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How To Determine The Cost For Building MVP Of Web Apps?

Creating any kind of app needs a proper estimation process be it mobile or web app. It is the cost of app development that determines the approach of the company by implementing features and functionalities that the budget allows.

In this post we will focus on estimating the cost of building MVP of web apps.

Why considering the cost of MVP?

Best web app developers across agencies suggest that MVP stands for minimum viable product which introduces the first version of your product that has a very limited amount of functionality yet capable to address users need or problem to hit the market. For example, if you want to build an online document editor, MVP will not be able a make a huge amount of formatting tools and exploring option. However, it should be able to provide editing plain text documents online to address the need of the targeted audience problems.

Generally MVPs are many things in common. For example, most of the time marketers need the site visitors to signup for using more functionality, interact with content etc.

The scope of MVP web apps

To estimate the cost of MVP web apps, there are certain common features that are needed for implementation in MVPs built for web app users.

The general project scope includes

  • Responsive UX/UI design i.e how the product will look and behave
  • HTML/ CSS responsive implementation i,e how the design will be coded in the interface
  • Backend programming i.e how the features will work in terms of business logic
  • Frontend programming i.e how users will be able to interact with it
  • Automation tests i.e identify and remove any kind of bugs, errors and unusual behaviour
  • Acceptance of mutual testing i.e to check that the product fits with initial requirement

All these factors are highly essential when estimating the amount of efforts needed to get common MVP features. It is important that the effort is counted as per the complexity if the functions which the app needs.


There are generally two broad functionalities that play two major role in web apps:

  • Site visitors: people who simply visits the app
  • Logged in users: these are the visitors who have signed up and then signed in to get better access to functionalities.

Before implementing any kind of functionality, any app would need:

  • UX/UI design

This is the most important part of an app design. It includes defining the UX of the app, designing the logo, choosing the right colour scheme for the app and setting up a style guide

  • Database and web app designing

Professionals from best web application development agencies suggest this stage of designing to include configuration for backend and frontend tools, database design and running deployment scripts.

What are the hourly rates for web app development across the globe?

Most outsourcing web app companies offers hourly rates on project they build up. These rates depend upon factor such as:

  • Country where services are offered, the average cost of living and economic strength
  • The company brand, size, experience and position.

It is also often observed that reputed companies charges more as they are leaders of the market and employ more number of staff within a project which increases the rates by many folds.

This chart is itself capable to give you the idea of top companies and the charges they levied.

If you want to get exact cost of web app development then you should directly contact the web app development teams. The project estimates are generally offered for free, so you can take the benefit from it.

How A Content Centered Mobile Experience Can Create A Huge Difference?

The mobile world is dominated by the dominance of smartphones and apps. The statistics tells that 80% of users own a smartphone and rather than frequency of using the smartphone, it is the impact of apps which are created in the mind of the users.

Research suggest that mobile users spend over 90% of their usage time on apps. This means a significant amount of minutes, hours and days are invested within apps.

If you intend to enhance the working of your mobile apps by considering only short form of content then consider this thinking outdated. SEO company India experts suggest that mobile apps and long form content have the best of combination. Focusing on content specific experience is the best way to generate more engagement within the app.

The need of great mobile content

Generally marketers believe that content for a mobile app should be bit sized but this notion is wrong in every way. If people invest in downloading the app that means they are interested within your brand.

The second important points is about the consumers are using the apps. News paper and magazine apps are built from a long form of content which depicts that users have wholeheartedly accepted content centric app experience.

Apps are the way of entertainment for users and they invest a lot of time in them hence it is ideal for brand to invest in them.

Developing a mobile centric content strategy

When it is about generating mobile app content, it should be mobile centric. This means that mobile lovers love to go in hand with long form of content, however, android, iphone app design agencies believe that while generating content the human span of attention should be kept in mind. The attention span is usually less but that does not mean they skip long content. This mean that content should be created in a way which should be absorbed easily despite being long.

