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Website Development: The Need of the Hour!

In today’s scenario, the competition and the fierceness of those involved are increasing every hour. This increasing level of competition, thus demands that you as an entrepreneur should possess something truly unique to offer which not only makes you stand out among the rest but also draws customers and clients towards you.

One of the best and most well-known approaches to achieve this purpose is by having a website that stands out in all aspects. Having a stunning website will not only guarantee that you get more business in the long run, but it will also make sure that people remember you first when they think about your domain of service. One of the best things about having a great website is the fact that it is up and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Unless we factor in the occasional maintenance, your website serves as a 24-hour assistant who not only promotes your business but also gets you business time and time again.

All this being said, it can be understood that website development and especially e-commerce website development in India are of very high importance to the success and profitability of your business.

Why you need website development?

As mentioned in the introductory paragraphs, website development is one of the most important aspects you need to consider and work upon if you want to succeed in the internet game of today. Not only does website development services help you portray the image of your organization better in front of your clients but it also helps in generating new leads, maintain communication between you and your clients, market and sell your product or services, and increase the popularity of your company or organization in general.

So, what is web development?

Web development as an industry is basically an industry where either an individual who is an expert in the domain creates a website from scratch for his or her clients. While there are multiple approaches to creating a website, mentioned below are some of the most common scenarios.

  1. WordPress: WordPress in the most basic terms is a website development platform which helps designers and individuals create their own website. People can register on their website and get started by using one of their thousands of free themes and customize each of them according to their needs and wants. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to create a website from scratch and this option is mostly used by beginners and first-timers in the industry.
  2. Custom CSS: This is another commonly used approach by those who know how to code and have acquired a fair amount of experience in the industry. In this method, an individual can either download a template and make changes to it as and when required or can go with designing their own from scratch. This being the slightly complicated option calls for the knowledge of certain languages such as HTML, CSS, CSS5 and HTML5 among others. This option is mostly used by experts and e-commerce website development in India who want a customized design and functionality right from the beginning.

What do you need to do?

Before you start planning to undertake website designing for your organization or business, there are a couple of important pointers that you need to consider.

  1. The first and the most important aspect to consider is the cost of the project both in terms of time and money. If you want to outsource the project to a team of professionals, your time will be saved, but the project will be costly. Whereas if you try to learn it yourself, your money will be saved, but it will be highly time-consuming.
  2. You should have a proper knowledge regarding which tools are being used to develop the website. Having some knowledge in this domain will help you prepare better for the future and also find innovative ways to make the website better every day.


Without a proper website, the chances of your success in the online marketplace of today are almost nil. Therefore you should seriously think about investin g in website development.

E-commerce Website: A Fruitful Investment Today!

In the modern ecosystem and marketplace of today, we do everything online. Starting from liking, commenting and sharing content and philosophies we believe in all the way up to shopping for our essentials and daily needs, everything is done online. Thus it can be easily understood that the days where having only a brick and mortar store in a posh marketplace of the city would have guaranteed sales and more customers are long gone. With the advent of e-commerce web development company India and e-commerce portals like Amazon across the globe and the huge affordability of the internet, everyone around the globe has access to the internet and thus it is not surprising at all, that they have access to a worldwide market of their choice. Thus having an e-commerce website is an easy and tested way to stand out among the crowd and make your voice heard.

Why do you need an e-commerce website?

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph of this article, having an e-commerce website for your business is nothing less than the need of the hour. With an expertly designed e-commerce website, not only will more customers find you and buy from you, but you will also attract newer opportunities every day from around the globe.

