all company materials such as email signature, social media platforms, business cards, magazines etc.

Last words…

Logo redesigning may sound daunting, well we don’t completely deny it but it is important also. With the change in time brands will have to update themselves to connect to the new generation and stay in market for a longer period of time. If you think you need a logo redesign, don’t hesitate!

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F2P Game Design: Top 10 Ways To Use Messaging As A Tool To Attract Mobile Game Players

To make a free to play game successful and popular among players requires to get the grip on players attention by effective messaging. Messaging in any form such as push notification, update prompts, offers or daily bonus can create excitement among players. However, messaging done inappropriately can take you in the loss pit and you will lose all your hard earned players.

Messaging done in gaming, intends to prompt players to take necessary call to action. To make players take your intended action, requires players to be engaged with the game productively.

This post is dedicated to provide 10 important tips for effective messaging that can enhance player retention on your game.

  1. Do not go overboard with messaging

Top Developers working on game development on android platforms suggests, to be limited in messaging. Too much nagging can make the player irritated and move to the next game. Therefore, the scheduling of the messages should be balanced to strike a cord in players effectively.

  1. Focus on difficulty curve

In order to make players highly engaged in the game, it is important to balance the threshold of engagement. Developers can use analytics and players relationship management tool to find out the behaviour of the players in various segments of the game. This result can be useful in shaping the game based on the response of the users. In case, a segment of the game is difficult for the player, give them tips. This way their engagement would increase.

  1. Tailor your message

Segmentation tools used in analysing the game help in sending tailored messages that can help players in the game. Developers can setup behavioural triggers to send messages at the time when players leave the game like when their resource is exhausted or their mission failed.

  1. Finding the right voice

The voice of the messages sent should be inclined with the mood of your game and the defined audience. Marketing tips can be adopted to address players persona and create message accordingly. Keeping voice consistent will make players recognize the brand and creates a great impression.

  1. Don’t be bossy

Top iphone game developers from various part of the world suggest that every players wants to have the freedom to discover the game they are playing. No matter the voice of message you adopt, make sure not to command any instruction. It is better to provide tips and hints which will look less bossy and more interesting.

  1. Knowledge about when to keep the player alone

Sending message does not mean to disturb the users at any hour of the day or night. Testing is needed to understand when to send the message, frequency and time of the day. You can give players the control about when they want to receive the notification from your end. This is a great way to make them hooked to you!

  1. Pitching about what comes next!

Giving players a glimpse of what is to come next can attract them to return again and again. Use in game messaging to flash new unlockable items or fun new level in the game.

  1. Don’t ask for payment at early stage

The trick is to keep the player hooked to your game. Having high level of engagement can turn in conversion but asking for payment in initial phase can ruin things completely. A relationship should be established within the player and game which can further convert in payment.

  1. Optimizing in app purchase and ads

Despite having a great messaging campaign, not all players will be interested in in-app purchase. It is beneficial to use game analytics to see the response rate of the player and then tailor the monetization strategy that suits the style of the player.

  1.  Testing is the key!

To know how much is your efforts paying to you, it is important to do rigorous testing. Use A/B testing to try different setups and just keep testing to find the best one that suits your needs.


Getting players engaged requires a tailor made channel of communication. There are many kinds of analytical tools that can help in finding the various components of your game that speaks for your F2P players. Get the data and structure your messaging accordingly, in order to generate great results.

Why Mobile Apps Development Is Going Towards Micro Apps?

This is the age of quick and easy things! Nobody wants to buy a huge house in order to get  convenience of maintenance, forgo big shopping bags for the sake of carrying things easily and big and complex apps for the sake of having easy usability.

In this world, every little thing changes, be it technology, human being or thinking. It evolves to bring better convenience in the all our lives. Micro apps are also introduced to bring that convenience in the usability of an app.

Micro apps are referred to as consumer oriented apps which are developed to satisfy a particular targeted functionality. These apps are meant to deliver a very focused usability by targeting only task based functionality that help users interact and get their result in no time.