Your content should be able to grab the attention of app users in seconds or your users will opt out. Be to the point and give users adequate value. Break it in digestible pieces that can be read and understood easily.

Personalization of the content matters the most

Mobile apps are dedicated to perform certain kinds of function. It is the purpose of the app which make it downloaded in phones. This is the way real estate of the content makes a huge impact. A content which matters the most for your app does not need any kind of personalization.

It is the concept of the app on which it is centered that matters the most. This concept backed with relevant content makes the app engagement level really high. An app personalized content is made out of the event it is based. This mean that the content triggered by specific event. Personalization is a key for reaching to the heart of the app users. This strategy has been used by many giant organization like amazon.

A content centered mobile app experience tend to bring best of the result for the users. Give it a try and see result.

How To Harness CTA Button To Get Maximum Conversion?

Call to action is one of the most powerful tool to get better conversion in a website. A CTA acts as a guide to serve the customers, users and readers to participate and bring better communication. However, this is not the end of it. CTA is a tool that allow ecommerce entrepreneurs to encourage action in ways which can directly benefit the business.

Characteristic of high converting CTA button

  • Compelling call to action

Content is always considered as king with a website and the copy is soul of this king. Depending upon the call to action, the words used within the CTA button holds a lot of significance in conversion, be it making purchase, subscribing or making any other kind of move.

Experts from Ecommerce website designing company suggest that the copy used within the call to action button appears within a very confined space but it should be capable to attract users make a click on the button. You can target the audience self interest by answering potential question that they may ask. Make sure not to mislead the users. State in minimum words about what visitors will get when they click on CTA.

  1. Use striking colour contrast

For any ecommerce website, the colour combination is an important factor for making its branding and identity. Colour is equally important for CTA. Ensure to have a contrasting colour from background colour of the website in your CTA to give better visibility.

You can look at colour wheel and select colour which is diametrically opposite. This way, the colour will easily fit in the colour palette of the website, without making it different in look and feel.

  1. Choose proximity to previous actions

If you want better conversion, place your CTA button right in the scrolling path of the user, to make as much easy for possible to reach to it. Website in recent times use parallax scrolling these days, which indicate that the content of the foreground moves quickly than the background. It is important to design a CTA that can be found quickly by the users to get convert.

  1. Placement in a logical position

Hire a website designer who knows well about the conversion and reading path of the users. Studies indicate that placing CTA in a logical place of users reading path brings better conversion. To know about it, there is a certain amount of anticipation which is needed. There are some times cultural variation that make reading from left to right different.

To make it simple for all kind of readers, consider placing the CTA in the center of the page below any list or contact form or images. You can also use directional cues which brings more flexibility with the placement of button

  1. Regularly tested and optimized

It is always better to put CTA in a regular test basis. After a certain interval of time, the colour, size, placement and even the copy should be tested and changed. You can use A/B testing for you call to action for making a good mailing list as many email apps allow you to track the performance of the CTA and make adequate changes.

What Can Happen If You Stop Doing SEO?

We all know the importance of doing SEO but never does we give attention to what happen if we stop doing SEO all of a sudden?

The success of SEO campaign depends on achieving the top of organic page ranking. Seldom the marketers tend to enquire the tenure for reaching the top of traffic and after reaching the position, if it is important to continue.

The biggest mistake that hampers a business despite making all the efforts as per the consultants from Digital marketing company is assuming that the site is fully optimized and they need no more tweaks. They can enjoy their ranking from there on without any effort.

This thinking is all about making your business to go down.

If you stop your SEO, you will face:

  • Slip in ranking and traffic

When you stop SEO, your ranking or traffic does not go down right away. The process is much more complicated. In first few month, you may not notice any change in ranking, hence, the traffic does not deviate much but the pattern is very short lived.

This process of going down is same for every kind of business. It depends upon the approach the business used for SEO. A service based on local SEO, such brand may see a continues steady traffic for a long time due to their name recognition and the continues need of their service. Generally a retail brand and non locally based business can expect a very steep fall.

