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Stop Making Your Restaurant Logo A Disaster!- 3 Tips On Things To Avoid While Designing A Restaurant Logo

Restaurant business is all about serving good looking mouth watering food to the clients. But the process of bringing clients from the streets to the restaurant table is all about a good marketing mix. The process of creating a great marketing system begin with a catchy logo. Restaurant logo is a powerful tool to grab the attention of people and bring them directly to the restaurant table by its vibrant colour and design. Such a great logo is meant to represent the brand and helps in creating a strong brand presence which ultimately leads to a strong customer base.

Despite having so much importance of logo in restaurant business,most of the marketers avoid giving importance to its design. Most of the restaurant owner create logo just for the sake of it. Their design is messy and cannot attract people towards it. This happens because logo maker did not paid attention on the need of the business before designing the logo. The reason of this approach is, most of the restaurants lacks attracting customers and fails miserably.

If you own a restaurant business or about to launch a new restaurant chain, consider getting a great logo design. A tempting restaurant logo can prove to be a great help for attracting people towards your restaurant. But before you begin with the process, keep these three important points in mind

Three points to remember that should be completely avoided in logo making process

1 In appropriate use of graphics

Most of the time we see that restaurant logos are overly designed in quest of experimentation. It should always kept in mind that the logo design should not become weird and unrealistic for the sake of making it unique. This kinds of restaurant design can hamper the brand miserably.

For example, the logo from dirty bird fried chicken has seen serious criticism due to uncanny image as logo.

Hiring designers could help in getting designs that are iconic and go absolutely align with your brand identity to make it memorable. The catch is to make your restaurant logo simple and unique to grab those people moving out gather in your restaurant.

2 Wrong usage of theme

Logo theme is a very important component in a logo . logo themes basically help onlookers to make perception about the organization and what it is actually about. Keeping this mind it’s important to figure out the theme of the logo that goes well with the brand message before even beginning to sketch the logo of the brand. Logo should be designed in a way that captivate the attention of the customers. A bad logo theme will not be able to connect well with customers hence, creating bounce rate.

This is the logo of famous hip hop concert for HIV people. The spattered blood theme of the logo messes with the whole theme of the concert. Designers from Invitation card design services believe that a logo design has a lot to express when it comes to invitation design. Half battle is already won, if the brand has a great logo which captures the attention of the invites, it will make them come to your function.

Similarly, in terms of restaurant logo design, if the theme of the logo is not appropriate it will not be able to impress people despite a great design.

3 Wrong choice of colour

The colour is the soul of any design, therefore, it has to be chosen effectively. An intelligent, well designed logo looks natural and appealing after the colour fill.

Here a point to remember is, a logo design shouldn’t look like a rainbow. Logo colour should be distinctive representative of your restaurants speciality and cuisine. Usage of extreme colourful palette can create a great design non effective. In case of monochrome, it is also attractive when used on right kind of design.

Therefore, selection of colour for logo is highly important to give your logo design a great push up.

logo design vervelogic woodien


Logos are meant to be memorable. logos has immense role in making a restaurant business a great hit. Restaurant logos are meant to be memorable design that can target customers and create a lasting impression. There are many logo designers who didn’t adhered to the principles of designing and hence failed miserably. A balanced restaurant logo should be good balance of design, colour and theme.

Unique Tips For Designing That Every Designer Should Know

Do you love making logo sketches? Looking to design an original logo yourself for your business? If your answer is yes, then you probably looking to learn to make the best logo designs. Well, logo designs need wide range of skills and techniques.

Graphic design is considered as one of the essential factors that must be known by every designer. In this blog post, we have gathered the unique tips from the top designers that make sure to learn you the basics that every designer should know.

If you are heading towards your first logo design, then considering them will surely help you to achieve an effective and professional logo. Let’s have a look:

Step #1. Know your inspiration

You can’t achieve something which is unique or creative unless you have an inspiration in mind. If you are inspired to develop an attractive design, you’ll definitely get a great design. Know the history of your company, the basic principles and goals and create your logos around those aspects.

