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6 Mistakes Which You Should Avoid While Selecting Logo Designer For Your Startup

A logo for a business is a mark of authenticity and genuineness of products which the company offers in the form of product and service. A nicely designed logo serves as the symbol of your business recognition. The best example of this phenomenon is the large yellow coloured M from McDonalds. Wherever the logo of McDonald is seen, people quickly relates it with the brand.

When it comes to startups, logo is very important. It is capable to make your business swim or sink in the market. So, if you are planning to launch your startup business, consider avoiding some common yet dreadful mistakes while you begin choosing the right logo designer for your business.

  1. Hiring a friend

If you are looking for a logo design maker who can create the most professional looking logo for your business, then you will have to restrain yourself from your friends or relatives.

It is sometimes tempting to use your friend, niece, cousin for designing the logo for your startup in minimum or no price but that may cost you a big deal in long run.

  1. Overdoing it

It is important to understand when you overdo something. There are at time when you need to let go the logo designing process and let the logo work. It takes several months in designing various aspects of the logo  but this process should be done with utmost care and dedication. However, when you over do it you end the streamlining process which can ruin your design.

  1. Not understanding about what you want

Graphic designers for designing a logo is the ultimate person who works to translate brand image into flexible piece of design. But that does not take away the need of the marketers to give ample amount of details. It is important to tell the designer about what kind of brand value you want to portray within your logo design. If you have any idea in your mind, you should consider discussing it with your designer

  1. Don’t choose your own typeface

There are hundreds of typeface which are available on internet. Each typeface has its own set ambience and image which it helps to create, hence, the choice of typeface should be done by the designer only. While you select a font for your logo, always make sure that it should be consistent with the font used in your website and brochures.

  1. Not getting details

According to the view of designers from best logo design India agency, whenever marketers review the designers portfolio, it is important not to take everything on face value. Make sure to ask designer about the role they play with an agency or project. You should consider at looking over the portfolio very carefully to avoid any kind of problem and pitfalls further.

  1. Everything looking the same

The biggest drawback in a portfolio is similarity or over consistency. This factor is very evident and easy to pick. If you get a portfolio with several circles or rectangles, or usage of similar kind of typeface or colour palette then consider moving to other option.

These are some of the mistakes which you should consider avoiding while choosing the right designer for your logo design.

Why Consider Ios Platform For Beginning With Mobile App Development?

Before planning to launch a mobile app, the biggest point of thinking is where to launch it. For the startups, it is essential to stick with a single platform at a time. It take a lot of difficulty to create a great experience for users in a single platform. It takes careful planning to begin with the development of new mobile app.

But, there is a great confusion that remain a problem for every new comer beginning to launch their first app. This confusion is which platform to consider for mobile app development, is it android or iOS?

The decision between the two should be based on rational decision making process

The first is deciding between the two:

Android vs iOS app development

Analysing the market can tell the maximum result, therefore study the market you are about to enter. Developers from iphone app game development services suggest to analyse the targeted audience who will be affected by the app launch and see their inclination towards the any of the platform, what users need, will they engage in your game or app type and make purchase and many other questions.

If you plan to make users pay for the app or make sale through app, the market always favour iOS platform. The reason behind this favour despite android covering the 80% of the market share is because, android is not profitable for app developers. Apple complete gives 85% of the profit share to app developers as compared to android.

The market analysis

  • Loyalty: There have been several market analysis that suggest that iOS users are fairly happy and satisfied as compared to android users. Apple users are highly loyal and engaged which creates better conversion and less bounce rates.
  • Demography:  Android has 80% of share in the market but this makes the task tough for app developers. It becomes difficult to predict audience since it has a wider range of prices spread across the globe.
  • Business: Apple platform is extensively used for business purpose. There are many instances when maximum professionals are seen working on apple platforms as the device offered by apple are widely secured and they provide app that are meant to run business conveniently. Another reason of apple device usage is, people feel it enhances their standard among masses.

Benefit of iOS application development

If you have done the careful research within the market, it is easy to predict that iOS is considered easy among developers than android.  Either create a game app for android or a business or entertainment app, apple provide such strong tools that make it fairly easy to design an intuitive app. These tools are integrated with best of user interface features for easy user access.

  • Environment: The apple development environment is extremely friendly and welcoming for developers. It provide fast,powerful features to keep developers focused with useful information types. In contrast android platform is messy and slow, it is difficult to understand for developers while developing the first app.
  • Programming language: Android apps are programmed in java and apple is done in swift. While java has been for decades, swift is still new and has great potential to offer, hence, swift should be considered.
  • Device: android has huge spread in various kinds of devices that make it really difficult for developers. In contrast, iOS only have single kind of device thus easy for developers to integrate.
  • Monetization potential: As compared to android, the monetization potential in iOS platform is huge. Users are highly loyal and turn out with revenue easily.