Why does traffic falls after stopping SEO?

SEO consultant from best SEO company in India suggest that the traffic falls after stopping SEO is because the business does not rank on the same position as it was earlier on SERPs.

The sites which rank high on the SERPs receives the highest amount of search visibility. This the reason that these sites enjoy highest amount of click through rate. There are many tools which are available to visualize the importance of maintaining the top organic ranking. For some people the difference of outcome from the position of 1 to 3 may look trivial but in practice, this may have very serious impact.

Why do ranking decline after stopping SEO?

  • Absence of fresh and relevant content

Search engines always value content which are most relevant, fresh and unique. The sites which update their content with fresh and valuable content tend to enjoy more organic ranking. The basic idea is as soon as new content is updated, Google bots will return to site for indexing and your site appear in SERPs.

  • The competition is not decreasing

SEO is a destination which give you a healthy potential to beat the competition. The most successful SEO campaigns are derived from learning from the competitors. If you are at the top at SERPs then you may have been followed by your competitors. When you stop of SEO service, competitors get the privilege to surpass your efforts and overtake your position.

  • It becomes easy to revert back to bad habits

There are times when the web designer and SEO expert view gets clash. For example, according to web designer Javascript is important but for SEO expert, it kills the ranking. It is good to listen to SEO specialist to skip any kind of common mistake.

SEO is a regular practice, any skip can ruin your efforts completely. Do you know what to be done now?

How To Use Background Textures In Web Design?

There are many ways by which textures in web design can be used. You can extensively use this fact for the background of the website, if you take a modern approach and follow some really simple steps. Here’s some simple tips to help in using background textures in web design

Let us begin:

  1. Go simple and understated

Web development company experts suggest that a great background texture should never get noticed by users. It should as clean and invisible as possible. The background should be selected in a way that clearly shows all the gradient within the logotype as well as all the event informations needed. A simple background texture tend to have a small or tight repeating pattern and can be almost in any colour. The background should not be a focal point, they are used for bringing attention to other elements of the website.

  1. Use big and bold

In many cases, there can be a need to opt for big and bold texture or pattern. These larger than life background style is meant for design where the foreground is more of a text or user interface element heavy and there should not be any competing image to deal. Using such kind of background can be tricky. From the tilting pattern which should be invisible for users to making the background inadvertently which becomes the main point of entire design. You can keep an eye on the analytics to make sure oversized background texture is working.

  1. Incorporate a trend

A trendy background texture can make your design look more fresh and modern at the same time. A website with such kind of background, the pattern within the background design creates a depth and texture that help users to focus on various elements such as fonts and call to action.

The layering of texture has an important contribution to the overall effect on the background. Also keep in mind that colour has an important role to play. Colour separate two kind of background with darker elements behind the lighter element.

  1. Use image

A background texture does not have to repeat pattern. Professionals from Web design Jaipur agencies suggest that some of the best background texture also has images that relates to the brand or main messaging to add a visual interest and engagement. The basic trick is to fade the image into the background more effectively. Fading the image means that it drops out of main image area and into the distance.

  1. Using colour variation

The mix and match of colour tone from the same palette helps in creating a bold texture from shapes or lettering. Colour variation from the same family can create a depth and visual interest. You can consider using a combination of colours with giant letters to create a background texture. Without technique such as gradient or shadows, the lines from letterform establish depth and balance. This way you can draw the attention of the eye where the background colour meets and the headline is located.

A great background texture is meant to bring a depth and visual interest to the overall website design. Incorporate these tips and see results.

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Top 5 Trend In Web Development To Keep An Eye In 2018

The web development world is changing at a rapid speed. As new technologies emerges and user expectations are increasing day by day, we can find a continuous flow of new apps, websites, functions and features etc. It is the changing needs of the people that web developers should keep a tap. It is better to be tuned in the industry standards to create a major impact.

