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Google App Now Lets You Listen to Podcasts on your Android Phone

Google App Now Lets You Listen to Podcasts on your Android Phone

This week, Google has made it easier for the android users to search and listen to podcasts since Google has launched the podcast support right for its android app. Its quite exciting for the SEO company India. That means the android users will be able to find the podcasts by using Google search app and then click a button to listen the podcast without even subscribing it or moving to another android app.

Also, Google has included some features like standard audio controls, buttons for rewind and fast forward, and play/pause button. But what is the most exciting thing – that it will be more handy to browse for new podcasts and listen to them. Even, you can off the screen, as the podcast will continue to play in the background.

Recently, Google came up with an interesting news about its ranking signals, and after some week it has launched this exciting feature for android users, signifying that Google is never ever tired of pleasing its users.

Right now, during its launch Google has already indexed thousands of podcasts to support the play feature and there are more to go. Google said that they will add more podcasts into the index list over the time. The user will definitely not have any problem in finding popular podcasts such as Fresh Air, RadioLab, Serial or The American Life.

When you end up in searching the podcast, the Google app will show you the most recent three episodes in the search results, but you don’t have to click the link, but you just need to tap the play button. Plus, in search results you can catch up the older programs through an option named as “More Episodes”. This tap will direct you to the longer list of podcast’s files.

Google’s long-awaited launch of podcast support in the Google Play Music, has turned into a surprising omission to the competitor iTunes. Likely introducing the support feature for searching and playing podcasts through Google App reflects the fact that Google finally showcases some proofs that it is going to maintain an upgraded list of programs content on its servers.

There is no doubt that Google has launched this aspect in order to promote Google Play Music. The podcasts merely play in the app, whereas Google doesn’t instruct the users to move towards Google Play, neither they have linked it.

This is not the first time, that Google has made some efforts on streaming the audio content within the search results. Years ago, Google tried connecting the web users to music through the search results and today it enables the android users to stream the audio content, when they look for the artist or songs. However, there is a vast improvement in today’s result since it works as an audio streaming app being more convenient and accessible.

According to Google, podcasts are available globally.

For more updates on Google and SEO, stay tuned with this internet marketing company!

10 Influential Examples for Call-to-Action – You Can’t Help But Click

15 Influential Examples for Call-to-Action – You Can’t Help But Click

Think about those sign-ups that you made, but have you ever logged in again. Well, this is called an influential call-to-action (CTA), where the landing page convinces you to sign-up and become a member.

According to the Web Development Company India, owning a website and blogging is not enough, it is also essential to assist your visitors in their buying journey by using strategic call-to-actions (CTAs). Regarding this, you need to pull out the best of your web designing team and prepare an effectual design that pushes the visitors to click. Since CTA remains as one of the areas of interest to attract the traffic.

Further, you’ll find some of the best examples of CTAs, so that you could take cues and prepare a one for your website.

1.   Dropbox

When we land on the Dropbox website, we always see a simple outline with excessive negative space. Even the embedded graphics comprise simple and subtle design. But do you know, this simple design stands as the strongest aspect. Its blue coloured “Sign up for free” CTA button captures a great amount of attention, as compared to everything else available on the page.

Dropbox CTA Example

2.   Prezi

The web designers at Prezi are also enthusiast of minimalist designing. Apart from the green dinosaur and dark brown coffee, the shades which are highlighted along with a lot of negative space – black and blue. Their primary CTA ‘Give Prezi a try’ and secondary ‘Get Started’ consumes their strategic placements.

Prezi CTA Example

3.   Panthera

The Panthera folks are really inspired by the wildlife and wild cats, which we can understand through their design. To target the big cat lovers, Panthera has a dominating CTA saying ‘Join the Pride today’.

Panthera CTA Example

4.   Huemor

If you land on a website which has a button saying ‘launch’ and along with a signaling statement as ‘Do not Press’, then what will you do? Will press that or not? Let me tell you, you’ll be dying to press that button. Here Huemor has executed a reverse psychology concept, which obviously have a great impact.

Huemor CTA Example

5.   Grey Goose

This is called a unique CTA to click. This kind of CTA “Discover a Cocktail Tailored to Your Taste” enables the visitors to have a feeling of an enticing game. And the accompanied play icon gives a hint that visitor will be directed to a video, which imitates a better idea of get people clicking.