This post gives you just an overview in selecting the best platform for your first app. Make sure to do extensive market research then decide for one. iOS platform is considered easy and reliable in every form, therefore it may prove beneficial for developers beginning with app development.

Restructuring The Path Of Success: Top 10 Tips For Remodeling The Magento Ecommerce Platform

Running a business on online platforms has opened huge potential for marketers all across the world. Be it selling heavy goods or clothings from magento store or any other affiliate link, it is highly important to create a strong impact and drag maximum customers for online sale. Online platforms are becoming increasingly competitive, therefore to run an effective ecommerce store would require deep understanding of several factors like market trend, web customer behaviour, expectations of people and many more!

Ecommerce development company professionals regard magento as an highly professional platform for ecommerce solution but the marketers will have to make efforts for bring the ratio of sale high. Understand the features of the platform before designing the web store.

This post is dedicated on discussing various tips to boost magento ecommerce platform for better online sale.

Let us dig into the world of Magento:

  • Make the checkout process easy

Abandoned carts are the exact result of making a checkout process hectic or irritating at the verge of sale. The bounce rate at checkout point can be reduced by providing a secured, intuitive and brief checkout exposure. If you are interested in enhancing your sale at Magento ecommerce platform then ensure you customers don’t run away. Enhance the payment options and reduce the time consumption in checkout process. Design your checkout page in a way that holds essential details like personal information, delivery option etc. You can also enable option like guest checkout option as well.

  • Enhance the image quality

Pictures are a great way to entice customers in a ecommerce platform. Make sure to use optimal size, high resolution images.  Experts from SEO company suggest to avoid very large image file as it can reduce the functionality of the site making it slower. One can make use  of CDN to load images from secondary server and spare you from unnecessary load giving on your server. There are many tools available in magento ecommerce platform such as cloudinary, JPEGmini, cloudfare etc.

Many ecommerce companies use extensions given by magento to deal with the problem of loading time.

  • Using transparent stock management system

Ecommerce world is running on product sale. Product display is therefore an important component of ecommerce industry but the confusion is whether to show all stock or show product available in the stock. Listing products which are not available can be harmful for user experience. They may feel irritated and may consider switching the option.

  • Rich content

Unique content is meant to increase the organic search traffic. Good content is meant to drive traffic by being shared by friends and family. Magenta ecommerce owners should make sure to use high quality content to enhance the level of the business

  • Mobile friendly platform

It is really important to make your ecommerce venture mobile friendly. Mobile friendly ecommerce platforms can make the website reach to as many customers as possible. They may access the site whenever they feel like. Professionals from ecommerce web development company give strong emphasis on the responsive website design. A responsive web design is meant to bring better engagement quotient in the customers,therefore, it is highly necessary for ecommerce platforms.

  • Magento search techniques

The performance of a website is dependent on the platform on which it is built. Magento provides some native features which can be customized or used otherwise directly.

  • Multiple payment option

Ecommerce websites owners should provide a secured, sheltered way of payment for satisfactory shopping experience. This kind of secured environment can be provided by enabling various payment options in the website. Each country has its own installation and checkout service, therefore, make sure to integrate various options based on magento augmentation.

  • Clear the database on a regular basis

You intend to run magento ecommerce website smoothly, consider clearing the database log frequently. It is commonly observed that marketers keep unnecessary database which results in slow website loading. It may seem to be a daunting task but it is highly important.

  • Creating the wish list

There are times when people surf go through products, select them and then move ahead without buying. Customers may wants to explore more and then buy the product. This habit is highly common, therefore, make sure to provide flexible way of saving item list in the cart or wish list that can be accessed later as well.


Magento has always proved itself as the most amazing platform for ecommerce website development. Most of the companies use this platform to produce some incredible online stores. If you own a magento ecommerce platform, make sure to incorporate the tips stated above for bringing high conversion, user friendly, easily accessed platform that your customers wants to come again and again.

Things to keep in mind while designing a brochure for your Business

Businesses never succeed by being a mediocre of the lot!. One has to be the best or else your business is stuck in a crowd where their would be no way to make a difference.

Like our own life, business comes with various ups and downs, opportunities and ofcourse a good amount of hurdle. To combat all these problems, you require a good strategy.  Especially the designers of a firm is the highest dependable person who can create a lot of difference by using their creative imagination and coming out with a design that speaks a lot of volume.

These graphic designers are the experts who design brochure, logo, flyers and other marketing and advertising tools which helps the business to stand among the crowd.

Creativity has no boundary yet there can be some simple tips to make the process perfect in few instances. This is 2018 and all you marketers are ready to pull up your socks for the fresh set of creative design for your brand promotion. Isn’t it?

We know what you want!

This post is compiled to give you few simple yet effective brochure design tips as stated by the industry experts that can make a good difference in your approach for 2018.