Step #2. Be creative while designing your logo

If you want to create something new and fresh, you must follow your own creative process that works the best for you. This could include offering the design in three to four format and types to the client so that he can later determine what should be done first.

Step #3. Understand your target audience

Be it logo design or Template Design Services, you won’t accomplish your goals unless you don’t identify your audience. Every project and business is unique and you need to make different efforts that reflect that business effectively. It is important to know your target audience and also, that with every new project, your audience will be different. Understand their needs and ask clearly that what’s important to them when it comes to representing their values to the audience.

Step #4. Create a versatile design

When you design a logo, you must consider all the possible medium where your client can place your logo design, once you deliver it to them. Remember, logo design is not something that will appear online only. In fact, a logo can be display offline as well. Therefore it is important to create a versatile design. Other such designs include letterhead, business card, website, products, packaging, banner, poster, flyers, T-shirts and much more.

#5. Choosing great font is important

The font is one of the most important factors to consider while creating a logo design. Experts suggest that you should take as much time in deciding the font of your logo as much time you take to create the logo. Your logo marks an impression not only on your audience or potential customers but also on your clients.

It is best if you consult with your client before selecting the font.

#6. Narrate a story and leave a message

The logo is the first thing that people notice about your brand. Even if you are creating a logo for your client, displaying it on your website will offer more benefit to you. Because the logo you provide to your client will represent the quality of services you offer. The best way is to create a story around your logo. Your story will make your people believe what your company is about and what are the goals you always strive to achieve that sets you apart from your competitors. A better communication between the company and customer is essential to achieve all the goals.

#7. Be you… Be imaginative!

The most important quality of the great logo design is, it always strives to provide the customer with the unique and creative design that make their brand and business stand out in the crowd. Originality is the important factor because it reflects the image of the business.


Whether you are planning to hire the best logo design company India or looking to design a logo all by yourself, these are few of the tips that every designer should know. Create a design that your customer will love!

What are your strategies that you keep in mind while designing the logo? Share your views and best tips with us in our comment section below!

Tips And Tricks: How To Design A Landing Page That Brings Conversion?

This is a site for a particular objective. The landing page doesn’t have any other page. Landing pages are meant to bring that conversion ratio only. It is made to meet your requirements.

Ecommerce websites.

It’s a great deal of comprehensiveness. If this is a very low conversion, then consider resigning your landing page.

This page is a list of six tips to remember

1. Thinking about users

Designers from Expert custom landing page Designing services the suggest That the design of the landing page is dependent on the the targeted the customers and the preferences Their. It is important to make sure that you’ve been able to meet your needs. The design is clear to the customers.

Developers shouldn’t have been a remedy.

2. Stick to simplicity

It should not be cluttered with different design elements. The cluttered pages of the website.

The landing page should not be used. This is the language used in the language of the visitors.

3. Your visitors the assurance of security

It can be a great deal. It is very secured. Your site is legitimate and trustworthy. This number can be given the contact number, email, address, maps etc.

4. Creating a professional page design

Development india Company About enterprise | Website the suggest, That by important IT is to use professional page design for landing page to the make IT look reliable. If you’re looking to leave the website. When it comes to the website. Therefore, we can help you in conversion.

5. Use the perfect visuals

Images can create a great amount of engagement. A glance on the visitors. It is beneficial to select visuals of the company. Every image used in landing page should have a valid purpose.

6. Powerful CTAs

Call to action on the landing page is a must. The CTA should be aesthetically passed. It is a rule to choose a better color, font, size, shapes, etc.


It is a strong influence on the conversion rate of the business. If you find your visitors are not converting, make sure your landing page design is appropriate.

Digging It Deep: Why Logos Fail To Impress The Customers?