Grey Goose CTA Example

6.   Evernote

The topmost statement “Remember Everything” is clear to understand. The Evernote’s design is super simple that shows the benefits to the visitors to apprehend what the site is all about. Plus its green coloured CTA “Sign Up” buttons goes well with the page’s theme.

Evernote CTA Example

7.   Humboldt County

It is the gorgeous website of its own. The moment you land on this website, it welcomes you with a full-screen video screening amazing footage. And yes, the most interesting part of this page is their unconventional call-to-action button which is placed right at the bottom side, featuring a bunny icon and statement as “Follow the Magic”.

Humboldt County CTA Example

8.   Madewell

The greeting headline on the page “I’m Looking For…” is itself steals attention of the visitors. Further, this headline is followed by a “Clothes That’ll Travel Anywhere”, representing the categories available on the site. And later you will find two options “Yes, Take Me There” or “Hmm… What’s Next?” this is called an interesting plan for CTA.

Madewell CTA Example

9.   EPIC

EPIC has used their homepage to present their work, their art. The greeting animated videos show their work they have done for their clients. The primary CTA stands out on the page influencing the visitors to start a new project – “Let’s Start a new project together”.

EPIC CTA Example

10.   Square

If you want an effective CTA design, then you need to think beyond the button design criteria. Besides that, you also need to consider some elements like background, surrounding images, and the text, as suggested by the Internet Marketing Company.

Mindful of other elements, the designing team at Square accessed the power of simplicity and returned a great homepage containing interesting texts, images, background, and a great button for CTA.

Square CTA Example

If you have some interesting examples for CTA, then the comment section is right below the text!

Check Out What’s New in Social Media – March 2016 Statement

Check Out What’s New in Social Media – March 2016 Statement

March 2016 has turned out to be an interesting month for the world of social media. If we consider the previous monthly updates on social media, then heavyweight will go towards Facebook. But in the month of March, Facebook was pretty quiet as compared to other social channels.

If you are willing to know about what are the new changes in Social Media, then here we, Internet Marketing Company present a brief statement of March 2016 on social media updates:




The most interesting update on Facebook is – Live Videos. Facebook has started showing live videos to the users in their news feeds sections. Now people will see the content which is live, but not that recorded things. After launching this aspect, the live videos now treated as the greater ranking signal as compared to recorded videos, due to their original content.




In terms of new updates on Instagram, this social media channel has extended the length of videos from 15-seconds to full 60-seconds. As per the company, the reason for this change “to bring you fun, flexible and creative ways to create and watch video on Instagram.”

Alongside, Instagram has protracted its search functionality in order to permit the users searching for other peoples’ followers. With this new search functionality, now the users can quickly find their friends or colleagues who are following other people.

Moreover, Instagram has declared about its reverse chronological feed and algorithm-based feed, which display the post out of order as per the people beliefs and what they care about the most.




Recently, Snapchat declared that they are reaching 8 billion videos views each day, which means their videos are serving the same amount as Facebook. You can put into the perspective since it is a prominent statement that at Snapchat there are 100 million users performing actively, as compared to the one billion active users of Facebook, which is pretty good.




The 140 characters tweet on Twitter are not going away, but tweets may experience some changes on how they’ll be displayed on the timelines of people.

In October 2015, Twitter introduced native polls which turned out being one of the most eminent and popular social media experiments. Considering the immense popularity of this aspect, Twitter has recently decided to prolong the polls from one day to one week, or for less than 30 minutes.

In March 2016, Twitter has come up as 10-year-old, and the company has celebrated this milestone enormously. Regarding its 10th anniversary, the CEO Jack Dorsey recently made its media rounds.

Now, Twitter is in the process of making the algorithmic timeline as default, meaning that people will now need to opt-out instead of opting-in.

To understand these updates in detail, you can hire any internet marketing company that provides appropriate assistance.




Have you ever keen to know, what people in your local area will publish on YouTube? Well, now you can since YouTube has launched a new feature with which you can find YouTube videos according to the location. For this, YouTube accessed a third-party tool.