Additionally here are some reasons as to why you should invest in an e-commerce website today:

  • Wider Audience: Unlike a physical or a brick and mortar store whose reach is limited to the city or the state where it is located in, an e-commerce website opens the door to a truly global audience. By having an e-commerce website, your products and services, get advertised on a global scale and thus your chances of selling to a new customer across the globe increase drastically. 
  • Always Operating: When you are the owner of a brick and mortar store, there is a limitation of operating hours. According to the marketplace you operate in or the city where your store is located, you will generally be given a fixed number of hours when your store can remain open and you can conduct business. In the case of an e-commerce website, you don’t have to worry about operating hours at all. Your website will be live 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and thus customers from across the globe who have different time zones can come and purchase from your website. 
  • Better Conversion: One of the biggest and most well-known problems with having a brick and mortar store is its conversion rates. Although a lot of people might come in and see your products, the chances of them actually buying them is significantly less. With an e-commerce store, the scenario is hugely different. With the proper tools and optimum setup, research has shown that e-commerce stores convert much better when compared to the traditional brick and mortar options. More conversions mean more customers and thus higher revenues. 
  • Easier: With a physical store, there are multiple challenges that might come up when you are trying to set it up for the first time. Aspects like land, rental, products, staff and many more things need to be considered before you can move ahead and actually establish your shop. While in the case of an e-commerce store, all you would need is an internet connection and some experience on how to create a website. In no time will your online store be set up and you can quickly start getting orders and selling your products. 
  • Risk: Lastly but not least is the risk associated with a brick and mortar store. Not only is the initial investment high, but if you don’t end up making target sales, your business will quickly become unprofitable. While in the case of an e-commerce website there are multiple ways in which you can optimize your website and thus gather more customers.


Thus from the above, it can be quite clearly understood how much importance an e-commerce website and e-commerce web development company India holds in the online ecosystem of today.

Great Design Equally Proportionate to Great Sales!

Every day the online ecosystem of today is evolving and new features are getting added regularly. As of now, the days when shopping used to be only for women are gone, since there are thousands of e-commerce platforms online which only caters to a set group of audience. Starting from e-commerce websites that sell only male products and others concentrating on kids, there is a shopping portal for everyone these days.

Thus it can be understood that the marketplace and the entrepreneurs of today, have gone to a large extent and have left not one stone unturned in their effort to take on new customers and cater to everybody’s needs and demands. But there is a significant difference between having an e-commerce store and having a great e-commerce store.

While at first glance, the difference might not matter to you, but you will be quick to realize how important good design is to help you sell more and more.

Mentioned are a list of aspects with examples, which show how good design can make your e-commerce website and e-commerce website development stand out in the crowded marketplace of today.

  • Logo

This goes for any business whether big or small. Your logo will be one of the first things your customers will see and thus use to make a first impression. Having an impressive logo both on your business card as well as on your website can go a long way in making your website memorable.

Having a well-designed logo even gives you the advantage of having a minimalistic design on your website and let your logo do all the marketing for you.

Some prominent examples of good logo design are Nike, Channel, Sony etc.

  • Deals and more deals

The report of the latest research showed that people, in general, take one minute or less in order to decide if they like a website or not. Thus as an owner, your priority and aim should be to maximize that minute and make sure that you give and show offers which will surely woo your customers into staying on your website for an extended period of time.

For example, one of the best ways to hold your customer’s attention is by showing them offers of the day. It has been proved that people tend to buy more when there is a sale going on, just because the product is available at a slashed price.

Another way of making sure that customers keep coming back to you for more is to offer free shipping. While there are so many websites around the world which charge a premium fee for shipping, your website is sure to stand out if you offer free shipping on your products.

  • Most popular

If you go by research it has been proved, that people tend to buy more quantities of a product which they think other people have bought as well. This phenomenon is demonstrated in online shopping the best, where you will see people going with the products that have the best reviews or are the most widely sold.

Therefore a great strategy to increase sales on your website is by displaying your most popular products on the main or home screen. By having banners of these products, your customers are more likely to get tempted and thus click on the banner. On the landing page, make sure to get as many positive reviews as possible and your sales will drastically increase.


From the above pointers, you must have got a clear idea of on what needs to be done in order to generate more sales on your website as well as increase the reach of your e-commerce website development. Be sure to go and try them out today.

