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Know How To Choose The Right Mobile Development App

Picking up the right mobile app development company is essential when it comes to your business. A mobile app company has the power to change the overall outlook of your business. Considering this fact, you have to carefully while choosing your mobile app developer. In this article, we have compiled a list of tips you should bear in mind before hiring an app developer:

  • Be thorough with your research: Before the course of action commences, you should have an effective business plan in your mind. Set your priorities straight. Pre-determine the market and audience you intend to target, category and number of users for which your app is designed for and expected returns on your investment. You have no idea how crucial research is in the preliminary phase of your business app. A proper and detailed research can furnish you the relevant information that will enable you to discover a distinctive niche. Choosing the best mobile development app without an adequate amount of research is similar to walking into a car showroom without possessing knowledge about the car models. Sure, you wouldn’t like it to happen!
  • Set a budget: Cost is an important factor in picking up a mobile development app that meets your needs. By now, you have already learnt about your requirements, so it’s time that you estimate expenditure which your company is capable to deal with. This way you will get an idea as to either hire an in-house development team or go for outsourcing.
  • Analyze bit by bit:It is not that you have to focus only on mobile development based in your area or country, use the internet to find the best mobile app development company in France or mobile app development company in Austin. Here’re a few things to consider before opting for any development company.
  • Look for experience: Experience outranks everything else. Check whether the company was engaged into work of similar nature in the task. If it is, it is a bonus point for you.
  • Flexibility: The company you are hiring should be flexible enough to accept your point of views, and suggestions. There is nothing better than a developer with whom you share your approach.
  • Ready to take feedbacks: There are a plenty number of app development companies across the globe. However, there are only a handful of companies who are willing to accept feedback and suggestions from their valuable customers. All you have to do is find such genuine companies.
  • Versatility: Once you are clear what you want, you definitely need options to select from. Go with a development company which offers a team of experts to work with.
  • State Clearly About The Project:
  • Be familiar with your target audience:

To make an appropriate choice, you need to understand your market and audience. Suppose if you will have users from either France or Austin, you have to take special measures keeping in mind their security. Your developers need to know the destination as well as the process through which your data will be kept confidential and secure in order to describe the technical aspects of your project. Breach of security is a serious issue that seeks your attention. Any kind of loss of data can lead to legal issues.

  • Select your platform:

Pick up one or two platforms on which you intend to run your app. For generating an offline version of your app, you have to get in connect with the industry experts. Development of a hybrid app can be executed by a particular team of experts.

  • Be sure about the content:

For figuring out the relevant content for your app, you are required to think ahead of time. Create a content that sustains for the next 1 to 1.5 years. You cannot employ the same kind of approach for various content types. A produced data would require a unique content approach as compared to the stored one. Therefore describe your app content with utmost care.

  • Operate with honesty:

As an owner of a mobile app, it is your sole responsibility to check all the features of your app before the launch. You have take charge of deleting the irrelevant features or services or sections from the app.

Now that you know about the things to take care before choosing a mobile development company, it’s the right time to avail the services of a mobile app development company in France. We assure you, you won’t regret.

For any suggestion or information relating to mobile apps, feel free to connect with our team of experts working with mobile app development company in Austin.

Hope, you found the article useful.

Best 4 Must Follow UX Rule For Effective Dialog Design

Dialogs are highly effective element of user interface when designed and used most appropriately. Dialogs can be a ladder for users for completing various goals much faster and easier way. However, wrongly designed dialogs can actually worsen the situation. It is important to design dialog which does not inhibit the users movement.

What is dialog?

A dialog is an overlay that requires users interaction and are designed to elicit a response from the users. Experts from ipad app design agencies suggest that dialogs are meant to give users critical information, makes users take important decision or involve multiple task. Dialog are extensively used in mobile app and web to bring users attention for a specific task without making the users quit the present screen.