Do you know anything about new social media updates, then leave in the comments! We SEO Company Jaipur will be back with some more interesting content.

Increase Sales with These Four Magic Words

Increase Sales with These Four Magic Words

According to the recent studies, four words have been defined as the secret weapons for SEO Company India that have immense power of increasing your sales. These words comprise the potential of engaging customers at a subconscious level and helps the retailers in increasing their sales.

Let’s check what the four words are:




Whenever you see the word ‘New’ you think something exciting would be there, and of course, you want that. According to the recent study, the word ‘new’ attached with any product or services can easily draw the shopper’s attention.

Consumers associate with the products that are new in store, but not with those SEO blunders. For example, people constantly wait for the new versions cars, new phones, newest technology, new store and much more. Being an online store owner, you should play with this word as much as possible.




The word "You"

Thinking from the perspective of a digital marketer, the word ‘You’ is more influential than the words ‘money’ and ‘business’. The customers always want you to talk to them directly, this word does it very effectively.

We should admit that, when a promotional banner or product descriptions directly relate with us, we feel a subconscious connection with it. Regarding this, you need to explore all the e-commerce websites and find out how many ‘You’, you see on those product descriptions or promotional banners. For example, see the following banner, it relates directly to us.

Apple's music banner with word 'you'




The word ‘Free’ is not just associated with the price, but it works as a strong emotional trigger and of course can be used as a source of groundless excitement. Do you remember that buffet, where you are full, but still you keep eating because its free! So here we can understand, the power is associated with word ‘Free’.

Free shipping example

Whenever the shopper sees, free shipping, free gifts or other free things, then they try to grab the thing as soon as possible. Moreover, if you will use the word FREE in your email campaigns, it can significantly open the gates for your sales. The shoppers simply love the concept of getting anything in exchange for nothing – but you can’t blame them!




Nobody would like to buy those products or services, which does not comprise any guarantee with it. The word ‘Guarantee’ works as the main component for most of the e-commerce marketing copy. The professional e-commerce development company in India would suggest you to link your goods with this powerful word.

This word ‘Guaranteed’ appeals the customers with some important aspects i.e. security and trust. It serves the customers as a safety net, indicating that the customer will be satisfied with his/her purchase. As per the studies of behavioral economics, it is observed that humans are afraid of loss and they seeks security. When you buy a product online, the chances of not liking the product are quite high, thus providing a guarantee with the product would work as a relief for you. Since, if you don’t like the item you can return it, or somehow if the product is damaged then the brand can resolve your problem.

Your return policy should also be attractive and helpful for the customers.

7 Serious SEO Blunders of E-Commerce Websites

7 Serious SEO Blunders of E-Commerce Websites Banner

We have observed, many online merchants think that their responsibilities towards their e-commerce website are restricted to listing hundreds of products. Maybe they are not aware of the essential element for their E-Commerce website i.e. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The reason can be, optimizing e-commerce websites for SEO is much tougher as compared to those blog sites or 5 pages brand websites. Having lots of product pages converting frequently on or off the website, various issues occurs, all of these things makes very difficult for online merchants to work for their SEO. But E-commerce Website Development Company can help you with this.

Today, we will be highlighting some of the SEO blunders that can harm your e-commerce business success. Thus, it is essential for you to focus on these areas and optimize your online business sales.


1. Lack of Product Description


Lack of text on a product page virtually declares an end of the chances for the page being noticed by the search engine bots. So regarding this, you need to be sure about each of your product page, whether they comprise the description or not. If not, then add some text about the product, and you will surely see the difference.

Product Description Example


2. Adding Product Description from Vendors


If you want to get noticed by search engines, then add the vendor’s product description on your pages, and what you’ll see – your site got banned from the search engines.

The reason is, that same description have been used on various other e-commerce websites, and most of the owners leave the text in their original form. Therefore, to overcome from this SEO blunder you should follow the rule as “always create unique content” and Google will definitely give you a bump in your website ranking.


3. No Product Pages Optimization on the Basis of Search Demand


While working for your e-commerce website, make sure that you are considering the search keywords and demand in the digital market. Try to focus on those aspects, for which people are looking for, and then optimize your headlines, page titles and product descriptions accordingly. Or else, you will be facing the situation in which you are promoting something for your e-commerce website and no one is searching for that product.