Logos: Creating Distinctive Brand Identities in India

Logos are an essential part of a Company. The reputation of a Company depends on its brand value and logo. No company can survive without a logo because it is mandatory to brand its product in the media. Logos have a major role in creating positive results for a Company or an initiative. In India, many logos have played a vital role in popularizing a particular brand or initiative. Here are some top logo designs in India

  • Larsen & Turbo – The L&T logo has remained unchanged from the early beginnings. First two letter of the Company’s logo conveys its top class quality and sustained leadership. This is a very big Company who are involved in engineering, construction, IT, financial services etc.
  • State Bank Of India- SBI logo represents a keyhole which means the common man can unlock all his banking needs. This logo has become the main part of SBI’s identity.
  • Make in India- It was an initiative by the Indian government to promote manufacturing in India. The logo has a silhouette of a lion on the prowl, made entirely of cogs, symbolizing manufacturing, strength and national pride.
  • Tata Group- It is one of the oldest Companies in India and its founder J.R.D Tata played a crucial role in India’s nationalist struggle. Its logo is simple. ‘’T’’ letter in the logo symbolizes for the group’s prosperity, strength, and reliability. It signifies a fountain of knowledge. The logo of that signifies trust and reliability. The present logo is a modified version of the previous one with a new slogan ‘improving the quality of life’.
  • Airport Authority of India- The AAI logo uses triangular form and wings of an airplane kindling vision of airport. The symbol denotes AAI’s expertise, legacy, and responsibility in creating, upgrading, maintaining and managing civil aviation infrastructure in India.
  • Trade Fair Authority of India- It is designed for the Trade Fair Authority of India. The logo contains two letters, T and F signifying preservation of traditions of trade and investments along with the modern identity of India Trade promotion organization [ITPO]. It signifies India’s control and authority in trade through fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad.
  • Hindustan Petroleum- The logo signifies that the future is full of energy. The shape and design of logo signify energy fuel being poured into a vehicle. Symbolically, it also denotes the goal to take the economic and infrastructural development forward at a quick pace. The logo designs in India have indicated the product’s goal.
  • Titan- Titan industry is a joint venture of Tata Group and Tamil Nadu industrial development Corporation [TIDCO]. Its logo dates back to 1987. Titan manufactures and exports watches, jewellery, and accessories in different styles and patterns. The logo contains ‘T’ which is making a hollow circular circle around it resembling the shape of a watch dial and the internal parts of machinery. It is very elegant; it combines past traditions with the modernity of Titan products.
  • Unilever- Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Is a multinational consumer goods company which is based in Mumbai. It offers a variety of products such as foods, beverages, cleaning agents, water purifiers and cosmetics. The U in Unilever logo contains different types of images. But each image is depicting the range of products it offers.
  • Doordarshan- If you are living in India you can’t forget the iconic logo of government-run channel Doordarshan. This channel has entertained millions of Indians from time to time and although its popularity and TRPs has fallen due to coming up of private channels, there is still a certain amount of nostalgia attached to it. It was considered one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world in terms of transmission development. The classic form signifies test of time.

So that is how various logo designs in India have given identity and popularity to various brands. The symbols attached to these logos. While some logos have signified development, forwardness, and trust, some have reminded us of our history and traditions.

Things To Keep In Mind While Logo Designing

Logo designing in India is a ship that is yet to sail properly for now. This is mainly because the IT boom and the subsequent e-commerce boom in India came much later in India than in the west. What was happening at the turn of the millennium out there only happened towards the late 2000s in India? As a result, logo designing in India is still a bit of a novelty. This means that newcomers usually have lesser guidance than their peers abroad. As a result, they tend to make some of the most basic mistakes out there, leaving them in the dust of their competitors.

So if you someone who is into logo designing in India, then these are some things that you should always keep in mind while designing a logo.

