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Top 4 Marketing Strategy To Boost Mobile Game KPIs

Smartphone is the most conveniently obtained technology in the present time. Be it a farmer or a doctor or a businessman, everybody has a valid access to smartphones. Smartphones run on various apps which creates smartphone useful for various purposes. Every day 100s of apps are released in app stores to get recognized as a valid platform for its users. But how many of them actually succeeds?

Apps stores are choked with new releases in every single day. This has also caused great stress on technique to acquire more customers. Companies are introducing new techniques to retain existing users and in terms of games, make them persuade to spend more money! It is the advancement in technology that has given advanced form of analytics for marketers to adapt to their game and improve the key performance indicators.

But what are the strategies that are making them getting good results?

Let us discuss four strategies that are used by game developers to boost their KPIs:

  • Coming up with the idea of new rewards for existing players

Experts from mobile game development sectors believe that a certain amount of budget should be given to player engagement in the marketing strategy for any game app. To make better engagement with the players, game developers can start giving new features and challenges in their game such a mini olympics or free accessories which can easily attract the existing percentage of players. Successful game developers promote such kinds of efforts on every marketing channel such as social media, email newsletter or in small paid CTA campaigns.

This player rewarding technique has provided maximum benefit to app marketers. Players love to win and get rewards, so it seems no surprise that this is an ideal way of game marketing. Game like seal online has incorporated these strategy of giving rewards in terms of tournament and free accessories to existing players and got good results. The game saw increase in concurrent users worldwide, time per play session, increased visit to in game store, guild membership and much more!

  1. Adapting the game to suit to audience playstyle

Game developers from iphone game development company in jaipur suggest that games should be optimized to keep the players engaged. This way they can easily spend more time on the game and would spend more.

When developing a game, developers usually assume its user and create the game accordingly, however, in reality every users has its own style of game play. Games like Angry Mob Games identified that they have three different set of players. To help these three set of players, three different tutorials were used. If a player understood the game in the beginning, the tutorial adapted and stopped easily. For some players who play till certain level and leave in the mid to resume, the tutorial would begin from the level the player left the game and all other players could get original tutorial.

This kind of adaptation of the game has shown phenomenal result to the app developers. Th is game saw 100% retention in players which indicates great player engagement. Hence, to make the game favourite for players, it has to be optimized according to their playing style.

  1. Focusing on game play

Developers from various parts of the world echoes to the view that biggest factor that affect KPIs is quality and feature improvement of the game. A game which is bug free, fun and enticing, always makes its position in the heart of the users. It is important on the part of the developers to put emphasis on the quality of the game rather than monetizing it. A well build, player enticing game will automatically bring higher engagement and retention.

  1. Don’t take retention as a only success parameter

Retention is an important KPI but stressing too much on it cannot earn benefit. There were certain games in the market who reduced their difficulty level in each game step in order to get better retention. However, the results were different. Players left the game as it was no longer fun and challenging. Players in retention technology move ahead fast in the game but don’t convert much.

It important beneficial to focus on player lifetime value and optimizing the game to make players convert. This kind of strategy would decrease the retention but it will give positive result on conversion and revenue.


App stores are so much clogged that it is difficult to differentiate without marketing strategy. In mobile game app market, every app is struggling to get the eyeballs on them. In such situation trying different marketing strategy like stated above can bring you users and conversions as well.

What Are The Trends In Mobile App Development Which Will Rule The Year 2018?

Time flys away in a blink! While we all are socking ourselves in 2017, 2018 is already knocking our door. It may seem difficult to believe that an year has already passed but sadly it’s the truth. Every year we expect something new to happen and this coming year seems to be no exception  from our expectations. New trends are emerging for the year 2018 that is capable of changing the wave of competition and beat it in every possible way. So let’s just not waste time and dive into the trends to look for in app development trend in 2018.

  • Accelerated mobile page(AMP)

Experts from mobile phone app development company in jaipur predict that introduction of AMP will make the page loading really faster keeping in mind that the low attention span of people, this features will help people to connect more with the app. Another important feature introduced by Google is isolated search index just for the mobile web.

In terms of SEO benefit, AMP are a new development hack to gain better SEO. It will help developers to develop fast loading websites and mobile apps. Therefore, the bounce rate would reduce significantly and engagement level would shoot!

