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4 techniques to help you truly understand your customers

Optimizing the customer behaviour is an efficient way to acquire new customers. It’s also one of the best ways of fostering customer loyalty.

According to a report, only 40% of marketing executive are using customer engagement data to inform their marketing strategy.

Also, the marketers and other organizational leaders are neglecting the customers before and after the sale. The biggest barrier is usually the lack of understanding of the customers.

Having the deep understanding of the customers is a key to achieving business goals. ‘When you are trying to optimize or build customer experience, create more engaging content.or increase sales ‘ says…

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SEO: 3 Paths To Get It Done

What is SEO?

Search engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search engine results page (SERP).

It involves the combination of several ongoing activities and strategies. It requires constant monitoring and regular campaign changes. An SEO campaign has to grow and change with every little change in the search engine algorithms and the internet user’s developed expectations. This is the key element because of which companies will stay on the top of the navigating panel of SERPs with top rankings…

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Top 5 Rating And Reviewing Websites for Best SEO Services

Faster, user-friendly and smooth website must be the demands of the day. The reason for you to land up here must be the growth issues associated with your pre-eminent design. Be it a well-constructed website or a novice’s work, all you need is a process that makes your web presence visible on search engine result pages. Search engine optimization serves to be the key tool to make a website survive in this rising competition. Commonly referred to as SEO, Search engine optimization has a lot of benefits inclusive of improving targeted traffic, better conversion rates and building…

Voice Search Can Change SEO Forever – But How?

Voice Search Can Change SEO Forever – But How?

As we observe the current status of the digital market, we can say there are many new attributes that have the potential of taking off the market soon. And one of them is Voice Search.

Voice search is growing rapidly in the search market. In fact, according to the figures, 55% of teens and 41% of adults are already performing their search through voice search and these figures continue to grow, as stated by SEO Company India….

An Introductory Guide for Beginners in Marketing Focusing on PPC

An Introductory Guide for Beginners in Marketing Focusing on PPC

The marketers in startups and their efforts towards PPC seems quite overwhelming. While setting up a PPC campaign, there are so many factors to consider and too many data to collect, not mentioning the cash concerns that can come with any startup company.

But if you’re working with a thoughtful planning, careful considerations, and right hacks, then PPC advertising can turn into a productive approach setting your startup off the ground along with effectual marketing campaigns as followed by…

Are we treating SEO as too complicated process or we making it complicated?

Are we treating SEO as too complicated process or we making it complicated

Just some time before, I was analyzing some of the reports and realized that I was actually drowning the basic statistics which includes benchmarks, KPIs, rankings, conversion rates, dashboards, audits and many other things. There is a fact, that all of the data and tools make life easier, but this is really too much!

At SEO Company India, we put major significance on the data which is important to make sure that…

How to Boost your Link Building Conversions?

How to Boost your Link Building Conversions?

In the world of SEO, where Google actually suspending local listings, link building is still considered as a prominent task to be completed. Although, its pretty different today, but it also brings a great amount of benefits for your site’s SEO.

Google provides huge weightage to these links and usually sends traffic to the website on the basis of applied links, but make sure that you are deploying quality links, not the junk links. Since Google doesn’t…

This Summer Earn More with More Clients – The Eight Tips

This Summer Earn More with More Clients – The Eight Tips

Working in the field of SEO Company, we know that summer is considered as the beginning of slow period. But as Vervelogic promises to resolve all your queries, we are here to disclose top eight tips on how you can leverage more clientele by turning your conventional business into exciting one.


#1: Convert Your Insights into Actions


Like many other business owners, you must also be having a range of exceptional ideas that fail to…

Why Google Suspends Local Listings? – Top 8 Reasons

Why Google Suspends Local Listings

There are many panicked business owners or internet marketers, who arrive at Google My Business forum having a large red-colored banner saying “Suspended” at the top of the page. The forum Google My Business comprises a long list of such practices that you should not do, thus if your business got suspended then first figure out what things go wrong which you have done.

Before we get into the rules of suspensions, let’s just find out what are the important facts around…

Google App Now Lets You Listen to Podcasts on your Android Phone

Google App Now Lets You Listen to Podcasts on your Android Phone

This week, Google has made it easier for the android users to search and listen to podcasts since Google has launched the podcast support right for its android app. Its quite exciting for the SEO company India. That means the android users will be able to find the podcasts by using Google search app and then click a button to listen the podcast without even subscribing it or moving to another android app.