  • Keep It Minimalistic

This is the starting and golden rule of logo designing. Your logo should be simple and minimalistic. No one likes or remembers a convoluted, clutter-filled logo. Take a minute and think about all the big companies you can possibly think of. Think and visualize their logos. You will struggle to find even a single, unnecessary, wound up logo. So, keep it simple and chic.

  • Form Over Function

Now that you know that the logo must be minimalistic, what next? Well, the next thing that you need to do is decide a shape for the logo. It can be anything. A simple oval like that of Opel or something formless like that of Zomato. But keep it in mind; the shape or form of the logo must accentuate the things that you want to showcase. It is hard to do so with a shape. But if you are going to be someone who will be logo designing in India, then it is something you will have to master.

  • Color Pallete

Once the design and the shape of the logo have been decided, the next thing that you will need to pick is the colour. This is the tricky thing. Apart from the obvious reasons, there is the entire psychology behind colours. For example, a combination of red and yellow is known to trick the brain into feeling hungry. The result of this? The logos of Burger King, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are essentially a combination of red and yellow. So the colour you end up deciding not only has to look appealing but also have the desired psychological effect.

  • Must Compliment The Business

Now that you have done everything, you also have to remember that whatever you come up with, must compliment the work being done by your client. Your logo must reflect and show what the business is all about. And since most of the modern businesses are involved on multiple fronts, the job just got a whole lot trickier. Balancing it all out is a tough task in of itself. But since you will be logo designing in India, it will be a whole lot more difficult. Reliance, for example, is involved in telecom, petroleum and defence contracts just to name a few. To represent such a diverse portfolio in a simple graphic is every designer’s worst nightmare.

  • Don’t Be A Cop Out

The easy thing to do in logo designing is to get “inspired”. This is essentially the polite way of saying plagiarizing someone else’s work. So, try and be unique. The logo you will commit will be as much for the company as it will be your signature. So, if you want future clients, make sure that it is your creation and that too with its own flair. Don’t be a cop out.

With this, we have come to an end on the pitfalls that you need to avoid if you are going to make it in the logo designing in India gig.

Freelance Logo Designers: For Proficient and Cost Efficient Logo Creations in India!

India has a burgeoning population. So, people tend to find people with all sorts of specialities in India. And with a population so big and the competition so tough, not everyone can make the grade. So, today we take a look at some freelance logo designers in India. These people are masters of their fields but for some reason or want, they are not working for top design firms in India.

This obviously comes in as a blessing in disguise for young entrepreneurs who are looking for logo designers in India without parting with a huge chunk of their hard earned wealth. So today, we are catering to such entrepreneurs and compiling a list of some top notch, freelance logo designers in India.

  1. Fourtunedesign

FourtuneDesign is listed as a freelance graphic design company that also specializes in logo designing, web designing, HTML and Photoshop. They are one of the most reviewed freelance websites online with a staggeringly good customer review rating. Plus, they don’t charge a bomb from their clients. They are ready to offer their services for a reasonable 18 USD per hour. Value for money all way around.

  1. Colorgraphicz

Colorgraphicz is one of the well-reviewed logo designers in India. They advertise themselves as a group of people who are well versed in all things logo designing and web development. Plus, their catalogue of services also includes graphic design and banner design. So they are a strong option if you are planning to take your business from the digital world to the real world. Also, they charge a very small fee at just 10 USD per hour.

  1. Seabitmedia

SeabitMedia is a small group of logo designers in India who are also adept at web applications, mobile app, and website designs.  Their designs are sleek and professional with that essential touch of class. They also moonlight as brand enhancers so there is that as well. They have had experience working with a number of business houses and individuals alike. They too charge a fairly low rate of 14 USD per hour.

  1. Attrayantdesign

AttrayantDesign is the first individual on our list. A resident of Kolkata, she has an experience of 5 years in the field and specializes in Logo design, Icon design, Business card, Banner, Flyer, Brochure, Poster, Leaflet, Letterhead, Landing page design, Tshirt design. Being an individual logo designer in India, she does have a drawback. She is the priciest pick of our list so far. But even then, she charges a reasonable 20 USD per hour.