Let us begin:

  1. First is first- knowing the purpose of your brochure before you begin!

Experts from best brochure design services suggest that before marketers begin with designing brochure for their business, it is very important to understand why they actually need a brochure?. It is very important to decide on the objectives of the brochure design before actually beginning with the designing process. There can be at times when you want to target a new set of potential customers or you want to redesign your brochure or it may be any other purpose.

The design quotient changes with the change in objective, therefore, it is one of the crucial elements to decide before setting any step towards brochure designing.

  1. Limit your fonts

Sometimes while designing brochure, designers go overboard with using excessive fonts. In actual, apart from heading, subheading and body copy font you don’t need font in your brochure. Usually marketers prefer to get a font that is the most unique one of all or which has never been used before. The best practice indicate that the font used in the brochure should always be identical to brands identity which has been the symbol of the brand since its inception. This way a continuity is created within the brochure design and the brand’s identity.

  1. Take stock of your paper stock

It is important to analyse the paper stock before you begin with notepad. If it is for your company, then analyse your A4 paper stock. You can also consider using uncoated paper. The choice of using paper is no less important in brochure designing. It is important to analyse how your design would look on your choice of paper. Sometimes a wrong choice of paper can ruin the look of your well designed logo, bringing no significant result to all your efforts.

  1. Give a keen eye to copy of the brochure

Good copy has no alternative in itself! Many a times people don’t pay attention to the copy of the brochure which is a one of the important components of brochure design and holds strong influence in the overall design concept. At an early stage of brochure design, experimentation with the copy can be done to analyse which can work well.

  1. Putting the recipients in mind

Whenever you think of designing a brochure for marketing purpose, keep your audience in your mind. Analyse if the brochure is going to be posted out in response of request done in a website? Or is it going to be distributed in an exhibition or a trade fair? Will it be a leave behind brochure?

Always keep in mind that your brochure should designed keeping in mind the person who will open the brochure and read it. Make the brochure according to his interest and not what you find to be attractive.

  1. Use simple statements

Simplicity is the most attractive aspect for anything. Sometimes simply designing a brochure makes it dearer to all the targeted people. At times, marketers go on adding numerous images to prove certain point but experts from graphic design agencies suggest to simply scrape the idea. Experts suggest to simply use typographic cover and make a statement about what you intend to convey among your potential customers.

  1. Brainstorming

No design idea can come in once. Try and create various layouts and sketch the ideas. Brainstorming is a vital part of designing, therefore, it is important to involve some good designers and come up with various creative ideas that can address your needs in the most efficient way in the form of an intuitive brochure design.

  1. Select what works best

Being unique is the need of the hour, after all that will make your brochure stand among your competitors. But, here’s a catch!

Trying to be different or wacky just for the sake of it won’t help your marketing process. You can to be genuinely creative and think out of the box to attract the attention of the targeted people.

  1. Strike your audience with an amazing first impression

The brochure design should always be dependent on the purpose of making it. Your brochure design should be in very well sync with your business and what you target to achieve. For example, a charitable trust function would not need a over the top design elements and gradenuerness to promote their event which may otherwise look like a private party. Similarly, a luxury brand would definitely want its brochure to show its class and eliteness with sophisticated design elements within its brochure that people can connect too.

  1. Selecting the right image

The most attractive part of any brochure is obviously images. A good photos can in many ways make your brochure look interesting and captivating. If you use stock imagery, you may need less budget, however, the quality of your brochure may suffer significantly. Stock pictures are highly generalized which are used by multiple people. These images cannot provide a personalized experience to the targeted audience and also make the brand look less trustworthy.


Designing a brochure may sound simple, but in reality it isn’t! It requires many kinds of factors to be considered before coming up with a design of a paper. Brochures are one of the most successful marketing channels but that can only work when it is designed appropriately. We have listed some tips mentioned above to help you design an attractive brochure.

Catching Attention: How To Build An Extraordinary UI Design For Mobile App That Grabs The Customers Attention Is A Blink!

How do you plan to draw the attention of your targeted audience for your mobile app?

For different people, there are different ways and opinion. There are people who prefer a unique feature loaded mobile app, some may prefer for exclusive designed user experience and user interface.The process can be anything, the app designers have to offer a seamless experience to the end users.

According to a research conducted by mobile app companies, 94% of the first impression comes from the mobile app design for the people. This statistics can very well make people understand the significance of user interface and user experience while designing app.

There are people who mix user interface with user experience concepts together. However, they are poles apart. User experience is based on enhancing the satisfaction level of customers and focuses on offering optimal usability and better access to the app. The UX design helps in creating brand awareness and user intend to identify product with the help of UX design.

When it comes to User interface, it aims at improving the user interaction through simple and sophisticated design. Ipad UI design agency consultants highlights that the goal of UI designer is to create user centered design. It is the user experience which relies heavily on an efficient UI design created by the designer.