Ever thought how would have people address you without your name? Or let’s reverse the process, how would you call somebody among many people without his/her name? Seems daunting, isn’t it?

The same is the state with logo. It is the identity of the brand for people. It represents the company’s voice, services and various products that it has to offer them.

Every company be it small or large require logo recognition for establishing brand identity, however, why only few brands reach to that level of identity while most of them fail to achieve that brand identity status?

Let us dig into details of why any logo fails to make a mark among its potential customers:

Having too simple or too complicated design

It is true that simple logo creates a lasting impression but with the change in time, the logo requirement is changing. Today, the logo concepts are different and creatively conceptual. However, making the logo too conceptually complicated can backfire the whole process.

Experts from top graphic design services across the world holds similar view that extremely abstract logo design can become difficult for people to understand hence, marks bad impression. Always remember extreme of any side be it simple or complex is bad, designers will have to strike a balance to mark the logo identity in the market.

Logo that does nothing to market the brand

Logo are meant to be the visual representation of the brand’s identity. They help in boosting good perception for the brand, however, a bad cliche logo can actually create more harm than good. Logo that are highly generic cannot sell the brand and becomes boring for customers.

For example, world’s renowned company Apple uses the basic element of fruit in their logo but escaped from being boring and generic, with a simple bite on the logo. The bite can be interpreted by many people, all in different way but the magic of the logo kept people thinking and attracting to it as well.

Logo which are too global to target specific audience

Well known designers believe that logo creation should be based on the principle of clarity, simplicity and universality. Logo based on these principle tends to be interpreted in the same way despite of change in environment or demographics.

Influence of logo is highly targeted. This means that the brand should have a set of targeted audience and the logo should be designed according to the liking and dislikings of the customers. Design elements such as colour, shape, layout etc are highly dependent on the market on which it is targeted, hence, before designing any logo specific targeted audience should be know for creating influence.

Using poor quality images

Experts from best logo design company india suggest that using high quality image is mandatory for making a logo worthwhile. When poor quality image is used in logo, it creates bad impression for the brand when printed in various mediums, such as in brochures, visiting cards etc, in different sizes.

Vector graphics are the best to be used for logos. They are made in coreldraw and adobe illustrators which make highly precise images. It is important to have consistent and high quality images for logo to make it successful.

Neglecting the brand identity

Logo represents brand’s identity. It should represent the service of the brand in the most creative form, hence it is highly important to keep the brand in mind. Make sure to understand and analyse the need of the client before designing the logo. The requirements given by the clients should be heard and implemented along with the need of the customers to make a great logo.

There are times when we see that logo cannot project the service of the brand. They stand far distant from the brand they are projecting,hence, they fail to create any mark within the customers. Logo is not an image, it is the story of brand and its USP.

Using too many effects

Colours are always meant to attract the attention of the people but overdoing it can actually distract them. You can see examples of famous logos like nike, adidas, puma all are minimalistic yet so attractive.

The usage of the colour depends upon the business, the logo will present. For example, McDonalds use some nice red, yellow like vibrant colour that are meant to grab attention in the most creative way. Using multiple colours can confuse customers but if presented and designed in an amazing way can actually give a great experience. The best example is olympic symbol with five vibrant colours.

Make sure to avoid various kinds of filters and various fonts. Font size and shape should depend on the need of the client and visibility level as well.

Overly trendy

There is no doubt that logo should be trendy and should speak for the brand but it should also be timeless in thinking and appearance. A logo should depict the present trends in the market but is should not be too “flashy” or too much fashionable that makes it a failed logo.

The key to success is simplicity, consistency and familiarity. You may design your logo in abstract format, still it should be capable to withstand the ideology of coming 50 years. It should attract customers and speak aloud about the brand and remain timeless evergreen.

Copying the idea

Getting inspired from someone is always a healthy way to become even more creative, however, copying someone is loss of creativity and dignity. It is considered as theft!