  1. Kalidas365

The second individual on our list is Kalidas365. He is a website developer, graphic designer and IT-administrator. So, needless to say, he is a logo designer in India. Apart from the usual shtick, he is ready to virtual assistance in all things related to your website. From site content management to data scraping, Plus, he is ready to do it 365 days a year. Hence the 365 in the name. All this at just 10 USD an hour.

  1. Eyenetindia

EyenetIndia is the third individual logo designer on our list. She specializes in all sorts of graphics related work and banners, flyers, brochures etc. So, if you are someone who plans on working in both the digital and the real realms, she has the skill set to fulfil all your needs. She also specializes in 2D animations and video editing. So, this woman is a complete package all by herself. All this plus I am sure more in just 20 USD per hour.

The above mentioned are a few handpicked logo designers in India, it depends on the business to precisely filter among the plethora of designers and invest wisely on the appropriate freelance designer.  

How Social Mechanism Can Be Leveraged To Get The Better App’s User Base

Human being has an innate tendency to interact and settle down with like minded people which  are called as friends. People with common interest form groups, exchange knowledge, extend the interaction, compet and further evolve in life.

This social mechanism can also be implied in app design. When people download apps they do with the intention betting some value out of the app. This is the motivation of more or less every individual who downloads an app. Such like minded people can be seen together or grouped to be called as app’s user base.

But most of the time despite downloading the app, the bounce out ratio is also very high. This shows that the app developers have huge issue with the retention rate of the users within an app, therefore there is a strong need to reduce this rate and expand the user base.


In this post, we focus on the importance of social mechanism to expand the app user base.


Let us begin:


Social Media Incorporated In An App Can Bring Better Anchoring Of User On The App

Apart from having a great ux/ui design app for android or iOS platform, incorporating social mechanism in the app structure will provide better users interaction. User interaction play a great role in anchoring the users inside the app and also attract new users. Developers should definitely embed different social mechanism inside the app to enhance the interaction level within the app. When done correctly, social mechanism can easily boost the retention rate within users

Here’s the list of ways by which social mechanism can help in expansion of user base of the app:



  • Promotion by existing users will bring new users


In real life people love to flaunt their achievement or feel happy to share new from their personal life. Similarly, in app world developers should leverage the freedom of promotion by integrating social media sharing tools that allow users to share experience with their family and friends.

For example, if you are developing a game app, make sure to give the player the opportunity to share its achievement and success among friends and family.

This way not only existing users will feel better engaged but also attract new users. This sharing principal satisfy the inner needs of human behaviour to share the achievement they have in their life,hence, it gives sure shot results.



  • Share the entertainment part


Create app for ipad, android or iphone, make sure to induce simple ways of sharing actions done within the app. For example, if any users find some content or activity funny or joyful, they may easily share it on their social group easily without any complicated procedure. Like instagram provide an easy option to share any post that entertain users.


  • Asking for assistance


It is a natural tendency when people are stuck somewhere, they seek assistance from friends and family. It is usually seen that app users proactively help fellow app user and enhance the interaction level. The ability to ask assistance by easy sharing option makes the users even more involved with the app and also attract the new visitors. This rescue cry in social media can easily attract the attention of the large number of communities and increases the curiosity among people.



  • Referral scheme


Referral schemes are the easiest way to gain new users and also make the app go viral. For example, dashboard developers use referral scheme to users  and get better earning from it. Referral scheme brings new partner for the developers who already have good user base.



  • Drive towards a specific goal


One of the most successful ways to bring better participation of users is through directing towards a specific goal. For example, dropbox launched dropbox space race which is a perfect example of integrating social mechanism. Dropbox space race was designed for universities. It offered free points to students and schools for successful inviting other university or school. This program saw a good amount of success as students got a personal benefit as well as competed to make their school the best.