The usability of micro app has increased in recent due to the various kinds of benefit it provides. Let us discuss what may be the reason for switching to micro apps?

Micro apps provide better targeting and conversion

Traditional mobile apps are loaded with custom codes to satisfy homogenous business objective. The front end of the apps were heavily coded and needs specific structure to support the backend. Modern iphone or android mobile app development company now integrate users need in app development. Newly build micro apps use standard programming language and API based on cloud based resources and virtual resources. This kind of programming cut down the back end coding, making it lighter. Modern micro apps are diversified, targeted and can be accessed from any medium.

Change in working pattern

The nature and the procedure of work has changed drastically over the years. This change in working pattern has come by various means, however, the role of mobile phone in this change is immense. There are many people who prefer working from home. Such users are in need constant need of an environment that satisfy their focused corporate needs.

To cope with the demand for such kind of enterprise apps,mobile app developers has diversified their way to single purpose app which easily connect with several back end resources. This kinds of apps are referred as micro apps that satisfy customers for targeted usability.

To cope with the changing need for customers, micro apps is just the ideal platform. They provide specific features and efficient results in minimum time.

Low code apps interact better

The greatest advantage of micro or purpose based apps is their ability to connect with larger systems that organizations has been using from ages such as SAP,Oracle and other customer relationship management etc. Instead of providing a huge software to customers navigating for their purposes, creating multiple smaller apps can be more beneficial.

Best iphone developers suggest that customers easily interact with smaller apps and provide better conversion for the marketers, therefore, using micro app is judicial.

Performance of Low code app development

Low code apps are those kind of apps which can be developed by low technical knowledge designer. Micro apps have very specific and limited usability, thus it can be easily developed even with low technical knowledge. It is fact that the performance of these app may be low when compared with native app but still advantageous.


Organizations who wants to make their presence on mobile, building micro apps can prove beneficial. Once the customers starts getting use to specific usability  and efficient results in minimum time, micro app for the organization will become the hub for conversion and engagement.

Why Web Applications Is Necessary For Business To Earn Profit?

Web applications are the most important component for online businesses across the globe. Web applications has helped business to expand their venture and reach to greater heights of success. These apps are capable to handle numerous clientele and customers at the same time. Various marketers from different sectors are using web apps for expansion of their business with the help of developers to meet the demand of the growing business needs.

Web application can offer a lot of resource and facility to business to progress further.

Let us dig into detailed benefits of web application development for business to grow:


  • Publicity and Branding


Web applications is a must need for business to stay in the competitive market and beat the competition. Unless your business doesn’t own a proper a web application, your need for publicity and branding remains unsatisfied. It is a prime necessity of the business to inform people about their presence i.e, increase the brand visibility among targeted customers. Best web application development company designers, make sure to develop application that best your purpose of engaging your targeted customers and bring better engagement.

Web apps inform people about your company or brand presence and attract them as well.

No only awareness, web application acts as a bridge of communication between the organizations and potential customers. Using web application for business opens the path of new and better customers acquisition, awareness and better conversion as well.

  1. Customer support

For internet marketing company, it is important to have a full fledged channel for customer support system. A sound customer support system enhance the reputation of the brand and also create a sense of trust in the mind of the customers. Web applications is the easiest way to get an enhance customer support system. The most amazing part about web application is the fact that it can accessed as per the need of the customers, at any time from any location.

Getting a good customer support system working for 24*7 for your web app, can bring that extra edge to your business.

  1. Improve efficiency

Working in hundreds of spreadsheet and buried inside piles of paperwork can actually make your cumbersome and time consuming. Apart from taking longer time, it also makes your work vulnerable to several kinds of errors that can significantly affect your efficiency in the market. Web applications is the ideal solution of this problem. Web apps streamline the process of working and also make it error free. Such kinds of error free reporting will enhance the visibility of your business in the market and also turning it to be a credible source of information.

