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Faceted Navigation: Best Practice For Large Website Seo Needs?

When it comes to large websites like e commerce websites, it becomes very important to look for a perfect website design structure and smart linking strategy. However, while making websites properly crawled there are several challenges that has to be faced with various attribute in e commerce websites such as size, colour, price, range etc.

To save from these difficulty, faceted navigation is an ideal way.However, faceted navigation can only help when executed in the most judicial way to keep users as well as search bots happy.

Let’s discuss about faceted navigation:

What is faceted navigation?

Faceted navigation may be understood as the filters that are present at the sidebar of ecommerce webpages to sort the search results according to the need of the user. It consist of various options, categories, filters and facets. These menus helps users to select particular commodity they are looking for. Facets are indexed categories and acts like a extension of the site’s menus. Facets are used for filtering the page by the users to get the commodity they are searching, however, while the search results gets narrowed, the content of the page remains same.

This way facets can produce multiple URLs with duplicate content which can create negative effect on SEO. While faceted navigation is a great feature for users looking for particular product, it may create several hazard for SEO such as

  • Duplicate content
  • Waste of crawl budget
  • Dilutes link equity

As various parameters are created, the number of pages with related content also increases. Various links goes into these different pages of same content page, thus, the link equity also gets affected and reduces the ranking.

According to experts from SEO company in jaipur, in order to save the extremely useful crawl budget from getting wasted, search bots will have to be instructed for not crawling multiple factes such as size, colour etc, this way unique pages gets chance to be crawled and gets exposure in front of users.

Multiple facets can create some tough situation for ecommerce websites, there are some ways this problem can be handled. While there are few solution, the implementation depends upon which part of the website should be indexed.

  • Noindex

Noindex tag is used to inform search bots about the page that should not be indexed. This process will remove the duplicate content pages from getting indexed, however, the crawl budget would be wasted and the link equity will also dilute. For example, if you are want page with “red handbag” to be indexed but don’t want page with “ red handbag under$200” to be indexed, then using noindex in the later can stop the page getting indexed. However, the crawl budget will still be wasted.

  • Robots.txt

Experts from SEO Company in Los Angeles suggest that robot.txt tag can disallow certain parts of the website to be crawled. This is a fast and customizable option for crawling needs, however this is merely a directive which can be defied.

  • Canonicalization

Canonical tags can help in instructing Google that certain group pages has alike vision. Canonical tags can help in saving link equity, however, the crawl budget will still gets wasted. Canonical tags can also be overlooked by search bots, hence, they should be used in combination. For example, “red handbags under $200” may have canonical tag set as red handbag. In this situation, google will attribute authority and link equity to canonicalized page but the crawl budget will get wasted.

  • AJAX

The advantage of AJAX in faceted navigation is , it does not generate new URLs when a visitor visits page and select any filter. To get maximum benefit from AJAX tag, the crawl path should be accessible to the particular pages that are important for ranking.

  • Google search console

Google search console is the most effective idea in faceted navigation. It is temporary solution while the navigation is adjusted as it instruct the google about the way it should crawl pages. URL parameter tool in google search console can change what effect each parameter has on webpages and how google should handle it.


While keeping in mind the dominance of user experience,faceted navigation is a great way to provide better experience to users. However, it causes multitude of SEO problem in terms of duplicate content,reduction in link equity and waste crawl budget.

It becomes very important for ecommerce websites to take necessary measures to handle faceted navigation as well as maintain SEO.

Why Your Business Is Strongly Needing Social Advocacy?

Social advocacy can be understood as a strategic planning to make the company grow and make its top executives communicate to marketplaces as social media spokesperson. Companies that create a lasting impression by social advocacy tend to create their customers and clients as their social advocate.

Business to business clients usually rely on sales person to keep their position intact in the market and expand the company’s position as well. Experts from SEO services in hyderabad believe that social advocacy can easily help b2b clients to have word of mouth social leads and social media visibility as well.

Let us discuss as how social advocacy can create a difference in your business:

  • Brand perception

Social media advocacy plays a strong role in creating an image perceptive for your brand among your targeted as well as potential customers. Social advocacy will create that good perception in the mind of people by various strategies.

