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Watch Over – #SEO Lies Can Trap You

SEO has been working around us for many years, thus, it should be easy to figure out what is appropriate for your business and what’s not, right?

I wish that were the case!

We can’t ignore the main aspect of SEO that its evolves with time. It means the SEO rules which are old can be incorrect in accordance with the today’s practices. But you should understand that there are lots of misconceptions about SEO process in the world.

We would like to introduce these misconceptions or lies by SEO gurus in front of you, so that you prevent yourself in getting tricked, because when it comes to business no one can’t afford to go wrong.


#SEO Lie No. 1 – “We can get #1 Rank in Google”


Everyone wants to get #1 rank in Google, after all, as per the recent study, more than 91% of traffic goes to only page one. But if someone is telling you that he or she can get you #1 rank in Google, then it would be better to run in the other direction.

No SEO company can claim to get the position on the first page. In fact, most of the reputable companies clearly accept that they can’t guarantee results. Thus, try to work as per the existing SEO rules instead of believing on those who only wants your money.


#SEO Lie No. 2 – “Experience is not required in your niche”


Reputable SEO Company in India can do wonders if they have experience working in your industry. How can you have confidence in such companies who doesn’t have any idea about what you do, what are the major points of your industry, what people need and more. They might help you with your guidance, but you will definitely not receive the results you desire for your online business.


#SEO Lie No. 3 – “We can improve your SEO in a month”


What a joke? SEO is the process of ongoing monitoring and changes based on the industry trends. Google constantly updates its algorithm to provide better services to the customers. As we have seen Google rolled out Penguin, Panda, Pirate and many others. Thus, if you want to fix your SEO practices, then you need to spend more than a month. Since a month is too less for SEO’s big tasks.


#SEO Lie No. 4 – “You need only SEO”


If anyone says this to you, then you should understand that he or she is just selling. SEO is just one piece of pie. Good SEO Company in India goes beyond the fundamentals of SEO such as keywords, Meta tags, content and others. SEO is considered as a unique blend of PPC ads, marketing with content and products, social media and some other important tactics.


#SEO Lie No. 5 – “You can’t do it yourself”


Of course, you can do it yourself! It might take some time or you may not get the desired results, but believing on others who says you can’t do it is completely wrong. Starting from basics to advanced topics and case studies, you can find your way to do anything you want to. You can explore the internet to find experts skills in order to work on your business’s SEO.


Over to you


While hiring a professional SEO company or team for your website, first you need to complete your homework. The time you hear one of the above lies from an SEO consultant, then that would be the best time to walk on other direction and find someone who is actually not selling. But if you think, this is the exhaustive list of SEO lies, then it’s not true! Regarding this, you need to consider your own judgment before making the final hire.

The best way to judge an SEO company is to check, whether they have their own ranking on Google or not. If they can rank their own site, then they can surely help you with your website’s ranking.

Why Your E-Commerce Promotions Flop? – Considerable Reasons

While running an e-commerce business online, you put your 100% to make the business successful. In order to make a boom as per the e-commerce trends, you offer discounts, coupons, promotional events and various pricing for your products or services. But its hard for you to receive the desired results. Have you ever thought, what can be the reasons? Why do your e-commerce campaigns fail? Don’t get worried, as we can give you some of the reasons so that you work on that and come up with great outcomes:


Lowering your products price


When you lowers the price of your products, then customer starts wondering about the value of your product. For example, if you are offering a branded handbag at 50% discount with just the selling purpose, then people who encountered with the less price of your product starts thinking, that if your product is worth or not?

If you are unable to represent your products along with their worth, then there a lot of things are waiting in your pipeline to be completed, as suggested by e-commerce development company India.


Poor First Impression


Once you have stamped your prices on the products, then you can’t look back. Since you can’t afford to lose all those valuable customers who have purchased your product at lower prices, but they will not make a purchase until you start your promotions again with lower prices. However, people who weren’t won over by your discounted prices will first keep a check on your special offers, but they are not dumb to pay the full amount for special deals.

