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5 Best Practice For Creating A Highly Secured Web Application

Every unsecured data in web applications is an enticing substance for hackers. Consumer data, business information, transaction details and many other thing come on stake when your web application is unsecured. It is always important to find out security vulnerability of your web app at regular intervals and make effort to follow best practice of security while creating your web app. Following security best practice would mean less security threat to your app and security to your valuable data.

This post is dedicated in listing the best five practices in app security to make web app immune from hackers.

Let us begin!

  1. Consider your user generated contents non friendly

Experts from web application development companies, believe that user generated content can create a strong security breach. They can easily corrupt the system and make easy access for hackers.

There are many sites such Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin etc which are which accepts various kinds of content type such as text, images, uploadable attachment etc, for having better customer engagement and ranking. However, these user generated contents have be crafted by hackers to breach the security of the web application.

Therefore, it is highly important to filter contents based on various security parameters for accepting them on your app.

  1. Know about the potential vulnerabilities

It is not the sole responsibility of the designer to have the complete knowledge of the web threats that arises in web apps. It is the responsibility of every people involved in the process of app development to have complete knowledge of threats mentioned in open application security project(OWASP). The security threats mentioned here can be a great help for app developers while designing the web app.

  1. Understanding security control in your language

Developers from best web development company in jaipur suggest that each language platform has its own set of security controls. These security control should be on tips of every person involved with app development to combat any security issue with the correspondent coding structure. Be it PHP, .NET or Java, everybody has its own security nuances. People involved in app development should be well aware for controlling security breaches such as SQL injection, cross -site scripting attack and more, with valid coding technique in given language.

  1. Never make your own security control

Developers creating security control can leave your web app prone to hackers. Developers don’t deal with security issues 24*7, hence they may easily fall in prey. Their assumption can appear valid and covering every point,yet their may be chances which cannot be denied. The best practice should be to follow OWASP top 10 listing. Train them for approved security control to mitigate threats listed in OWASP.

  1. Applying security control consistently

The only way to protect the security of your app is by applying security best practices throughout the app development. Security checks are not meant to be a one time affair, it needs consistency to maintain that security cover on your app working. Any small breach in security can bring hackers in your business and ruin it completely, hence, consistency should be the target.


Keeping these 5 best practices in mind can bring better security for your web app. Never completely trust user input and abide the rules to protect your app database.

Secret To Success : 6 Golden Rules To Create A Mobile App Design That Brings Profit!

Designing app for user experience cannot provide overall benefit. Be it mobile, tablet or web, apart from user experience, there are some more factor that make mobile apps successful. One of the main and important point of consideration before beginning with app development is the objective or thought behind developing it.

Various studies predict that 97% of people move out of any app within 3 sec due to bad design and interface. The whole game is in the court of UI. UI design intuitive and familiar  to engage users and make them stay on app for longer duration.

The secret to success is understanding the need of the users. Go for expanded research to get the idea for needs and problems of your targeted users. This post is dedicated to list five golden rules for creating a mobile app that stands tall on all parameters.

Let us begin:

Rule 1#  Follow the 4 pillars of interaction design

According to experts from android application developers, the four pillar of interaction design helps to create a strong which is high in user interaction and low in unnecessary clutter even if the app is used in small screen device.

The four pillars are:

  • Goal driven design: before any designing process, the most important factor to understand is the purpose of the app. It is very important to ensure the actual goal that the app will achieve.
  • Usability: The app should be designed depending upon the usability of the users. If the app is of no use for users or not desired, the purpose of the app is shattered. The interface of the app should be accessible and usable.
  • Function familiarity: The key to better engagement is using common phrases are similarity of functions that users have been familiar. This way users does not get confused while using any functionality in the app. For instance, blue text with underline is considered as a URL, taking you to new page. This functionality is common everywhere and so the user can easily take necessary action.
  • App to user response: after completion of any task or missing any stage in the app, there should be certain kind of blink, notification or sound. This kind of message will notify the users and keep them updated while they are working on the app.