Logo are always meant to be unique so that people can identify and interact with it.

If the two logo resemble each other, it will confuse the audience and they will not be getting connected to any of the brand.

Designers should make thorough research and investigation to know the trend in the market and then begin the designing process. Here the point to remember is, logo are meant to be evergreen. They are not frequently changed or altered and those who do face massive consequences. Therefore, it is ideal to hire professional logo designers to build unique logo.

logo design vervelogic woodien

logo design hotel saffron vervelogic

logo design just-jerseys vervelogiclogo design vervelogic


Starting a new brand and getting its branding right is not an easy task in itself. Logo which becomes sole identity of the brand should become the synonym of perfection and timelessness to get the brand it’s valid position in the market. A logo which is unique, attractive and timeless will attract people. If you are about to begin with the process of your logo designing,make sure to keep these 8 points in mind and avoid committing these mistakes.

Logo Designing In Process: What Is The Process Involved In Making Good Logo Design For Brands!

Anything which is creative, vibrant tends to easily attract the eye balls. This is the power of visual signs that creates such huge impact on customers. In fact, if the success mantra of any business is analysed, it is the visual representation in the form of logo that creates a huge difference in branding strategy.

Branding is not limited to just verbal message or visual perception. It actually deals with the complete image of the brand that people form on hearing its name or looking at the brand sign. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have professional logo design that completely replicate the brand’s message and get a much needed attraction from the users.

This post is dedicated to help you in logo designing by explaining various aspect of logo, its usability and the process involved in creating or designing a logo

Defining logo

In the words of the expert designers from best graphic design services providers across the globe, logo is a visual representation of a company or brand and its products. It established the first visual connection with the users as soon as the name of the company is discussed.

Like any other visual element, logos are capable to deliver the nature of the brand, its purpose, voice and the way company interact with its users. A well built powerful logo design can help people identify the app easily and connect with it. This connection in return would produce better engagement, sales hike and better awareness among potential customers.

However, creating a logo is not a matter of fun. It requires assistance of expert logo designers who make does thorough research before they begin with logo designing.

logo woodien

There are various kinds of logos that are made in the present market scenario such as:

  • Iconic or symbol logo
  • Typography based logo
  • Word based logo
  • Blend of typography and word
  • Emblem

Depending upon the need of the brand and its services offered the one among these types are selected by designers.

Process For Designing Logo

Among many attributes for defining good logo design, simplicity is in the top. It is always a deadly combination for designers to bring simplicity and identity at the same time within a logo. Clients believe that logo making is an easier process, however it isn’t! It requires research, technique and skill to develop a logo that represent the brand.

According to custom icon design service company, the process of logo designing goes through five stages which is setting the goal, user research, market research, creative research,type of colour pallette and many more:

logo design

Let us discuss each phase:

1. Setting the goal

This stage marks the base of the whole designing process. This is the stage when the designer should gather as much information as they can regarding the targeted users. The targets for the brand should be very specific in order to make a fruitful logo. A designer at this stage should visualize what the client needs. For making a beautiful logo, designer should not blindly follow the client but should also find logic behinds his needs. Once you get into the logic behind the need, you can produce the logo design which your client wants.

2. Research

This is the phase in logo designing when designers have to dig deep inside the environment to access the need of the branding sign. Top logo designers india, recognize this stage crucial and divide this stage of research into two- user research and market research. By user research means studying all the aspect of targeted audience, their choice, psychology, impact of colour, basic information, powerful performances etc.

Market research deals with studying the market segment to analyse the competitors strategy. Logo design should always be highly unique. This stage of research provides designers with a specific direction of thought process to deal and bring out the best design.

3. Creative research

This is the stage when designer have all the relevant informations which indicate towards some specific direction. At this stage it is important to remember that branding needs to be highly unique. There are at times when marketers are clear about their branding process, hence the clarity of information itself help in making a logo design.