  1. Android instant app

Instant apps work like websites, they are native apps. Instant app are simply ideal for better user performance. These native apps completely eradicate the complication of installing the app in mobile or web. They run easily on all android platforms and are easily are shareable.

  1. Blockchain

One of the most interesting trend in app development in 2018 is blockchain apps. Blockchain apps basically a record of company’s detailed listed as blocks, be it transaction or bitcoins. The advantage is none of the subsequent block can be altered without altering all the subsequent blocks along with collision of network. Developers in Iphone application development in jaipur believe blockchain apps are an ideal way to put aside your competition in the year 2018 and reach at better ranking in app store .

  1. Cloud technology

For the year 2018, one of the most beneficial feature is cloud technology. Cloud technology provide some of the major benefits in streamlined operation, reducing equipment cost and hosting, increases the app storage capacity and enhance productivity and collaboration. If you want your app work flawlessly, adapt to cloud technology.

  1. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is an essential component in apps development. Apps are interestingly working to understand the users preference with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Be it virtual personal assistance, cybersecurity, intelligent apps, or any other type, developers seek help from AI and ML.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Mobile phone are seriously getting revolutionarized with multiple core processors to give better user experience. It is expected that in the year 2018, more extensive usage of augmented reality and virtuality reality component will be seen in usual apps and games apps. Developers predict that AR and VR can generate revenue around $150 billion by 2020.

  1. Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is seen adapted by most of the tech giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, IBM and many others. This trend is about predicting the future by integrating AI. One can easily predict their business market position by considering data, and market output.

  1. Edge computation

The need for internet for things(IOT) has increased phenomenally which has also created an urge for computing technology. Edge computation works to push the data, application and computing power away from centralized points to logical extremes of the network. This is the technology that every tech giant is integrating.

  1. Mobile payment

Easy mobile payments and extensive usage of ecommerce websites has pushed the need for m commerce. We can see the extensive usage of mobile payments encouraged by Google wallet and Apple pay. This trend was a big hit in 2017 and is also expected to rule in 2018.

  1. Business bots

Developing any SAAS application or B2B application, bots are simply irreplaceable. The chatbots integration has been dominating in 2017 and this process is expected to continue in 2018 as well.

  1. Cyber Security

Cyber security is expected to rule in the coming year be it in internet of things(IOT) or mobile apps. Designers are developers will integrated the IT security feature in their apps from the initial process only. Enterprises will also look for checking the internet mutant by integrating best cyber security technology.

  1. Lazy loading

Pages that contain huge image files tends to take longer time to load as a result the bounce rates are too high and conversion ratio dips. In order to solve this problem of dipping conversion, tech experts have devised lazy loading technology where the images loads when their turn comes in the page.


There is no fix way to get success except hard work but best practices like above can definitely help. The year 2018 will have many surprises and technology that will rule the market, however, integrating you app with these upcoming trends stated above will help you in stay in competition and get your conversions.

Myth Busting: Top 8 Ecommerce Seo Myths That We Should Stop Believing

Ecommerce platform has created a unique position in the market and also in the heart of the customers. They are easy, engaging and friendly, trustworthy platform. To our surprise nobody thinks about the amount of SEO efforts which are needed to make such sites users friendly.

Search engine optimization may seem to have an easy name but the work is isn’t that easy! A good carefully drafted SEO efforts can bring website on the verge of success and vice versa. In terms of e commerce, the SEO efforts are even more, as these ecommerce sites are huge to be maintained. The SEO process goes on and on but in this ongoing process there are certain loopholes. These loopholes arises from the many misconceptions that people have regarding E- commerce SEO.

This post is dedicated to burst the six biggest SEO myths for E commerce websites that should be forgotten forever!

Let us dive into the world of myths to burst them:

Myth 1: Focuses Solely On Technical Seo

SEO experts from top SEO services company from various corners of the world believe that marketer most of the time get trapped and frustrated in the conception that SEO is all about technical SEO and stops optimizing the website.

There are marketers who put great emphasis on site auditing, on page optimization etc that the metrics has not changed in fact their ranking has gone down. While technical SEO is important yet for going every other SEO practice and focusing only on Technical SEO is of no use. To get better ranking a strong link building profile is a must need. Links are one of the most dominant factors for getting good ranking. Getting a good link profile is a must need for google to analyze your website to be credible and authoritarian. In order to gain high quality link, ecommerce marketers should have keyword enabled high quality content to build links rather focusing on technical SEO.