In case, the prices are not attracting the buyers, then it’s time to set the prices again with additional discounts. But if you start selling your products with less amount, then what will be your plan during the promotional season?


Bad Services


If you are totally dependent on special deals or discounts to keep your customers engaging, then my friend you are ignoring one of the most important parts of e-commerce task and that part is after the sale services. The only issue with running promotions is that you spending your entire span in counting your conversions and not looking after your customers who need your help. Hence, instead of launching various special deals and offers, you should give some time to your customers in providing useful information about purchasing and guide them within their purchasing decisions. If you’ll do so, then next time they will buy your product by paying the full amount.




You get some of the new customers with your special deals, right? These new customers will again hang up at your website designed by e-commerce website development company India, whenever you run special deals, thus, it will be good for your business. But what happens with those customers, who bought your product by giving the full price and the next day they come across the half of the price for the same product and guess what on the same website. No one wants to feel like a fool that the product they have bought is not the worth of its price.

Hence, its your responsibility to come up with a fully proofed strategy for your promotions that make your customers think positive about your brand.

Google Developing Keyboard App for iPhone to Boost Searches


iOS Keyboard Development by Google is the step towards acquiring boosted search volumes

According to the recent report by ‘The Verge’, Google is all set to launch its own third-party keyboard for Apple phones. The released report states that the keyboard app will be incorporated with a variety of search options in order to attract more searchers towards Google through iOS devices. Alongside, this app will be deployed with a number of functions like swiping, gesture-based typing and predictive text.

With the release of iOS 8, the brand Apple has permitted the third-party apps to take the place of its own keyboard. Plus, there will also be a Google logo on the developed keyboard, tapping on the logo will allow you to perform a quick Google search. Moreover, the keyboard will comprise some buttons for images and GIF searches – reflecting the lack of feature in Android phones. Apparently, with the development keyboard, Google reflects its main objective that gives the clear indication towards increasing the search volumes coming from iOS users. The developed keyboard has seemingly been on the testing stage for months, and Google has not confirmed that when they are going to launch this keyboard.

In the market of third-party apps developed by mobile application development company, Google is not the only company who is trying to reveal innovation, but Microsoft is also working to release its new Word Flow keyboard for iPhones. Although, just like Google, Microsoft has also not announced the date of their keyboard’s launch, but we are hoping that soon both of these quality apps will hit the App Store.

Further in this post, you’ll find the reason why Google need to boost iOS searches? Since it is already the king of searches.


Why Google?


There is no doubt that Google is the master of searches with 63% of share on desktop searches all over the world. But when it comes to mobile arena, the company faces some challenges. While using mobile, many people directly access apps rather than searching over Google and some take help from virtual assistants like Siri for quick results. Additionally, the iPhone users can change their default browsers in Safari. Thus, all these things may lead to raising encounters for Google mobile searches.

It will be very interesting to see Google and Microsoft working dedicatedly into developing keyboard for iPhones since third-party apps on iOS have not proven to be popular among iOS users due to some issues like slow in speed, crashing, and other bugs. We, at Vervelogic, are quite excited to see how their keyboard apps will perform.

12 Small CSS Frameworks for Best Responsive Web Designs

While preparing a web design, you notice that some of the features are not very useful that comes with large UI frameworks, for example – Bootstrap. In case, you are working on a small project or straightforward projects that you want to run as soon as possible, then Bootstrap can’t help you effectively. But the best thing is, there are a number of simpler and smaller CSS frameworks available online that you can use in your web designs instead large UI frameworks. Many web development company India are using these frameworks to prepare their responsive web designs.

Implementing your web design with small CSS framework typically translates your web design with better functionalities such as non-dependency on JavaScript, user-friendly outline and faster load time. Whereas, you also don’t need to explore those JavaScript books when using these frameworks.

In this column, we have provided a list of 12 small CSS frameworks which are under 5 KB enabling you to explore more and come up with operative web designs.