  • Design to make interaction easy


Human tendency is discussing about several topics within like minded group. People react to the content generated by other and in a way form a tribe. Developers should keep in mind while developing the app should incorporate easy sharing tool that allow the users to discuss their questions and answers, post comments etc.

Always remember providing interaction quotient will grip the users easily and provide better retention.



  • Help users to compete and compare themselves


People always love to compete and share their results in their group. App developers should integrate right tool that encourages healthy competition and increases the app engagement within users. The best way to do it, is by flashing the friends score or achievements which can act as a motivator and glue the user to the app for scoring better.



The above mentioned points clearly depicts several ways by which social mechanism can be incorporated in app world. Social mechanism in a mobile app create better user engagement and spread the word about the app to masses in order to bring curiosity among people.

Walking On Rules For Success: 8 Elements For Effectively Designing The Coming Soon Page

In the early 2000s, the slogan of under construction was easily visible in websites. In 2017 and beyond, the trend of under construction slogan is converted into coming soon page. Coming soon pages are thoroughly designed to grab the attention of the customers and instil that curiosity in their mind that make them come back to the website, after the launch of the page or product. This way, coming soon page harness a huge potential of customers acquisition with its systematic and well crafted designing.

In this competitive arena, coming soon pages are highly relevant to create a much needed buzz to expand the exposure of the business or the product within customers. Today, max marketers use coming soon pages to grab the attention of the customers and provide them a sense of urgency and curiosity for the launching experience. Be it small or big marketer, ecommerce ventures and other diverse industries are taking the use of coming soon pages for bringing the customers to them.

But, how to effectively design a coming soon page that grab the attention of customers? To design an effective coming soon page require a right blend of various elements. These elements are:

  1. Using a countdown timer

Developers from top website development company in jaipur believe that letting a countdown in a coming soon page will enhance the anticipation of the customers. They will be assured that a launch date is fixed and how much time will it take to hit the market. If you really want your offering to be a great hit than keeping the customers in loop is highly necessary.

  1. Collect the email address

The online platforms are bombarded with various kinds of information coming from news, emails, social media etc. It becomes highly difficult to remember about every information. If you are setting up a coming soon page in your website or app , make sure to attach a email form in it. This way can get email address of interested customers and you can intimidate them once its launched. These emails can bring an instant traffic rush in your new launched page, hence, better conversion.

  1. Pre sell the product or courses

If you brand is highly established within your targeted customers, you can use your coming soon page for presale your product or avail some amount of discount. This way an additional revenue is easily generated which can help in finishing your coming soon page or product manufacturing even more faster. But this idea is only hit when your brand holds monopoly over your offerings.

  1. Make sure to reflect the brand message in the coming soon page

Experts from coming soon page designing services suggest the brand’s motto can be easily translated within coming soon page for making customers connection. Make sure to display logo and design the page based on the personality of the brand. Coming soon page should be designed in a way that reflect what the website or app is about.

  1. Using simple but concise text

Coming soon page should not be stuffed with content, however, it should mentioned why people should be eager for the page or the product. For example, if you are launching a online marketing company, which will provide free advice to small marketer who subscribe the email.

  1. Optimize the opt-in form

Most of the time putting things in simple words like signups, buy now may not create result which can be easily obtained while mentioning it in different way. You may turn your content or call to action sounds like privilege, validation, curiosity etc.

  1. Use videos for better engagement

Using videos is ideal to grab the attention of customers for longer. A video showcasing product or testimonials etc create a persuasive proof to create a much needed buzz. Videos are a great way to introduce the brand or the product to the customers.

  1. Provide something interesting at launch

After gathering email address and launching the website or the app page, it is important to offer something enticing to customers. These can be freebie, valuable piece of information or something else that will make customers to come back. Use email to address all the customers that are registered to come and see the launched website or app and get something valuable.


Coming soon page is not a static, stagnant page. It is meant to act like a marketing tool that helps in creating a buzz within targeted customers base and entice them about what is expected to come. Creating a great a coming soon page requires combination of elements stated above for better performance.