Myth 2: Category Pages Does Not Matter

Experts from ecommerce website development company suggests, that category pages are the best way to rank the pages based on category specific keyword searches than any other page.

For example, if you have category for  “women gym wear” in your website and someone is searching for women gym wear, then you should have a category page with “women gym wear”.

Category pages helps to get better ranking and foregoing this opportunity for ranking is simply wastage of SEO efforts. Each category page of the ecommerce website should be optimized with the exact keyword group. Thereafter the title, meta description, H1 tag, URL and content should be optimized with the keyword to get easily found in the search results.

Myth 3: Duplicate Content In External Sites Is Malicious

Having similar content in two pages of the same website is considered duplicate content. Such content can make your website look spam and non authoritarian to google. To avoid this to happen canonical tags are so important to remove attribute pages and other similar content pages that cannot  the searchers with any valid content.

There are at times seen that using same product description given by seller are used in ecommerce website. These descriptions are not helpful and your ranking may get down

But, getting ranking dip is not the sole responsibility of description. A website with solid backlink profile and extremely good customer experience can neutralize the effect of description. The biggest example is amazon.

It is better to focus on backlink acquisition and customers experience to get better ranking for your ecommerce site.

Myth 4: Reviews Do Not Help In Seo

Reviews are a great way of adding fresh content on your website page. Marketers should use strategy to ask people to give product reviews. These reviews when indexed by google provide tremendous value to the site.

Apart from Google, searchers also find reviews authentic and starts trusting the brand for its quality of product and services. Therefore, reviews can give you a full package of benefits in terms of user engagements, conversion rate and SEO.

Myth 5: One That Fits In All: Searcher Intent Marketing

Generally there are two type of intent in e commerce websites. One is research, people who are collecting information for certain product and services. The other one is buy, people who are ready to make a purchase decision.

It is important to divert these two kind of customers in the place that provide them value. Customers researching for some product or service should be directed to blog for more detail. Optimize your blog for people in research intend phase. Add links in those post for people who then get ready to buy the product to relevant pages.

Myth 6: Seo Can Fix All Problems

SEO like any other field of effort is bounded. It can help in many ways but not in all! If the sale are trending in wrong direction, SEO can’t help in it. A e commerce which has poor content and low customer engagement metric can never rank high despite any efforts. No SEO technique can help in case you are below your competitor in terms of your websites strategy.

Myth 7: Algorithm Drive The Practice Of Seo

The tools and methods used in SEO makes sure that it follows the directions accepted by algorithm, hence any changes made in algorithm can be predicted before arrival. Algorithm refines pages which are modified by SEO tool.

Myth 8: Not All Ecommerce Page Needs Content

High quality content is always needed for google to index and get it into ranking. Apart from google content is needed for users engagement. People would come to know about the various facets of the product and service. Ecommerce site usually don’t provide content in category pages, however, adding content in these pages can help the sites beat its competitors and rank better in SERPs.

Content is vital key for SEO success, hence it is highly needed!


SEO is a dynamic arena of practise, hence it is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. Hopefully, this post can help you to distinguish myth and reality and make firm efforts for your SEO needs.

Mobile App Ui Design: Learn 10 Quick Tips To Get The Best Ui Design For Mobile App

Have you ever noticed the dominance of mobile apps in your life?

Most of the people would answer No.

The reason is absolutely clear! Mobile and mobile apps has seamlessly integrated itself in our daily lives so much that it is part of our life more than anything else.

An attractive, feature loaded mobile app can give absolutely that experience which people expect them to perform. But while developing these highly useful mobile app,two main important components are kept in mind. These two component are UX i.e user experience and UI i.e user interface. No matter how much money is invested in a app designing, in the end an app which bring high credibility of mobile app is the one that stands unique and useful. They are meant to give better user experience.

But have you ever heard about bad user experience? I am sure you must have!

The bad user experience originated from bad UI i.e user interface. Interface design that work on the  functionality of the app is a subset of user experience design that targets the whole experience of users in the app. Now, you be must be thinking UI design of an app is a difficult task, isn’t it?

Indeed it is! To help you in making your firm way to UI design, this post is dedicated in getting 10 quick tips to get you an awesome UI design for your app.

