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On-Page SEO Management – Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies

On-page site SEO management steps

You must have read dozens of SEO articles on the internet and you must have digested countless tips for improving your on-site SEO, but what’s the result? No improvement right!

When it comes to on-page SEO, there should be your 100 percent on the site, even you can contact any SEO company for assistance. After all, on-page SEO is only responsible for establishing the goal for a particular page. Your target audiences and keywords will be decided through your on-page search engine efforts.

In the rest of the post, we have depicted the step-wise guide to manage your on-page SEO efforts. Take a look at these steps:

Step 1: Crawl your Website

Start your process by getting an overview of all the pages available on your website that search engines have indexed. After the completion of crawling process, you will be exporting results into an Excel file. Thus, with these results (web addresses, page title, and page meta description), you can easily work for the short falling elements.

Step 2: Perform an SEO audit and outline your site architecture

The next step for you will be organizing or prioritizing your web pages. Thus, regarding this, you need to perform the site audit and defining all the existing web page available at your website.

Step 3: Update URLs, Titles, and Meta Descriptions

In order to update your URLs, Titles, and Meta descriptions, it is required to first review the current URLs and other aspects. By using the compiled results from Step 1, you can easily update all SEO-related measures.

Step 4: Build a value proposition

This is the important step to be implemented, but sadly most of the webmasters overlook it. Here the meaning of value proposition can be referred as defining the purpose of a web page, and ultimately you will be establishing a value for your entire website. For this, it would be very helpful to get connected with professional internet marketing company.

Step 5: Identify your target audience

Here is the step where you’ll be defining your target audience. The target audience is those people for whom you are making all these efforts. Keep focus on your target audience, as it will help you with further steps.

Step 6: Plan for new page titles

As you are done with updating your page titles, URLs, and descriptions now it’s time to work on your new page titles that will reflect your findings. Sliding towards the aim of a page title, to lay out the purpose of the page without being redundant.

Step 7: Include your new Meta Description

The Meta description should be short, comprising the purpose of your webpage and should incorporate the targeted keywords.

Step 8: Track Keywords and Topics for Each Webpage

Track your targeted keywords and the designated topic for each page. Each webpage should be enclosed with one topic which enables you to provide more information about the topic that directly reflects that you’ll optimize the each page with single keywords.

Step 9: Review & Edit the page content

You content should be thorough, easy-to-understand and provide solutions. Thus, be creative! While writing the content, you should keep targeted audience in your mind, as this way you’ll be writing efficiently. Your content should also be error-free, so check for spelling and grammar mistakes. You can a hire a professional SEO company for reviews and auditing.

Step 10: Add visual content

You webpage should not only comprise text, there should be some visual content too. But what kind of visual content? Try to add some images, graphics along with descriptive file name and alt text.

Step 11: Incorporate Links

Adding some links throughout your page is a must move, but people easily overlook it. With this move, you are providing the provision of navigating your site to your targeted audience.

Step 12: Optimize for conversions

In order to increase the number of leads, customers, subscribers, you need to go for the last step. Optimize your site for conversion rates, which would directly proportional to increment in your sales or subscribers.

How to get Succeed by Being an Independent Software Developer?

Tips to get succeed as an independent software developer

When it comes to job security, software developers lead the list for this advantage. The software developers are always welcomed to the clear path of growth. If we consider the demand of programming guys, then we can observe that its always a prime time for them. The developers working with best software development company in India can pack their work and leave the cubicle anytime they want.

Being an independent programmer for software is no less than a dream. Working like a boss, controlling your working hours reflects the best time and best personality. In this post, we Vervelogic guys have come up with interesting points that might help you to be successful if you are working for your own that means if you are working as an independent software developer. Take a look at these tips:

Find why you are doing this!

In this world, no action can be performed without a reason. You want to work for your own, and you are typing your resignation, but do you know the reason behind it? Working for your own can’t be the only reason. There will be many more like you want to be the boss, you want to spend less hours, you want to earn more money and more. You need to note all the reasons in a sheet so that you feel inspire during your tough time.

Carry a perfect plan before you quit

Before quitting your job, it’s important for you to prepare a foolproof plan for the step ahead, in future it will be nothing about software development. In the world of technology and software, you will get a range of tasks on your desk like consulting, development, training, decision making and much more, all these things will be executed by you. Thus, it would be beneficial for you to make a list of all tasks that you can perform and prepare a plan for those actions which you can’t. But this plan should be prepared before you leave your job.