10 Super Creative Ideas For Inspiration In Designing A Sports Logo

Branding is a very important process despite being in any field. Sports field is not untouched by this branding process. The competition is increasing tremendously, hence, to keep the team entact, it is important to have a brand identity for the team.

The inclination for sports throughout the world is very high. There are hundreds of sports which are played with thousands of teams divided in states national, international, district clubs and many other places.

Apart from the name of the sport and team, it is very difficult to distinguish teams without logo. There are many teams and events which comes with similar names as well but their logos make them distinctive for their fans. If you belong to sports fraternity and interested to give your team a great look, prefer to hire a sports logo designer for help.

I am talking to the IPL lovers! What do you remember when you see a blue and golden colored viking helmet embodying the spirit of courage, adventure and wisdom? Kolkata Knight Riders! right? What do you remember when you Sudarshan chakra translating good vision and focus? Is that Mumbai Indians? Yes! Logo keeps a lot of important for your brand as it is the communicator of your values in your absence. People identify any brand by means of its Logo. In this post, we are going to tell you some of the factors that you should keep in mind while getting the sports Logo designed.

This post is dedicated to give 10 highly creative idea for inspiration while you gear up for making your team logo.

Let us dig in:

  1. Adventure sports logo should be made exciting and thrilling

Adrenaline rush- is the most simple way to define adventure sports. Adventure sports is the most enthralling and appealing genre of sports for every adventure enthusiast. If you want to make a gaming logo for your team or unit involved in bungee or cliff jumping etc , make sure to design it in a way that shows the danger of the sport and the adventure involved in it.

For the genre of adventure sports the key to catch in logo design is excitement and energy.

  1. Corporate sports logo needs brand name in it

Sports is for everyone be it normal person or corporate professionals. For corporate sports logo, two things are highly needed. These are the name or the logo of the company and event they are participating. The combination of both the aspects make the logo simple, clear and engaging.

  1. Showing a mythological creature in the design

Using mythological creature such as unicorn, bull etc in your logo gives a different dimension to the logo itself.

Designers from Custom sports jersey design companies suggest that such kind of logo are meant to boost the players. These mythological characters helps in defining the motto of the team which they follow while they are on the ground such as lion for strength,bull for power etc., such logo design look fabulous on sports jersey which then later help in branding your team for better sponsorship.

  1. Using sports gear in your logo

Using sports gears and accessories can be a very interesting idea for logo. Use the gears that are used for the game your team play like bat and ball for cricket, basket or ball for basketball game etc. This kind of logo will make others understand the brand easily and its purpose as well.

  1. Using landmarks in logo

There are  many people who end up making logo based on the sport they play. If you want to stand a little different from the rest consider using the most prominent landmark that you have from your area. This way your origin can be easily depicted and you stand different from the rest of the teams as well.

  1. Showing flags in the logo

Another intelligent way to design a logo is to incorporate the flag design of the country inside your logo. If it is for an event, making a collage of all participating teams into a logo design can be a creative way to put the logo of the event. For national representing teams, using concept of flag on the logo will help players to get a inner motivation to win.

  1. Using animals as a symbol in the logo

This is the most commonly used yet the coolest for logo making. Each animal has its own strength which can be easily replicated in the logo by using them in it. Animal like bull, lion, leopard etc are used for various attributes that they have. Although the idea be common but depiction can always be unique.

  1. Using fire in the sports logo

Fire has lot of components that syncs well with sports. Fire depicts strength, power, zeal, aggression, supremacy which can be easily incorporated in a sports team logo. Any element of Fire in your Logo will keep a great power of determination and will. Fire is the source if energy and provided illumination for ages. Using it in your Logo would make people feel energized whenever they look at your Logo.

  1. Minimum design element

Less is more! This is applicable in most of the fields of our life . when it comes to making logo, less is always more. Using minimum design elements in a logo can be another great way to bring the eye balls towards it. If you are designing for an event or tournament, then strategy can be implemented. For example, using just running shoes, or swimming flippers, gloves etc in the logo.