Let’s dig into details:

  1. Appropriate size graphics

Most developers follow the rule of using fit to all graphics for their various app usage. However, the approach is faulty! This approach hampers the visual appeal of the app. The best mobile app UI design should have graphics that looks fantastic and tailored to fit the device. Appropriate size graphic loads at run time and gives better user experience.

  1. Know the users

Well, this is the basic! Knowing user is very important, their needs and problems they encounter for achieving their goal. Developers should know who are the users of the app. Interact with them and get their opinions as well. Digging deep in their expectations and need make you design your app accordingly. This kind of valuable insight of targeted user will help design interface based on their usability.

  1. Make it responsive

Experts from professional iphone ui design company, puts great stress on designing the user interface in a way that the app becomes fully usable in many devices and operating systems. Therefore, all the issues related to using the app in various device and platform should be handled and make the app highly responsive.

  1. Fit in the format

Most of the time we see app hangs while loading large graphic file. This hang in the app running is not due to size of the file but the inappropriate adaptability of the format. Android platforms with many file formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMG and webP. Similarly there are certain formats suitable for ios platforms. Make sure to use format that fits with the operating system for better interface.

  1. Iterate for good

The best method to enhance the user interface is iterate the app in order to make it more interactive and grab the attention of user for longer time. Each iteration bring great deal of learning  for improving the performance which can be incorporated in future.

  1.  Focus on colour

Make sure to use mild and subtle colour between screen transit and implement UI colour differentiation to inform the users about the stage change in the app. Such kind of colour scheme makes the app absolutely professional and classy. For example, subtle colour during screen transition would not make it look loud.

  1. Round corners

Generally buttons or imageview interfaces are displayed in rectangular pixel on the screen,however, designers from ipad ui design company regards it to be non compulsory.

They suggest that it is better to soften the look of the interface by using round cornered control similar to web style that can look comfortable for users.

  1. Simplicity is the key

Keeping simple does not mean not using innovative design. Simplicity in app would mean that  first time users can easily operate the app without going in details with instructions and the tutorials. A simple UI means making the users take multiple action within few steps. The idea is to make it work like a simple app and grab the engagement of the users.

  1. Good contrast for better viewing

Why it makes you turn off when you see a colour email?

obviously , you can’t read it due to bizarre colour contrast!

Make sure while setting colours, use those colors that make people easily read and see the app. Go for high contrasting colours scheme that make content and design absolutely clear.

  1. Clear fonts

Like colours, experimenting with wacky fonts should entirely avoided. A non readable fonts defeats the whole purpose of the app and ruins the goal which is meant to be achieved. Use one which are pleasing and readable. Use font size that is readable and fits with the element of the device.

  1. Make team of real users

Getting real users in your team while designing UI is absolutely beneficial. You can get suggestions, opinions and ideas to analyse what to include and what to leave. Make this step as early as possible to avoid any wastage of time and efforts. This strategy will definitely improve the quality of the app and reduce time.

  1. Stick to UI guideline

Make sure to follow guideline listed for UI design based on various platforms. You must include alternate resources for multiple guidelines. App are thoroughly scrutinized before selected for the app store, hence, following guidelines are simply necessary. There are various set of rules for icon, menus etc, stick to them and design the interface accordingly.


The UI design of the app is highly dependent on the targeted users. Using these tips stated above, you can design a UI design that can stand high on the ladder of usability for users. The competition in app world is increasing rapidly hence, in order to beat the competition great UI design is a must!

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How Ads Serving In Games Bring Larger Revenue For Developers?

Are you in a process of developing a free to play game? How do you plan to gain monetary benefit from it?

For most of the developers using free to play game for monetization requires the helps from ads serving. Ad serving are incorporated in a package that bring greater amount of revenue influx when used correctly.

But hey! Is ads serving is not getting you what you expected?

Well, this may be the case when ads servings are not used correctly. A bad ads serving practise can seriously hamper your users engagement level and retention as well.

Now, the question is how to use ads serving correctly?

Don’t worry this post will let you know that. Let us dig into details tips on using ads serving more effectively for your F2P game app.