Blaze CSS

An already lightweight framework, Blaze CSS provides out of the box functionality to your design. This CSS framework can reduce the file size, and the courtesy for this advantage goes to its modular architecture that permits you to add those parts which deliver better results.


Furtive is all set for contemporary web designs, whereas most of the developers consider it as a CSS micro-framework. It has a grid based responsive outline on Flexbox and accesses rem unit for its length and sizes. Alongside, it covers all the basic entities such as buttons, default colour classes and forms.


This framework is an amalgamation of 22 CSS modules comprising all basic characteristics including CSS reset, grid system, colour classes and utility classes for creating more responsive designs. Embracing the size of less than 4 KB, Basscss surprisingly delivers a range of prominent features.

Picnic CSS

Written in Sass, this lightweight framework enables you to edit or customize variable easily such as colours and sizes. Alongside, it also shows some efficient CSS UI components, for example, content slider and modal window.


Lotus is the smallest CSS framework available in this list. It has covered all the essential aspects in its outline including responsive grid system, buttons, forms and typography.


Another lightweight CSS framework with the modular architecture. This CSS framework follows the Mobile First design approach and supports every browser no matter how old it is. Plus, it has got an easy-going CSS reset feature.


Kube framework wraps a range of basic elements with negligible size standing at less than 6 KB. It encloses responsive grid system, robust set of classes for designing the web forms, numerous table classes, classes for notification in order to view important messages to the users and much more.


If you want to create a rapidly responsive web design, then Skeleton comprises the top-notch features for you. Though, the vendors have not upgraded it in over a year. It comes packed with an approachable grid system and base styles which can be used in HTML.


When it comes to preparing a clean, responsive web designs, then this trivial CSS framework would make you do that with ease. It’s quite similar to Skeleton comprising 12-column grid system and base style for typography, buttons, forms and much more.


This is an open source project by Yahoo developers, expressing the combination of CSS modules for designing a responsive and fast web designs. For HTML elements, Pure encloses some base styles, modules, web forms, buttons, table and yes the navigation menu.


Miligram is geared for the modern UI frameworks consisting grid system accessing FlexBox, and its sizes and length uses rem unit. It also follows the approach of Mobile First. But we know best things comes at a cost, Miligram only supports latest versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera


The another smallest CSS framework in this list that encloses 12-column grid system, table styles, button styles, icons compatible with android and much more. Moreover, it also supports oldest browsers like IE 5.5. Developers use this framework for effective landing page design in India.

If you have some names for this list, then we would love to add it. Use the comment section below and we will see you soon!

Marketers Pick: 4 Areas of Interests for Optimizing your SEO Traffic

We are near to the end of our financial year and its time for every SEO company India or every industry to evaluate the results of their entire year efforts. If we talk about the SEO firms, they estimate their SEO investment at the end of their financial year. Plus, their web traffic, conversion rates and attracted customers will also be considered. As you look to optimize your SEO traffic while improving the efforts for the next financial year, then make sure you deliberate the four major areas of focus on priority.

Further, we have elaborated the four areas of interest for marketers in order to get the optimized SEO traffic.


Keep up with the Fickleness of Search Engine Algorithms


With the starting of 2016, Google rolled out an update to its core ranking algorithm. Due to the Google updates, the marketers working in the industry gets confused and this directly impacts their website’s ranking.

The businesses who don’t want or desire to get affected by the Google updates, need to stay top of these encountering changes so that they receive optimized rates for their SEO efforts.


Better SEO can result in strong brand equity


If you put your best efforts in SEO, then it will surely deliver a strong brand image. The brands who spend quality time, resources and money for their SEO mechanism can easily create a solid perception for their business that will contribute to increasing their conversion rates.

But how can you achieve this? Simple, flaunt a powerful, impressive and valuable user experience through your website. Lure your targeted audience by showcasing top-notch products and services combined with enticing offers. Alongside, create exceptional content which is unique and easy-to-read and steal the attention of your audiences. Also, an effective navigation system on the website can put a great contribution in the user experience. Overall, make efforts and improve your SEO.

