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An online presence is an essential part of every firms marketing strategy which ensures immediate success both in terms of visitors and revenue. A Web Development Company India works in a very disciplined and streamlined fashion. It first gathers every bit of information pertaining to your business and then in a very creative way set up a website that talks to your clients on your behalf.


What is a landing page design india?

Every webpage on a website that a person lands on after clicking on a button or a hyperlink is called a landing page. Either it could be related to your website or it could be some other website’s page which n hyperlink on your website redirected to.

Anatomy of one such page:

  • Invoking and crisp headline:

which from the very beginning tells your visitors what your company is all about and more importantly, it should gel well with the sub-content.

  • Grammatically correct and wordily perfect content:

Write content that is flawless in terms of language and is attractive. This would ensure a good readership on your website.

  • Don’t overdo it with links:

Keep them as relevant and genuine as possible. These are mostly to educate your visitors about a product or service.

  • Testimonials:

People vocally vouching your firm can add 40-50% more clientele to your company since they variably or invariably guarantee that your firm is a no nonsense firm and delivers just quality and nothing else.

What is its purpose?

  • The more these are in number, the more keywords you will have and search engines love them. The chances of your website listing high would definitely increase.
  • Higher conversion:

Since a visitors will always be exposed the information they want, your website’s credibility would increase manifold times and such they will pose no problems in becoming your clients. It goes without saying that this will generate huge revenues.

  • Tracking analytics:

By appending your visitors to some other URL, you can in fact track the visitor’s inclination towards a particular good and service.

A stunning web page led at the very outset is an elixir for the website.

As a business firm if you wish to act smartly then using modern modes, the more advance modes of promoting goods and services would prove that you are utilizing resources well and more importantly are living in the present. With a boom in the number and kinds of gadgets ranging from laptops to desktops and even cell phones or smart phones as they are more commonly known, a customer can bring a shop or mall or any service for that matter right at his or doorstep. The complete process which starts from placing an order till the time money is received, everything can be done while staying at home. The core strategies of a  digital marketing company india are inclusive of everything that can make a firm gain immense credibility and popularity amongst customers and that too in a very short time. This means every element should include:

  •  Website creation: a good website is a one that has informative content which is a blend of image, texts and other multimedia content. It has a good design that soothes visitors and does not irritate them. It has good functionality which means the linking of various pages and the various menus and buttons don’t hold any discrepancies and a visitor feels at ease while using them.
  • Strategies: like SEO, SMO, SEM, etc form a core part of any online advertising campaign since it is a fast way of generate huge amount of revenue by merely posting ads on the search engine or any social media podium.

As it is quite popularly said that a book should not be judged by its cover. In a website’s case if the opening page looks stunning, visitors would then only move on to the next one and then further on. A landing page design india in addition to this has a form and most importantly with its opening, very vocally states that it is for the visitors since it very proactively asks them to lend the site their details so that any rollout that happens would first be sent. In plain and simple words, a website whose introductory page has a form and is to the point will for sure have visitors pouring in.

iPhone6 – size matters


The market is abuzz with guesses and rumors doing the rounds for the release dates and features packed into the latest offering by Apple.  While this smart phone giant is known to unveil its products in the months of September/October, this year might see a new trend since we hear that this launch has been postponed till July’ 2014.

There has been an ongoing debate among the techies on whether smartphones should sport bigger screens, but if sales are any indication, it can be safely concluded that consumers prefer larger screens. No surprises then that it is being rumored that Apple too is stepping into the larger screen market, and if sources are to be believed their next will boast a screen 20% larger than the  latest version. It could well be that with its 5+ inch wide screen, its next product could usher in the new ‘iphablet’ category which combines the best of both worlds, the functions of a tablet and the functionality of a smartphone. In fact iPhone6 may have two variants, one with a 4.7” display and 1280×720 pixels and the other 5.7” with 1920×1080 pixels full HD screen resolution.


There is a good chance that like its predecessor iphone5S,  the iPhone6 (Mobile Application Development Company India) may not only have  a new version of Touch Id fingerprint reader featuring a cut sapphire crystal cover but it could  also  be looking at incorporating expensive and high quality sapphire for screens. It will work on the iOS8 operating system with an A8 chipset. Aside from this, there’s talk of camera enhancements, Large Quantum Dot Display, solar power, styluses and liquid metal, amongst many other things.

All we have right now are a lot of speculations. For the real product, we’ll have to wait for the cat to be out of the bag.

A business firm can rely on a website developing company for their website.