  1. Optimizing the app experience

Well, the key to success is always optimizing things for users. According to proficient developers from ios game development in jaipur, the most important way to bring ingush of revenue in term of profit in in-game ads is by optimizing the ad experience for users. The ads should be optimized in a way that does not become annoying for the user. After all who wants to see a ads in midst of an intense competitive game? Ads are meant to suit in the natural intervals of the game app. Experts also believe that showing an interstitial full screen ads at the end of a game level can also be good time for ads.

  1. Use rate optimization

One of the crucial element in enhancing the monetizing capability of an app involve use rate optimization. This optimization means the percentage of daily users of a given app who are served one ads at least in a day. Research indicates a positive relation between user rates and average revenue per daily active user. This means that advertisers prioritize unique daily views with repeated ads for smaller groups and this brings ads in the visibility of the users and improves it eCPM, hence better revenue.

  1. Usage of rewarded videos

Recent trends in F2P game users depict a huge percentage of people forgoing in app purchases. Experts from android game development companies suggest that using rewarded videos can be an effect way to bring in revenue conversion. Rewarded videos when incorporated with app mechanism support better engagement and support strong revenue stream that enhances user retention. Rewarded videos are an effective ad format that provider developers with high eCPMs, advertiser with better conversion and users with appropriate content.

  1. Working with multiple ad network

Another great way to bring in maximum revenue by ads is through using multiple ad networks as, single ad network cannot impress every user. Track the eCPMs by ad format and send request to highest effective cost per thousand impression(eCPMs)

  1. Integrating the ads naturally in your game

Placing of ads within games clearly has a huge impact in the visibility and engagement, hence, placing of ad with in game should be done with deep understanding. Make sure to place ads within prominent main section of app, integrate it natively in app experience and also respect the app environment. This way your ads placement would be apt to generate good revenue.

  1. Know the user

It is highly important to know your users, to whom you are showing ads. Make sure to get metrics of users which are loyal and has high lifetime value. These users should not be shown ads more than once in a day and vice versa. The frequency of ads performance based on players profile will not only generate revenue but also create a loyal base of users.

  1. Offer multiple rewards

Publishers who are successful in monetizing through value exchange video provide rewards which are unique which means the reward should not be obtained by any other means.

They should be immediate and visible, which means it should be really apparent, ideally through creative visual effect.

Offering rewards are a great way for driving users engagement and ad consumption.


It is quite evident that better ads serving with in game can get better monetary result for game developers. With new techniques and creativity ads can done to fit the game and enhance it as well. This simple natural integration not only monetize the game app but also enhance the retention and user engagement.

Secret To Success: Top 7 Tips For Android Developers To Become Successful In Google Play Store

Google play store is oozing out with new apps everyday. The marketplace for app development has become so competitive that the success rate cannot be guaranteed by any developer despite having an amazing app. Android devices are ranked high in usability quotient with their amazing features and low cost, hence, there are thousand of app are developed for android users.

For android apps, Google play store is not just a publishing platform for bringing the apps in to working condition. App launched in google play store itself does not replicate success. There are several factors that together make an app a big hit! If your app has been launched and does not yield results, that means android app development company has missed out some valid crucial point.

But what can be those missing points?

To get you the answer of the questions coming in your mind, let’s discuss some simple tips that can get you an edge in your app as compared to others.

Let us begin:

Tip 1: Testing the app

Expert developers from android game app development  company suggest that before launching any app on google play store, it is very crucial to test the app thoroughly. Testing the app rigorously will help the developer find loopholes which can reduce their customer engagement. Also android platform has extreme fragmentation of devices which makes it very difficult to ensure consistent user experience.

Tip 2:  Screen size and OS version

Android devices are available in various OS versions, hence testing the app for various devices would help you take into account the various OS versions and screen sizes. For easy procedure, it is better to test the app in both lower and higher resolution devices to ensure that it works well in both types.

In terms of OS version, your app should be compatible with the lower version and gradually move with better features for higher level version. The idea is to work with native features of both version which can make your app handling easier.

In order to get success for the app, app developers should specific which device your app concentrate upon. This makes your app specific for certain devices, hence, earn better visibility among a group of few users.

Tip 3: Setup Google checkout account

If you are willing to sell app or use in app advertising, you need to set up google checkout account. Selling apps in google play store is limited to specific countries only, hence, it should found out whether your country has the permission. An important to remember here that once an app is launched as free app, google will never allow to upgrade it to paid app. Therefore, the monetization policy for the app should be planned long ahead.