  1. Security

Storing all the important information “in cloud” protect your business from any loss of information due to fault in any computer system. Web application provide you the opportunity to save your data and live peaceful. Until you have the login id, your web address, password etc of your business, you are in safe hands. You can simply use any platform or mobile to login and begin with your work from anywhere.

  1. Easily customizable and scalable

A web application can be easily customized based on the need of your business. Having features which directly or indirectly is needed by the customers to perform task will save them from tutorial which will show several features. Business owners can add or subtract any features that suit the purpose in web app.

  1. Easy installation and maintenance

Having web apps save customers from downloading and installing software in the systems. Once a new version of the app is updated on the server, all the place on which the app is working gets automatically updated, therefore, customers do not require installation

The current competitive market in the world need a whole new approach for business to develop and attract customers. Web applications are one useful innovation that brings best of engagement metrics from customers in present time. The advantage listed above can provide significant benefit in your business.

What are you waiting for?

6 Tips To Design An Exceptionally Good Mobile App Notification

You are in the mid of a serious work and suddenly your mobile gives you a beep!

Not again! It’s the notification again.

Well, believe it or not but most of the people have similar expression or even worse of it when they find notification in their mobile phones. These notifications are never read or even opened for that matter. Designed to enhance the user experience, these notification seems to work the opposite. It irritated the users and finally leads to app installation.

The original purpose of notification is not about irritating someone. It has loosed its focus to deliver useful information. People tend to extremely ignore notification because it does not provide value of interruption. An app is installed by users to gain some kind of benefit even managing the notification issue unless it is meaningful. Most of the time the deviation begins from here itself, designers never bother to design a notification and significantly harm the user experience for the app.

Notification should be designed in a way that connect the users with the brand. But the real catch is crafting notification that does not make its place in bad UX design and are meaningful as well.

This post is dedicated to find tips for designing a notification that brings the best of the brand to users and grab their attention.

Let just dive in:

  • Need

Developer from Android UX design services insist that before beginning with the notification procedure, it is important to understand the need for it. Top developers believe that most of the notifications are simple burden providing no added advantage to the users. If the notification provide information about a action that does not require system for recovery, then that notification is useless. At times when there are big errors are the system is dependent on the user’s action, notification is of great help for app makers as well for users.

  1. Tailor-made

Notification should be customizable for product features. This will help users select the kind of content they need for notification. If the users will be given the ability to select their alerts, they will happily see the pings coming on their mobile phones. In case, app maker don’t own sufficient user data, customization can be a great help.

  1. Appropriate and timely

Experts from iphone app development company in jaipur, suggest that to increase the worth of notifications,app makers should switch to user data analysis stats. At the time of making, it is important to pay attention to the product usage stats and other information relevant to targeted audience. This way the notification will hold value for users and increases the conversion as well.

  1.  Clarity in the content

The content of notification should definitely correspondent with the language used by users for content. The content made for notification should be clear and easily understandable. The content should not sound spam or irritating. App developers should stick with the brand image while crafting the content unique and different for the notification.

  1. No interference

Notifications are meant to help users rather interfering in their daily action. A timely content rich notification can help users but there are many different kinds of notification that pops up everyday. Designers will have to make sure to design their notification in a way that users can distinguish the valuable notification and discard the rest.

A valuable notification will inform the users with valid information without doing much interference. Use small pinpoint notification to inform people yet not disturb them.

  1. Last chance prompts

Nothing can be more troublesome than deleting an app that stores all your valuable data by mistake. Be it social media or cloud based data storage app, deleting the app mistakenly is a big trouble in itself.

Last chance prompt notification are therefore an essential way to keep you away from such troubles. These dialog box contain confirmation signal that users will have to provide before deleting the app completely. Designer should create big popup box to gather the attention of the user. Ask concise question in order to take prompt action by users.

  1. Control the number

After designing a valuable notification design, what converts all the efforts into waste is frequency. Notification dose can kill the communication that established over the period of time. It is important to understand the users,their requirements, patterns and then decide on the frequency of the notifications send.