Understanding UI as designing for some eye catching buttons for the app or easy navigation would be limiting its purview. UI design helps in understanding how well users connect to the app. UI gives a complete glance not only to the aesthetic beauty of the app but also emphasises  on the apps functionality. For an app to become successful, it has to be made user friendly and think about various aspects of designing such as placement of the button, call to action etc.

The importance of UI design is immense. This post is dedicated to highlight some of the inputs that can help in  making the UI attractive for the app.

Let us begin with our discussion:

  1. The UI designer should focus on clarity

Android app UI design agency professionals emphasis that to keep the UI designers upto the mark, adding visual element to the designing process is a must. They should focus on how the app would ultimately look as the real aim lies in establishing a connection with the users.

Offering a clear shape to the app design is an ideal way to enhance the brand awareness of the app. The UI design should not be confusing at all, it should be clear and precise. Create a language which is easily understandable with no room of ambiguity in the interface. Overcrowding the app with unnecessary word would create a negative impact, thus, it should be completely avoided.

  1. Use familiar buttons or call to actions

Several UI designers holds the view that implementing unique button and icon while designing the interface would be beneficial. There seems to be absolutely no problem in doing it,however, trying many things all the same time in the design can harm rather doing good. Create button which are easily understandable by using familiar choice of colour like red for delete button etc. It should always be kept in mind that the first timer should not find difficult to use the app, the call to action button should look similar like any other app.

  1. Speeding the app performance

Mobile app speed should never be slow. According to the survey conducted, approx 53% of users lose interest in the mobile app as soon as it slow. The app should have a good navigation system and should not lag behind in speed. A slow mobile app create a negative impression on the performance of the app. To combat that you can use the feedback option when the screen is loading. This make the users informed as to what is happening.

  1. Choosing appropriate sized font

Fonts has a crucial role to play in deciding the fate of the interface whether it is website or a mobile app. It is very important that UI designer have to be  clear for choosing the right font. Going for stylish fonts can hamper than doing good. In addition to it, the size of the font should match with the interface design as well as background colour. It should neither be too small for making it difficult to read the content or nor too large so that the content is difficult to adjust the entire content.

  1. Making it aesthetically pleasing

While implementing the best of the features and function of the app, it is really important to make the app aesthetically pleasing to the targeted audience in order to attract the attention of the users.

In order to attract attention, incorporating animation can enhance the app demand. The trend of static image has been replaced by motion pictures to grab the attention of the users. These little tricks in UI design can help in enhancing the performance of the app significantly.

  1. Follow the latest trend in UX/UI

It is very important on the part of the UI designers to make sure to keep themselves updated with the latest trend related to mobile app designing. The trend is constantly changing thus, it is really important to keep oneself updated. If you don’t follow the trend, your app design may lack the competition significantly.

  1. Conduct beta testing

Once the designing process is complete, designers should take a note of beta testing. The beta testing is essential in getting an idea of how the app design is working and what are the points that needed to be addressed. Assuming the app will become successful soon after the release can be a difficult affair. it would take time for users to understand and use the app for making it successful.


A good UI designer is capable to create a  mind blowing user interface for the app and immediately attract the attention of the users. Implement those features that fits with the criteria of a great product for the audience. One should focus on simplicity for making the design attractive.

13 Ecommerce Growth Hacks For Startups And Beginners In Ecommerce Business

Running and standing tall in a market where the competition is increasing as fast as sensex and stock market is not an easy task in itself. Ecommerce marketplace has been facing very stiff competition in various niche industry. Marketers are extensively using social media, influencer marketing, retargeting and other such strategies to play a vital part in gaining prominence in the industry and making a presence in the market.

This post is dedicated to highlight some more growth hack strategies that can help ecommerce marketers reach to the customers buying journey. These hacks pays a very close attention to your targeted customers life cycle and state key practices to optimize customers interaction within your ecommerce business.

Let us dig in to the world of ecommerce growth hacks:

  1. Understanding the customers journey

Professionals from ecommerce website development services give strong emphasis on having a careful insight into the customers behaviour from the first time they enter your website to that time when you send a thank you email to your customers. It is very important on the part of the ecommerce marketers to time the interaction according to the buyer’s journey so that the marketing practices and tools can yield maximum benefit all together.

The interaction of the customers first begins at the awareness stage where visitors are introduced to your brand for the first time, this is the stage to grab the attention of the customers. Next,is the consideration stage where customers are looking for more information and the final stage is decision stage where marketers should provide strong proof to the customers that their product is the best among the crowd.

  1. Analyse the data obtained

It is really important on the part of the ecommerce marketers to analyse the data which is obtained from your marketing channel in order to understand and reach your audience more closely.