Rule 2# Knowing the users

Knowing the user is the base for any app design. Developers from top Iphone mobile application development services believe that it is very important to know about the users, their expectations, needs, problems etc, to design an app that speaks to all or specific needs. Without knowing the user, it is difficult to quantify a good design for the app. In order to understand your users, we list the following parameters.

  • Users persona: create the representation of the users behaviours with the help of research, interviews or surveys. This data will help you understand your users expectations and their response more vividly.
  • User scenario: user persona provide you data for predicting the interaction of users at various stages of mobile design. This prediction can help you design app that interacts better with the users expectations.

Rule 3# Make written outline of the app

At this point designing the app on paper is a wiser decision. This designing should be done in accordance with the user data obtained. These prototype does not need to be fancy, yet it will your app development a direction.

At this stage of app development, design hierarchy of the content flow. It is better to analyse and create a written flow of content in an app.

Rule 4# Integrate familiar design elements with new ones

It beneficial to study the design of the best apps in the market and find the common design pattern in them such as slide out menu bar, toolbars or buttons at the top of the page etc. there are many features that together make an app, great.

The combination of familiar design pattern will give freshness to the mobile app design as well as give users better control.

Rule 5# Finger friendly design

People with fat fingers get irritated when the app does not respond well with their thumb impression. It should always made sure that the mobile app buttons should be finger friendly. They should have enough space for users to tap on them.

Rule 6# Wipe out the clutter

It is always beneficial to reduce the number of taps needed to go from point A to B. when designers have to after several taps to reach B, them may find another shorter way of reaching there. This process will help to remove unnecessary screen in the app, making it even more easy and time friendly.


To make your product successful, your app design should help users getting information quickly and effectively. The secret of mobile app success is targeting the need of the users

Users Game Experience: 5 Best Ways To Provide Memorable Free To Play Experience

To make a great game experience requires the complete knowledge about the players engagement metrics and player segments for better targeting. These metrics helps in delivering best offers to players and best free to game experience. Real time player enhances the in play game experience which further bring great retention and conversion.

But how can the engagement level in free to play games can be enhanced?

Let us discuss!

A/B Testing

Developers from game development android platforms agree to the point that in order to enhance the performance of any game app, the experience of the players should be recorded. The best to record players experience is by testing on a regular basis. A/B testing is a technique of testing different variable in a particular segment of players. There can be many parameters of checking the game such as adjusting the game difficulty, changing the value and type of stage in game. In testing one controlled group and one test group players is needed. Tutorial flow, difficulty level, offers, prices, and menu organization are some of the key to testing.

In game messaging

In game messaging is needed for effective monetization of app and retention also. Be it in the form of notification, push message, offers, in app messaging, bonus etc all of them are highly effective. To make in game messaging highly effective, it is important to design the app message attractive. Professionals from iphone game development company suggest, in app messaging is effective only when targeted with different segments. For example, if players are stuck at level 4, they need certain offer or resource to come out of it. Frequency is also a key factor of consideration in in-game messaging. Too much repetition can bring irritation in users and they can abandon the game.


Every player in the game is different, hence one plan that can fit all players is not possible. Personalization is an important key for the success of the game. Use behavioural segmentation to identify players, their likes and make real time changes for the segment to bring better engagement metrics. When games does not resonate with the players interest, they move away from it. Therefore,making adequate change is essential for capturing the rentiton of people. For example, if new players are not able to cross certain level in game, they can be offered with extra points or lives to make them inspired and motivated for the game continuity. If some players are moving through the game too fast, you can increase the difficulty level for them.

Ads serving

Ads are a great way for monetizing the game apps. If done in accurate way fetches amazing results but if it is other way round, serious consequence can be faced. A bad ads serving practice can ruin engagement level and retention of customers. Here the basic point to remember is, ads in a game should not disrupt the flow of the game. Rewarded videos are a great way to foster engagement among players. If done in right direction, advertisement can bring better revenue stream that can support in app purchase as well

In game events

To make detailed behavioural profile without digging deep inside the data, one has to very strategic in setting the event right. The first few minutes in a game is a crucial time and developers should follow the flow within that period. Custom events are helpful in determining where the players are stuck and what part of the game needs improvement. Analysing the segment of players blocked in the app can help in balancing the game for them. Thus, giving better engagement.