Contrast to this there are marketers who are confused and don’t hold vision towards any particular direction. In this case, various directions are to rearched to come up with an idea that matches with the expectation of the marketers.

4. The final vision

By this stage, logo has been made and it’s time to refine it in detail. There will be a series of rigorous designing process that would yield a brand’s identity and stage for ages as the identity of it. At this stage designers plays with colour and hues, tiny forms and lines within the style guideline. The result of these changes will give a logo for the brand.

5. Testing

The work of designer never ends with creating a logo. The testing part is equally important to see its affectivity and analyse. In logo, testing is essential to analyse the productivity that it can gain within the market. It essential to test the logo at multiple devices, settings, size, resolution etc. Analyse the connection of people with the logo that can show its real worth.

6. Style guide

The end of the logo design process is a style guide for the approved logo. The guide should be easily understandable and should also point out the correct and incorrect use of the logo. This will help users to develop the logo anytime while sticking to the balanced representation of the logo.


Logo is the core of any branding strategy. It determines the way users communicate with the brand and recognize it. For creating a good logo design, you definitely need an experienced logo designer and also the set of information from the factors stated above in order to get creative and attractive logo for your brand.

More Info:

How To Create A Successful Logo For An Online Business?

Whether you are planning to pick a perfect colour for your letterhead or design a business card for your business, the first thing you need to make a great impact is a Logo design. Promoting your company name, adorning it with alluring colours and adding ultimate graphics, logo development is an essential phase of your brand. No matter which material you choose, from stationery design to promotional items and packaging to banners, each item of your company includes a logo that serves as a brand identity of your company.

The colour, as well as logo design of your company, reveals the overall type and message of your company that you want to convey to your customers.

A logo design is something that makes your target audience feel what your company is all about.

For instance, if your company is dealing with a massage cream which is created by using all the organic and natural products. Of course, you will target people who look for product benefits that don’t harm their skin. For such business, using a logo design that reflects the natural, healthy or environmental related products will do the wonder. On the other hand, if you pick a logo that includes neon colour and offer the high-tech look, obviously nobody will make a positive image about the product.

Choose a logo that defines your style and people can associate it with your business type. Check out the essential factors that you must have in your logo design. Let’s have a look:

#1. Simplicity

The more simple you keep your logo design, the better it will become for people to remember. Remember the previous logo design of Apple? It was in rainbow colour. But now, it has been changed to simple black or grayscale.

Before you design your logo, ask yourself, “Why it will catch on?”

The simpler logo gives a reason to people for remembering it for a long period of time. That’s why many successful businesses use the simple logo so that it will become easy for their target audience to digest.

#2. Brand steadiness

Your logo design will reflect your business a create an image in the mind of your audience. The logo is willing to interact with your customers about your business or brand. While choosing a professional logo for your business, make sure that your logo fits with your business image.

Put some serious thoughts and messages about your company that you want to convey to your target market. Once you give it a thought what you are going to convey in your logo and how you will put in your brand’s identity, then you are all ready to get a successful business logo.

#3. Make it memorable

Being memorable is a factor that gives the reason for your target market to recall you and get back to you for next time. Choose a logo that people finds easy to recall. When they recall your logo, more are the chances that they will keep coming to you for your products or services. Your logo design is an element that helps them to remember that your existence and which type of services you offered.

#4. Test your market

When it comes to design a logo, Don’t always rely on your inner feeling. Know your market, research more about your audience and their preferences. If possible, consider conducting a survey. When you get different feedback from different people, you’ll get an insight into what your customers are expecting from you and how can you serve them even more better.

#5. Be unique

The main aim of designing the logo for your company is to make your individual identity of your brand that sets you apart from your competitors. In fact, being unique is not enough, you also have to make sure that your logo should also be an original one. Even if you are hiring a designer, ensure that your logo design company is thinking out of the box to give a different identity to your business.