Tip 4: Make your app look tempting(attractive)

If you are in the last stage of your app development and almost ready to submit the app, then make sure that app should look really attractive. Make sure that you select an attractive and defining app logo and take some interesting screenshots and video of the app. These videos and picture will help people understand the app and give them the general appearance of the app. Point to remember is, first impression is always the last impression.

Tip 5: Market your app

It is very important for an app to be marketed. Without its proper marketing, people can never come to know about your app’s existence. Make sure to launch your app with pom and show. Issue press release and also invite dignitaries for the event. You can also contact app reviews sites, write in forums, guest post blogging, social media etc, to create buzz for the app.

Tip 6: Timely support to users

Interaction with users and timely helping them can be great way to ensure trust in your app for users and better engagement as well. Setup a system by which you can resolve any confusion and reply to users confusion on time. You can create a FAQ section for common queries and email support and chat system.

Tip 7: Track your app performance

Keeping track of your app is a great way to improve the app and analyse its performance in the market. After analysing the performance, the data obtained should be incorporated to enhance better user experience.

Last words–

Well, the points mentioned above can never guarantee success, however, these points stated above can show the path of success. Follow these simple tips to make your app a big hit in google play store.

Wishing you all the best for your venture. Keep developing!

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5 Killer Tips For Choosing Best Ecommerce Landing Page For Ppc Campaign

Paid ad campaigns are done to get better returns in terms of conversion from the websites. To get the best of the result these campaigns are analysed in multiple ways. There is huge amount of information available about your ad campaign which can be a boon or curse for you.

Usually marketers give focus on optimizing the campaign, hence they focus on few important factors such as impressions, clicks, quality scores, CPCs and CPAs.

These factors are important to analyse the way customers are interacting with the campaign and giving result. They help in driving customers to click on ads that drive them to your website but it does not measure what happens when customer reaches to the concerned website?

It is really important to analyse how your landing page is performing for better result from your PPC campaign.

Let’s discuss which type of landing page can help your PPC campaign for Ecommerce websites

There is a popular tendency among people that consider all landing pages work on same best practices. This is one prime reason when you find landing pages offered by tools like unbounce or leadpages looks similar. The reality is using default templates for landing pages, makes e commerce marketers lose a significant benefit because landing pages cannot be fit to all kind. It defers depending upon the potential customers and the vision for your website.

There are three major type of landing pages with significant advantage. These are:

Type 1: The product page

Usually ecommerce websites does holds product pages as landing pages. This happens when you click on specific product ad and you are directed to specific product page where the detailed information is given along with customer reviews, retailed descriptions and later add in your shopping cart.

Experts from ecommerce web development company india explains that product page as landing page is helpful for quick access to shopping cart, however, if the search is for high level category then it cannot be diverted to specific page. For example, if customer search for microwave then pointing to ad for highlevel microwave can bring better conversion than sending it to somewhere else.

Type 2: The search page

Search pages are underutilized landing pages. These pages have list of grouped products that does not require any configuration. They have default sorting process that pushes the popular product on top. Search pages are useful in case you don’t have any predefined category page for a type of product but still have variety of SKUs which are sold under same heading.

Designer from best website design company in jaipur suggest search page landing pages are beneficial as it can be customized without digging into its code, hence easy and hasslefree!

Type 3: The category page

If you have certain product range that are browsed routinely then creating a category page is useful.  Many people try and create category pages in their websites, however, it make sense to analyse the search term people are looking for and then use that input for making page for the category which is highly popular.

The biggest advantage of category page is that it can be configured and specialized to reflect products sold.

Testing the landing page

Creating a landing page is not a one time course of action. One can always optimize the landing page with the changing needs of the customers. Making changes is a need and tracking the changes brings success. Track the landing page analyse the conversion and bounce rates and adjust your variable according for better ROI.


Being a marketer you know well about the importance of landing page. Make a landing page that helps better conversion. Track the statistic for engagement and bounce rate for optimizing the page for success. The above listed landing pages can help you depending upon your business. Select the one that suits best to you and earn high ROI.

A Guide To Make Virtual Reality Mobile Apps Successful!