People of all age groups are game lovers. Games not only entertain but educate as well. The strategies stated above not only make game playing memorable but also bring better conversion and engagement level.

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Opening Eyes For Future: Top 7 Ecommerce Web Design Trend For 2018

2018 is coming with big opportunity, new trends, technology that will create a new dimension of growth. Ecommerce ventures are highly popular and will remain to rule in the market for ages. While 2018 is around the corner, we are here with some of the trends in ecommerce web design that will definitely have its presence in 2018.

Let us discuss some of these trends in 2018:

  • Boxes

Designers from top companies in ecommerce website development in india, suggest that boxes in ecommerce web design will have significant role in 2018. They will not only enhance the functionality of the website but also the design as well. Boxes are catchy and can be easily used to catch the attention of people towards call to action. Boxes also spice up the look of the website with artistic layerings which is a great way to make simple design attractive. In short, the box element in ecommerce web design would be surely a trend in 2018.

  1. Bold and bright colour

There has been a tendency in brands to play safe with web safe colour scheme i.e colours that display solid and consistent on any browser or medium. The year 2018 is about being bold and colourful. There will be a rise in bold colour outlines that will help in catching the attention of the people easily. We can expect to see colours which are more vivid. Brands can expose the colour further with selecting colour palette which are creative by various colours. Startups will make sure incorporate bold colour panels for standing different and interesting from the rest. In a nutshell, colours and bold lines will be a great hit in 2018

  1. Customized illustrations

Illustration are fun quotient in an ecommerce website. They are creative, addictive, fun visual elements that add an extra edge to your website. Developers from Web development company in jaipur predicts that unique style of illustrations will help ecommerce website to create a unique brand identity in the market and in the mind of customers. Customized illustration can be used in multiple form in ecommerce website such header image, bespoke font, custom iconography and animated visuals.

These visual elements will create a huge difference in the look of your ecommerce web design. Therefore, experiment with customized illustration in the coming 2018.

  1. Scrolling in a different way

We all know that scrolling is about moving the page top to down and down to up. Up till now, people pay strong emphasis on keeping the important content in the first half of the page or you can say above the fold. 2018 is keeping with freshness so no old tricks please!

The coming year will make it difficult to define the fold as users are viewing the website at various size screens based on their medium of access. Scrolling is wonderful only when done correctly. A bad effect of it can bring sharp decrease in user experience. Therefore, new style of scrolling will be a hit in 2018. This kind of trend is expected to bring better user interaction in customers buying journey.

  1. Videos taking over the ecommerce websites

Moving images are the greatest way you can ask people to stay somewhere. Videos are creative, entertaining, educating medium of communication within websites. Although videos are not newly invented but still it has versatility that makes its usage in multiple fields such as advertising, storytelling, photography etc. professionals from internet marketing company india suggest that videos has the capacity to lock the attention of customers ensuring highest engagement level. It has huge potential that can bring exceptional result for the ecommerce websites. Thus, it is vital that videos will be part of ecommerce web design trend for 2018.

  1. Voice search over search bar

A search is an essential component of ecommerce website. In 2018, it is expected ecommerce websites may step further and use voice search techniques over search bar. This would mean better user experience as they will not have to type any word. Such kind of feature can bring revolution in the ecommerce industry.

  1. Guided selling

Ecommerce website in 2018 should have guided selling as part of their strategy. Guided selling in terms of ecommerce website is software tools which ask customers information about items highlighted and used for making proposals. While guided selling should be part of 2018 ecommerce web design. Following should be kept in mind:

  • It should comprehend customers need
  • Understanding the need for accessible items
  • Recommend product as per need

Guided selling can appear as an item related questionnaire for users.


Ecommerce websites have promising opportunity in 2018. The trends stated above can bring great results for the business trying to get something big in the coming year.