  1. Showing team name in the logo

This is an easy way of designing a logo. This kind of logo is the simplest of all as it has the name of the team which is already fixed. Designers can use this name and design the logo in the most innovative way by using different fonts that depicts the brand.

The above stated are some ideas that can help in creating your own brand for your sports team.

Path To Retention: How To Reduce The Churn Rate In Mobile Applications?

A marketing campaign for an application can be considered fruitful when it helps in users acquisition as well as enhance the retention of the app in the mind of users. The combination of user acquisition and high retention rate can bring better download rate and make a strong base for loyal customers. To reach to this metric in your marketing approach, it is important to keep the communication metric in control.

The churn rate for any application can be kept in control by keeping a check at the marketing campaign in your control. Churn rate is actually a percentage of users that leaves or abandon the app after sometime. Churn rate can also be understood as the opposite of retention rate. This means that a high retention rate would mean low churn rate and vice versa.

Now, the biggest question is how to prevent and reduce the churn rate of a mobile app?

Here’s the listing of some factors that will help in understanding the reason behind rising churn rate and how to tackle it:

Let us dive in:

Identifying the reason

The first and foremost action is to find out why and how you should be checking the churn rate is growing or not in your app. Have a look at these factors:

  • In app events: Developers from iphone application development firms suggest that in app events shows the users engagement level within your app. By tracking these events such as number of taps, subscription, achieved level, purchase rate etc, will help in devising the strategy against churn rate.
  • Engagement rate:  It is highly important to measure the activity for in app event and engagement metric by highly reliable tool to device campaigns based on the needs and the expectations of the users.
  • User segmentation: the audiences for any app is divided in many segments. It is highly important to strategise campaign based on various segments that the app satisfy. You will have to devise your campaign that suits with the need and expectation of audiences belonging from various segments.

Gathering feedback from mobile app users

After the possible point of faults are recognized, it is important to accumulate the users feedback. The best way to make this effort go well is by preparing a social calendar that should define the feedback activity keeping in mind the end goal. It is better to collect as much feedbacks as possible to get a brief idea about the intention of the users and the market needs. This way you will be able to reach to the mindset of users which will in turn reduce the churn rate.

4 ways to prevent the app from churning

  • Identify and re engage the app users

Developers from best iphone game development companies suggest that the first step towards stopping the app churning is identifying the engagement level of the users. Find the reason  behind uninstalling the app. Make use of various kinds of tools to discover pattern, preferences of users while using your app. This way it will be easy to identify the faults and also help in taking impactful steps towards eliminating the churning reason.

  • Provide personalize app experience

When you know that your users are quitting your app, in this situation something personalized should be done. Craft something that offer value to users who left the app or have shown sign of leaving it. This personalize app experience can be provided by identifying the reason behind the reduction in the retention rate of the users. Use tools to grab impressions from different segments and provide a personalized experience to them.

  • Contextual marketing

Marketers should always work according to the need of the users. Market your app keeping in view the needs and expectations of the potential customers. This way the app will engage the users in a better way. Make sure the context of your app is absolutely clear for the users and your app should provide certain amount of value to the audience as compared to other apps. If this is done well, you can reach to users firmly.

  • Location based marketing

To enhance the position of the app, branding the app locally is also a beneficial approach. This trend is finding its place very prominently these days. It has shown great results for marketers who are penetrating locally and marketing the app there.

Rethink about the value proposition

To attract the attention of the mobile users, it is important to rethink and rebuild the value proposition to suit the need of the mobile app users. For getting this approach done, make sure to re evaluate the services offered and the solution of any problem that may arise in users who’s answers are expected from your app. This way you will be able to keep up the retention rate high by analysing the behaviour of the users and highlighting the core of your app that suits the purpose.


The above mentioned points are directed to the only need for high retention level of users. This metrics can be maintained only when the reason of the churn can be identified and eliminated timely.