After these efforts, if your audience finds your brand impressive and exciting, then the perception of your brand will increase exponentially, and this is directly proportional to increased conversion rates.


Keep a check on your website through A/B Testing


According to a research, for B2B landing pages the conversion rates stands at 13.3%, whereas in terms of B2C landing pages the conversion rates come at 9.9%. Thus, you can easily understand with the figures. Coming over the A/B testing key conversion pages, these pages will lead you to have better growth in your numbers. In case you are new with A/B testing, then initiate this process with small. For example, initially, test different titles, images embedded on your conversion pages and observe how the can help you in optimization.


Work for Better Site Search Experience


In order to attain better user experience, your site should comprise an easy navigation system. Figure out what they want and what they are looking for and provide them the best results. For this, you need to invest in quality site search tools. digital marketing company believes in these tools and accesses them for better user experience.

The tools which are referred as site search tools adds an extra factor to your website by making the visitors access the information they are looking for. The intent information derived from the site search tools enables the webmasters to customize their website towards better conversions, improved rankings and increased sales.


Over to you


It’s never too late to improve your SEO efforts for your carefully designed website. Enhancing your brand’s online presence with impactful content and strong user experience will return you in a number of advantages. One of the benefits is great conversion rates, thus, try to work out for SEO and you will experience the traffic optimization.

Promising E-Commerce Trends to Drive your Sales Strategy

In today’s hyper-competitive e-commerce industry, every aspect comes down to how people or your customers experience your brand over the internet. The customers expect your brand to meet or exceed their expectations, actively engage the shoppers with their products and service, promoting their brand with effective approaches, and the one who executes all these things can become one of the big winners in the e-commerce market.

Like any other industry, e-commerce market also experiences emerging trends, hence, it is necessary to catch up and follow these trends in order to maintain the business relevancy. So, here we are introducing some ongoing e-commerce trends for you that will make you cope up with the today’s overactive competition in market.


E-Commerce Trends


Big Images and Videos Creates Exceptional Homepages

Since the e-commerce market is developing, many e-commerce websites designing company has started focusing on big images and videos for their homepages. These design elements like big images and videos flaunt the brands outstandingly, as these images and videos quickly explain the purpose of the website.

Large media modules also help the customers in taking their next step or where to click next, since the most of the clutter don’t seem user-friendly.


Mobile is not recommended, but it is compulsory to stay in competition

When you’ll see the mobile buying numbers, then you will observe that these are gradually increasing every quarter. Therefore, if you haven’t customized your e-commerce website mobile version, then my friend you are running out of time in the competition.


Popups or Popovers are making an influential comeback

We all know that previously consumers hated the popups. But now the trend have been changed. Popovers have made an influential comeback, if you are using the internet, then you must have noticed it.

However, there is a difference in the form of old and new popups. The new popups always offer something for free in exchange for your subscription or email address. In addition, the new ones never come back once you close them.

When it comes to email marketing, these popups work wonders, plus they don’t have the bad image like old popups used to have.


Flash sale popups are exploiting the market

Most of the e-commerce websites are getting excellent sales figures, and yes the credit goes to flash sale popups. Brands run flash sales for their regular customers. For instance, 1000 people are browsing your website on a regular basis, then you have a great chance of moving up your sales figures through flash sale popups.


Real time analytics have become the essential part


At the end of the month, real time analytics come into play, where the executives see the higher ups of the company while also figure out which aspects are not working out properly.

Due to the evolving trends in e-commerce market, the executives working in the industry will experience more advanced form of analytics. Thus, they will be able to find out how customers react to their actions, which further help them in decision making.


The Concluding Words


The e-commerce industry will be growing rapidly, so make sure you get to know about all effectual e-commerce trends which might save your cash and reinforce your business to the step ahead. Many firms like e-commerce development company help the brands to run along with the emerging trends so that they maintain their successful sales strategy.