4 Essential Things Startups Must Know Before Deciding The Logo Design!

Starting a new business is always exciting but nothing can be more challenging to create an own identity and set the business apart from the competitors. From deciding the perfect logo for your company to implement the correct marketing technique, everything has to be in a perfect sense. Whether you are looking to get the best computer logo for your online business or a letter based logo, there are many things that are needed to be considered. Let’s explore how can you make your business stand out!

Tip #1. Determine the name of your business

Before you plan to make a logo design for your new business, it is necessary to have a name for your business. Probability is also that you might not get the URL for the name you have chosen as your business name. But to legally register your firm, you need to decide the name. Once you got the legal name, you could also modify it later. Analyze the type of your business and choose the name accordingly. For example, if you are starting the business of fashion or cosmetics, you need to select the best fashion & beauty logo design that makes a unique identity for your business.

Tip #2. Create a perfect business plan

Just deciding the name of your business and choosing the logo won’t do any wonder. It is important to have the proper business plan and mark your financial budget. Having an accurate business plan helps you to carry out the process accordingly and help in tracking the success status of your business.

Tip #3. Validate your idea by understanding your audience

Your business can never be successful if you are not offering products or services that your audience truly wants and need. Once you have developed the plan, make sure you conduct a proper research to determine that whether your audience will buy your product or services or not. Ask your audience to leave a feedback. This helps you in improving your services for the betterment.

#4. Build a professional website and mobile app

Gone were the days when people find out the service providers among yellow pages or directory. Now if they want to avail any service, they simply click on their browser and search over the web. That’s why it has now become essential to have a website or mobile app that allow your users to know how to contact you.

For instance, if you are starting an electronic business, make sure you choose a right theme for your website and include the best electric logo design which is not just simple to understand but also memorable.

Final Thoughts

This is just the beginning and a few of the long list that you need to consider to make your new business or startup stand out. You are about to create a beautiful identity by choosing the right logo. But before finalizing that, make sure that you are moving in the right direction. Focus on creating customers and strive to offer them value.

What are the things that you took into consideration when you set up your new business? Do let us know in our comment section below!

Top Logo Design Trends To Follow in 2018

Every year some designs fade away while some other designs burst the trend and rule the Internet. Same is going to happen in 2018. A Logo is not just a symbol that shows the business identity or reflects the style. Rather, it shows an era in which it was created and tells the brand story.

In a digital world, it is essential to recognize the designing trends that make your brand identity and reveals a fresh and relevant brand story to the audience. Let’s track down the latest trend of logo designing before the dawn of the year and rule 2018 like a king:

Trend #1. Responsive logos

We are living in a digital world, where logos are designed not just to please the eyes but also to be used at different places and mark an individual identity of the brand. Logo designs aren’t just limited to the website only. Instead has been used at various other places, such as posters, business cards, stationary, advertising, packaging and much more. No matter which style you choose, whether it is best abstract logo design or letter-based logos, make sure your logo adapt itself with every unique style and look same as ever.

Trend #2. Architectural inspiration

Though developing a foundation to get the best architectural logo design is not a new concept, it is just rushed into more creative ways. Physical space has always been considered as an important factor to build a unique brand identity. But since every business and website owners strive to set them apart from others, designers nowadays are focusing not just to create an architectural landscape but also learning the new ways to embody the logo behind the physical space to reflect the creative brand story.

Trend #3. Play with typography

From old typography to the serif text, the typography has been evolved by making more and more experiments. Whether it is about creating a new typography to redesign the existing one, it calls for implementing various innovative techniques. And that has not ended here. The coming year will bring a lot of innovation, a result of tons of experiments, and bring the typography to the new level.

Trend #4. Grid based logo designs

Ever since the logo designs have evolved, the grid has played the role of backbone. Grid based designs are a perfect choice, if you are looking to get the best automotive vehicle logo designs for your new business, nothing could suit you better. Grid holds the perfect power and maintains the equal balance between logic, theory and perfection. This trend is never going to end. In fact, will flourish even more as the time passed.

Trend #5. Geometric shape of logos

Logo designs have been not restricted to the typography only. In fact, geometric designs are also creating a magic that makes the brand stand out. The important thing about implementing the geometric logo to reflect your style and services is it serves as the most versatile option and leave an instant impact on the reader.