Virtual reality is the gen next technology which is very popular among people. Experts predict that virtual reality industry can show up a blooming success of over $ 100 billion by 2020. Virtual reality offer people to be in their imaginations like never before. It is this quality that makes Virtual reality so much popular and successful.

Before reaching to the world of matrix, the technology of Virtual reality should be explored in mobile apps to make them exponentially successful.

But, what kind of VR mobile apps are making big? Let’s see trend in VR mobile app which are making big within customers.



The impressive nature of virtual reality makes it an exotic relm to explore the emotion of thrill and scaredness. According to developer from android app development company in jaipur,Virtual reality is an easy technology to get your imagination into users reality and make them experience the emotion on the real time basis. There are certain VR apps which combine the feeling of thrill with unique destination like space, under water etc. to make users experience unique ideas.


Virtual reality apps are so successful because it gives advantage to users to participate or experience activities which are practically not possible. Such as exploring space, deep under sea or deep caves etc. VR gurantes rare experience to users without any potential risk or cost.


While there are many VR mobile apps in the marketplace in various genre yet each worked to offer novelty in their locations. Such as flying over mediterranean sea, exploring various corners of the earth. VR apps such as Just Cause 3 has got approx 2500 downloads daily due its unique exotic destination experience. It makes users fly over the island of medici and get experience that they can cherish in their life.

Now, let us discuss some tips to market your VR mobile app:

  • Picking up the right store and category

Before submitting your app in any category, it is critically important to analyse the flow of customers interest at large. VR apps does not have any specific category in app stores. Developers should reviews the app majorly dominating any app category and find the VR app that are making big there. These insight will help to analyse the success of your app in that category.

  • Analyse the competition

VR apps in gaming category has huge influence yet there are few games which are popular and most of them aren’t! While there can be many reason behind apps not making big yet, mobile game developers views, that analysing the best performing apps is a good strategy.

Analysing the competitors will help in getting the trend of the market and also their strategy for monetization, user acquisition etc. This way you commit less mistake and make better performance with your app.

  • Focus on international market

Concentrating your approach within boundaries can narrow your success rate and low ROI as well. Analysing competitors makes it easy to understand where the engagement level among people is high for apps, hence, they can be targeted. It is better to expand the geographical area, however, the expansion should be done on a research basis.

It is needless to mention that VR is the future of new ideation and better experience for users. Putting little efforts, creative can give make your app achieve great rate of success. The points mentioned above can make your VR journey smooth and successful.

What To Keep In Minds While Deciding The Name Of The Mobile App?

What’s in name?

This is the most famous shakespeare quote that we all use commonly. Well, going by this quote name is not that important in life.

There can be many views about this but when it comes to giving name to your mobile app, trust me it’s really important!

Name of an app holds similar importance as for a human being. It is the identity of the app that people can search in midst of millions of apps in app stores. Naming an app requires a great deal of thoughts. The name of the app should be given in a way that closely connect to the app’s function and it should also be something users can identify with the app.

Here’s the list the eight tips for helping in deciding the name of your app:

  • App relevance and easy to pronounce

Professionals from mobile app development company in jaipur recommends that the name of the app should always be related to the functioning of the app. The name of the app should be such that closely describes the app. Also the name of the app should be easily remembered and pronounced.

  1.  Check if the name already exist

The name of the app should be unique and should uniquely identify the app. The keywords list submitted and the name of the mobile app play a dominant role in the success of the app in the marketplace. The list of keyword submitted should be well optimized within the app for better results.

Make sure use phrases like free, cheap, lite etc, where ever there is space in the app. These words will attract additional traffic for the application

  1. The SEO thing

Professional android application development companies make sure to keep the search engine optimization of the application at high level. It is the charisma of SEO that makes the app stand against the competition and appear high in the listing of the app stores. Marketers should definitely use frequently searched keywords in the naming the app. You can also use keywords that fits in your description to be high in search results and gain traffic.

  1. URL name of the app based on SEO

URL of the app has a significant role and is beneficial in terms of SEO. The name of the app is always included in the URL filename by default, hence make sure to never use irrelevant special character in the app name. Using special character in the app name can cause URL error.

  1. Format your app description

Make sure to carefully format the description of the app. This formatting should be done before the app is submitted in the app store. Any fault in the description can get reflected in the app submitted in app stores as well as in webpage, hence, it should to be filtered perfectly. While filtering make sure that the description does not exceed the limit of  maximum character and also remember to put all the important points in the app description for better impression within targeted people.