Let us discuss best practices for dialog design for higher user experience:

  1. Reduce interruption

While using dialog make sure to use it wisely as they are interruptive in nature. Sudden appearance of dialog direct users to stop existing task and give their attention to the content of the dialog. Sometimes when users are interrupted by dialog, it proves beneficial as sometime users have to confirm important action.

  • Acknowledgement

Dialog makes lot of sense when users need to give their acknowledgement for interaction before they begin or when the cost of an error is huge.

  • Say no to sudden open dialog

Presenting sudden dialog can have detrimental effect on users experience. Many sites have the habit of presenting multiple dialog boxes. A dialog should appear only when the user is doing something.

  1. Keep a match between dialog and the real world

The dialog should address users in the language which users are frequently using like words, phrases, concepts etc.

  • Clear question and options

Agencies involved in develop app for iphone or android platforms suggest to use clear questions or statement in a dialog along with the explanation in the content area. Generally avoid using apologies, ambiguity or questions in your dialog. Ambiguity can create confusion and lead to bad users experience.

  • Give important information

It is important that the dialog should not obscure any information that can be useful for users. Like- a dialog asking asking users to confirm deleting some items should also list the items being deleted.

  • Provide informative feedback

While a process is finished, you can display a notification message or visual feedback. Make users know they have done whatever is needed.

  1. Insisting for minimalism

Don’t make the dialog highly cluttered, make it as clean and simple as possible. Using minimalism should be in terms of value and relevance.

  • Number of elements and option

Always make sure that dialog should never appear partial on screen. Don’t make use of dialog which have scrolling content.

  • Number of action

Dialogs should not have more than one action. Options like learn more, make people deviate from finishing task, therefore, avoid using it.

  • Don’t include multiple steps in dialog

When multiple things are used within dialog, it makes the task look extremely critical which somewhere make users puzzled.

  1. Select proper type of dialog

Dialog are of two main type. First is modal dialog which forces users to interact before continuing. The second is non-modal dialog which allow users to click or tap outside for dismissing the dialog. Consider using modal type for very important interactions only


These best practices mentioned can prove to really helpful for your app design. It is always important to keep users in mind while introducing any kind of element.

4 Best Practice For Creating A Beautiful Minimalistic Design For Your App

While the mobile devices are increasing at an exponential rate, the minimalism in app design is getting more prominence. Minimalism in app or website brings an additional benefit in terms of faster loading and higher compatibility within screen sizes. A well designed, beautiful minimalist app combined with impressive usability quotient and easy navigation is a powerful mean of communication.

But minimalism is not as simple as it sounds. If you want to create a minimalistic app design, then make sure to follow some basic thumb rule from the beginning.

  1. Removing all extra elements

Best iphone app developers suggest that minimalist design does not give room for any loose ends. Every item within the app should definitely have a purpose. In this design, all other elements are eliminated except the one which are highly essential.

  • Don’t use stock images and use image only when it simplifies the message conveyed.
  • The copy of your website should hold only the information which can convey the message thoroughly. The text message should contain all meaningful information as any reduction in these information can make the app meaningless and confusing.
  1. Give focus on single focal point per screen

Less is the element in the screen, more will be the focus on other elements. The idea of minimalism works around the idea of designing around content. This design form does not only stress on elimination but also giving focus on content. Therefore, when it comes to minimalism design app, it should be highlighting the content and a clear CTA.

  1. Use simple colour scheme

Using simple colour scheme improves the user experience while using too many colour can actually create a negative impact. Experts from android app design agencies suggest that using less colour does not mean necessarily designing the app in black and white. This means using colour which can appropriately portray the design of the app.

You can consider using bold colour for the design. Generally larger fonts and accent colour are highly efficient in drawing the user attention without using any hint.

  1. Right use of whitespace

Whitespace is the space which is given around any element. This holds a very dominant role in minimalism design as negative space make minimalism look visually comprehensive and highly readable. You can always consider whitespace as frame and border for your content rather understanding it like empty space.