This is 2018 and we should know the trend in the industry. Let us discuss the web development trend to look in 2018:i

  1. Single page websites

According to a research conducted by web development company India, around 52.2% of all website traffic is generated from  mobile devices. The browsing habit has changed and it is getting more and more important to make the website mobile friendly.

A single page website can be a solution to entice users with speed and simplicity. Single page website has one single webpage. This kind of webpages are simply divided into logical sections. Users only need to scroll down in a continuous motion or click on anchor link to land up in relevant section. For users, single page websites looks good in all kinds of devices and great for users which brings better conversion.

  1. Discard flash

Some trends are already bygone and 2018 is the year when you should bid adieu to using flash. From a long time, flash was a protocol which was used for displaying animations. In 2015, after Apple, Google automatically started converting adobe flash ads to HTML5. In 2017, it was officially declared that after 2020, flash player will no longer be updated or distributed. There are several factors to discard flash which include security issues, crashes, compatibility and lack of mobile browser support. HTML5 is much more secured, low in maintenance, high performance which help web developers to create SEO friendly animation.

  1. Artificial intelligence

It seems that AI will be with us for some more time. In this highly connected world, users have high expectations. This is the era of 24/7 services for getting access to various kinds of information at any time of the day, this is where chatbots are helpful. Chatbots now a days are really important and it is estimated that 80% of business by 2020 will have integrated chatbots.

Using chatbots means getting a grip on Natural language processing. Natural language can be understood by AI principles. It is expected that context based interactions play a major role and the focus is given on a real time experience.

  1. Progressive web apps

The influence of mobile is massive which leds to rise in progressive web apps development. Certified web app developers consider progressive web apps highly useful as it creates relationship over time. These apps looks like mobile apps but works like web pages in the browser. Progressive web apps loads quickly even in disturbing networks, send push notification, has icon on home screen and best of user experience. PWAs can work offline, they are highly impressive and engaging and loads extremely quick to give an exceptional user experience.

  1. Website push notification

Push notification is not meant only for mobile apps. Websites are also now a days using push notification and engaging more and more users. Brands by the medium of chatbots are trying to communicate with the users. Push notification can make users much more connected and engaged. From development perspective push notifications are easy to set up and offer many benefit in terms of engagement.

These are the five trends of web development which are running in 2018 for getting success.

Waterfall Or Agile: Which One Is The Best App Development Methodology?

Deciding about right kind of development methodology is the most initial stage of app development. Waterfall and agile are the two most popular option which are widely different from each other but some companies end up mixing the two of them. It is always best to combine the best of the elements from both the methodology which can work perfectly for team and project.

Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of both kind of methodologies:

Waterfall methodology

Waterfall methodology as per android app development company professionals is a sequential model which has a clear path of events. The development process in waterfall methodology follow a static phase of conception, analysis of the requirements, design, implementation, testing and maintenance. Each phase is final and easy to retract. This mean that the design must be completed and moves final towards implementation stage.

Pros of waterfall methodology

  • Clear deadline: this method gives a clear deadline in every stage of development. This way teams gets stick with schedule and has smooth flow.
  • Documentation process: This method is beneficial as it is well documented. From the gathering of project requirement to documentation of each aspects of the process.
  • Organized: all the deliverables are well defined and every team has their own responsibilities and goals.
  • Clear expectations: clients are well aware about what should be expected at which stage of development and give better amount of trust and satisfaction.


  • Difficult to manage: In waterfall method every step is final. Once the information procurement is done, it is difficult to get more details and clarification.
  • Lack of collaboration: There is a very collaboration within different teams involved with the method. In any of the stage of the process, if developers want more information it holds no scope for it.
  • Slow deliverables: The result obtained is really slow.
  • Testing comes late and can be risky: testing comes in a long way in this process as too much is invested within the process and any problem found can be too much expensive. Generally, the testing process is overlooked which creates massive problem.

Agile methodology

This one is a more iterative methodology for application lifecycle management. Agile process is rather flexible process as identified by iphone app development company designers. This method focuses on keeping the process lean and creating MVPs which goes with lot of iteration before being finalized. Multiple phase of development proceed parallel to each other and the changes can be made at various stages.