Most of the time designers don’t put valuable emphasis on designing the notifications, as a result most of the app notifications are remains unheard. It is important to study the trend of the users preference and develop the design of the notification which is user friendly and help brand communicate better with the users.

9 Most Unique Logo Design Trends To Checkout In 2019

An innovative logo is popularly considered as the face of any company or business. Yes, it is true! But restricting it to be just the face of the company would be underestimating its vast potential.

A well designed innovative logo apart from being the identity of the company also depicts the era or the time in which it is designed. If you are a budding marketer looking to make a mark then, recognizing logo design trend is a very crucial aspect in choosing the right logo design style. These current logo design style will make your business look fresh and highly relevant.

2019 has hit the ground with a blend of colors and luminescence. What do think the trends are going to be? Will people run behind multi colored gradients or metallic skinned logos? Would it be minimalist typography or geometric shapes? It is going to be an exciting run for the upcoming brands and the existing ones who are planning to rebrand their businesses. Some brands do not change their Logo for the lifetime but we still recommend having minor changes to keep up with the trends. What has not changed till now is the fact that your Logo should definitely contain some kind of meaning or significance. So, keeping the same in our minds, lets move towards drawing a new world for the potential customers.

So, What are you waiting for?

2019 has already arrived and you shouldn’t waste any of your time in not analyzing the innovative logo design trends for this year.

9 logo design trend to keep an eye in 2019:

1. Responsive and contextual logos

2. Architectural inspiration

3. Fun (creating an image and vibe)

4. Pushing metaphors to the extreme

5. Experimental techniques in typography

6. Grid based logo

7. Layering and masking of pattern and colour

8. Simple typography paired with monograms

9. Fundamental geometric shape

Are you ready?

Let us begin:

1. Responsive and contextual logos

Professional designers from logo design services india insist that a logo design in this competitive time must not be create keeping the aesthetics of pleasing design but it should also be designed in a way that it can be used at various context in which the design can be applied. Using logo on posters, business cards, advertisements are simple few of the places where a logo is used. In 2019 make sure to keep your focus on increased awareness to context in logo design.


Responsive and contextual logos

Responsive and contextual logos

Responsive and contextual logos Responsive and contextual logos

One of the example of awareness to the context can be seen from logo design made for Kristin Jarmund architect which uses abbreviation “KJ-A”. This abbreviation allows to adapt in various layout upon photographic backgrounds.

The logo easily accomodate to the concept of architecture both metaphorically and visually.

2. Architectural inspiration

Architectural design logo in resurgence in popularity of clever and innovative ways. Physical space has always had an important variable in creating a brand identity. In this competitive digital world, designers are finding ways not only to capture the look of architectural landmarks but also use the concept behind the physical manifestations of the brand through visual interpretation.

Architectural inspirationArchitectural inspiration  Architectural inspiration

3. Fun (creating an image and vibe)

Fun is that emotion which makes everything really saleable. Fun has always been part of the designing process, but the current state of economic uncertainties can inspire people to combat the negative aspects in the most funniest designs ever made. Fun is irresistible and it comes in many forms such as bright colour, good vibes, and also from cute character choice. In 2019, we can expect more number of fun logos making it really big.

Fun (creating an image and vibe) Fun (creating an image and vibe)

There are many ways fun logo can be created such as using joyful custom typographic characters or introducing the character with some really fun element.

4. Pushing metaphors to the extreme

The usage of metaphors are certainly not new in the world of logo design. However, the increase of curiosity and creative exploration in the design community which has made metaphors to be the focal point of creative exploration. Designers from multimedia design services suggest that in 2019, it can be expected that designers will give even more emphasis on pushing metaphors to its extreme with a thoughtful concept that gives a logo more depth than visual appeal.

Pushing metaphors to the extreme Pushing metaphors to the extreme

5. Experimental techniques in typography

Typography has been a concept which has been under the subject of lots of experimentation. Either it be developing new typographic shapes to modification of pre existing typefaces using photographic techniques. This year we can expect more experimentation in typography with unique concept and new realization of how pre existing technology can apply in designing.