  • Attract the loyalty of the employees

Social advocacy program will be helpful in creating a good reputation for the company while giving personal and professional benefit to the employees working. They will feel proud about their association with a company and hence their loyalty quotient will also rise. Employees can be pushed to talk about the company and its products by giving incentives and rewards.

What all are the components that are involved in social advocacy?

Here’s the list of certain building blocks in social advocacy program that helps to shape up your brand social advocacy

  1. Social media strategy

Without a proper social media strategy, social media advocacy program cannot stand tall. A solid social media strategy is need with proper KPIs and benchmarks to make the program successful. Consultant from best SEO company in Toronto explains that a full proof social media strategy needs strong defined content which should be authentic and original to get them shared at various channels. Social media strategy should also have strong social media monitoring and engagement tools to give better experience to viewers.

  1.  Social advocacy onboarding

Creating rules for employees while advocating the brand is essential. Employees involved in the process should maintain a guide book that clearly states corporate values, must cover branding points, and importantly restricted areas. This process of learning is everlasting and shall continue with the growth of the employee within organization.

  1. Planning social media advocacy implementation

It is very important to have a full fledged planning process behind social advocacy. There should be absolute clarity behind whom shall monitor the plan, how employees and key stakeholders should be engaged. There should be perfect communication between employees and stakeholders. They should be provide necessary tools and content that they may use to increase brand awareness and online impact by their advocacy efforts.


The best time to start social advocacy is today itself. This kind of strong efforts are bound to fetch results in the form of greatest sales figure as company increases more visibility and trust among people.

8 Points To Remember When You Are All Set To Design Your Company’s Logo

Everyday we all meet with multiple people and make various perceptions for them based on the first few seconds of interaction. Ever thought why? Human being has innate tendency to make perception and this process is common with everything and not only human being. It can be clothes, colour, shoes, food etc. The game of perception has a dominant role in digital media as well. In this competitive life, every company and brand is struggling to make a good perception for their company in front of targeted customers. Today, the way the perception was created traditionally has also changed. It’s not about brochures and flyers today, it is more of visually enticing digital products such as videos, podcasts and the brand identity in the form of logo that creates difference.

When talking about logo, this stands as the most important aspect of a brand or company. One can see logo as the identity of a brand or the solo communicator about what the brand/company can offer or what it is all about! The design of a logo is so significant that it can make or break a brand in a blink.

If you are about to begin with your brand, logo is the most initial and important phase. This post is dedicated for discussing eight simple points to remember while designing logo for your company

Let us begin!

  • Show yourself

From the superficial level, every business looks more or less same, however, they are not! Every new business comes with something different to offer and that difference is the USP of the brand which is what the logo should depict. Experts from best logo design company india, believe that a logo should be designed in way that depicts what the brand can offer?,how they handle customers and why are they into this business?. A well designed logo can give clear perceptive of the brand to its potential customers

  • Whom to focus on?

This stands a very crucial significance while designing a logo. Professional logo designers india explains that a logo should be designed to entice the customers the brand directly target. Hence it becomes important to know the targeted customers before beginning with logo designing. For example, walt disney is all about fun and targeted mainly to kids, hence it’s logo also speak the volume on targeting kids.

  • Strong and attractive design

After the above two points are clear the next thing making a logo design that can easily attract the eye balls. It is obvious that people remember things that are unique and stands meaningful in their life.

  • Being unique is the key

In this cut throat competitive market, the best way to still be in competition is o be unique. People love to remember things that are unique and stands different. You logo along with addressing the key factors of your business should also be unique. For example, steve job’s vision baby apple, stands absolute unique with its half bitten silver apple. The logo is sufficient to define apple as cool designing leaders among the crowd.

  • Less is always more!

In the field of logo designing, less is always considered more after all things which are simple, clean and crisp is said to have lasting impression in the mind of people. However, by simple does not mean creative. Avoid confusion and clutter. For example, saffola which uses simple text to depict the brand name yet, it seems so good and worthy of being remembered.

  • Adaptable design

Logos are usually used in various formats and bases such as on tshirts, pens, notepads etc, hence a logo design, colour combination everything should be highly adaptive. It can be visible and suits on every base on which it is used.