Generally larger distances create forced attention. For bringing adequate notices to your app content, make sure to increase the negative space around it. However, make sure the empty spaces leads to logical pattern within the content.


Minimalism is just the ideal way to gain attention of the users in your app especially when the competition is too strong.

If you want to achieve simplicity and frictionless design in your app then minimalism is just the right thing for you. Combine usability with functionality and refinement to get best of the result. It is also important to remember that minimalism is not about elimination only, it is also about adding element which speaks for your app.

How To Speed Up The Game Development Process? Some Quick Tips!

Whenever we begin with any new work, there are lot of steps that are taken for reaching the desired destination. However, there are chances of skipping some important steps are always there. When it comes to game designers their responsibilities are huge, it begin writing precisely as to what they want to develop and how?

Documents are not ideal but still holds importance when coherent networks assembling is needed in a game design. There is a lot needed to be documented in a pre production of game. This process is not that easy as it may sound, therefore, we enlist some tips which can help in designing a game as efficient as possible.

Let us begin:

  1. Making a short prototype can be a big help

According to best iphone game development professionals, a raw design document bring lot of interpretations within the mind of different people. Words cannot adequately portray the actually game that you want to create, therefore, creating a prototype is worthy.

A prototype ideally describes and gives meaningful information that can help in assessing the quality of the game concept. This is the ideal way to begin pre production process. Documents are wastage of time and takes the designers away from the idea of their game design. Always remember playable sample of game give team member a sense of what the game should actually be.

  1.  Lean documents

In a game development scenario where everyone is busy with task, reading long documents and thereafter remembering them is the most unpredictable thing. It is difficult to process so many textual informations and replicated it. Henceforth, an efficient design document should always focus on key informations that each team member should use.

Creating lean document is not only easy to understand but also shows the understanding of the writer. Simplicity is the trend to follow in such situations.

  1. Write keeping in mind your peers

Document are designed for others, it can be for managers, clients, developers etc. each one of them expect something different from the document. An expectation of a client may prove to be entirely from that of designers. Experts involved in development ipad app suggest that it is always better to adopt to the needs of the readers and catch to the content and tone of what your readers can understand. You can always get your readers feedback to improve your content writing.

  1. Run test to prevent unnecessary chatter

Written documents always create room for interpretation especially those who are out of game industry. This may create idea clashed ending in lot of confusion. This confusion can be broken by considering a reference game. Then the variation becomes easy to identify between the two. Prototype is a biggest help to solve such problems.

  1. Make research at the beginning

While documentation, searching for new ideas, programming concept can be very difficult. The easiest way to strike a balance is to begin with a short plan. Make a list of task and gather all the required raw material for the purpose. Planning is the most basic productivity hack.

  1. Learn to code

Creating a gameplay programming is the most fundamental skill that a game designer poses. The knowledge of designing make it easy for you to connect with the other team member and understand their problem and obstructions. This also makes it easy to make the idea more realistic. The knowledge of coding makes a game designer, autonomous, knowledgeable and overall much more efficient.


There are 3 general points to remember

  • Use and abuse prototype
  • Write and code according to your teammates
  • Should always bring clarity in presentation

These are some to the easy tips which can help speeding the game development process very easily.

Top 6 Rules In Typography Which Can Bring Great User Experience

When it comes to designing a good app or website, typography has a serious role to play. A nice chosen typography is meant bring high readability and scannability while balancing with a solid visual connection.

It may look simple but it does need precision and the eye of an experts as well. To make it simpler for all you people, state 6 must follow rules to create an amazing typographic user experience for your app or website.

  1. The rule of readability

Isn’t it obvious? After all if you can read, how would you move further?

Ux design experts from iphone design app suggest that the text used in the app should be easy to read. Make sure to avoid typefaces which are difficult to read, often those in script form or in novelty type design.

Readable typeface are the one which are easily scannable and draw little attention. Readable typeface are almost invisible in terms that they are so readable that user don’t think before reading the content.