Keep a strong eye on the engagement metrics to see how your buyers are interacting with your store and at what front tweaks are needed. Look at the metrics of abandoned cart, low conversion rate, negative comments and take steps to resolve any kind of problem which is persisting.

  1. Remarket with a hint of personal touch

Carefully analysing the analytics data can help marketers to get insight about the subgroups within the targeted buyers and prospects and allow you to tailor the message with precision. This way, if your customers for example is buying swimwear you can include sunscreen suggestions in your newsletter.

In case one of your segment is getting abandoned frequently from the cart, you can easily use pop up ads that to offer some attractive discounts to wow the targeted customers. This kind of highly individual approach is only possible when employing  analytics and testing.

  1. A/B testing

Developers from best website design company in india suggest that experimentation based on data helps in fine tune the practice to get the best solution. Marketers can indulge these practices in social media like Facebook ads etc, to analyse which version of the ad brings conversion. You can prefer using apps like Google optimize, optimizely, visual website optimizer etc.

Go ahead with checking the frequency of pop ups, chatbots prompts and emails. It is important to test anything and everything that can help you improve your website.

  1. Give opportunity for feedback to the audience

It is very important for marketers to give buyers the privilege to express their real feeling to promote trust and ensure a better sense of improvement. One of the basis yet essential touch point in a customer journey is sending a follow-up email with a survey or a rating card asking for customers feedback.

In case of smooth running business, getting valuable feedback from customers is really essential. This way other customers get attracted to the platform and starts trusting it.

  1. Design homepage that elicit conversion

The homepage design is the mark of efficient UX design. Underestimating the power of information and structure of the website homepage can lead to serious damage to your business. The design of the homepage should be made in a way that can easily grab the attention of the customers, give information about your product and service, and show a clear call to action. Your homepage should be brief, well navigated to bring maximum conversion.

  1. Make guest post on relevant blogs

Blogging is a prominent part of content marketing strategy which is widely used by all kinds of marketers. These content strategy helps in offering thought leadership and product information to customers in the awareness and consideration stage of customers journey.

Guest blogging helps generating lead from relevant industry blogs by exposing the brand in front of the targeted customers. Doing guest post also helps in earning valuable links for your website that helps the website to rank better in SERPs.

  1. Employ lead magnets

Consultants from SEO services in india suggest that creating a world class content is important to give impression to the visitors that you are a thought leader which will further help in making your email list grow. You can also prefer to provide value to your potential customers by giving them some really researched content that can enhance their knowledge. This way each time you are helping a reader, you are in a way getting a contact that can engage with a tailored message via email.

  1. Give priority to the retention metrics

Marketers should always focus on removing any hurdle within buyer’s journey and constantly improving the service. This includes communication, social media engagement, and addressing issues in a timely manner.

Prioritizing retention with customers first strategy can be a great way to enhance the growth of the ecommerce platform. It is highly important to maintain a strong relationship with customers  which brings better lead, bigger orders, trust factor and also boost the digital presence of the website.

  1. Prefer establishing a referral program

Building a good relationship is not the end of the process. After establishing a good relationship with the satisfied customers, doing follow ups and inviting them to share their experience with you is also vital. Prefer going a step further and introduce referral program by giving incentives like free shipping for a month or access premium feature.

Prefer inviting customers to refer your brand to their network with a reminder on their email and social media. Consumers are much responsive to peer recommendation, thus, it is vital to get referral from customers.

  1. Limited navigational distraction

It is highly important to use targeted, visual elements to direct the visitors attention. Always make sure that your call to action should be in the same colour across all the pages and it should also stand different from the other text and images of your site.

Also make sure to remove any kind of clutter from the home page which can divert the attention of the customers. The landing page should have limited navigation options and great visual cues to help users divert towards CTA.

  1. Use pop-ups to reduce the cart abundance

Running a successful ecommerce website without an app in the present time is not possible. In case of any confusion, take hint from your competitors site to see where the industry stands.

Pop up ads gives a last minute incentive to customers to buy such offering discount, free shipping to reduce the cart abandoned rate. They can also help in navigating into key product or include the  countdown to give the feeling of urgency.

  1. The countdown time and urgency statement

Creating a sense of urgency is vital for ecommerce platforms to boost sale. They can also bring excitement for an upcoming sale event. Consider attaching timers to your key products or involve popups that responds to buyers interactions.You can also display the number of people that have purchased these items.


Beginning in e commerce field requires the marketer to have as much information as they can get. Consider using every kind of tool to your disposal to wow your customers and bring conversion. The growth hack for ecommerce platform evolves with change in time, therefore, it is vital to stay updated and bring constant change in your practice.

How To Choose The Perfect Colour Palette For Your Website?

It takes several steps to create a fascinating website design. Along with the design element, branding also plays a pivotal role in making a website really enticing for users. Even if you are designing a website for some other company or for your own business, it is vital to choose the right colour palette. Colour has a very strong influence to create on the mind of the audience. Without reading a word, colour palette has a power to influence the website users.