  • Collaborative team based approach: this method focuses on making teams work together which brings better exchange of ideas.
  • Iterative and flexible: Agile method allow quick rollout to the basic prototype which is opened for initial feedback process within the team itself. This way you receive and incorporate feedback.
  • Gives better business value: rather sticking to a business plan, this method allows to grow the idea and evolve itself.


  • It is tricky to manage
  • It has unclear project scope
  • Needs constant testings


Both the methodology has major pros and cons but what you choose depends entirely on project requirements and working style. You can also mix the methods to get best of the quality in app development.

Top 4 Checkout Design Hacks For Better Ecommerce Conversion

Getting a proper checkout design is a must to bring better conversion in ecommerce business. A properly designed checkout, ought to bring customer experience, building trust and increasing better sales. The opposite of good design, badly designed checkout can create major distraction making the customers abandon the cart right away. It is often seen that marketers give strong emphasis in building other pages of the ecommerce site but tend to neglect checkout page which proves detrimental for the site at large.

If you want to avoid any checkout problem in your ecommerce site, have a look at these hacks:

  1. Give a simple yet efficient checkout process

Web development company India professionals suggest that getting complexity within an ecommerce site can create huge setback in the conversion. Make sure that the checkout process within the site should be short. Companies should cut the length of checkout process to make people stay on the site.

Secondly, make it completely linear i.e the steps within the checkout process should not repeat itself. This make customers confused and they prefer to leave the site.

  1. Always offer guest checkouts

Generally, it is important that every online store should offer a guest checkout process. There are several studies which are done in this regard which clearly depicts that online shoppers abandon the checkout process when asked to create a new account. It is quite reasonable to ask customers to register but it shouldn’t be mandatory in any way.

  1. Enhance the perceived security

When people go for shopping online, said or un-said they are somewhere terrified to give their card details to make a purchase. Research also indicate that around 18% of customers  abandon the cart because they cannot trust the website. This lack in trust don’t generally result due to lack of actual security features but from the users perception of website safety.

In order to reduce this feeling within users, experts from ecommerce website development suggest certain indicators such as:

  • Display credibility indication within the process. This can be done by trustworthy logos of digital brand, security certificates or unbranded icons which defines safety.
  • Give your attention towards visual layouts of the credit card forms. Customer feels this section secured when it is placed within a box with clear border and different background colour.
  • In addition to this,make your layout consistent and avoid any visual bugs that can bring suspicion and kills the credibility.
  1. Localize the checkout process

Ecommerce websites is a global phenomenon. In ecommerce business, even the smallest marketers consider designing the website and the checkout process based on international customers requirements. There are two ways to localize the checkout process. The first option is to localize the payment and currency options. Your ecommerce platform should be able identify IP address to show prices in local currency.

The second method is offering localized inline validation. At least, the form should not show any error when the customers fills an international address or number. Localizing element within checkout process reduces the cart abundance rate.

  1. Broaden up the bottom of the funnel

Checkout process is the final step of customers journey and the one which owns the largest impact in successful conversion. A small tweaks is also meant to bring better conversion.

Implement these 5 hacks of checkout process within your ecommerce website and witness visible increase in your conversion.

Top 6 Tips For Determining The Pricing Of Products In An Ecommerce Business

For making an increase in average order value in the ecommerce business, pricing holds a paramount significance. Generally pricing can be done by two ways, one by getting customers buy more products and second making customers pay more for the same items.

This post, we will look at some of the most important pricing technique. Have a look at these seven tips to determine the price of product for ecommerce business to generate more amount of revenue.

  • Understanding the factor of nine

Experts from Ecommerce solution company recognize the factor of 9 as the most successful tricks on pricing. 9 factor of pricing is also known as charm pricing which a creates a very significant effect on consumers who consider this to be getting a good deal.

This factor is successful as generally customers roundoff the price towards down rather doing up. Therefore, it is ideal to experiment with charm pricing.