Experimental techniques in typography Experimental techniques in typography

In typographic treatment, the technique brings to a new level which looks completely unconventional, organic and intriguing

6. Grid based logo

Grids are the backbone of graphic designing. It has the power to portray logic, theory, control and perfection. In a sense, this grid based logo trend can never end. Based on the earlier grid based designs, we can expect some new kind of experimentation in the grid design logo.

Grid based logo Grid based logo

For example, in the MOAA logo, the lines in the typographic letter of the MOAA logo becomes the grid in itself or the grid in ABCraft logo which speaks to how fundamental the brand name and value is. In 2019, grid is expected to appear in a new and exciting way.

7. Layering and masking of pattern and colour

Layering and masking pattern are one of the most sophisticated techniques that uses various patterns to reveal or contain additional content within shapes. These are usually subtle and can easily be under the radar.

Layering and masking of pattern and colour Layering and masking of pattern and colour

This technique of logo has a good room of experimentation in abstract and conceptual approach and in 2019 we can expect even more novel way of experimentation.

8. Simple typography paired with monograms

Designers are enhancing their skills with classic typefaces of the past years which includes precise attention to the basic parameter of logo typography such as typeface choice, kerning and letter spacing.

typography paired with monograms typography paired with monograms typography paired with monograms

But it should be kept in mind that the choice of typeface should be made very carefully. Its character shape and aspects of modernism can help in bringing the brand into current times. The typeface is really beautiful in its own and when treated with a careful eye result in a powerful logo and monotype that essays classic simplicity.

9. Fundamental geometric shape

Typography isn’t the only concept of logo design receiving simplification these days. The actual shapes used in logo with an increased focus on minimal geometry created with a less in more attitude. This kind of logo design have the advantage of style such as branding versatility, easy readability and instant impact. This makes it clear that we can expect even more in 2019.

Fundamental geometric shape Fundamental geometric shape

2019: A year of contradiction logo trends

2019 looks really promising for new trend in logo design. We can find both experimental typography and a return to basic concepts as well. We can expect to see simple grids and geometry as well as complex applications and layering of colour pattern. This year creative boundaries will be pushed and the designers will use their creative imagination to bring out amazing and innovative logo designs.

We are really looking forward to have some creative yet memorable designs in our shelves. While earlier we used to not use so much bright colors and texture, this is year is all about vibrancy in the air. It is considered that the bright colors enhance the emotions that a designer wants to convey through the Logo. While if we talk about gradients, they have been in trend since Instagram revamped its Logo. It has been a trend setter for 2018 and 2019 as well. People are not ready to get over it and hence it is great to utilize its power. We hope that this year brings up a lot of brightness and at the same time simplicity in our laps.

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List Of 7 In-game Marketing Mistakes To Avoid That Can Cost Big Monetary Setback

Marketing mobile game can be one of the toughest task to carry out. Not only it is difficult for marketers to make people download the app but also entice them to spend money on the app as well. The mobile game space is getting highly competitive with each passing day,therefore, strong efforts should be made in terms of strategies to meet the key performance indicator. The most commonly committed mistake in in-game marketing stems from a blanket approach in monetizing and messaging.

If you own a game app and wants to achieve something big out of it, then make sure to avoid these mistakes in your in game marketing strategies.

Let us begin!


  • Showing in game offers to everyone


Experts from iphone game development company suggests to segment players base and send them message accordingly. Never to show the same message of in game purchase to every player of the app. This way the revenue may increase but later the consequence can be devastating. Players may leave the app, if they feel the offer is irrelevant. It always beneficial to differentiate players within your user base and offer them on  segment wise to make them directly connect with the offer.