4. Lack of Product Reviews


Around 70% of consumers see the review section on the product page, before they buy anything. That means, in case your site has no such product reviews section, then there is a probability of losing a huge percentage of the audience. In addition, the pages also help the site to reach the top search results.

Product Reviews Example


5. Non-unique Page Titles


Another blunder that most of the online store merchants perform, duplicate title tags. To elucidate this issue, you need to pay attention to the uniqueness and ignore the practice of putting identical values on your page. Well, uniqueness is the prominent culture of SEO, but when it comes to online shopping most of the people are not working as per this culture. Thus, they see some adverse impact in the rankings.


6. Excessive Duplicate Content


Again, we have come across duplicate content. As we have already mentioned, Google likes uniqueness and if your website can’t show it, then it will be very difficult or impossible to get a knock in search rankings.


7. Lack of Interactive URLs


Interactive URL Example

Here, with the term “Interactive URLs” we mean those URLs that clearly defines what actually the page contains. For example:

The URL of this page on which currently you’re reading this blog shows:

7 Serious SEO Blunders of E-Commerce Websites

We see title of the blog in URL, thus, anyone can easily figure out what the page contains.

In terms of SEO and according to SEO Company, interactive URLs are very important for all the listed products. So, from now no more anonymous numbers! Create unique and interactive URLs to get noticed by the search engines.

So tell us, what errors have you identified on e-commerce websites? Leave them in the comments section below!

Do you know what Google has just declared?

Google made two important announcements

Hey folks!

Did you hear, Google just made two very interesting declarations about ranking mechanism? These announcements might surprise you.

If you don’t know anything about these announcements, then scroll down and get some useful information. Since you understand the reasons for investing in SEO.


Declaration #1: Links and content are #1 and #2 ranking factors for Google


As we know, Google considers a range of ranking factors while ranking a website. However, as per the long known SEO pros, backlinks holds a major part of Google’s ranking factors. For instance, among 200 ranking factors, three are related to links such as:Number of links pointing to your website.

1. Number of links pointing to your website

2. Anchor text of those links

3. Authority of those links

Therefore, we can understand what SEO Company usually tells their clients, that link building is the crucial aspect when you are trying to bring your website on the first page of Google.

But it was quite surprising when Google confirmed that links and content are Google’s top most ranking signals.

Recently, when the Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, Mr. Andrey Lipattsev was asked that what are the major ranking factors, Google considers, the he answered:

“I can tell you what they are.. It is content, and its links pointing to your website.”

So next time, any ones say that for SEO link building is dead, then you better know what you need to do. And yes, don’t forget to work on your website’s link building.

Importance Buzz: Despite the Google’s declarations about ranking signals, backlinks still hold a prominent place for Google’s algorithms. If you want to increase more white hat links to your website, then we would recommend you to focus on your site’s backlinking.


Declaration #2: Google uses CTR (Click-through-rates) and user experience in their algorithm


Yeah, links are still leading the race, and likely to remain same until Google introduce other ranking signals. It is signifying, that Google is consistently introducing new ranking factors into the mixture. And as per the recent discussion with Google engineer Paul Haahr, some of the new signals were disclosed:

Google performs A/B tests with the search engine result pages. Thus, if you or any internet marketing company experience a drop in your ranking or any upgrade, then here its nothing to do with links or on-page SEO. The results are due to the A/B testing.

It is obvious that Google accesses click-through-rates (CTR) data as a ranking factor.

We think this is may not come as a surprise for you.

After all, in case a site is on the second page of Google, then it hardly gets any clicks, since the page is not relevant as per the user. And if user Do click on it, then he or she will be back to the results within 2 seconds, that clearly indicates Google about the quality of the page.

On the other hand, if a page gets average clicks and users stays on the page for long, then it tells Google that the page comprises high-quality. Thus, the page will definitely get a bump in its rankings.

Importance Buzz: Google watches over on how the searchers communicate with your site. An increased CTR and spending time page will surely boost your ranking on Google. Hence, it would be very helpful to optimize your CTR with super practical strategies.

And we will be back soon!