  1. Leave space between lines of types

One of the best way for creating an amazing user experience is line spacing. When it comes to mobile apps line spacing holds great importance as an appropriate amount of line spacing contributes to better readability. The space within lines can come from various variables such as: text size, amount of text, lettering style and screen width. Generally there are no set formula, you can go ahead with your instinct and also from the point of view of users.

  1. Select big bowls and rounded letters

Designers from UX/ UI agencies for Android app ui design suggest that big round letters are easy to read. Rounded letter forms are more like our childhood conditioning when we get exposed to reading and writing, that aesthetics sticks to the users till lifetime. This means that rounded letters and big bowl typeface are part of users conditioning, hence, highly successful for creating engagement.

  1. The size of the type

Usually designer gets confused between the size of the text. In this situation, consider getting bigger in text size than normally used. The size of the text should be dependent on how much text you are working with. You can pay attention to long block of text.

Various designers have different idea about much text should be used but commonly, the minimum number of characters fall between 45-60 character per line. This is applicable for mobile typography as well.

  1. The letter heights

The height of letters, especially when it comes to lowercase letter, makes it easy for user to move through content. Typeface with the taller heights are much easier to read and understand.

  1. Think about proportion

While creating type style, make sure to think about type proportional. Think proportion as a line space. Think about the size you select for body type, subheads, headlines etc.

Making proportional for easy to determining what size to make lettering to create a sense of visual harmony.

Follow these six important rules for selecting the best of typography for creating a great app user experience.

Free Web-Based Tools For Seamless Website Management

An entrepreneur in today’s competitive and cut through ecosystem faces a lot of challenges and ups and downs. Being the founder of a start-up is never easy and you can find yourself in a combative situation every other day. One of the first and most major challenges start-ups and organizations face is with their website. Although they get their website up and ready, it is often an ongoing challenge to get the word out into the market and actually make the entire business model a profitable one.

Only through multiple trial and errors do these entrepreneurs learn how to navigate their way in this overcrowded space and thus make their voices heard.

What is the challenge?

Unlike the physical brick and mortar shops we see around us every day, there are certain challenges that come uniquely with an e-commerce website. For example, in a physical store, you can easily monitor the footfall and also track how many customers came to your shop in a particular day. Whereas on an e-commerce website, without the presence of a specific tool, it often becomes increasingly difficult to track if customers are coming and if so where they are coming from.

This is just one instance and in today’s article, we will cover about certain free web-based tools which are sure to make your life easier while managing your e-commerce website and also help in e-commerce website development company in India.

  • Amazon Web Services/AWS

If you have been in the technology game for long enough, it is most likely that you have come across the name of AWS or Amazon Web Services at least once.

In the most basic terms, AWS is a one-stop shop for all your needs to manage your website efficiently. The best part, most services included in the bundle are free for one year.

Some other perks of using AWS are:

    1. Pay as you go scheme, which means you only pay for the services you are using and only when you are using them actively. No reserve fees, or hidden termination fees.
    2. A simple monthly calculator which helps you track of how much the total cost might come up to.
    3. Payless by using more, which means that the more you use the service, the more affordable will it become in your pocket.
  • Zoho

Similar to Amazon Web Services, Zoho is another tech giant in the industry you just can’t afford to miss. Since its inception in the market, Zoho has consistently stood out with its list of offerings and as of today, its list of free offerings for businesses continues to grow.

One of the main attractions of integrating Zoho with your business is the Zoho workplace package which is a full suite of all the services you are most likely to need. The Zoho Workplace package contains Mail, Connect, Chat, Show, Sites, Writer and Sheet and the best part is they are completely free.

Once you register on their website with your business email, all the above-mentioned services and some more are seamlessly integrated and you can start using them almost immediately.

Another good thing about Zoho is their referral program. For example, if you can get 25 referrals from your link, you get 25 accounts for free, isn’t that great!