  • Logo should be identifiable

In this present competitive market scenario, logo should not only be adaptive in terms of colour but also in size. It should be designed in a way that weathers it is printed in cms or inches it should still be visible. For example, BMW as a unique logo which is simple yet so adaptive that one can identify them even in the most smallest size.

  • Timeless creation

Once a logo is designed and associated with the company, it becomes its identity till the time memorable. Everything is changing yet logo are meant to keep constant as people has gained trust and identified the brand based on what they have seen over years. Hence while creating a logo, it should be designed in way that can never go out of style even after hundred of years. For example, Coca-Cola, BMW which has witness no significant changes over years.

So, if you plan to design or redesign your company’s logo then make sure to keep these above stated points in mind and get a design that can last for ages.

How To Change The Direction Of Thinking To Generate New Content Ideas?

Marketers usually focus on technical facets such as optimization, promotion, conversion, etc. But without exceptional content to present in the market, their strategies are bound to miss the mark. Content is the footing of any effective online marketing approach. And, coming up with unique and innovative content ideas is undoubtedly one of the most arduous tasks for content marketers. Wouldn’t it be nice to always have a long list of creative topics at your disposal ready to intrigue the reader’s mind?

53% of businesses across the globe use content marketing to engage with their audience.”


In this article, we will delve into ten innovative ways to generate fresh ideas and extraordinary topics to give your content an edge over the others prevailing in the market:-

1. Understand Your Readers

SEO Companies curate content to attract the audience towards the brand and that wouldn’t happen if they’re are not empathetic towards the readers. Understand what are their challenges and pain points, what kind of information are they searching for on the web, what are their expectations from the market, etc. As an SEO company, you need to tread the extra mile and reach out to some of your frequent customers and scout for their likes and dislikes about your content, and what would help make it better and more relatable.

“ You cannot write if you cannot relate.” – Beck Hansen

2. Questions on Quora

Quora is a popular Q&A platform where people put forth their doubts to get answers from the community that is spread across the globe. It is difficult to source your targeted audience online and connect with them, therefore, this is an alternate approach that would help you generate content ideas. For example, let’s assume that your audience are business analysts, and when you search for this term on Quora, it offers a series of questions related to the keyword, for e.g., “What are some of the useful business analysis tools?” This further enlightens you about the queries and challenges in your field of operation and you can mould your content to provide aiding information and effective solutions to the audience.

3. Maintain a Swipe File

Swipe files are a collection of data, ideas, graphics, notes, etc. that is a tried and tested accepted tool by marketing professionals. Maintaining a Swipe File will allow you access to aforementioned vital data that you can revisit anytime in the future. Keep jotting down the ideas that come to mind and form a database that can be used for future reference. It is a simple step that many SEO service companies in India generally follow to keep pace with the requirements of the readers.

4. Reach Out on Social Media

Presently, social media is one of the biggest and most powerful marketing tools in the world and SEO companies in India have already placed them at the top of their marketing strategies. Creating excellent content and sharing them on these platforms is the best way to attract a target audience. And, if you have a good following, then don’t hesitate to pick their brains and understand what more would they want to see on your page. It is an effective way of keeping in touch with them as well as finding new content topics that matter to your readers.

“33% customer’s prefer to contact respective brands via social media than the traditional methods.”


5. Watch Out for New Trends

The business world is dynamic and things can change in a matter of seconds. Therefore, generating fresh content involves SEO Companies to be on a constant lookout for new trends and innovations. This way, they are able to ensure that only fresh content is posted and accordingly assist their readers in getting acquainted with the new innovations of their respective industries. So, keeping a tab on the market has become extremely crucial to maintain pace with the cut-throat business environment and make a stable footing in the market.

6. Utilize the Effective Online Tools

Owing to the advent of technology, there is an array of online tools at your disposal that would help you generate new and trending content ideas. Some of the prominent tools used by SEO Service Companies in India are:

Buzzsumo: A valuable tool at your disposal, it helps you find the most shared content on social media channels, gets the appropriate trending keyword, performs competitor analysis, etc.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator: You can type a keyword for a post and it will offer some great ideas for blog topics in no time.

UberSuggest: It is used by many SEO companies in India to filter the effective Google suggests that people are searching on the web with specific keywords.