In case you have any query or suggestions about upcoming trends, then feel free to leave us a comment in the below section!

Want Successful Online Store? Check out these Important Design Elements

Have you ever came across a brilliant salesperson? What they do? The salesperson with their superior skills of building trust and telling their products in a winning way, close their deals and proves to be an essential asset for their company.

If you are running an online store, then your e-commerce website plays the role of a salesperson for your company. Thus, just like an upright salesperson your e-commerce website should flaunt your brand’s character forefront while considering the few basic tactics associated with deal cracking.

In today’s post, we have brought some essential aspects which should be the major characteristics of your salesperson (E-commerce Website). Every e-commerce development company considers these tactics while designing a website. Hence, take a look and refine your online store:


1. Highlight your brand’s promise on homepage and build trust with your customers


The professional people of sales world never believe in presenting themselves in the middle. But they initiate the process by giving the introduction of their brand and further telling why they are different from others, and to present themselves efficiently, homepages are considered as the great place.

Homepage is the place where customer arrives first, thus, here you can show off your brand’s message, superlative products and any promotions. For example, if you propose home trail or free returns then tell this on homepage, if your products are organic or eco-friendly then spread this message through homepage.

At your e-commerce website’s homepage, you can easily tell people what sets you apart from other stores by using impactful and punchy statements along with impressive graphics which should be linked to your internal pages.

Bonus tip: Establishing a clear and easily accessible return policy helps you to build trust with your customers and also grant your store a strong value proposition.


2. A complete shopping experience would be great


Showing good-looking products photographs, is one of the easiest and quickest approaches to have an increase in your sales numbers. Impressive product images not only makes its contribution to building trust, but also it helps the customers in their decision making. For product images, it is essential to show every side of your product such as front, back, top, bottom in order to mimic the experience of seeing products in real. Moreover, it would be great to show the product while using, since the customers can get the idea about its size and shape.

Bonus tip: Social proof and customer reviews are equally important for in the sales process. Since people are going to purchase the product without seeing it in real, thus it would be essential to add the customers reviews.


3. A super-easy checkout can seal the deal forthrightly


When a customer is done with selecting the product, then he tries to come out from the store, hence, an easy checking out mechanism is treated as a crucial element for any e-commerce website. Many brands connect with professional e-commerce website development company to make this process effective.

The important factors that contribute to a great checkout process include speed, easy form filling, persistent cart summary and progress indicator. In case, you are offering free shipping or other attractive aspects then your conversions will automatically go up.

For sales people, it is essential to understand the customer’s requirements. If the customer is purchasing large quantities then you should make sure that it would be easy for him get all products into the cart with different quantity numbers. Regarding this situation, you should add a quantity selector with the product tiles in order to ease the checking out process.

Bonus tip: It would be beneficial for you to know the elements on your e-commerce website that makes your customers pull the trigger on their purchase. Therefore, for this A/B or multivariate testing would prove to be a great support.

If you got stuck with your e-commerce website and have some queries, the here we are and below you have the comments section. We would love to answer!

Meta Descriptions That Gets Click: What, Why & How

Meta descriptions, it sounds complicated, right? But it very easy to work with. Two years ago Meta description seemed like a part of coding or something that passed over my head, and now it just another small topic for us which is not at all the part of any technical.

Keeping the focus on Meta descriptions, today in this column we are going to define every bit of this Meta tag. So let’s start with basic and find what Meta description is?


What is Meta description?


Let’s elaborate this attribute in simple language or as stated by SEO Company India “Meta description is those couple of sentences that are displayed under the title in the search result.” Or we can say it is a snippet of information placed below the link of a search result.

You’ll understand better with a screenshot, so here it is:

All in all, Meta description is the information which helps the searcher in deciding whether to click on the link or not. It contributes convincing or persuading readers to go for the site. It is the part of on-page SEO.


Why I need Meta Description?