A trend is something which keeps on changing with every passing year. When some design trend fade aways, much new designs burst the trend with its attractive and informative look. Choose the logo design after analysing your industry and research your competitors.

How can Print Marketing Bring Qualified Leads?

Every business is focusing on creating a unique identity in the digital space, the traditional marketing strategies have often overlooked. Print marketing is considered as the best way to advertise products and services, that sets the brand apart from competitors.

When it comes to print marketing, it is still cheap than other online marketing campaigns yet the most effective technique to increase brand awareness. And all thanks to our online technology, we have the endless number of options to use print media and increase the response rates. Let’s explore the effective and easy measures to bring more qualified leads with print marketing techniques.

#1. Brochure & Catalog

Audience nowadays, are the visual creature. They prefer to look brochure and Catalog Design rather than accessing the web. If you are providing your audience with the multiple numbers of products, consider getting a professional catalog or brochure even on your website.

High-quality and personalized catalog design attract more customers and reflects the quality of work and services you offer to your customers. Make sure to include your logo, intended message and branding consistency to achieve better results and qualified leads.

#2. Branded stickers

Since there are so many online marketing options available that leave the stickers overlooked. Yet it is still considered as the best way to grab the attention of more and more customers. Whether you are using it over packaging, merchandise or on your CD Cover Design, branded stickers always look attractive and are sure to improve the open rates.

#3. Exhibit your business and brand name

You have started your business with lots of efforts and you are proud of it! Now is the time to show off your efforts. Exhibit your business and brand name. Post your business name wherever possible. Be it in pen, Bag & Tote Design, social media pages, business card and everything that you can think of. Maybe your prospects get attracted towards it and search for you to avail your products or services. You never know when someone can refer your name or recommend your products to others.

#4.  Use traditional method of advertising

Undoubtedly, online strategies are the best to advertise your products or services but still, traditional methods are known as the most effective way to attract target audience in a professional manner. Make use of it. People still read newspaper and magazine. Consider creating an appealing Leaflet Design and insert it within magazine and newspaper, which is sure to capture the attention of many consumers.

#5. Design attractive packaging

Packaging is considered as the best way to build awareness at the time of purchase. In fact, many consumer decides whether they want to buy that product by looking at its packaging. People usually attract with the packaging that also provides them promotional material and influence them to take the product off from the shelf. Give away small items, as a way to thank your first customer. Gift them with a professional pen with your business name engraved on it or an attractive hat and cap design for kids. You can also consider giving your customers deals, discounts or coupon code that they can avail next time when they shop from you.

Have you ever tried print marketing to attract more qualified leads? We would love to hear your thoughts and views. Do mention them in our comment section below!

How to Improve Your Brand Awareness with a Limited Budget?

With so many businesses focusing on making their unique identity in the digital world, it is quite challenging to increase your brand awareness, especially when your budget is too tight! With the increasing competition, every business is looking to make their brand stand out while targeting their preferable audience.

Well, every business target traditional marketing techniques to make their brand popular. Here are few of the most effective strategies to increase your brand awareness and let everyone talking about your brand. Let’s have a look:

#1. Social media is truly a savage

Almost every user has access to at least one social media account. And it has proved as a great online platform to interact with your audience. Popular platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, plays an essential role while improving the brand awareness.

Just a few techniques, like professional LinkedIn Cover Design or attractive cover page for Facebook and relevant blogs, are the most effective technique to attract your prospects and increase your brand awareness, even on the tight budget.

#2. Create an event

Be it any kind of business, live event has always served as a great way to attract more and more audience. Whether you are launching a new product or promoting your services, a live event is a great way to interact with your audience. Connect your audience face to face with strong Powerpoint Design and match the theme to add their interest.

#3. Exhibit your business

Exhibiting is one of the best ways to show your brand and business to your target market. Though it is quite expensive but it is sure to offer the high return. Promote your brand with many useful items that make your audience remember you easily. Go with beautiful Mobile Phone Case Design with your brand name on a side or Personalised Cup or Mug Designs that will allow your customers, when you offer them for free when they buy your product for the first time.