Google Trends: It shows the popularity of a particular search item over the years rather than the search volume. Therefore, it helps you stay up-to-date with trending events in your scope of market.

7. Dig into the FAQ Page

If you want your readers to select you as a reliable source when they have a query, then scrutinizing the FAQ pages of the industry would help you discover a lot about the key audience. You can also simply pick out keywords and search the same on Google. You will see a series of FAQs lined up in the results section and that’s where you can attain your content ideas. Answering the popular questions put forth by the audience is one of the imperative ways of building a lasting connection with them and projecting yourself as a reliable source of information.

8. Brainstorm with Team Members

Be open to suggestions and you will be amazed at the simple yet fresh ideas that can be generated by the old-fashioned brainstorming session. Other than your team members, you can also reach out to people outside your profession to get genuinely fresh ideas. Use small whiteboards that will allow people to jot down their ideas and then, you can discuss together to spark more suggestions. It is a conventional method practiced by SEO companies in India for many years now and it still works like a charm.

9. Analyze the SEO strategy

There are a couple of SEO tools and techniques to help generate content ideas. One of the most popular tools is Google Search Console , which was once known as Google Webmaster Tool. If the tool is verified with your domain, it will help you analyse which of your posts are most ranked and the keywords that your audience used to find it. This is highly beneficial as you are informed of the keywords that you audience is using to get to your website.

Two other ways to leverage the search giant are via autocomplete and related searches. When you type any query in the search bar, Google offers suggestions to complete that query for you. This term is referred to as “Autocomplete”. Related searches uncover topics that might be associated to the query that you have searched for. These suggestions (autocomplete and related searches) give you a general idea of the trending topics that could be considered while creating content.

10. Know Your Competitors Strategies

You and your competitors share the same audience. This entails you to closely monitor their approach towards the readers. Look at their popular topics that have created a conversation buzz and make it better for the audience. Research the keyword and hashtag they are using and simultaneously work towards making your content more innovative and interesting than theirs. Buzzsumo is one of the most effective tools to explore the trending topics on your competitor’s website.

The effective operation of SEO Companies solely depends on the creativity of its content marketing team. Coming up with great content ideas that are refreshing and informative is a challenging task but with the right tools and approach, there are tons of resources that can be utilized to your advantage. On the whole, it all begins with finding relevant and informative answers to the important questions and exhibiting them inventively to appease the reader’s mind.

How To Write An Effective Microcopy For Your Website?

Microcopy is the smallest text of a website which can have the biggest impact on your website.Microcopy includes all kinds of instructions, labels, navigation,tooltips, navigation etc which help users within the website design.

Microcopy can aid navigation and the final element make users read before clicking on a button. Often microcopy is neglected in the design process which can create a problem later. Experts from Best web development company in India suggest that a well thought microcopy is very important to make the website more user friendly, bring more retention in users and increases the conversion rate.

But how to write an effective microcopy?

Let us discuss some of tips:

  • Show the user rather telling them

A well written microcopy help users to take action without thinking about it. Use the words that make users clearly understand what is going to happen. Some of the common microcopy phrases includes  clickable elements are learn more, read on, buy now, get information, download, submit etc. These words are absolutely clear and make people understand actually can happen next when they click.

  1. Keep the microcopy concise

Microcopy is meant to be really tiny as they are the smallest words shown on the screen. Make sure that the instruction given in microcopy should also be concise and to the point. Long explanation is simply not needed for users interaction, in fact it can overwhelm the users.

  1. Important copy should be made easily visible

Never use tooltips for informations which is really vital. There are generally two type of microcopy i.e elements and instruction which you can always see and the one which can appear as per need. Instruction generally appear in the form of tooltips, hover boxes which brings enhances usability. But make sure that important microcopy should be easily visible for users.

  1. Keep the text matched with the tone of the website

The language behind the microcopy should always be kept straightforward and the text should also match with the tone of the website design. This is one of minute nuances that works only when users can understand what to do.

  1. Avoid using jargons

Using jargons can have a detrimental effect. You can go ahead with matching the tone but avoid using any kind of jargon in the microcopy. Jargon make the copy confusing and present challenges for search engine to crawl.