Why is it required to invest in SEO for 2016? – The Reasons

Reasons to invest in SEO in 2016

Are you planning to grow your business through SEO in 2016, and most essentially, do you think its working? Don’t start doubting on your SEO efforts, we are just trying to make you realize that SEO is the must-have aspect for your website.

Millions of brands working worldwide are running their website with the help of SEO. Everyone knows SEO works as a weapon when a company decides to compete in the digital market. Even the prominent brands or internet marketing company dedicate a whole department to improve and maintain their position on search engines.

When it comes to SEO mechanism, people find it difficult to understand its complex structure, thus, most of the companies working in digital market opt to avoid this essential characteristic. Although, theoretically a brand can survive without being dedicated towards SEO, but practically we guess it’s very tough.

If you don’t find any reason to make an investment on SEO, then here we are. In this post, we have provided eight prominent reasons that you should invest in SEO in the running year i.e. 2016.


The Reasons for Investing in SEO in 2016


1. More Targeted Advertising


Search Engine Optimization permits you to target those who are actively looking to buy your product or service. People who make a search on Google are often ready to purchase, thus, it would be easy to perform some targeted advertising for your brand through SEO.


2. Your Customers expect you to be in Search Results


When you customers make a search, then they expect your brand to be present in the search results. In case you haven’t spent any time for SEO practices, your business is in danger since no one will be able to find your brand name in the search engines. Then, why you will run a website if it is not visible to anyone?


3. Less Expensive than your expectations


In digital industry, SEO has the reputation for being complicated as well as expensive. Well, this can be true in terms of conventional websites, but Google has made it a lot easier for the local businesses. Therefore, if you are trying to obtain the top rankings in your city, state, then it would be easier for you.


4. SEO goes Afar Google


SEO plays one of the important roles for your marketing platform, no matter what strategy you are following. Although SEO is often linked to Google, but it’s not limited to it, after all, its full form is Search Engine Optimization, not Google Optimization.

All the search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and other popular portals like Facebook, Amazon, Youtube are all in effect. These websites follow the similar criteria of Google and Bing to rank the content. Hence, if you want your website to be identified by these portals, then you must optimize your content.


5. Increasing Searches


Due to increase in the number of mobile users, now it is more convenient and easier to make a search for anything, no matter what’s the time or what’s the location. Nowadays, your customers won’t look for your brand on their phonebook, but they’ll head towards their smartphone followed by the search engine.


6. Frequent traffic on your website


Once you have put your best efforts in improving your search position, then you will experience frequent traffic on your website from search engines. The pay-per-click as attracts traffic when you pay for it, but in case of SEO, once you have made your efforts and obtained results, then you need to sit back and see the traffic rolling in your website.


7. Positions can change


Don’t ever make this perception that after obtaining good rankings on search engines, you are safe. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be still in the same position after a year’s time.

SEO is the name of an evolving process, and if you’ll stop your continual practices, you could lose out to a competitor, who is maintaining it.


8. Good Results on Investment


Comparing other elements of digital marketing, SEO is the one which can deliver best results on investment. Pay-per-click might bring you more traffic in short span of time, but note that, for PPC ads you should be prepared to burn lots of money. If you desire to get long-term, sustainable outcomes then SEO is the thing to invest.


There is always the best time to invest in SEO


For SEO, you can’t wait for the right time. The time you realize the prominence of SEO that would be the best time to spend for your website’s SEO practices with the help of SEO Company India. Since consumers tend not to leave the search results until they find the answers, and if you are not present in the search results then you could be losing out.

How much is extremely targeted leads value to your business? Don’t you think, this is the time for your business to invest in SEO?

Watch Over – #SEO Lies Can Trap You

SEO lies by SEO gurus

SEO has been working around us for many years, thus, it should be easy to figure out what is appropriate for your business and what’s not, right?

I wish that were the case!

We can’t ignore the main aspect of SEO that its evolves with time. It means the SEO rules which are old can be incorrect in accordance with the today’s practices. But you should understand that there are lots of misconceptions about SEO process in the world.

We would like to introduce these misconceptions or lies by SEO gurus in front of you, so that you prevent yourself in getting tricked, because when it comes to business no one can’t afford to go wrong.