  • SmallSeo Tools

A website, be it of any sort, either an e-commerce portal or just a forum, is incomplete without content. And for publishing great content consistently, you need access to a host of tools. Thus comes, SmallSEO tools.

All their offerings are completely free of cost and their website contains hundreds of free tools. Starting from broken link checker, article spinner, plagiarism checker and all the way till keyword density checker and Google Index Checker, with SmallSEO Tools at your disposal, you can become a website Guru in no time.


The above list of free tools is sure to help you in your endeavour to get more customers and increase your ecommerce website development company in India business. Go and try them all today!

Website Development: The Need of the Hour!

In today’s scenario, the competition and the fierceness of those involved are increasing every hour. This increasing level of competition, thus demands that you as an entrepreneur should possess something truly unique to offer which not only makes you stand out among the rest but also draws customers and clients towards you.

One of the best and most well-known approaches to achieve this purpose is by having a website that stands out in all aspects. Having a stunning website will not only guarantee that you get more business in the long run, but it will also make sure that people remember you first when they think about your domain of service. One of the best things about having a great website is the fact that it is up and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Unless we factor in the occasional maintenance, your website serves as a 24-hour assistant who not only promotes your business but also gets you business time and time again.

All this being said, it can be understood that website development and especially e-commerce website development in India are of very high importance to the success and profitability of your business.

Why you need website development?

As mentioned in the introductory paragraphs, website development is one of the most important aspects you need to consider and work upon if you want to succeed in the internet game of today. Not only does website development services help you portray the image of your organization better in front of your clients but it also helps in generating new leads, maintain communication between you and your clients, market and sell your product or services, and increase the popularity of your company or organization in general.

So, what is web development?

Web development as an industry is basically an industry where either an individual who is an expert in the domain creates a website from scratch for his or her clients. While there are multiple approaches to creating a website, mentioned below are some of the most common scenarios.

  1. WordPress: WordPress in the most basic terms is a website development platform which helps designers and individuals create their own website. People can register on their website and get started by using one of their thousands of free themes and customize each of them according to their needs and wants. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to create a website from scratch and this option is mostly used by beginners and first-timers in the industry.
  2. Custom CSS: This is another commonly used approach by those who know how to code and have acquired a fair amount of experience in the industry. In this method, an individual can either download a template and make changes to it as and when required or can go with designing their own from scratch. This being the slightly complicated option calls for the knowledge of certain languages such as HTML, CSS, CSS5 and HTML5 among others. This option is mostly used by experts and e-commerce website development in India who want a customized design and functionality right from the beginning.

What do you need to do?

Before you start planning to undertake website designing for your organization or business, there are a couple of important pointers that you need to consider.

  1. The first and the most important aspect to consider is the cost of the project both in terms of time and money. If you want to outsource the project to a team of professionals, your time will be saved, but the project will be costly. Whereas if you try to learn it yourself, your money will be saved, but it will be highly time-consuming.
  2. You should have a proper knowledge regarding which tools are being used to develop the website. Having some knowledge in this domain will help you prepare better for the future and also find innovative ways to make the website better every day.


Without a proper website, the chances of your success in the online marketplace of today are almost nil. Therefore you should seriously think about investin g in website development.

E-commerce Website: A Fruitful Investment Today!

In the modern ecosystem and marketplace of today, we do everything online. Starting from liking, commenting and sharing content and philosophies we believe in all the way up to shopping for our essentials and daily needs, everything is done online. Thus it can be easily understood that the days where having only a brick and mortar store in a posh marketplace of the city would have guaranteed sales and more customers are long gone. With the advent of e-commerce web development company India and e-commerce portals like Amazon across the globe and the huge affordability of the internet, everyone around the globe has access to the internet and thus it is not surprising at all, that they have access to a worldwide market of their choice. Thus having an e-commerce website is an easy and tested way to stand out among the crowd and make your voice heard.