  1. Use alt information for all images

This may does not have direct relation but it matters. Hire a website developer who is proficient in knowing every important element that can bring better engagement. While uploading user interface element which contain microcopy should definitely include alt information for images and icon files. This way not only search engine but users also get benefitted.

  1. Give important options

The use of microcopy is extended upto a list of drop down menu or bullets as well. Where ever,  it is appropriate, you should make sure to include various options for users to increase the conversion rate. This is most commonly used in ecommerce platforms. In these platforms we see there is form with buttons that ask to enter payment option and is followed by a line of explanation to review the purchase one more time. This is a microcopy that help users to review their decision and understand the process.

These were tips which can help in creating microcopy which can bring better conversion for your website.

Top 4 Augmented Reality App Inspiration To Look Forward In 2018

Augmented reality has been a growing trend in the app development world. For late, Apple has been investing in this technology by doing some recent updated in ARKit. In the process to develop apps for iphone in augmented reality, begin with planning the app and playing the app which are already present in the market. Analyse what you love or dislike in these apps?

In this post, we will discuss five AR apps that helps in jumpstarting the design inspirations and let you hopefully think about the upcoming latest technologies.

Augmented Reality Primer

Augmented reality can be understood as a gateway to the virtual world and the real world in digital platforms. AR apps are meant to take the account of actual location and show virtual things in those space.

For example, Pokemon Go is a game which can be taken as the most mainstream example for AR apps taken in use. Users of this game, chased digital objects in their real space such as ground and streets in a game that make users extensively play this game out of their houses.

Gaming apps are extensively using augmented reality within the app but apart from game, it is also used for other purposes such as training tool or educational options. It is the AR which has given users the privilege to enter a place where they might not get otherwise access.

Some of the AR app inspiration for your work in 2018 are:

  1. World Brush

World brush is an app which is a mix of both game and creative outlet. This app allow users to create virtual graffiti on anything. The painting done on the app is anonymous and visible only where it is created. Users of the app can easily like or dislike or report the painting which can help to hide bad designs and show only good ones to other users. Users can also share their drawings. They may consider using various kinds of colours, brushes, strokes to create anything which they imagine.

  1. IKEA place

Augmented reality can be effectively used for a lot of practice from creating ecommerce catalogue to helping shoppers to easily avoid buyers rejections. IKEA is a catalog app which help users test their space with furnitures offered by the app.

If you also need this kind of app, you can hire an app developer who are well versed with AR technology. This kind of app includes 3D and true-to- scale model of every kind of furniture. This kind of app provide appropriate dimension of furniture size, model, design and functionality.

  1. Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter is an AR driven app which make users try on a tattoo before getting to get permanently done on the body. This app can project tattoo at any part of body, it can also work in multiple angle. You can get your artwork uploaded on the app to show the design on your body.

  1. TapMeasure

This app provide you with lots of tools to measure distance, check the straightness of the object, create floor plans and gets three dimensionals rendering. For DIYers this app can give you the real privilege to plan your work in a way that wasn’t possible earlier.


AR is a technology which has reduced the boundary within the reality and virtual elements. Users can easily imagine things which they haven’t imagined in their daily life. If you want to create your own AR driven app, you can easily take inspirations from them listed above.

How To Determine The Cost For Building MVP Of Web Apps?

Creating any kind of app needs a proper estimation process be it mobile or web app. It is the cost of app development that determines the approach of the company by implementing features and functionalities that the budget allows.

In this post we will focus on estimating the cost of building MVP of web apps.

Why considering the cost of MVP?

Best web app developers across agencies suggest that MVP stands for minimum viable product which introduces the first version of your product that has a very limited amount of functionality yet capable to address users need or problem to hit the market. For example, if you want to build an online document editor, MVP will not be able a make a huge amount of formatting tools and exploring option. However, it should be able to provide editing plain text documents online to address the need of the targeted audience problems.

Generally MVPs are many things in common. For example, most of the time marketers need the site visitors to signup for using more functionality, interact with content etc.

The scope of MVP web apps

To estimate the cost of MVP web apps, there are certain common features that are needed for implementation in MVPs built for web app users.