While colour has a such a significant role to play, choosing the right colour is one hell of a task!


Don’t be. We are here for your rescue!

This post is dedicated for giving some quick tips for choosing right colour palette for your website using psychological studies and colour theory.

Let us dig-in in the world of colour:

  • Understanding what emotion the colour you choose can evoke

Designers from top website development company suggest that before marketers give their green signal to any particular colour palette, it is very important to analyse the effect of the colour. Every colour in itself has an impact to create, therefore, before implementing any colour it is vital to understand what kind of feeling it creates. It may sound silly for many people, but understanding  the psychology of colour will help in choosing simply the best for your website.

The colours used in the logo are not done in a casual fashion. Brand like coca cola, facebook or apple use colour like red, white, blue which are not chosen on a casual basis. These big brands use these colour palette because these colours stands for what they want their audience to understand.

Now, if you think you are confused and don’t know from where to begin, begin with playing around with some online colour tools. There are plenty of these tools around, use them and get yourself sure about the colour palette you want to use and its significant effect.

  • Choose the dominant colour

Once you have got a fair idea about the colour you want to go ahead with, consider choosing the dominant colour from the palette of your choice. Dominant colour would be the one that your users would recognise you. They would recognize your website and business card with the colour you choose, thus, it is really important to choose the right colour.

There are no definite number for choosing dominant colour, however, choosing two dominant colour can prove to be sufficient. One more important aspect to consider here is out of two dominant colours, one of them will be used more as compared to the other in the branding material. It can be in website, branding materials or anywhere else.

The two dominant colour chosen for the palette should either be complementary or contrast. Both the colour should not overshadow each other at any point of time. If in any case, you can play with tints and shades to get a balance equation between the two.

  • Choose the accent colour  

Ace designers from website designing company in jaipur highlights the importance of choosing the right accent colour for your website. Accent colour holds a very significant position. It is supposed to draw the attention of the user’s eye to an area which you intend to highlight. A poor choice of accent colour can make your website loose some good amount of opportunity that you wanted to gain from the colour. Usually accent colour are lot bold than the chosen dominant colour.

In website, accent colours are generally implemented in website navigation menu, call to action and other crucial elements of the website.

Applying with 60-30-10 rule

Once the colour palette is chosen, it is time to implement these colour in your website design. The way the colours are implemented also hold some significance, thus, prefer using the popular 60-30-10 rule of implementation. This rule implies implement 60 percent of dominant colour, 30 percent of secondary colour and 10 percent of accent colour.

Implementing colour by these can help you get a balanced colour palette for your website that can attract users significantly.

Are you ready for it?

How Cross Platform App Development Can Bring Profit For The Business?

There has been a confusion among people on whether to use a native app or a cross , platform/hybrid app development for business?

The question is really evident as more and more number of cross platform apps developers are taking a lead in the app market. Choosing among the two that brings profitable decision that works along with business requirements and capital is difficult. Therefore, this post is dedicated to highlight the business benefits that can be obtained from cross platform app development.

According to a research conducted by app development agencies, the cross platform and mobile advertising market is expected to grow at CAGR of 26.1% from 2016 to 2022.

The history of cross platform app development

About a few years ago, when cross platform app development was started because business did not allow a significant amount of investment and the client just wanted to reach at the top of app store. Apps would be developed in less than a month in cheaper prices. But the cheap prices suffered the quality.

Cross platform reached to new low and companies realized to move to native app which were expensive and time taking yet it gives benefit when the app is done live. This brought immense setback to cross platform app development and people readily moved to native platform. But after sometime, many new developers and companies worked together to build new framework that would eliminate the drawbacks which were attached to cross platform app development. The framework like Apache Cordova, Xamarin, sencha and appcelerator.

Now,we shall begin with focusing on the advantage of cross platform app development:

  • It helps multiple platforms with minimum source code

Experts from mobile app development company in jaipur suggest that the the most basic advantage of using cross platform is it helps to target multiple platforms such as android,iOS, windows and other by the use of minimum coding. These applications can be easily generated from a single codebase which helps the app developers to reuse around 70% of the code across various platforms.

There are many kinds of developers who prefer saving time and money while building an app which can be written once and runned with functionality. Another benefit of cross platform is single code base helps in saving lot of maintenance cost as there is no need track bugs for large number of codebase.

  • Fewer niche skills and readily available app developers

Mobile app development can be effective only when a right developer is chosen. There are numerous app development agencies available and hiring one among them is a difficult task in itself. Cross platform app development is an easy rescue for this. The development framework of cross platform app requires basic IT skills of HTML5, Javascript etc which makes it easier to find language expert. Professional android application developers points out in contrast to cross platform app, native app development requires spending significant amount of time in finding java core expert for android app development and objective-C and swift for iOS app development. In cross platform app, the productivity is enhanced as one does not have to run around for java and swift experts.