#SEO Lie No. 1 – “We can get #1 Rank in Google”


Everyone wants to get #1 rank in Google, after all, as per the recent study, more than 91% of traffic goes to only page one. But if someone is telling you that he or she can get you #1 rank in Google, then it would be better to run in the other direction.

No SEO company can claim to get the position on the first page. In fact, most of the reputable companies clearly accept that they can’t guarantee results. Thus, try to work as per the existing SEO rules instead of believing on those who only wants your money.


#SEO Lie No. 2 – “Experience is not required in your niche”


Reputable SEO Company in India can do wonders if they have experience working in your industry. How can you have confidence in such companies who doesn’t have any idea about what you do, what are the major points of your industry, what people need and more. They might help you with your guidance, but you will definitely not receive the results you desire for your online business.


#SEO Lie No. 3 – “We can improve your SEO in a month”


What a joke? SEO is the process of ongoing monitoring and changes based on the industry trends. Google constantly updates its algorithm to provide better services to the customers. As we have seen Google rolled out Penguin, Panda, Pirate and many others. Thus, if you want to fix your SEO practices, then you need to spend more than a month. Since a month is too less for SEO’s big tasks.


#SEO Lie No. 4 – “You need only SEO”


If anyone says this to you, then you should understand that he or she is just selling. SEO is just one piece of pie. Good SEO Company in India goes beyond the fundamentals of SEO such as keywords, Meta tags, content and others. SEO is considered as a unique blend of PPC ads, marketing with content and products, social media and some other important tactics.


#SEO Lie No. 5 – “You can’t do it yourself”


Of course, you can do it yourself! It might take some time or you may not get the desired results, but believing on others who says you can’t do it is completely wrong. Starting from basics to advanced topics and case studies, you can find your way to do anything you want to. You can explore the internet to find experts skills in order to work on your business’s SEO.


Over to you


While hiring a professional SEO company or team for your website, first you need to complete your homework. The time you hear one of the above lies from an SEO consultant, then that would be the best time to walk on other direction and find someone who is actually not selling. But if you think, this is the exhaustive list of SEO lies, then it’s not true! Regarding this, you need to consider your own judgment before making the final hire.

The best way to judge an SEO company is to check, whether they have their own ranking on Google or not. If they can rank their own site, then they can surely help you with your website’s ranking.

Marketers Pick: 4 Areas of Interests for Optimizing your SEO Traffic

Optimizing Your SEO Traffic

We are near to the end of our financial year and its time for every SEO company India or every industry to evaluate the results of their entire year efforts. If we talk about the SEO firms, they estimate their SEO investment at the end of their financial year. Plus, their web traffic, conversion rates and attracted customers will also be considered. As you look to optimize your SEO traffic while improving the efforts for the next financial year, then make sure you deliberate the four major areas of focus on priority.

Further, we have elaborated the four areas of interest for marketers in order to get the optimized SEO traffic.


Keep up with the Fickleness of Search Engine Algorithms


With the starting of 2016, Google rolled out an update to its core ranking algorithm. Due to the Google updates, the marketers working in the industry gets confused and this directly impacts their website’s ranking.

The businesses who don’t want or desire to get affected by the Google updates, need to stay top of these encountering changes so that they receive optimized rates for their SEO efforts.


Better SEO can result in strong brand equity


If you put your best efforts in SEO, then it will surely deliver a strong brand image. The brands who spend quality time, resources and money for their SEO mechanism can easily create a solid perception for their business that will contribute to increasing their conversion rates.

But how can you achieve this? Simple, flaunt a powerful, impressive and valuable user experience through your website. Lure your targeted audience by showcasing top-notch products and services combined with enticing offers. Alongside, create exceptional content which is unique and easy-to-read and steal the attention of your audiences. Also, an effective navigation system on the website can put a great contribution in the user experience. Overall, make efforts and improve your SEO.

After these efforts, if your audience finds your brand impressive and exciting, then the perception of your brand will increase exponentially, and this is directly proportional to increased conversion rates.