So, as you got to know the Meta description, now it’s time to talk about why it is required to use Meta description? Further in this section, you’ll find why you need Meta description:

1. Increase click through rates and improvises visits through organic search

When you go down the result page, it directly impacts the percentage of clicks, since more relevant searches acquire the top position. Thus, if you find your result far down the bottom or not on the first page, then it’s time for you to buck up. For this, you require a compelling, detailed and relevant Meta description. Overall the better is your meta description the more likely you’ll get click-through-rates via organic search.

2. Provides right information to the right people at right time

Keep in mind, that Meta description does not influence the Google ranking, but it provides a brief idea about the web page so that Google can show your link to those searchers who are looking for the same thing. The SEO Company India follows the same practices when it comes to Meta descriptions.

3. Boosts visits from social networks

The social media networks like Facebook access the page’s Meta description when it is shared on the site. If Meta description is not available, then the social networks access the first text they find on the web page. And it is probable that the first text might not be relevant to your page.


How can we create powerful Meta description?


For every blog page, web page or piece of content, it is essential to follow the best practices of creating powerful Meta description. Now that you have figured out that why Meta description is required, now let’s talk about how to generate one:

1. Create Convincing Content

With your Meta description, you need to come up with a short description that previews the entire content available on the web page. Show a clear benefit of clicking through the result. It provides you the chance of selling your content to the searchers.

2. Put 1 or 2 keywords

Both Meta tags, title and description should include relevant keywords that point the content on the webpage. Putting keywords helps the search engine bots to understand the webpage and index accordingly. For better results, the Meta description tag should target a unique keyword for each webpage.

3. Say no to keyword duplication

It would be helpful to show some descriptive terms in the title, it doesn’t make any sense to use the same words or phrases again. The duplicity of keywords would make your results look spammy to the Google and to the users.

4. Do not include non-alphanumeric characters

The non-alphanumeric characters like hyphens, plus sign, or quotation marks are treated as the part of HTML code by the search engines. Thus, it will be best to stick with the plain text when it comes to create the Meta description.


Summing Up


In order to sum up every detail about Meta description, here we are going to reflect Google’s words. It states:

“Using quality description will be a great move. But make sure that your descriptions are truly descriptive and relevant to the page.”

If the topic of Meta description seems complicated, then send us your query and we’ll love to discuss with you!

On-Page SEO Management – Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies

You must have read dozens of SEO articles on the internet and you must have digested countless tips for improving your on-site SEO, but what’s the result? No improvement right!

When it comes to on-page SEO, there should be your 100 percent on the site, even you can contact any SEO company for assistance. After all, on-page SEO is only responsible for establishing the goal for a particular page. Your target audiences and keywords will be decided through your on-page search engine efforts.

In the rest of the post, we have depicted the step-wise guide to manage your on-page SEO efforts. Take a look at these steps:

Step 1: Crawl your Website

Start your process by getting an overview of all the pages available on your website that search engines have indexed. After the completion of crawling process, you will be exporting results into an Excel file. Thus, with these results (web addresses, page title, and page meta description), you can easily work for the short falling elements.

Step 2: Perform an SEO audit and outline your site architecture

The next step for you will be organizing or prioritizing your web pages. Thus, regarding this, you need to perform the site audit and defining all the existing web page available at your website.

Step 3: Update URLs, Titles, and Meta Descriptions

In order to update your URLs, Titles, and Meta descriptions, it is required to first review the current URLs and other aspects. By using the compiled results from Step 1, you can easily update all SEO-related measures.

Step 4: Build a value proposition

This is the important step to be implemented, but sadly most of the webmasters overlook it. Here the meaning of value proposition can be referred as defining the purpose of a web page, and ultimately you will be establishing a value for your entire website. For this, it would be very helpful to get connected with professional digital marketing company.

Step 5: Identify your target audience

Here is the step where you’ll be defining your target audience. The target audience is those people for whom you are making all these efforts. Keep focus on your target audience, as it will help you with further steps.