Why do you need an e-commerce website?

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph of this article, having an e-commerce website for your business is nothing less than the need of the hour. With an expertly designed e-commerce website, not only will more customers find you and buy from you, but you will also attract newer opportunities every day from around the globe.

Additionally here are some reasons as to why you should invest in an e-commerce website today:

  • Wider Audience: Unlike a physical or a brick and mortar store whose reach is limited to the city or the state where it is located in, an e-commerce website opens the door to a truly global audience. By having an e-commerce website, your products and services, get advertised on a global scale and thus your chances of selling to a new customer across the globe increase drastically. 
  • Always Operating: When you are the owner of a brick and mortar store, there is a limitation of operating hours. According to the marketplace you operate in or the city where your store is located, you will generally be given a fixed number of hours when your store can remain open and you can conduct business. In the case of an e-commerce website, you don’t have to worry about operating hours at all. Your website will be live 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and thus customers from across the globe who have different time zones can come and purchase from your website. 
  • Better Conversion: One of the biggest and most well-known problems with having a brick and mortar store is its conversion rates. Although a lot of people might come in and see your products, the chances of them actually buying them is significantly less. With an e-commerce store, the scenario is hugely different. With the proper tools and optimum setup, research has shown that e-commerce stores convert much better when compared to the traditional brick and mortar options. More conversions mean more customers and thus higher revenues. 
  • Easier: With a physical store, there are multiple challenges that might come up when you are trying to set it up for the first time. Aspects like land, rental, products, staff and many more things need to be considered before you can move ahead and actually establish your shop. While in the case of an e-commerce store, all you would need is an internet connection and some experience on how to create a website. In no time will your online store be set up and you can quickly start getting orders and selling your products. 
  • Risk: Lastly but not least is the risk associated with a brick and mortar store. Not only is the initial investment high, but if you don’t end up making target sales, your business will quickly become unprofitable. While in the case of an e-commerce website there are multiple ways in which you can optimize your website and thus gather more customers.


Thus from the above, it can be quite clearly understood how much importance an e-commerce website and e-commerce web development company India holds in the online ecosystem of today.

Great Design Equally Proportionate to Great Sales!

Every day the online ecosystem of today is evolving and new features are getting added regularly. As of now, the days when shopping used to be only for women are gone, since there are thousands of e-commerce platforms online which only caters to a set group of audience. Starting from e-commerce websites that sell only male products and others concentrating on kids, there is a shopping portal for everyone these days.

Thus it can be understood that the marketplace and the entrepreneurs of today, have gone to a large extent and have left not one stone unturned in their effort to take on new customers and cater to everybody’s needs and demands. But there is a significant difference between having an e-commerce store and having a great e-commerce store.

While at first glance, the difference might not matter to you, but you will be quick to realize how important good design is to help you sell more and more.

Mentioned are a list of aspects with examples, which show how good design can make your e-commerce website and e-commerce website development stand out in the crowded marketplace of today.

  • Logo

This goes for any business whether big or small. Your logo will be one of the first things your customers will see and thus use to make a first impression. Having an impressive logo both on your business card as well as on your website can go a long way in making your website memorable.

Having a well-designed logo even gives you the advantage of having a minimalistic design on your website and let your logo do all the marketing for you.

Some prominent examples of good logo design are Nike, Channel, Sony etc.

  • Deals and more deals

The report of the latest research showed that people, in general, take one minute or less in order to decide if they like a website or not. Thus as an owner, your priority and aim should be to maximize that minute and make sure that you give and show offers which will surely woo your customers into staying on your website for an extended period of time.

For example, one of the best ways to hold your customer’s attention is by showing them offers of the day. It has been proved that people tend to buy more when there is a sale going on, just because the product is available at a slashed price.

Another way of making sure that customers keep coming back to you for more is to offer free shipping. While there are so many websites around the world which charge a premium fee for shipping, your website is sure to stand out if you offer free shipping on your products.