A business firm that does not have an online presence cannot survive, it is as simple is that. It is important because firstly, an online presence is way through which a firm can gain a lot of credibility in the eyes of visitors. Secondly, through a website a firm can stay in touch with their clientele 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Through online advertising distance between countries can be transcended and even the customers at the farthest shore of the world can be reached. It can be exemplified by the fact that whether a person sitting in India or in any other part of the world can easily make a sale to person sitting at any other corner of the globe with ease.

For a business firm though an online presence is something that can’t be ignored but setting up one is a daunting task and it can be immensely appalling only if it’s done on own. It is better that the job be given to someone who is skilled and trained to do so while the firm can shed their sweat and do the job they are meant to, i.e. make reports, make presentations, do sales, make budgets, meet clients. The professionals at an digital Marketing Company India will be the ones who would do the task of making the website at the firm’s behalf. These professionals will only poke to know what exactly the firm wants so that they can fulfill their needs and in fact replicate them.

Since the developers are meant to impersonate the firm’s need in form of a website, they create a User Experience Design with which a visitor can relate. The developers intelligently study the market, do a very thorough research on the consumer behavior and then come out with a design which can mock an actual marketing environment. Moreover, the page is made in such a manner that it can suit the screens of various devices that are in the market. This means that every page is of brilliantly hand-coded and designed.  

Mahashivratri- Great day of Lord Shiva


Mahashivratri is an auspicious occasion of the Hindus that falls in the month of February or March. According to the Hindu calendar it comes in the month of Maagh. It marks the convergence of Shiv and Shakti. The day is considered to be favourite day for Lord Shiva. This day has its importance in the life of man and woman separately. People observe fast and offer water mix with milk and marijuana to Shivling. Women pray to Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati to shower their blessings and make their married life blissful. There are numerous interesting mythological stories are believed pertaining to the celebration of Mahashivratri.

Galaxy S5 with fingerprint security technology

Recently, the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5, finally, got unveiled with a bang. The mobile phone was launched at the ongoing Mobile World Congress, 2014 at Barcelona. At the launching defining about the prominent features of the Smartphone the Co- chief executive and President of Samsung’s mobile business shared that the Samsung’s consumers are not looking for an eye-popping technology or complex technology, rather they look for beautiful design, faster connectivity and technology and better camera that would help them and are easy to handle.(Mobile Application Development Company India)


This upcoming mobile set consist of various special features that would draw attention of any techno lovers. The Galaxy S5 has a slightly bigger screen then the earlier one, with an improved camera technology and better protection against water and dust. The phone is coming up with a fingerprint security. However, Samsung is the third with this technology. Through this technology you are able to lock your phone by recognizing the finger by swiping it on the mobile seven times. Even a passcode is saved if in case the phone doesn’t recognizes the finger. The most impressive feature of the mobile set is that it is built as a health focused Smartphone that comes with a heart rate monitor. Though the features are not heart throbbing, but still they are better than the predecessor.

With the launching of this new Smartphones it has brought a new revolution in the field of mobile development. A new wave of change could be felt in the mobile development companies. The company had declared the news of the launch six months ago. From that day onwards the mobile development company India started working on the application that has come in the market. Verve Logic is considered to be leading companies in India providing the best mobile development. Verve consist of a skilled team that keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in the market. The company provides services almost on all the important platforms of Smartphones.


Features that the Samsung is providing is not as a complex one, but they tend to be unique. Though the phone comes with impressive features but not crazy features.

Internet and Digital Marketing Saviour from Cutthroat Competition

Digital Marketing companies and their efficient solutions provide a great branding platform for your web existence; they cater to the needs of marketing solutions with the modern era technology needs using different digital marketing equipment. With the competition jumping up higher and higher among different lines of companies, there is always a need and scope of better marketing strategy and campaigning, which are capable of reaching to the masses and eye sights of globally situated potential buyers or visitors. The incapability and deficiency of the traditional marketing method could never analyse or calculate the immediate response of viewers onto a particular marketing effort. And therefore was invented the digital marketing pattern by the experts to meet all the deficiency of traditional marketing with efficiency.

Now with digital marketing efficiency you will not only receive an increasing trend of visitors towards your web profile but can also see the response level from specific marketing strategy. This will help the company and the marketer to reduce the expenditure and efforts on least effective marketing strategy and to focus more on effective and efficient one.

digital mark 33 img

In the past days advertising or marketing was practised mostly via no digital means and by print media of newspapers, magazines and to some extent through electronic media like radio or televisions; but they failed to meet and comply with the corporate urge for responsiveness and measuring or counting of immediate impact of a specific marketing campaign on the masses globally. But the means and strategies of Digital Marketing Company India eliminated all the above written drawbacks. Also the reach and accessibility of modern and digital marketing tactics is also much wider than the traditional one.