Step 6: Plan for new page titles

As you are done with updating your page titles, URLs, and descriptions now it’s time to work on your new page titles that will reflect your findings. Sliding towards the aim of a page title, to lay out the purpose of the page without being redundant.

Step 7: Include your new Meta Description

The Meta description should be short, comprising the purpose of your webpage and should incorporate the targeted keywords.

Step 8: Track Keywords and Topics for Each Webpage

Track your targeted keywords and the designated topic for each page. Each webpage should be enclosed with one topic which enables you to provide more information about the topic that directly reflects that you’ll optimize the each page with single keywords.

Step 9: Review & Edit the page content

You content should be thorough, easy-to-understand and provide solutions. Thus, be creative! While writing the content, you should keep targeted audience in your mind, as this way you’ll be writing efficiently. Your content should also be error-free, so check for spelling and grammar mistakes. You can a hire a professional SEO company for reviews and auditing.

Step 10: Add visual content

You webpage should not only comprise text, there should be some visual content too. But what kind of visual content? Try to add some images, graphics along with descriptive file name and alt text.

Step 11: Incorporate Links

Adding some links throughout your page is a must move, but people easily overlook it. With this move, you are providing the provision of navigating your site to your targeted audience.

Step 12: Optimize for conversions

In order to increase the number of leads, customers, subscribers, you need to go for the last step. Optimize your site for conversion rates, which would directly proportional to increment in your sales or subscribers.

How to get Succeed by Being an Independent Software Developer?

Tips to get succeed as an independent software developer

When it comes to job security, software developers lead the list for this advantage. The software developers are always welcomed to the clear path of growth. If we consider the demand of programming guys, then we can observe that its always a prime time for them. The developers working with best software development company in India can pack their work and leave the cubicle anytime they want.

Being an independent programmer for software is no less than a dream. Working like a boss, controlling your working hours reflects the best time and best personality. In this post, we Vervelogic guys have come up with interesting points that might help you to be successful if you are working for your own that means if you are working as an independent software developer. Take a look at these tips:

Find why you are doing this!

In this world, no action can be performed without a reason. You want to work for your own, and you are typing your resignation, but do you know the reason behind it? Working for your own can’t be the only reason. There will be many more like you want to be the boss, you want to spend less hours, you want to earn more money and more. You need to note all the reasons in a sheet so that you feel inspire during your tough time.

Carry a perfect plan before you quit

Before quitting your job, it’s important for you to prepare a foolproof plan for the step ahead, in future it will be nothing about software development. In the world of technology and software, you will get a range of tasks on your desk like consulting, development, training, decision making and much more, all these things will be executed by you. Thus, it would be beneficial for you to make a list of all tasks that you can perform and prepare a plan for those actions which you can’t. But this plan should be prepared before you leave your job.

Expand your business skill set

While working as an independent software developer, you will come across to more responsibilities other than just developing a software. Taking all responsibilities means you are the one who will make all the things happen. Here the things are related to both – technical skills and the soft skills. For example, if you want someone else to do it for you, then hire an employee. Later, you need to learn how to manage those people who are working for your company. Thus, there will be more tasks on your to-do list.

Deliver excellent quality and service

Isn’t it obvious? If you have decided to run your own company then, of course, you’ll be delivering quality products and services to your clients. But at this point, we are going to focus on your consistency. Remember that, happy clients are key to success and delivering exceptional quality and services consistently, makes them happy.

Be organized

As we have already mentioned, you’ll be responsible for each and every task while working as an independent software developer. Whatever you do, the later just get the things out of your head and review it personally. An organized system for making the things happen would help you to be at the top of everything.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can admit that taking all responsibilities and working independently is not an easy job, but remember it’s not impossible. At every step, you will be facing some challenges and in order to overcome from those challenges it is essential to be calm, patient, organized and every important be positive. Here, we are not talking about the blood group!!

If you have any suggestions, then we are always open for your valuable!