The general project scope includes

  • Responsive UX/UI design i.e how the product will look and behave
  • HTML/ CSS responsive implementation i,e how the design will be coded in the interface
  • Backend programming i.e how the features will work in terms of business logic
  • Frontend programming i.e how users will be able to interact with it
  • Automation tests i.e identify and remove any kind of bugs, errors and unusual behaviour
  • Acceptance of mutual testing i.e to check that the product fits with initial requirement

All these factors are highly essential when estimating the amount of efforts needed to get common MVP features. It is important that the effort is counted as per the complexity if the functions which the app needs.


There are generally two broad functionalities that play two major role in web apps:

  • Site visitors: people who simply visits the app
  • Logged in users: these are the visitors who have signed up and then signed in to get better access to functionalities.

Before implementing any kind of functionality, any app would need:

  • UX/UI design

This is the most important part of an app design. It includes defining the UX of the app, designing the logo, choosing the right colour scheme for the app and setting up a style guide

  • Database and web app designing

Professionals from best web application development agencies suggest this stage of designing to include configuration for backend and frontend tools, database design and running deployment scripts.

What are the hourly rates for web app development across the globe?

Most outsourcing web app companies offers hourly rates on project they build up. These rates depend upon factor such as:

  • Country where services are offered, the average cost of living and economic strength
  • The company brand, size, experience and position.

It is also often observed that reputed companies charges more as they are leaders of the market and employ more number of staff within a project which increases the rates by many folds.

This chart is itself capable to give you the idea of top companies and the charges they levied.

If you want to get exact cost of web app development then you should directly contact the web app development teams. The project estimates are generally offered for free, so you can take the benefit from it.

How A Content Centered Mobile Experience Can Create A Huge Difference?

The mobile world is dominated by the dominance of smartphones and apps. The statistics tells that 80% of users own a smartphone and rather than frequency of using the smartphone, it is the impact of apps which are created in the mind of the users.

Research suggest that mobile users spend over 90% of their usage time on apps. This means a significant amount of minutes, hours and days are invested within apps.

If you intend to enhance the working of your mobile apps by considering only short form of content then consider this thinking outdated. SEO company India experts suggest that mobile apps and long form content have the best of combination. Focusing on content specific experience is the best way to generate more engagement within the app.

The need of great mobile content

Generally marketers believe that content for a mobile app should be bit sized but this notion is wrong in every way. If people invest in downloading the app that means they are interested within your brand.

The second important points is about the consumers are using the apps. News paper and magazine apps are built from a long form of content which depicts that users have wholeheartedly accepted content centric app experience.

Apps are the way of entertainment for users and they invest a lot of time in them hence it is ideal for brand to invest in them.

Developing a mobile centric content strategy

When it is about generating mobile app content, it should be mobile centric. This means that mobile lovers love to go in hand with long form of content, however, android, iphone app design agencies believe that while generating content the human span of attention should be kept in mind. The attention span is usually less but that does not mean they skip long content. This mean that content should be created in a way which should be absorbed easily despite being long.

Your content should be able to grab the attention of app users in seconds or your users will opt out. Be to the point and give users adequate value. Break it in digestible pieces that can be read and understood easily.

Personalization of the content matters the most

Mobile apps are dedicated to perform certain kinds of function. It is the purpose of the app which make it downloaded in phones. This is the way real estate of the content makes a huge impact. A content which matters the most for your app does not need any kind of personalization.

It is the concept of the app on which it is centered that matters the most. This concept backed with relevant content makes the app engagement level really high. An app personalized content is made out of the event it is based. This mean that the content triggered by specific event. Personalization is a key for reaching to the heart of the app users. This strategy has been used by many giant organization like amazon.

A content centered mobile app experience tend to bring best of the result for the users. Give it a try and see result.

How To Harness CTA Button To Get Maximum Conversion?

Call to action is one of the most powerful tool to get better conversion in a website. A CTA acts as a guide to serve the customers, users and readers to participate and bring better communication. However, this is not the end of it. CTA is a tool that allow ecommerce entrepreneurs to encourage action in ways which can directly benefit the business.

Characteristic of high converting CTA button

  • Compelling call to action

Content is always considered as king with a website and the copy is soul of this king. Depending upon the call to action, the words used within the CTA button holds a lot of significance in conversion, be it making purchase, subscribing or making any other kind of move.