#4. Promotional merchandise is the best investment

The small gift to your customers is a way of thanking them to shop from you and trust your brand. Creative Merchandise Design is the best factor to make your customers and clients realize that you value them. Make sure to include your brand name on your products, so that they remember you for many years to come.

Be sure to become more creative and unique while offering them gifts. More are the chances that your customers will share it on their social media profile and this helps in increasing the brand identity to a great extent.

#5. Know the power of video marketing

Video marketing is considered as the most powerful tool in the digital world. And thanks to social media, that the relevant and valuable videos are now able to achieve billions of views from the all across the globe.

Video serves as a great medium to widen the reach of a target audience and show your brand to your to your customers, in a professional way.

Final thoughts

There are numerous ways which could help you to improve your brand awareness and increase the sale. Well, it is quite challenging if you have a limited budget. These tips serve as the best when you want to increase your brand awareness but have a very limited budget.

What are your strategies that you implement to get in front of your audience? Do share your thoughts, views and ideas with us in our comment section below!

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Top 7 Book Cover Design Trend To Implement In The Year 2018

Somebody said, don’t judge the book by its cover! But, how many of us don’t do that?

Surely the percentage is less! A good book cover should be trendy but in subtle ways. There are hundreds of books that launch every day. Moving through book shelves, only an attractive book cover stops the eyeball and compel the person to take it out from there.

A great book cover should push the envelope in a subtle way. But, what should be the trend in book cover design for the year 2018?

Let us dive into sea the of expectations and trend to look in 2018 for book cover designing:

  • Bold typography is still a big hit

Going by the words of expert designers from book design services from various corners of the world, loud and attention grabbing typography will remain very much in trend. These are covers where most of the portion of the cover is covered by text. The capitalized formats literally screams at you and are not at all a subtle way to draw attention entirely to the title.

In this competitive landscape, everyone is using bold typography. In order to stand different from them use creativity with unclean typography, printed fonts and various other elements.

  • Less is more: Minimalistic design is more attractive

A new pattern is visible where in a very minimum amount of design is used in the book cover which depicts the book in subtle yet in a loud way. Such cover designs are not bursting with loud colour or letter but are centralized on certain theme and give it a adequate space to give meaning and shine. Books like in the eye of grace and many other such covers, speak loud about the book without making big fonts with bright colours.

  • Hand drawn covers are trending

Designers from Creative magazine design companies believe that hand drawn letters has not  left its charm. It is still trending and gives a very cool and edgy look to your book and magazine covers. Hand drawn fonts and graphics provide a highly customized look for those who believe in  a DIY focused style or a casual look.

  • Old is gold

The style from 70’s and 80’s is the latest trend in book and magazine cover design for 2018 like it always comes back in songs, fashion, music, films etc. Fun typography used in covers are great hit like goodbye vitamin and sex and rage which seems to heavily inspired from 70’s. Then usage of neon colour, bold fonts, designs all makes us remember the golden period of 70s and 80s. People always love to feel nostalgic, hence, this one is a great hit in 2018.

  • Pink is the new black

Millennial pink will be the most demanding colour in 2018 for book cover design. The past researches indicate the extensive usage of millennial or muted pink in book designing. This muted pink is said to be in trend due to its acceptance by wider audiences. It’s more mature youthful and pleasant in every way. A colour with can attract so many kind of people got to be the favourite of the authors. Covers with pink is often paired with hand drawn fonts to keep it mature and not too girly.

  • Collage puts all together

Another interesting trend to look for in 2018 is collage covers. These collage covers wheather made in digital format or in the old fashioned way are extremely versatile and works for all genre., themes and ideas. They are mixed with colours, fonts, images which make them extremely attractive. People may easily pick the book by going on its cover which was lying in a book shelf due this collage cover.