Well, there are so many logo maker applications available that make it easy to generate a logo that best suits for the company. But if you have a tight budget and wants to hire a logo designing company, remember that there are many individual professionals who design logo at the competitive price. No matter what you choose, make sure that your logo design should reflect a professionalism and conveys the message that you want to inform them.

What are the strategies that you follow while designing a logo, that makes your brand and business stand out? We would love to hear your thoughts and tactics. Please let us know in our comment section below!

logo hotel saffron

logo woodien


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The motto of the company is about delivering the results not by giving just verbal assurance but through genuine services that earn results. The company looks into certain factors to deliver better ranking of the websites through search engine optimization.

1.Draft original content

Content is the key factor for standing tall among competitors. Verve logic claims to have some of the most creative content writers in the world that are creating unique, engaging content for the website of the clients. This type of content helps the search engines to identify the website as a credible source of information and rank them higher.

2. Building link

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3. Create authority sites

Verve logic also provide services in creating authority sites which gets further linked to the main website through the targeted keyword and helps to earn higher ranking in search engine results.

4. Improvement in traffic

Seo technique helps to increase the traffic for the website. Verve logic works towards implementing all white hat seo technique that helps to increase the client’s website traffic and thus increases the conversion rate.


Started in 2011,VerveLogic has been achieving greater heights of success day after day. Till now, it has  500+ happy customers and a skilled workforce of 110+ professionals across the globe to perform and deliver an expert solution in seo.

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10 Excellent Logos Depicting Right Stories For Respective Brands

You will get alphabets, hidden meanings and a plethora of concepts behind various logos but few of them will depict right story for the respective brands. These are few in number and hence look amazing and greatly intuitive. A good logo should be versatile so that it may support your growing product line. Telling your customers the story and aim of your business is really difficult. Some of the brands have done it beautifully and successfully. A logo design company always strives at creating a story depicting logo. We have brought a list of best logos depicting the story for the brands. Find the logos here-

10seos- 10seos is a rating and reviewing company showing badge in its logo. The logo appreciably depicts the story behind the creation of the brand. Many icons club together to make the logo look elegant and portraying.

Library lovers art auction-It uses books in the form of bristles on a paintbrush. Whether you are interested in arts or reading or writing books, this logo fulfills all the needs. This simple logo uses beautiful shades so that it might not irritate users. The logo is simple as well as shows the real meaning of the name of the brand/event. This is an apt example for brands to depict their stories with the help of logos.

Two knives- The logo beautifully represents two knives on one chop board. At the bottom of the logo, we have ‘kitchen magic’ written in a beautiful font. The two knives on the chop board make ‘2’. A laterally inverted ‘S’ can be perceived at first glance.

Eight-Eight is beautifully written in words by erasing the little parts of figure 8. This couldn’t be imagined unless we visited the logo. With one simple designs logos, it can convey many ideas. Using symbolism to convey a message or the goal of your ventures is always beneficial.

Fuel: If you want to convey your brand’s position in one word then you should take inspiration from ‘fuel’. The link between the brand name and the product line made the branding simple enough for fuel. The whole word is made up of a black lace.

Unilever: The big blue colored U in the logo of Unilever is made up of 25 small icons. Each icon represents something very important for Unilever. Just like the lock of hair representing Shampoo brands, Unilever introduced everything in the logo from ice cream to tea leaf. Each of the icon in the logo has a rich meaning.

Eat innovations- Eat innovations makes a fantastic use of negative space in its logo. The logo shows food and spoon with little green shade for being environment friendly. Logos with negative space play creative and innovative. It is really tough to use the negative space in a logo as you have to include a hidden shape in between the words. With the emergence of new innovations, more and more artists are working towards making the logos use negative space. If you are putting baby steps to the market then seek for the services of a logo design company that can offer such logo.

To beat or not to beat? The ‘To beat or not to beat’ logo uses a belt to give logo the shape of a question mark. The relation between question mark and the belt has been made for a humorous view of the relationship between parent and their children.