Experts from Ecommerce website designing company suggest that the copy used within the call to action button appears within a very confined space but it should be capable to attract users make a click on the button. You can target the audience self interest by answering potential question that they may ask. Make sure not to mislead the users. State in minimum words about what visitors will get when they click on CTA.

  1. Use striking colour contrast

For any ecommerce website, the colour combination is an important factor for making its branding and identity. Colour is equally important for CTA. Ensure to have a contrasting colour from background colour of the website in your CTA to give better visibility.

You can look at colour wheel and select colour which is diametrically opposite. This way, the colour will easily fit in the colour palette of the website, without making it different in look and feel.

  1. Choose proximity to previous actions

If you want better conversion, place your CTA button right in the scrolling path of the user, to make as much easy for possible to reach to it. Website in recent times use parallax scrolling these days, which indicate that the content of the foreground moves quickly than the background. It is important to design a CTA that can be found quickly by the users to get convert.

  1. Placement in a logical position

Hire a website designer who knows well about the conversion and reading path of the users. Studies indicate that placing CTA in a logical place of users reading path brings better conversion. To know about it, there is a certain amount of anticipation which is needed. There are some times cultural variation that make reading from left to right different.

To make it simple for all kind of readers, consider placing the CTA in the center of the page below any list or contact form or images. You can also use directional cues which brings more flexibility with the placement of button

  1. Regularly tested and optimized

It is always better to put CTA in a regular test basis. After a certain interval of time, the colour, size, placement and even the copy should be tested and changed. You can use A/B testing for you call to action for making a good mailing list as many email apps allow you to track the performance of the CTA and make adequate changes.

What Can Happen If You Stop Doing SEO?

We all know the importance of doing SEO but never does we give attention to what happen if we stop doing SEO all of a sudden?

The success of SEO campaign depends on achieving the top of organic page ranking. Seldom the marketers tend to enquire the tenure for reaching the top of traffic and after reaching the position, if it is important to continue.

The biggest mistake that hampers a business despite making all the efforts as per the consultants from Digital marketing company is assuming that the site is fully optimized and they need no more tweaks. They can enjoy their ranking from there on without any effort.

This thinking is all about making your business to go down.

If you stop your SEO, you will face:

  • Slip in ranking and traffic

When you stop SEO, your ranking or traffic does not go down right away. The process is much more complicated. In first few month, you may not notice any change in ranking, hence, the traffic does not deviate much but the pattern is very short lived.

This process of going down is same for every kind of business. It depends upon the approach the business used for SEO. A service based on local SEO, such brand may see a continues steady traffic for a long time due to their name recognition and the continues need of their service. Generally a retail brand and non locally based business can expect a very steep fall.

Why does traffic falls after stopping SEO?

SEO consultant from best SEO company in India suggest that the traffic falls after stopping SEO is because the business does not rank on the same position as it was earlier on SERPs.

The sites which rank high on the SERPs receives the highest amount of search visibility. This the reason that these sites enjoy highest amount of click through rate. There are many tools which are available to visualize the importance of maintaining the top organic ranking. For some people the difference of outcome from the position of 1 to 3 may look trivial but in practice, this may have very serious impact.

Why do ranking decline after stopping SEO?

  • Absence of fresh and relevant content

Search engines always value content which are most relevant, fresh and unique. The sites which update their content with fresh and valuable content tend to enjoy more organic ranking. The basic idea is as soon as new content is updated, Google bots will return to site for indexing and your site appear in SERPs.

  • The competition is not decreasing

SEO is a destination which give you a healthy potential to beat the competition. The most successful SEO campaigns are derived from learning from the competitors. If you are at the top at SERPs then you may have been followed by your competitors. When you stop of SEO service, competitors get the privilege to surpass your efforts and overtake your position.

  • It becomes easy to revert back to bad habits

There are times when the web designer and SEO expert view gets clash. For example, according to web designer Javascript is important but for SEO expert, it kills the ranking. It is good to listen to SEO specialist to skip any kind of common mistake.

SEO is a regular practice, any skip can ruin your efforts completely. Do you know what to be done now?