  • Photo heavy cover

Photo covers were available earlier as well but that time availability of customized pictures was expensive and stock images were too generic. In 2018, due to high end cameras in smartphones this problem of customized pictures is over! Now ,high definition, pictures are available with designers which has opened a new door of possibilities in the cover designing sector. 2018 is expected to bring visually rich cover designs which can show raw emotions and give glimpses of the book. In short nothing would beat an authentic photograph cover in 2018.

There was a time when people felt that internet has taken the place of books. But it has not happened yet! People are still reading book but the intention and designing of books has varied to attract the attention of the readers not just by content but with looks as well. If you are preparing to release your book in 2018, keep these design trends in mind.

6 Golden Rules For Product Package Designing That Make The Product Hot Seller!

Did it ever happened to you while shopping, you picked up a bottle of vinegar or cream which you don’t need for that time? You , me and many people must have faced the same thing. Most of the time we buy such things due to the attractive packaging of the product.

That’s the right way, a well designed product packaging should work!

After research, product finalizing, manufacturing, the next big step is to present the product to people. As consumers, we don’t understand the magic of packaging that is reflected in our purchase decision. A well designed product packaging apart from being attractive should be highly informative as well. It should contain all the information about the product, its usage, expire, manufacturing etc. A good product packaging should intrigue customers. In short, a good product packaging is an investment done on the product and the brand to let it reach greater heights.

Now you must be thinking, what makes a good product packaging design?

Let us dive into the nuances of making good product packaging design

  • Clarity and simplicity

Designers from best product packaging design services suggest that clarity and simplicity is the key for an attractive product packaging. The information show in good product packaging should be in “need to know” basis. Extra complication and jargon can distract but not attract to customers. It is very commonly seen that while designing the product page, designers do not maintain the product specifications. Such as having dozen of product benefit with no brand name, some may look attractive but cannot explain what is inside the bottle, some packaging are done that dilutes the identity of the product.

Customers should always be clear about the product and the brand. The design should simply tell people about the product offered in a creative format.

  1. Honesty

Often it is observed that designers depict products much beautiful and different in their package designing. Depicting the product ten times more attractive and different in packaging may attract customers in the first place but then the brand will lose trust. This kind of activity is misleading and disappointing.  Customers usually never feel about the simple packaging until they know what they are buying. A good product packaging designer should honestly depict the product beautiful but without cheating the customer

  1. Authenticity

The key to success in product designing is originality, character, memorability. The competition within product market is no less! Everyday hundreds of product hits the marketplace. To keep your product ahead in competition would require to stand unique and authentic at the same time.

The authenticity cannot be measured in a design. It is the creative exploration of the designer in its design. If your stuck with a very generalized packaging design then adding some uncommon strong visual design can always work. According to experts from best product labelling services, it important to be bold, different and look for other related products for taking inspiration in designing packaging and label design of the product.

  1. Shelf impact

Products are not typically placed alone. They are arranged in series with several other similar and different product. A product that looks different within running vertical and horizontal rows is the winner. This distinctive look and appeal of the product when placed on an actual shelf, is called shelf impact in retailers term. Shelf impact is a significant factor for testing the packaging design of the product. One can place the product with several other product and test its design. The more it distinguishes with others, the better.

  1. Extensibility

A good product packaging should be easily extendable. This means the design should be such that it best fits with introduction of new product range or sub brand.

For example, if you are designing for new brand of apple jam and you design feature some apple related concept, however, a few month later client want to start a pineapple jam range under the same brand.This seems clear that apple jam design will not look apt for pineapple jam concept, hence your design lack extensibility.

A good product packaging should always extensible. Your design can have room for easy changes of product visuals or other informations.

  1. Practicality

Practicality is the most underrated concept in designing as most of the marketer believe to follow same path of their competitors. Practically deals with actual shape, size and functionality of product container. The more practical the product container is, more is the sale.

While designing the product container make sure to keep practical usage in mind and how the usage of product can made easy.


Packaging designing is a demanding and huge field which is looking for creative designers who can deliver both product originality and sales performance. Packaging is the last phase in convincing the customers to buy the product. Clarity, simplicity, honesty, practicality etc are components that can convey customers in more attractive way and increase sale performance.

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