Expand your business skill set

While working as an independent software developer, you will come across to more responsibilities other than just developing a software. Taking all responsibilities means you are the one who will make all the things happen. Here the things are related to both – technical skills and the soft skills. For example, if you want someone else to do it for you, then hire an employee. Later, you need to learn how to manage those people who are working for your company. Thus, there will be more tasks on your to-do list.

Deliver excellent quality and service

Isn’t it obvious? If you have decided to run your own company then, of course, you’ll be delivering quality products and services to your clients. But at this point, we are going to focus on your consistency. Remember that, happy clients are key to success and delivering exceptional quality and services consistently, makes them happy.

Be organized

As we have already mentioned, you’ll be responsible for each and every task while working as an independent software developer. Whatever you do, the later just get the things out of your head and review it personally. An organized system for making the things happen would help you to be at the top of everything.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can admit that taking all responsibilities and working independently is not an easy job, but remember it’s not impossible. At every step, you will be facing some challenges and in order to overcome from those challenges it is essential to be calm, patient, organized and every important be positive. Here, we are not talking about the blood group!!

If you have any suggestions, then we are always open for your valuable!

10 Awesome Books for JavaScript

Best Books for JavaScript

JavaScript, one of the dependable scripting language which is currently ruling the web development world including various web development company India. By using JavaScript, developers are building excellent web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, robots, games, backend programs and much more. In addition, many software supports this scripting language for writing add-ons or the related manipulating data.

However, if you are a novice developer and seeking for effectual JavaScript knowledge, then here we are! In this post, you’ll get the best 10 books for JavaScript which will help you to get the hands on experience in JS.

1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

Written for beginners, this book is the ultimate learn-by-doing approach for them who wants to observe their luck in JavaScript. In addition, it will be useful for experienced individuals who desire to sharpen their skills.

Book for javascript

2. JavaScript: The Good Parts

Various books contain both the good part and the bad part about the topic, but this book comprises some unknown facts about JavaScript, and yes, all the facts will leave you with a positive impact.

Book for javascript

3. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

This book by Marijn Haverbeke dives deep into this scripting language while representing how to write impressive and effective code for an application.

Book for javascript

4. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

This book is also referred as the bible for JavaScript programmers, which delivers the comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client-side APIs.

Book for javascript language

5. JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Basics of Javascript Programming!

This JavaScript book by James Patterson assists you to get a good grasp on JavaScript and eventually mastering the scripting language. Whether you are working with the most popular web application development company India or a startup, this guide would make you a chief of this language.

Guide for javascript

6. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers shows the professional form of the scripting language. It covers the developer-level introduction along with more advanced aspects of JavaScript. No matter, whether you are a pro or just a starter, this book will greatly assist you with the language.

Guide for Javascript programmers

7. JavaScript: Academy

It is referred as the academy for JavaScript language. It includes the mechanism of this scripting language and further break it into some easy-to-understand steps. Starting from basics of JavaScript to some common errors with their solutions, this guide covers almost everything about this language.

Book for javascript programmers

8. Thinking in JavaScript

With this book, the reader will get to know about the concept of JS and how this language can be used in web designing while he/she will become the first runner in online business. One will learn about the Operators, Functions, Variables, Conditions and Loops. Alongside, it will represent the basics of jQuery.

Guide for Javascript language

9. You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going

The author Kyle Simpson has provided the necessary background of JavaScript for those who have limited experience in JS programming. By understanding the basic building blocks of programming along with core functions, this book enables you to be prepared for the future JS challenges.

Best book for Javascript language

10. Head First JavaScript Programming

This brain-friendly JavaScript guide by Eric T. Freeman and Elisabeth Robson assists you with everything, whether it is the fundamentals of JavaScript language or the advanced topics.

Best book for javascript programming

Why you Need a Mobile App for your Business? – Check the 5 Reasons!

Need of mobile app for your business

We all have heard of the saying that a business can’t exist in the market if it doesn’t have the website. The saying is true, but now there is a change in technology. When we talk about marketing, each and every business has to be cautious towards the evolving trends and search engine updates.