  1. 6. Categorizing the app

Categorizing the app as important as naming the app correctly. This increase the overall reach of the app and make it easily reach to potential customers. Make sure to choose category that has low competition and decent keyword ranking.

  1. 7. Testing the name of the app

It is always good idea to take advice from people you trust. Test your app name within your confidants before submitting the app in the app store. The feedback obtained from various groups helps in eliminating confusions and increases the efficacy of the app.


Naming the mobile app have a marked influence of the success of the app in the marketplace. There is no doubt that app should always satisfy the purpose it is meant to cater, but a good relatable name of the app make it reach to larger group of users. Follow these tips to gain better app exposure.

5 Best Instagram Tools That Can Boost Ecommerce Sale

Social media platforms are meant to connect different people from different corners of the world. Social media platforms was primarily invented to make the communication system easy. It can be communication between to two people or brand. There are several platforms of social media out of which facebook is among the most popular ones to look for!

For marketers who are looking for potential customers on social media platforms often don’t think about their brand or product and get into any platform for promotion. This kind of attitude can reduce their ROI significantly.

For instance, ecommerce website marketing on facebook cannot yield result as much as on instagram. According to research done by trackmaven, brands gets better engagement within instagram. Therefore, brands which are looking for better audience engagement should make their way to instagram.

This post is dedicated to get usability of 5 best instagram tool that can enhance the ecommerce sale:

  • Creating shoppable post using Scoutsee

Instagram is an excellent platform for engaging audiences, however, ecommerce marketers face major problem in instagram as they cannot add link to their post. Instagram does not allow people to add links except in bio, hence customers can window shop your products. Incase, customers like the product on your page, they will have to visit your website and search the entire product catalog. This process is cumbersome and may pay you high price for it.

Scoutsee can help you in solving this issue by creating shoppable post on instagram. You can create your own store front and add link to it in your instagram bio. Then whenever you share, mention that users can click on the link mentioned on bio. This way people will go to your storefront and clicking on specific product will take them to respective product page.

  1. Comprehensive analysis by Iconosquare

According to consultant from best SEO company india, every social media marketer should always keep track of the performance of social media post that is meant to attract customers and increase engagement. Like any other social media platform, the instagram post can also be  analysed with the help of Iconosqaure tool.

Iconosquare provides a comprehensive platforms to track and measure all kinds of metrics. Marketers can measure the growth of the audience, the location of maximum followers and also analyse the performance of the instagram post. This tool also helps to find the best time to update post so that marketer can schedule the posting time accordingly. With the help of iconosquare, marketers can analyse the engagement level of followers depending upon the hashtags and filters used for better engagement.

  1. Create engaging contest with Wishpond

Instagram contest are great engaging campaign to get new followers but with such huge amount of submitted photos to analyse, it becomes difficult to conduct contest. Wishpond’s hashtag contest app makes it easier to conduct contest on instagram. Marketers just have to assign a hashtag to track and it will collect all post of that hashtag. You can set rules for the contest as well like asking people to follow your brand account for participation or people will have to compulsory mention their instagram handle etc. this tool also analyse the performance of your contest as well.

  1. Managing posting schedule by Later

To create a constant engagement quotient with your customers, marketers will have to post consistent content which should be engaging.

There are at times you declare certain days as special like lazy sunday or melancholic monday etc, posting content on these days becomes very important, however, remembering each day is difficult task. That is why a visual representation of posting plan should be there to keep the track to see what you want to post and when. Later is the tool that monitor your content posting schedule.

  1. User generated content with Taggd

Experts from ecommerce website development company in india strongly stress on the benefits of user generated content in bringing better business for ecommerce websites. User generated content are great to instill trust within new customers and also help in better ranking on SERPs for generating fresh content with each comment.

To get better conversion, the usage of users generated content has high prominence. The easiest way to make people trust you as authentic involves displaying the user submitted photos of respective products on their accounts. Taggd is an ideal tool for implementing this concept. The tool will collect photos from specific hashtag and show in specific product page.

Instagram has been a lucrative platform for ecommerce marketers. This platform has tremendous potential due to its immense popularity which is growing with each passing day. With these tools stated above, ecommerce retailers can easily reach to millions by harnessing the high potential of instagram.