  1. The correct time of action

The success of any campaign depends upon the correct timing. The point of time choose in the game play, play a crucial role in determining the substantiality of the action. If you don’t put the campaign at the right stage of the game, it can happen that the campaign becomes useless or players may tend to leave the game before or after it. The most amazing time for campaign  offer is when the players are in need for it. While the players are consequently losing or winning the game, giving offer at this time may work wonders.

  1. Do not interrupt in players playing experience

The worst mistakes which are committed by marketers is interrupting the players at the wrong time. This mistake in in-game marketing can be corrected by analysing the data of players. It becomes easy to analyse which time of the date and which time of the week players engage more or less with your game. There are many fluctuation that come in different segments of players. Analyse these fluctuation and then place your marketing campaign for better result.

Know what time of the day or week, players are more attached to the game and then place your offer accordingly.

  1. Not showing the USP of the game

iOS app game development designers indicate that most of the players quit game in the early stage. It is therefore, important to give them reason to come back by showing the mirth of the game and how much it can offer. Marketing message for new players can also create significant effect. Rewards your new players or your will miss a great opportunity to bring better conversion. Make sure to give players some bonus points in weekly or monthly basis and show the unique aspect of the game. This way you can compel your players to come back again and again.

  1. Trying to sell in the early stage

Trying to sell your campaign right at the beginning of the players journey can make them run away. Give players the chance to get acquainted with the game, let them enjoy the game, feel successful and then give them an in app marketing opportunity for better experience.

There are several researches that shows that players who pay late for the game, tends to stay for longer period and vice versa. Patience is the key to bring long time success.

  1. What if your game is too rewarding?

The biggest risk and competition for in app purchase is free gameplay. There can be a chance that players return for free reward number and then go away.  The best way to know if the free game element is overpowering by analysing the data of loyal non spenders. Get in to the data to see if the game is too rewarding or if the offer is less communicative. If it is too rewarding, you will have to make changes.

  1. Avoiding A/B Testing

Having so many variables to consider, not doing testing would mean loss of opportunity. You can use A/B testing to notify players about various rewards at different time and see which one works the best. Make sure to make single element variable and others constant for better result analysis.


It is evident that you commit mistake in first attempt but that mistake should be corrected in the other attempts. Make sure to avoid these mistakes listed above and ensure great conversion rate for your in app marketing.

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5 Best Practice For Creating A Highly Secured Web Application

Every unsecured data in web applications is an enticing substance for hackers. Consumer data, business information, transaction details and many other thing come on stake when your web application is unsecured. It is always important to find out security vulnerability of your web app at regular intervals and make effort to follow best practice of security while creating your web app. Following security best practice would mean less security threat to your app and security to your valuable data.

This post is dedicated in listing the best five practices in app security to make web app immune from hackers.

Let us begin!

  1. Consider your user generated contents non friendly

Experts from web application development companies, believe that user generated content can create a strong security breach. They can easily corrupt the system and make easy access for hackers.

There are many sites such Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin etc which are which accepts various kinds of content type such as text, images, uploadable attachment etc, for having better customer engagement and ranking. However, these user generated contents have be crafted by hackers to breach the security of the web application.

Therefore, it is highly important to filter contents based on various security parameters for accepting them on your app.

  1. Know about the potential vulnerabilities

It is not the sole responsibility of the designer to have the complete knowledge of the web threats that arises in web apps. It is the responsibility of every people involved in the process of app development to have complete knowledge of threats mentioned in open application security project(OWASP). The security threats mentioned here can be a great help for app developers while designing the web app.

  1. Understanding security control in your language

Developers from best web development company in jaipur suggest that each language platform has its own set of security controls. These security control should be on tips of every person involved with app development to combat any security issue with the correspondent coding structure. Be it PHP, .NET or Java, everybody has its own security nuances. People involved in app development should be well aware for controlling security breaches such as SQL injection, cross -site scripting attack and more, with valid coding technique in given language.

  1. Never make your own security control

Developers creating security control can leave your web app prone to hackers. Developers don’t deal with security issues 24*7, hence they may easily fall in prey. Their assumption can appear valid and covering every point,yet their may be chances which cannot be denied. The best practice should be to follow OWASP top 10 listing. Train them for approved security control to mitigate threats listed in OWASP.