They have the creative and tempting ways to fetch the attention of visitors towards their clients’ web presence converting most of them into ultimate customers. This immense popularity of Internet Marketing Company India has increased the demand and popularity of their high quality and timely results. If you are going to enter into or step into the world of online business, make sure that people know that you are there working and offering online.

The Two Elements Which Make Your First Impression to Visitor Impactful…

Though there are lots many of techniques which an internet marketer and web designer company undertake to increase the conversion rate of visitor into customer but the two crucial most strategy to decide this increase are of logo designing and landing page design.


Logo Design Company India draws or crafts for you a masterpiece of art and excellence which become the symbolic identity of your company wherever you go. It is a very famous quote that “your first impression is your last impression”, to comply with the truthfulness of this statement your first appearance in front of visitor must be remarkable and impactful. The first thing noticeable in this concern is the logo of your company. A logo is nothing but a graphical design crafted to describe yours and your company’s identity symbolically.  In this era where you rarely get few seconds to grab the attention of your valuable visitor a beautifully and wisely crafted logo may increase the timing of stay of visitor on your website.

Second most crucial aspect in this concern is Landing Page. Mostly a visitor comes to your website either by clicking at your advertisement or banner, so the page he lands after clicking should be really interesting and meaningful as well. Its theme and content must be very relevant to your banner or advertisement because a visitor clicks on the link only when he finds a product or offer valuable. So if your landing page doesn’t describe about the information of your banner then a visitor will surely get annoyed and immediately click on the back button never returning back. So the landing page design must be really creative with decent of colours and required elements of images and videos.


Remember your landing page must not be overcrowded with images, animation or graphics which can distract the visitor from your primary motive. You are suggested to hire a landing Page Design India Company in order to ensure safe, interesting and happy landing of your visitor on your webpage. Mark these suggestions and ensure a high conversion rate for your website and ultimately high profits too.

Internet Marketing Company Takes Care of Your Visitors’ Proper landing

Every day Internet Marketing Company India is forced to introduce something new and innovative ways in their advertising skill to increase the conversion ratio for the websites. These ways so founded are proving to be effective tools in achieving immense popularity for the clients. The main and most popular invented way in this direction is of designing landing page.


Advertisement, banners or links created by internet marketers earlier took the visitor directly to the company’s main web site or website’s concerned page. But this couldn’t increase conversion rate of visitors into final customers up to satisfactory extent for the client. Then was founded the concept of ‘Landing Page Design India’ by Indian marketing experts. This page was particularly designed as per the advertisement or banner created by the internet marketer during his course of marketing. Instead of company’s main website now the visitor is directed to that specially designed landing page, describing about the service of company in brief form presented in a creative pattern. The landing page is supposed to be made of the theme related to the advertisement or banner from which the visitor is directed.

landing logo

A landing page of the company should be smartly designed. If you have a true and professional designing insight with required knowledge of technique then you yourself can design your landing page. But if you have even a little of doubt on your skill in this concern you are suggested to hire a landing page crafting company in order to create best and most efficient landing page for your company. The landing page of your company must be relevant to your advertisement because a user will strongly desire to have detailed view of product for which he clicked on the advertisement. If your landing page is completely alien to your advertisement and banner than a visitor won’t take even a few seconds to click on back button and move on to next search results. So next time you are planning for the effective internet marketing of your company’s website, don’t forget to craft a masterpiece design of landing page for your visitor.

A logo helps in brand promotion

Logo is just not a name rather we can call it the symbolic representation of a company. A company big or small is identified by its logo. We can see this across the globe like McDonalds, Reliance, Apple, Kentucky and many more. The logo design company India offers the services including the latest trends in the market. It is very necessary that the designing of the logo is appropriate with the products and services that a company is providing. Otherwise the onlookers might get confuse in looking for the right site.

 According to the current market trend the conversion of PSD to XHTML is used in the designing process. So, when the designing opt for creating logo for the companies then they choose this conversions method for developing code. As per this method the design is able to run smoothly on any browser and the image is able to open up. Actually when the designer design logo for any company then it passes the design to the developers in PSD file. Then this file is converted to XHTML for better usability and movement. In fact it can be considered to be the major factor in web development in today’s technology world.

We find logos designed in different according to the requirement of the organisation. But to let the design run smoothly this conversion method is used. It is true that for a success of any website attractive design, good content, impressive image, smooth functioning of the site are all important factors that add on the ingredient of a good web portal. Similarly, for running of the web and making its presence on the site is also very necessary.

Logos mainly help in building an image of a company it supports in the brand promotion of any company. At present there are many companies in India providing the logo designing services adopting the latest methods of work. The client satisfaction is the main goal and aim of the companies. The positive factor found in these companies is the time bound qualitative work provided to their customers.