Super books: Fantastic use of negative space has been made by Super books. The logo shows two books with space between them in the shape of S. This is something creative and very innovative. The two books in the logo are kept in reversed direction.

In shop: The brand beautifully represents an opening door in the barcode. Creativity is often about simplicity. In shop is the great example of being innovative and creative at the same time. The witty logo represents an opening door for the eternal services by the giant.

Talking about the negative and positive spaces, sometimes the brands make such a beautiful and witty use that people cannot take notice of actual words written. The shapes are so included in the logos that the story behind the brands comes out clearly. If we take the example of the popular courier company FEDEX, we can see an arrow heading forwards. The space between the letters E and X has been used to give home to an arrow heading forwards. Among designers, the FedEx logo is legendary piece of art. Up till now the logo has won nearly 40 design awards.  This is a best example for using negative space. The masterpiece was created years ago but it still holds top position.

Negative space logos are the ones that make the spines of great designers tingle. It is the same thing as the white space left after the logo has been created. Itis really important to provide emphasis and logic at that space. At the first glance, we cannot notice the use of space but if we closely look at the design we can understand the usage of both positive and negative spaces in the logos. It is all about hiding a shape associated with your business in the logo and you won the race. It is not always necessary that you make the use of both the spaces but nothing can be better if the logo can depict what you serve.
The logo depicting your story can benefit your business in many ways. The logos of such kind show that there is a depth in your services and brand name which naturally intrigues. People who find out the hidden shape inside the logo of your brand feel associated with the name. Once the hidden shape has been noticed, people would prefer looking at it for longer time. The same will somewhere increase engagement on your webpages. The icons can even be used as favicons. Discuss the above mentioned concepts with your designers to fire the imagination.


Find The Hidden Meaning Behind The Logos Of 10 Leading Brands Worldwide

The leading brands operating across the globe have various types of logos. There is not a single formula to evaluate what kind of logo can suit your brand- A simple or a sleek one? It is really tough to decide. Let’s have a closer glance at things. On one hand we have the logo of Nike which is undoubtedly a leading brand whereas on the other hand we have the one symbolizing FedEx (Federal Express). The icon or logo that represents Nike is a simple wing. However, the logo of FedEx has a hidden arrow pointing forward. Both the brands are renowned but do they have the same concept? An obvious no!

Logo designers often ponder over the innovative and fresh ideas to bring unique designs in the market. We have curated a list containing some of the best logos of leading brands, for logo designers.

Nestle- The logo of the Swiss company has been changed 4 times since 1868. It started its product line with very delicious and palatable Milk chocolate. Five logos have been created for the company so far. The logo of Nestle is one of the most recognized logos of all time. The meaning of the brand name ‘Nestle’ in German is nest. The first logo was created due to this reason only. In the year 1988, the last change to the logo was made showing worm in the beak was taken out of the mother. The blue color of the logo represents purity.

Mcdonald’s- The logo of the burger selling giant is one of the most recognized and simple logos of all time. The logo of the McDonald’s which is simple “M” has no meaning at all. The logo was made on the name of the brand itself. The company wanted to change the design in 1960s but the psychologists and consultants refused. According to BBC, the customers of Mcdonald’s may also consider this logo as “symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts.”
Toyota- The car selling company has three ellipses. Out of the three ellipses, two are overlapping whereas one ellipse is covering both of them. These ellipses are not actually ellipses but hearts representing the hearts of customers, products and progress in the field of technology.

Pepsi- The soft drink giant has the logo that was once entitled as “Breath taking strategy”. The firm has changed its logo once. It spend millions for rebranding. The Arnell Associates were hired to come up with the present logo. We did not have any idea of what the logo actually signify. You will be amazed to know that the simple logo signifies a lot of things. The new logo is kind of Da Vinci Code. The Pepsi logo draws more than one thing including the Earth’s Geo dynamo, Feng Shui, The Renaissance and many more things. We do not forget to count bottles down but never thought of this logo with such a great significance.