  • Most popular

If you go by research it has been proved, that people tend to buy more quantities of a product which they think other people have bought as well. This phenomenon is demonstrated in online shopping the best, where you will see people going with the products that have the best reviews or are the most widely sold.

Therefore a great strategy to increase sales on your website is by displaying your most popular products on the main or home screen. By having banners of these products, your customers are more likely to get tempted and thus click on the banner. On the landing page, make sure to get as many positive reviews as possible and your sales will drastically increase.


From the above pointers, you must have got a clear idea of on what needs to be done in order to generate more sales on your website as well as increase the reach of your e-commerce website development. Be sure to go and try them out today.

Logos: Creating Distinctive Brand Identities in India

Logos are an essential part of a Company. The reputation of a Company depends on its brand value and logo. No company can survive without a logo because it is mandatory to brand its product in the media. Logos have a major role in creating positive results for a Company or an initiative. In India, many logos have played a vital role in popularizing a particular brand or initiative. Here are some top logo designs in India

  • Larsen & Turbo – The L&T logo has remained unchanged from the early beginnings. First two letter of the Company’s logo conveys its top class quality and sustained leadership. This is a very big Company who are involved in engineering, construction, IT, financial services etc.
  • State Bank Of India- SBI logo represents a keyhole which means the common man can unlock all his banking needs. This logo has become the main part of SBI’s identity.
  • Make in India- It was an initiative by the Indian government to promote manufacturing in India. The logo has a silhouette of a lion on the prowl, made entirely of cogs, symbolizing manufacturing, strength and national pride.
  • Tata Group- It is one of the oldest Companies in India and its founder J.R.D Tata played a crucial role in India’s nationalist struggle. Its logo is simple. ‘’T’’ letter in the logo symbolizes for the group’s prosperity, strength, and reliability. It signifies a fountain of knowledge. The logo of that signifies trust and reliability. The present logo is a modified version of the previous one with a new slogan ‘improving the quality of life’.
  • Airport Authority of India- The AAI logo uses triangular form and wings of an airplane kindling vision of airport. The symbol denotes AAI’s expertise, legacy, and responsibility in creating, upgrading, maintaining and managing civil aviation infrastructure in India.
  • Trade Fair Authority of India- It is designed for the Trade Fair Authority of India. The logo contains two letters, T and F signifying preservation of traditions of trade and investments along with the modern identity of India Trade promotion organization [ITPO]. It signifies India’s control and authority in trade through fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad.
  • Hindustan Petroleum- The logo signifies that the future is full of energy. The shape and design of logo signify energy fuel being poured into a vehicle. Symbolically, it also denotes the goal to take the economic and infrastructural development forward at a quick pace. The logo designs in India have indicated the product’s goal.
  • Titan- Titan industry is a joint venture of Tata Group and Tamil Nadu industrial development Corporation [TIDCO]. Its logo dates back to 1987. Titan manufactures and exports watches, jewellery, and accessories in different styles and patterns. The logo contains ‘T’ which is making a hollow circular circle around it resembling the shape of a watch dial and the internal parts of machinery. It is very elegant; it combines past traditions with the modernity of Titan products.
  • Unilever- Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Is a multinational consumer goods company which is based in Mumbai. It offers a variety of products such as foods, beverages, cleaning agents, water purifiers and cosmetics. The U in Unilever logo contains different types of images. But each image is depicting the range of products it offers.
  • Doordarshan- If you are living in India you can’t forget the iconic logo of government-run channel Doordarshan. This channel has entertained millions of Indians from time to time and although its popularity and TRPs has fallen due to coming up of private channels, there is still a certain amount of nostalgia attached to it. It was considered one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world in terms of transmission development. The classic form signifies test of time.

So that is how various logo designs in India have given identity and popularity to various brands. The symbols attached to these logos. While some logos have signified development, forwardness, and trust, some have reminded us of our history and traditions.