Recently, the popular search engine Google came up with its new update which was related to mobiles and many mobile application development companies successfully helped a range of businesses. This can be one of the reasons for having a mobile app for your business. However, there are a lot of reasons for developing a mobile app and we have listed some 5 of them. Check out the reasons and understand the importance of mobile app for your business:

Brings additional sales

With three ways, mobile apps comprise the potential of generating additional revenues for the company. The first can be the popularity of smartphones as today mostly everyone is carrying a smartphone and the installed apps encourage the users to make the orders. Secondly, the company can be benefited with the advertising element integrated with mobile apps. Thirdly, the compelling design of mobile app can help the business to add its revenues.

Improves Customer Experience

Most of the business websites don’t look nice on small screens, but mobile apps are designed with the purpose to satisfy the customers on small screens and take the business to the sky. Simply, the mobile apps are easy to use and can be prominent in delivering improvised user experience.

Provides Competitive Edge

While most of the companies are wrapping their mobile apps, perhaps you work in the niche where your competitors haven’t thought of developing a mobile app, then you can be a differentiator for your customers. By delivering unique features to the users, you can build great chances of growth for your business.

Extends your market coverage

Not having an app for your business, can make you miss some segments of the market that prefer to do business, in the same manner, you have adopted. If you want to observe the market, then you simply check the number of visitors who arrives at your website or who have downloaded the app.

Delivers Speed

The mobile apps take less time than the websites to load, in fact, some of the features of a mobile app can be used with the internet connection. And we all know that no one likes to wait till the page loads, they don’t have enough time to waste on the loading time.

Concluding Words

With all the above reasons it is clear that having a mobile app is just for out reaching the customers and for better engagement. Since we know that first impression is the last impression, the mobile app can make you have a lasting impression on your customers with its first impression.

There is a range of mobile application development companies running out there, who can help your business to have a compelling mobile app with great features!

What is Common in SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing?

 Common in SEO, PPC and Content Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and content marketing, all three comprises their individual potential in the internet marketing industry. But these strategies encloses a common factor which is none other than the Keywords.

Keywords work as a glue that connects various online services. Implementing right set of keywords is directly proportional to the online success since it follows the latest online marketing trends. On the other hand, if it is not executed properly then it can destroy the entire marketing campaign as stated by various SEO companies India. Further, we have depicted the three major areas that require extra focus on keywords, let’s discuss in detail:

3 Major Zones of Keywords

The three major zones includes SEO, PPC, and content marketing:

SEO – In order to maintain the SEO efforts, it is important to target right keywords. Keywords and SEO shares a strong bond with each other, thus, it is understood, if keywords are working perfectly then it will positively impact the SEO campaign.

PPC – Keywords are essential for adverts, and beyond that you need product keywords for your product page. Successful PPC campaign is not possible without correct keywords, thus, every aspect of every section require proper implementation of right keywords without applying the mechanism of keyword stuffing. Since keyword stuffing comes in the list of Google penalties.

Content Marketing – If you want that your target audience finds your content, then it is essential to for content marketing campaign to focus on the keywords. No matter you want to include the keywords in your blogs, e-books, images or videos, the search engine never compromises with quality. Thus, work on the titles and avoid the practice of keyword stuffing.

Do not Forget Social Media

Social media also work as one of the zones for keywords. While working on social media, the marketers need to plan about their target audience and also they need to figure out what the audience is looking for. After that, post your stuff like blogs, images, videos with correct keywords, and see how it works for your successful online marketing. But don’t overdo it – just like other keyword zones.

Quality is Crucial

When beginners work with keywords, the very first question they ask – how many times they need to stuff their keywords. Here they don’t know that a great online marketing roams not only around keywords but quality also act as a major focus point. If the users are searching for a term, then they expect the same term to be available on the web page where they click through search engine results. This way, the users can immediately find out, if the webpage is relevant or not. For best practices with keywords, it is important to place the right keywords in the title and first paragraph. Other paragraphs are not required to include keywords.

Binding all together

The segments of online marketing, SEO, PPC and content marketing are somehow linked with each other. While working in the internet marketing campaign, all three of them have to talk to each other. Therefore, the marketers working in internet marketing company should ensure all these segments are working properly together and pulling out the great results.

If you have any other thoughts, ideas or queries? We are excited to hear from you – sound off in the comments!

Reasons to Start your own Online Store Instead of Other Online Marketplaces

Why to go for own online store instead of other marketplaces

We all know about eBay, Etsy and Amazon, these websites helps to create and boost their online e-commerce environment. No doubt, that these marketplaces act as a rooter for thousands of startups who are working to establish a reputation in e-commerce industry.