  • Using framing copy

Your words can provide a very powerful perception in terms of how price can be perceived by the targeted people. Use a kind of copy which can make people perceive as getting more value from their purchase.

There is no doubt in the fact that a good content copy makes a huge difference in customers engagement and their perception.

  • Use small font size

Generally, marketers have the tendency to highlight low price by using different and large, bold fonts. According to studies conducted by the consultants from digital marketing company India, it is better to small size font rather highlighting the low prices because customers feel the deal in small font as ideal as compared to larger fonts. This kind of response was found as human brain correlate physical magnitude with numerical ones. Hence, to attract the users always choose small fonts.

  • Use comparative pricing

Comparative pricing shows customers choices in prices of two or more similar product which are placed side by side, to make your product much more attractive by comparison.

The most common kind of comparative pricing is comparing the standard product with the premium ones, making the customer view the standard offering as relative bargains. While selling digital softwares especially, comparative prices are quiet beneficial if done properly.

  • Bundle up the product

Bundling the product involves packaging multiple products together in a lower combined price. This is the most effective way of getting customers to purchase more item than perceived. In addition to it, it can also be used as a way of selling slow moving inventory, by bundling less popular item with hot product. Bundlings is a process that works well when the items are related in some ways.

  • Display the sales item clearly

Periodic sales are one of the most effective way for boosting sale in ecommerce revenue. When you have them, it should not be missed. This may sound obvious, business may miss the conversion because customers don’t realize certain items which are on sale. Another way of making your sale item stand out by presenting the discounted prices clearly.

Follow these 6 tips to determine price and get better ecommerce conversion.

Top 6 Beneficial Aspects Of Having Professional Logo Design

What is the first thing that you see in a business? Ofcourse it is the logo of a business. Some of the biggest brands all across the globe have got iconic logos which are considered reliable throughout the globe. For example, we all can recognize McDonalds with yellow M, the half bitten apple of Apple company, or the blue bird of Twitter are some of the brands which get theirs recognition from their logo.

Logo holds the most important preposition in corporate branding, hence, it is vital to get the right logo design for your brand.

Let us discuss six benefits of having a professional logo design for your brand

  1. A great logo gives you the best first impression for your brand

First impression is always the last impression!

Generally customers make a decision for their business within the 1/3rd of the second from their first encounter. Designers from best logo design company india suggest that, it is the logo and the name of the company which is the first thing which customers looks at in the first place. Therefore, a well designed logo is sufficient in itself to grab the attention of the customers in the first place.

The size, colour, font and style of the logo has a lot to speak about the brand it represents,hence, it is important to select element that resonates your brand. It is always better to seek help from professionals. They can understand the message of your business and turn the message into visual icon that easily catch the people attention of the brand.

  1.  Designed with a concept and strategy of a professional

If you are not a designer, it is really difficult at your part to create a logo design which can resonate with the brand image in a unique and amazing way. It may happen that you come up with some irrelevant attempts which cannot bring any significant result.

It is better to choose an established agency or freelancer with a portfolio which can set your design of logo unique from the rest. A logo designed by an experienced designer can bring a sure shot success for your brand by designing an exceptional logo.

  1. A good logo is ideal to build a strong brand identity

Creating a good logo design is extremely essential as it is the basic building block on which you can build a strong brand. Logo and brand are different yet logo has a huge role in creating a brand identity. Hire a logo designer who can professionally design a logo which represent the brand and give it a unique brand identity. Get your logo designed right and all other thing will come at place just like that.

  1. Your logo helps to project a professional image

A professional logo design agencies employ trained designer and excel in creating a massive visual form. There are many kinds of logo styles and a trained designer recommend which design is right for the business. Generally, creating a professional design is not a matter of joke for somebody who has no professional background. A well designed logo would effectively reflect the key colour,corporate fonts and overall brand style so that you can use it anywhere.

Create an exceptional professional logo from the expert designer and bring better success in your business.