  • Eliminates unnecessary bulk of development process

It may sound unbelievable to have a shorter route for app development which is equally effective and rewarding but it is there!

Modern app developers use cross platform tools and framework to reduce the app development process significantly. This means that the app which was supposed to be developed in two three months can now be done in much more speed. Therefore, you can go ahead and launch your app in half of the time and cost as compared to competitors. After all who does not want to have shorter development cycle and quick deployment time for the app.

  • Revolution caused by React Native

The accusation made by companies on cross platform app development has come to an halt with facebook release of react native. Facebook has surpassed every software type and enhanced the developers expectations by creating an open source framework which is based in React.JS library which allow developers to create app for both iOS and android platform.

The best part of this framework is the apps performance and user experience which will be exactly like native app. React native does not make changes to the viewpoint of the app but allow app developers to define what your view should look on the input data. This way making UI becomes simplified, by ensuring that the view declaration can handle all shapes of app’s state. Thus, it gives truly native performance with fewer coding.


These point of advantage has some real solid reason to switch choice and move ahead with cross app development. The success can be ensured by understanding some tools and frameworks which helps in taking right decision at right time

Digging Deep In The App Designing: How To Design A Mobile App Focusing On The Aspect Of Quality?

The world of app is changing in the most rapid rate and the credit goes to new trends which has created a challenge in the life of the developers. The app users in present time is highly choosy as every users is in a look out for getting something new and more exciting. The users in this era is least interested in compromising in the quality front be it any physical product or any mobile app.

Looking into the changing inclination of the users, it is important on the part of the developers to create an app that satisfies the users need and also the current need of the market. There are approx 2.8 million of android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps in the app market but nothing can beat uber or whatsapp. It is the quality of the app is the most vital factor in deciding the success of the mobile app. According to a study only 16% of people prefer trying the mobile apps twice, if not satisfied for once.

Now the biggest question, how to ensure the optimal quality for the app? Here ensuring the quality means increase in number of downloads, growth in the number of customers, enhancement in revenue, usage statics and maintaining the quantitative metrics.

This post is dedicated to highlight some tips that can enhance the quality of your app in the process of development.

  • Mobile application testing is extremely important

There are many developers who believe that developing an app and then launching in the app store is the end of the process. In other words, there is no necessity of testing the application after the full development of the app. This kind of practice is faulty. Professional android application development designers suggest that after the development of the app,testing phase is really crucial before launching the app. This way the functionality of the app is tested and the quality of the app is not sacrificed,thus, handing over a great application to the users. This way a high rate of revenue and download can be expected from the app.

There are ideally two methods of testing an app, manual and automation. Experts suggest that if developers add new features or function in the app, it is better to test it manually. The automatic test of the script can be done for regression test cases or for complex task which cannot be tested manually. The testing can include external as well as internal audit in which all sorts of the bugs can be removed and also opt for device fragmentation. While doing appropriate testing, an ideal tool is needed which evaluate the mobile apps on cloud and lab based approach.

  1. Keep a strict audit on the app performance

If you want your app quality to be really high and stand out in the crowd, it is important to manage the app performance. Maximum users uninstall an app because they are not entirely satisfied with the overall performance that includes quick navigation, speed of the app, UI and UX design and many other.

You app should not be a medium to collect the data and records only. It is important to collect data and records but the importance of performance cannot be subsided. Your app should not have excess software development kit as it hampers the loading time of the app making it slow or even get it crashed. Apart from it, software development kit affect the battery of the device

Therefore, analytics a very important position but not at the cost of the app performance.

  1. The security of the app is paramount

In this high cybercrime arena, the security of the app is supremely important. Ignoring the security of the app will by default reduce the quality of the app significantly. Experts from iphone app development company in jaipur suggest that if you app needs users login details to enter and work, then employing verification gateway is really important. The verification gateway is also important if you app has inbuilt payment facility like ecommerce or cab booking etc.

  1. A highly experienced team with overall platform knowledge

A well qualified team of mobile app development teams should definitely consist of a project manager, android or iOS developers, frontend and backend developers, UI and UX design, mobile app tester etc. if you want your app development to be highly qualitative then prefer hiring only professional who has a comprehensive knowledge about the concerned area. A highly trained, professionally qualified app development team can create an app in a limited amount of time with utmost precision.

  1. Get a clear vision in mind

Having an experience can help you develop various kinds of app but having a clear and comprehensive vision of what you want to develop is a very crucial understanding. The documentation of the app holds a real significance in enhancing the quality of the app. It will help the developer to keep their efforts concentrated towards developing a particular kind of app without getting the path deviated. This way the quality of the app remain intact. The documentation process saves lot of time and money at the same time.