However, at some point, you might feel leaving these marketplaces and start your own online store with the help of e-commerce development company. On the other hand, if you feel that you’re bringing enough money with other marketplaces and the idea of moving places is ridiculous, then we can give you the reasons. In this post, we will provide you the reasons for starting your own online store instead of other marketplaces, since you deserve to reach more.

Your Money is yours

No matter how many products you sell, in other online marketplaces, you have to pay fees. Or you can go for other options i.e. sell unlimited products and just pay the transaction fee for individual sales. If your own store can benefit you with more of your money, then why you’ll choose to pay a big fat share to online marketplace.

Work for your own Brand

When you work through other online marketplaces, you get benefits from their brand names, but have you thought where you stand, where your name stands? After all, your own customers know Amazon, eBay and Etsy, they don’t know what your brand name is.

Yeah, we are not denying the fact that due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, these online marketplaces get you more customers as compared to your own store. The customers buy a product of yours from one of the marketplaces, but do you think he or she would recommend your name to others. No, they will just say that they have bought the product from Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Being capable of handling all operations for an e-commerce website, you should invest your efforts in building your own brand name, not for others. Amazon, eBay and Etsy are just getting bigger and bigger, thus, your own store deserves all your hard work.

Promote your brand instead of someone else’s

If you promote your products outside the marketplace, then congratulations! You must have used social media marketing to target potential customers towards your small store. But do you think that other marketplaces will do something like this for you? The answer is “No”. They will focus more on sharing the products than promoting your brand name.

With your store, all your efforts will be provided to your own e-commerce company. You will be promoting your products, your brand name and it will elevate no one else but you. No other marketplace will be benefited due to your efforts.


The path of choosing your own online store is long and rutted, but in the end, what you’ll get? Your own e-commerce company. The e-commerce website development company will establish your own online store. Your income will directly come into your pocket and your work will support your own brand. Don’t you think its worth? We would like to hear from you! Please use the comment section below!

5 Golden Rules for Logo Designing

Logos are the most identical to businesses when we are working in digital industry. The logo works as a face of the brand or we can say it puts the first impression while reaching everyone who has any contact with the brand. Due to its potential impact, your brand’s logo must leave a favorable impression on your audience and many logo design company in India are working dedicatedly for it.

Knowing the individuality of your business could lie with a few pixels, we have compiled master rules of logo designing, no matter whether you are a pro or a starter, everyone working in this field is required to follow these rules:

Make is Simple

Every day people come across hundreds of brands and, of course, their logos, then what will make you stand out? The answer is “simple”. Yeah, try to keep your logo as simple as you can, since complicated logos confuses the audience. Apply all your designing experience and compressed it to the basics. We have a perfect example of a simple logo that is none other than the brand – Nike.

Simple logo of Nike brand

The simple logo and its simplified characteristics leave a strong impression on Nike’s customers.

Go for Everlasting

Remember a women wearing the black dress, that trend of black dress is everlasting. Following the popular fonts and designs might become little complicated when popularity fades off. Your logo along with your brand presence should be able to stand the test of time.

Coming over the example of an everlasting logo, Coca-Cola hits the mind first. It was created a long time ago, and it’s still appealing and presenting their business.

Everlasting Coco Cola logo

Should be Unforgettable

We have already mentioned that logo leaves a first impression, but its in your hands that it should leave a lasting impression too. Sharp colors and extraordinary graphics can make you stand different from the millions of companies out there.

Volkswagen can be the best example for unforgettable logo design. Once you have a stance on the mixed form of alphabets V and W, you know that it belongs to the brand’s name.

memorable volkswagen logo

Must be Appropriate

Where does the brand stand without a story? The story helps your company to establish a strong connection with your customers if you elaborate your story through your logo. You must research deep and analyze your audience, and after that, you can apply fonts, colors, and graphics to create an appropriate logo.

Arlington Pediatric Centre stands as the best example for appropriate logo design since the story of this firm is clear through their logo.

Alrlington Pediatric Center logo appropriate

Versatile is Best

The powerful asset of your logo can be versatility if you design with the same manner. While designing a logo, you should consider its usage. Since this logo will be embedded in different places such as banners, business cards etc. so it should be effective on any size. The same versatility goes with logo’s shade.

The versatility factor makes your logo flexible that can be used anywhere or on any occasion.

Compiling your entire business into a few pixels is not an easy task. Your brand should have the logo that showcases the core principles. Connect with the experts in logo designing or web design company in India and understand their working procedure along with the basics of logo designing, and you will definitely represent your company effectively.