Keep a check on your website through A/B Testing


According to a research, for B2B landing pages the conversion rates stands at 13.3%, whereas in terms of B2C landing pages the conversion rates come at 9.9%. Thus, you can easily understand with the figures. Coming over the A/B testing key conversion pages, these pages will lead you to have better growth in your numbers. In case you are new with A/B testing, then initiate this process with small. For example, initially, test different titles, images embedded on your conversion pages and observe how the can help you in optimization.


Work for Better Site Search Experience


In order to attain better user experience, your site should comprise an easy navigation system. Figure out what they want and what they are looking for and provide them the best results. For this, you need to invest in quality site search tools. Internet marketing company believes in these tools and accesses them for better user experience.

The tools which are referred as site search tools adds an extra factor to your website by making the visitors access the information they are looking for. The intent information derived from the site search tools enables the webmasters to customize their website towards better conversions, improved rankings and increased sales.


Over to you


It’s never too late to improve your SEO efforts for your carefully designed website. Enhancing your brand’s online presence with impactful content and strong user experience will return you in a number of advantages. One of the benefits is great conversion rates, thus, try to work out for SEO and you will experience the traffic optimization.

Meta Descriptions That Gets Click: What, Why & How

Meta description

Meta descriptions, it sounds complicated, right? But it very easy to work with. Two years ago Meta description seemed like a part of coding or something that passed over my head, and now it just another small topic for us which is not at all the part of any technical.

Keeping the focus on Meta descriptions, today in this column we are going to define every bit of this Meta tag. So let’s start with basic and find what Meta description is?


What is Meta description?


Let’s elaborate this attribute in simple language or as stated by SEO Company India “Meta description is those couple of sentences that are displayed under the title in the search result.” Or we can say it is a snippet of information placed below the link of a search result.

You’ll understand better with a screenshot, so here it is:

example of meta description in screenshot

All in all, Meta description is the information which helps the searcher in deciding whether to click on the link or not. It contributes convincing or persuading readers to go for the site. It is the part of on-page SEO.


Why I need Meta Description?


So, as you got to know the Meta description, now it’s time to talk about why it is required to use Meta description? Further in this section, you’ll find why you need Meta description:

1. Increase click through rates and improvises visits through organic search

When you go down the result page, it directly impacts the percentage of clicks, since more relevant searches acquire the top position. Thus, if you find your result far down the bottom or not on the first page, then it’s time for you to buck up. For this, you require a compelling, detailed and relevant Meta description. Overall the better is your meta description the more likely you’ll get click-through-rates via organic search.

2. Provides right information to the right people at right time

Keep in mind, that Meta description does not influence the Google ranking, but it provides a brief idea about the web page so that Google can show your link to those searchers who are looking for the same thing. The SEO Company India follows the same practices when it comes to Meta descriptions.

3. Boosts visits from social networks

The social media networks like Facebook access the page’s Meta description when it is shared on the site. If Meta description is not available, then the social networks access the first text they find on the web page. And it is probable that the first text might not be relevant to your page.


How can we create powerful Meta description?


For every blog page, web page or piece of content, it is essential to follow the best practices of creating powerful Meta description. Now that you have figured out that why Meta description is required, now let’s talk about how to generate one:

1. Create Convincing Content

With your Meta description, you need to come up with a short description that previews the entire content available on the web page. Show a clear benefit of clicking through the result. It provides you the chance of selling your content to the searchers.

2. Put 1 or 2 keywords

Both Meta tags, title and description should include relevant keywords that point the content on the webpage. Putting keywords helps the search engine bots to understand the webpage and index accordingly. For better results, the Meta description tag should target a unique keyword for each webpage.

3. Say no to keyword duplication

It would be helpful to show some descriptive terms in the title, it doesn’t make any sense to use the same words or phrases again. The duplicity of keywords would make your results look spammy to the Google and to the users.

4. Do not include non-alphanumeric characters

The non-alphanumeric characters like hyphens, plus sign, or quotation marks are treated as the part of HTML code by the search engines. Thus, it will be best to stick with the plain text when it comes to create the Meta description.


Summing Up


In order to sum up every detail about Meta description, here we are going to reflect Google’s words. It states:

“Using quality description will be a great move. But make sure that your descriptions are truly descriptive and relevant to the page.”

If the topic of Meta description seems complicated, then send us your query and we’ll love to discuss with you!