  1. Consider the review and rating of the app seriously

If you prefer that your app quality remain of high grade, then it is really important to stay connected with the end users and give extreme importance to the reviews and ratings. The customers reviews give valuable feedback after using the app which makes it easy on the part of the developer to analyse the app and make necessary changes and updates.

Thus, it is highly recommended to go through necessary feedbacks on a regular basis and address the concern issue.

  1. Give preference to cross platform apps

If you look into the app market closely, you can find the growing prominence of cross platform app which has got real prominence off late. The major reason for cross platform apps being popular is, it helps the app reach to a wider audience. It saves time and hard work in programming by logical modelling and create a native UI in the end.


The users in present time has emerged lot more choosy in installing apps, thus, an emphasis on quality and the cost cannot be anywhere forgone. It is the quality of the app that will bring better traffic and download metrics, therefore, it is important to test the apps thoroughly and identify any potential problem before the app gets on air.

8 Worthwhile CTA Design Technique That Bring Conversion

Ecommerce marketers always prefer to have as much conversion as possible. The conversion in any ecommerce website or for the matter of fact any website is dependent on call to action taken by the customers. Call to action may seem to be just a part of website like any other, however, it has major goals to conquer for the profit of the marketers.

It is often observed that small elements in CTA can create a major difference. The CTAs should be designed sharply that suits the purpose of the CTA i.e attract customers. This post is dedicated to give nine tips to design a CTA that converts.

  • Mute the other buttons

Developers from ecommerce web development india suggest, that muting the secondary buttons make users believe that the option muted is far better. They also insist to push other links in the background to highlight call to action button.

There are various ways by which buttons can be muted. A classic fade in the other buttons easily subdued its effect as it uses lighter and less aggressive colour. Another easy strategy is to make secondary button into ghost. Ghost buttons not only look modern, it also increases the clickability of non ghost buttons by making it look attractive.

In case you want to create your CTA into a ghost button, simply remove the outline of the button. Always remember, the CTA design should be highly attractive.

  1. Explain what can happen when clicking on CTA

The internet platforms are not very encouraging in terms of trust quotient. There have been many scene of cheating, therefore, people are highly speculative when clicking on any button. Call to action button can expect clicks only when it should project the customers about what happens after clicking the button.

Your CTA design should explain:

  • What happens after the click: Be it signup page, credit card screen, or direct link for download. Answering what happens after the click is needed to remove any suspesion.
  • Why they should click:  it is better to explain customers why they should consider clicking on the button

It is always great to answer the fear of the customers by one liner but remember never to go overboard on it.

  1. Placing the CTA at the right location

Expert designers can easily predict the vision area of the customers and easily place the CTA accordingly. But looking at the CTA on the first glance of the website should be strictly avoided. The first step should be to establish a relation, context and then move for conversion.

In left side the users usually search for information and are less receptive for suggestions. The right side of the website,users momentarily pause at last row before going back to left side, therefore, it is an ideal location to place the CTA.

  1. CTA button should be not too big or small

Call to action should never be too small or too big. A big CTA button can grab the attention, however, it shouldn’t be too big to handle.

There can be three reason for it:

  • More area for click means less efforts for activation

Having a big button space for CTA would mean that users will have to move their cursors or fingerless to activate link. Such kind of movement can bring irritation in users, therefore, it is better to leave it.

  • A standard CTA size brings better urgency and imperativeness
  • Bigger CTA are great for attracting customers but too big can actually dominate the whole ecommerce buying exposure, therefore, maintaining balance is the key.
  1. Contrast of colours

Colour is also a defining element in designing a CTA. Pairing various kinds of colour bring different emotion that affects the call to action. If you want your call to action look different, make sure of contrast colour from the background.

  1. The text

Experts from SEO service india predicts, long text in call to action create unnecessary irritation in customers. Lot of conversion problem is seen when a huge amount of text is stuffed in call to action. Users generally are not in need of huge content while they are about to buy something.

Ideally CTA microcopy should not exceed more than 5 words. Make your text in a way that guide the user and gently push for taking action.

  1. Use bold and actionable text

Design text of the CTA that speaks for benefit without investing much text. CTAs should be made in commanding language. It is the closing sale pitch, hence, it should definitely struck a chord in the mind of customers. Make sure to use word “ now” to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Empty space

Empty space in the ecommerce website page should not be created only when the all the design element used in the page is finished. It should be deliberately designed to bring that empty space that speaks volume for the product. White space create more noticeable space for the product. You call to action should have valid call to action. You can make the entire CTA as an element which can be used in the website. This can create a great conversion as compared to other design.


If you launching a new website, you need to make thorough research and then finalize the position and design of call to action. A call to action should always attract customers rather than making them bounce out. Provide elements that can bring their trust on your website, thus, creating conversion. Design CTA which is attractive and wisely placed within the website.