Apple- We wonder how couldn’t we take the notice if the logo of Apple signifies something.  Rob Jan off, the designer of the Apple logo said that he did not have any intent to give it a meaning. He had to include the bite as for scale, so people get that it was an apple not a cherry. Also it was kind of iconic about taking a bite out of an apple. The former Apple executive Jean Louis Gassée explained that it is  “the symbol of lust and knowledge.”

BMW- The vehicle selling company has the logo that signifies its roots i.e. Aviation. Many of you must be aware of the car selling giant has an Aviation history. The logo stays true to its history and roots. The logo shows propeller in the middle cutting the air in blue sky. The giant BMW also played great role in World War II to create aircraft engines for German military.

FedEx- FedEx corporation takes its name from Federal Express. It provides US multinational courier delivery services. The company is known for its overnight shipping services. Many of you must have heard that the company has unique logo design with hidden meaning. The logo is very creative representing company’s forward thinking in the form of an arrow between ‘E’ and ‘X’ pointing forward.  Many designers have taken inspiration from this award winning logo design. The logo is very simple yet has a very deep and good meaning.

Google- Google has a very simple logo with four primary colors in series. It is then broken by a secondary color. Google did not want to make the logo very bulky but wanted to mirror the simplicity. By the logo, it means that the company does not play by rules. Since there was no intent to make it bulky, it prefered to make it with different colors.

NBC- The logo of NBC has a peacock with five different colors. Why this peacock has so many colors? It is because the owner of NBC was RCA. RCA began to manufacture colored TVs at that time. RCA wanted people to know that how they are missing out on color and this is why the logo creators came up with different colors. The peacock defines nothing but the colors were filled due to the introduction of colored TVs in the market at that time. This is how the logo came out.

Adidas- Any guess? You must be thinking that it’s a mountain. The logo does not basically represent anything. The makers just wanted to show three stripes in the logo. Then they tilted the stripes and give them a shape of mountain.








Some brands have a hidden meaning behind the logos whereas others do not have any.  Logo creation never used to be a simple task. Companies spend millions of dollar in coming up with a compelling and easy to remember logo design as it represents concept and values of a company. The above mentioned logo designs really inspired all of us. In simpler terms, make the emblem representing your brand catchy and meaningful.

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How To Choose Right Game Development Platform?

Developing engaging and exciting games is not something rare these days. Everyday thousands of Android developers and designers create a plethora of games. With so many games coming to the market everyday, we are not in the need of anymore. Observing a great competition, Android mobile game development companies focus on how to make the games unique and more interesting than the existing ones. The first step for developing and releasing any game in the market is choosing a right platform to create games. We are here with the pros and cons of some common platform used to develop games.


It is an open source platform used for game development. It offers 2D game development platform to the developers. The engine is powerful and enough efficient. It supports openGL functionality. The game platform possesses lightweight architecture that uses Java mostly. The engine is great but there are some limitation if you use it to develop games. It is not Well-maintained. You can often find yourself amidst of problems using this. It works only for Android and hence used for Android mobile app development.

Corona SDK-

It helps with both development as well as publishing. Deploying the game on both ios and Android is very much easier by using this platform. It uses same code. The major advantage with Corona SDK is it is absolutely free. If we talk about cross platform publishing you will have to spend a lot. For this developers have to use Lua which is a variant of C#. Additionally, to get the working file package, codes and graphical assets need to be uploaded.


Unity is the best platform for 3D game development. It can also reflect 2D capabilities. The platform is very much adaptive with new technologies. With this you can write one game and make it run on different platforms such as Android, iPhones, Windows phones, Mac etc. The common coding languages that unity supports are java and C#. Developers generally prefer unity as it works best on all the platforms.