  1. Applying security control consistently

The only way to protect the security of your app is by applying security best practices throughout the app development. Security checks are not meant to be a one time affair, it needs consistency to maintain that security cover on your app working. Any small breach in security can bring hackers in your business and ruin it completely, hence, consistency should be the target.


Keeping these 5 best practices in mind can bring better security for your web app. Never completely trust user input and abide the rules to protect your app database.

Secret To Success : 6 Golden Rules To Create A Mobile App Design That Brings Profit!

Designing app for user experience cannot provide overall benefit. Be it mobile, tablet or web, apart from user experience, there are some more factor that make mobile apps successful. One of the main and important point of consideration before beginning with app development is the objective or thought behind developing it.

Various studies predict that 97% of people move out of any app within 3 sec due to bad design and interface. The whole game is in the court of UI. UI design intuitive and familiar  to engage users and make them stay on app for longer duration.

The secret to success is understanding the need of the users. Go for expanded research to get the idea for needs and problems of your targeted users. This post is dedicated to list five golden rules for creating a mobile app that stands tall on all parameters.

Let us begin:

Rule 1#  Follow the 4 pillars of interaction design

According to experts from android application developers, the four pillar of interaction design helps to create a strong which is high in user interaction and low in unnecessary clutter even if the app is used in small screen device.

The four pillars are:

  • Goal driven design: before any designing process, the most important factor to understand is the purpose of the app. It is very important to ensure the actual goal that the app will achieve.
  • Usability: The app should be designed depending upon the usability of the users. If the app is of no use for users or not desired, the purpose of the app is shattered. The interface of the app should be accessible and usable.
  • Function familiarity: The key to better engagement is using common phrases are similarity of functions that users have been familiar. This way users does not get confused while using any functionality in the app. For instance, blue text with underline is considered as a URL, taking you to new page. This functionality is common everywhere and so the user can easily take necessary action.
  • App to user response: after completion of any task or missing any stage in the app, there should be certain kind of blink, notification or sound. This kind of message will notify the users and keep them updated while they are working on the app.

Rule 2# Knowing the users

Knowing the user is the base for any app design. Developers from top Iphone mobile application development services believe that it is very important to know about the users, their expectations, needs, problems etc, to design an app that speaks to all or specific needs. Without knowing the user, it is difficult to quantify a good design for the app. In order to understand your users, we list the following parameters.

  • Users persona: create the representation of the users behaviours with the help of research, interviews or surveys. This data will help you understand your users expectations and their response more vividly.
  • User scenario: user persona provide you data for predicting the interaction of users at various stages of mobile design. This prediction can help you design app that interacts better with the users expectations.

Rule 3# Make written outline of the app

At this point designing the app on paper is a wiser decision. This designing should be done in accordance with the user data obtained. These prototype does not need to be fancy, yet it will your app development a direction.

At this stage of app development, design hierarchy of the content flow. It is better to analyse and create a written flow of content in an app.

Rule 4# Integrate familiar design elements with new ones

It beneficial to study the design of the best apps in the market and find the common design pattern in them such as slide out menu bar, toolbars or buttons at the top of the page etc. there are many features that together make an app, great.

The combination of familiar design pattern will give freshness to the mobile app design as well as give users better control.

Rule 5# Finger friendly design

People with fat fingers get irritated when the app does not respond well with their thumb impression. It should always made sure that the mobile app buttons should be finger friendly. They should have enough space for users to tap on them.

Rule 6# Wipe out the clutter

It is always beneficial to reduce the number of taps needed to go from point A to B. when designers have to after several taps to reach B, them may find another shorter way of reaching there. This process will help to remove unnecessary screen in the app, making it even more easy and time friendly.


To make your product successful, your app design should help users getting information quickly and effectively. The secret of mobile app success is targeting the need of the users